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Automate expense reporting with Expensify.

The Expensify app automates the process of reporting expenses and tracking time. It offers one-click receipt scanning and next-day reimbursement through ACH, automated and customized expense policy rules (flagging receipts that require human attention) and multiple other accounting functions. The app uses GPS to track mileage and compiles the data in an IRS-compatible form, and is one of the few expense-reporting apps to track EFT transactions. Expensify integrates with accounting software including QuickBooks and FreshBooks.

* Expensify is free; a team version costs $5 per user per month, while a corporate version is $9 per user per month. Learn more at

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Title Annotation:Value Apps: What's new for your mobile device
Publication:Valuation Magazine
Date:Sep 22, 2017
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