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Serving coffee with a side of robots. Oct 15, 2020 1292
GoBe Robots Launches New Telepresence Robot. Jul 6, 2020 213
GoBe Robots Launches New Telepresence Robot. Jul 6, 2020 213
GoBe Robots Launches New Telepresence Robot. Jul 6, 2020 203
Recertification flights begin for Boeing 737 MAX. Jun 30, 2020 365
A Data-Driven Approach to Identify Flight Test Data Suitable to Design Angle of Attack Synthetic Sensor for Flight Control Systems. Lerro, Angelo; Brandi, Alberto; Battipede, Manuela; Gili, Piero Report May 1, 2020 9124
Aircraft Flight Control System Market's Opportunities and Challenges. Jan 22, 2020 1031
Global Aircraft Flight Control System Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts, 2019-2025: AI & Machine Learning to Raise the Bar for Flight Control Technology. Dec 19, 2019 685
Global Aerospace Flight Control System Market 2019 Trends, Market Share, Industry Size, Opportunities, Analysis and Forecast To 2025. Nov 21, 2019 706
Global Helicopter Flight Control Systems Market 2019: Size, Share, Analysis, Regional Outlook and Forecast-2025. Nov 11, 2019 733
Rotorcraft Flight Control System Market looks to expand its size in Overseas Market. Oct 24, 2019 993
Collins Aerospace strengthens capabilities in the cockpit of 176 C-130H aircraft for USAF. Aug 29, 2019 219
New Microprocessor Glitch On Boeing 737 MAX Also Pushes Plane Down. Jun 27, 2019 398
Pilots say the Boeing 737 MAX 'Should Never Have Been Approved'. Jun 21, 2019 394
Nine civil aviation authorities to review Boeing 737 MAX flight control system. Apr 21, 2019 116
International Task Force To Verify Fix For Boeing 737 MAX. Apr 4, 2019 477
Boeing Needs More Time to Update 737 Max Flight Control System. Apr 2, 2019 168
Autopilots. Column Apr 1, 2019 418
Ethiopian Max crash: Lawsuit filed against Boeing. Mar 29, 2019 244
U.S. lawsuit filed against Boeing over Ethiopian Airlines crash. Mar 28, 2019 352
Digital, Attitude- And Rate-Based Autopilots. Brief article Jan 1, 2019 254
Autopilot led flight to plunge. Nov 8, 2018 196
Flight Suddenly Drops Rapidly Due To Faulty Autopilot Setting. Nov 8, 2018 470
Rahul's flight scare: DGCA sees problem in autopilot mode. Apr 27, 2018 279
Budget Autopilots: Growing STC Approvals: The lower-priced autopilot market is finally turning the page as installation approvals expand. You can now get the latest digital tech for under $10,000 installed.. Anglisano, Larry Product/service evaluation Apr 1, 2018 2420
S-TEC 3100: KEEP THE SERVOS, GO DIGITAL. Product/service evaluation Apr 1, 2018 773
LCH makes maiden flight with indigenous control system. Feb 1, 2018 337
Analytical Predictor-Corrector Guidance Algorithm Based on Drag Modulation Flight Control System for Mars Aerocapture. Peng, Yu-ming; Xu, Bo; Fang, Bao-dong; Lei, Han-lun Jan 1, 2018 4260
Even auto-pilots refuse to work for Ryanair now. Sep 23, 2017 426
Robot 'Tracy' In Sea-Tac Airport Works To Get Travelers Through Security Faster. Jul 13, 2017 591
Trio autopilot STC: testing new FAA policy. Anglisano, Larry Product/service evaluation Feb 1, 2017 1139
Too much automation? Autopilots usually fly just fine when everything's working. When it's not, the pilot needs to step up. Burnside, Joseph E. (Jeb) Nov 1, 2016 1326
McNally Capital Invests in US Avionics Firm Genesys Aerosystems. Oct 21, 2016 169
McNally Capital Invests in US Avionics Firm Genesys Aerosystems. Oct 21, 2016 172
New Market Report: Global Commercial Aircraft Flight Control Systems Market 2016-2020. Jun 1, 2016 447
Daredevil drones: startup Skydio has developed a more sophisticated autopilot for drones. Beyond obstacle avoidance, it lets an aircraft orient itself and navigate through busy areas. Knight, Will May 1, 2016 524
Flight Tests of Autopilot Integrated with Fault-Tolerant Control of a Small Fixed-Wing UAV. Wang, Shuo; Zhen, Ziyang; Jiang, Ju; Wang, Xinhua Report Jan 1, 2016 3924
new business jet designs have fly-by-wire flight control systems. Dec 30, 2015 529
Digital attitude gyros: primary replacement. Anglisano, Larry Product/service evaluation Dec 1, 2015 2371
Dutch roll in the conga line. Cochran, Dan Nov 1, 2015 835
SUICIDE PILOT REHEARSED ON EARLIER FLIGHT; Lubitz tampered with autopilot to practise packed jet's deadly dive. May 7, 2015 375
passenger pLane Was 7 seconds from DEATH; Pilot pulls aircraft clear as autopilot plunges it towards sea Hero pilot saves plane Terror as lightning strike sends Loganair flight into nosedive. Apr 11, 2015 302
Autopilots and their errors: many problems originate with heading, attitude or nav sources, but their impact depends on how your autopilot uses that information. Banner, Michael J. Apr 1, 2015 2363
Autopilot forced plane to plunge. Mar 3, 2015 123
Lost plane 'flying on autopilot' New clue & search area for MH370. Jun 27, 2014 298
Retrofit autopilots: you'll pay for precision: a rate-based s-tec may be a cost-effective solution, but avidyne's DFC90 and Bendix King KFC225 attitude-based models easily outperform it. Anglisano, Larry Feb 1, 2014 2456
R2DFORD: autonomous vehicles and the legal implications of varying liability structures. Herd, Alexander Sep 22, 2013 12866
