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Automated barrier door.

Guardian Defender automated barrier door guard smachinery, contains processes and protects employees from robotic/machine movement zones.

* Product has upgrades to its non-contact safety switch configuration, control systems and interlocking capabilities. It features a new, more resilient curtain material tnat resists a wider array of application-driven hazards and offers optional variable frequency drive to control curtain speed. Product utilizes new quick-disconnect cables, which allow for easy installation and integration.

* PLe hold-down mechanism locks the door in down position to allow for machine "de-energizing" time.

* Redesigned rotary cam limit switch, encoder positioning and variable frequency drive control the curtain's operating speed and position, dramatically improving the adjustability of door position, speed and control. Frommelt Safety

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Title Annotation:PRODUCT REVIEW
Publication:Food Manufacturing
Date:Jan 1, 2014
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