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Automatic batching system. (Equipment).

An eight ingredient robber compounding system required an ultra high precision batching system for minor powder and pellet products. The system consists of eight two-module vibratory feeder systems with upper mass flow and lower trim or dribble feeder. The feeders are designed to feed directly into two individual net weigh hoppers with a designed weigh scale accuracy of [+ or -] .002 lbs. Final batch accuracy attained was [+ or -] .005 lbs. Feeder supply hoppers are three to five cubic foot capacity. Discharge gates on the weigh hopper are arranged in a specially designed miniature clamshell design for total cleanout. Container transfer and indexing is accomplished via chain driven live roller conveyors, with electric eye sensing. An operator monitoring control system allows the operator to input recipes and formula data, while monitoring the batching operation in real time. The control system stores all batch data and generates a traceable batch report. All contact surfaces are 304 stainless steel. (Bulk Equipment Systems Technology)

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Date:Dec 1, 2001
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