Methodological aspects of automatic pilot flight assessment system. Masiulionis, Tadas; Stankunas, Jonas Report Sep 1, 2013 3081
Autopilot business. Foster, Bill Jun 1, 2013 516
Autopilot repairs: worth a try: Avidyne's drop-in DFC90 betters the performance of an existing S-TEC 55. For some older systems, rebuilding is cheaper than replacement. Anglisano, Larry May 1, 2013 1823
Garmin's new G3X: more glass for less: Garmin targets the LSA and experimental markets with an upgraded G3X. It has a new autopilot, new sensors and a lower price. Anglisano, Larry May 1, 2013 1636
How much automation? Durden, Rick Jan 1, 2013 562
George takes a break: when his autopilot failed, a Malibu pilot proves he isn't up to the task of hand-flying in IMC. Burnside, Joseph E "JEB" Dec 1, 2012 1269
Labor intensive either way. Brief article Jul 1, 2012 314
Synthetic vision for the masses. Jan 1, 2012 547
Smart autopilots: is there a downside? New autopilots poke their nose in even when the system is technically off. Is this lifesaving technology or a sales gimmick with a dark side? Or is it both? Van West, Jeff Aug 1, 2011 2885
Goodrich selected to provide primary flight control system for Embraer KC-390. Jul 27, 2011 102
Goodrich selected to provide primary flight control system for Embraer KC-390. Jul 27, 2011 101
Shootin VORs with a GPS: regulations dictate what you must use for course guidance, but systems that simply assist you can likely use any navigation source you want. Jul 1, 2011 667
Autopilot upgrades: options are improving: the Bendix/King KFC225 wins in performance but lacks approval for the masses. Cobham S-TEC fills that gap, but with lesser performance. Anglisano, Larry Jan 1, 2011 2364
Proposal for navigation and control system for small UAV/Pasiulymas mazu bepilociu orlaiviu navigacijos ir kontroles sistemoms. Kopecki, Grzegorz; Pieniazek, Jacek; Rogalski, Tomasz; Rzucidlo, Pawel; Tomczyk, Andrzej Report Sep 1, 2010 3466
GPSS retrofits: automation to the max: digital roll steering converters can bring old autopilots into the modern age, but to get the most out of them, you need WAAS GPS. Anglisano, Larry Sep 1, 2010 1155
Avidyne's DFC90: one smart autopilot: Avidyne's fully digital autopilot delivers on its claims of terrific performance and improved safety. But the cost-benefit equation won't work for everyone. Van West, Jeff Product/service evaluation Sep 1, 2010 1801
United Kingdom : UK built eternal plane lands. Jul 28, 2010 252
Five reasons to uncouple your approach: flying a coupled approach often is easier, but it does present other challenges. If you're not prepared for them, may want to do this yourself. Turner, Thomas P. Jul 1, 2010 2348
Autopilot odyssey: success took three tries: a nightmare experience with an autopilot upgrade shows that competition in the market is virtually extinct. Consider that when buying a used airplane. Sutton, Ken Apr 1, 2010 2506
Malfunctioning autopilot. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 121
Autopilot reduces copter landing danger. Brief article Oct 7, 2009 217
Staying at home with autopilot Honda. Jul 24, 2009 540
Plane 'may have been on autopilot'. Feb 18, 2009 250
Plane 'may have been on autopilot'. Feb 17, 2009 250
Before crash, expert says Continental plane was on autopilot. Feb 16, 2009 219
Plane 'may have been on autopilot'. Feb 16, 2009 250
You are the backup: despite all the latest safety-enhancing innovations in modern aircraft, the pilot remains the final backup when all those systems fail. Turner, Thomas P. Aug 1, 2008 2333
Automation complacency: know when to use that expensive magic in your panel. Sometimes, it's just easier and simpler to hand-fly the airplane. Bowlin, Frank Mar 1, 2008 2359
Mind of its own. Aug 1, 2007 524
Approaches by George: coupled approaches aren't as simple as you might think. Surprise: Training and practice are the keys. Bowlin, Frank May 1, 2007 1607
Back in the database: when WAAS upgrades have center stage, here's a chart update from the wings that throws a bone to fliers of LNAV-only GPS. Brief article May 1, 2007 336
Autopilots and IFR: autopilots reduce our workload, but we might not be sharp enough when they fail. Should they be required for IFR? Should they be used as much? Turner, Thomas P. May 1, 2007 3014
Autopilot too affable? Thilmany, Jean Brief article Feb 1, 2007 280
Going vertical: the VNAV feature seems to be the last trick pilots learn on their GPS, yet it has the greatest potential to make you fly like a pro. Rozendaal, Doug Jan 1, 2007 1000
Autopilot upgrades: S-TEC is top choice: the Bendix/King KFC225 offers the best ride but S-TEC has more models for more airplanes at prices even thrifty owners can afford. Anglisano, Larry Product/service evaluation Jan 1, 2006 3530
Navy pilot trains to fly Air Force B-2. Ohlmeyer, Kat Brief Article May 1, 2004 265
Team Play with a Powerful and Independent Agent: A Full-Mission Simulation Study. Sarter, Nadine B.; Woods, David D. Sep 22, 2000 7552
Cause of EgyptAir crash still unknown after analysis of first black box. Nov 15, 1999 217

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