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Autoguiding interface.

Keeping pace with modern technology, Shoestring Astronomy now produces a series of adapters to connect your computer to your telescope mount. Their new GPUSB adapter ($60) converts your computer's USB port to a 6-pin output wired for conventional autoguiding commands such as those issued by SBIG's ST-4. Shoestring Astronomy also offers proprietary adapters for various telescope mounts such as Astro-Physics, Celestron, Losmandy, and many others. They also produce a series of adapters for connecting your computer to popular DSLR cameras (DSUSB, $57), as well as focus-motor adapters (FCUSB, $66).

* Shoestring Astronomy, 24079--670th Ave., Nevada, IA 50201-7613;


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Date:Apr 1, 2007
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