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Automated casting cleaning for jobbing foundries. (Product Innovations).

Dotson Co., a 120-employee gray and ductile iron jobbing green sand caster in Mankato, MN, has been looking for an automated solution to its cleaning room for years. "I have been on a ten year quest to do something different in foundry cleaning rooms," said Denny Dotson, Dotson Co. president. "I have been trying to find a cost effective, automated system that would help solve our casting cleaning problems." For the solution, Dotson turned to Roberts Sinto Corp., Lansing, Michigan, and its Barinder Grinding System.
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Title Annotation:Dotson chooses Barinder Grinding System from Roberts Sinto
Comment:Automated casting cleaning for jobbing foundries. (Product Innovations).(Dotson chooses Barinder Grinding System from Roberts Sinto)
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Date:Feb 1, 2003
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