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Autodesk Ships CAD Overlay 2000.

Best-Selling Raster Editing and Conversion Application Improves Productivity,

Accuracy and Ease-of-Use

SAN RAFAEL, Calif., July 15 /PRNewswire/ -- Autodesk, Inc. (Nasdaq: ADSK) today announced that Autodesk(R) CAD Overlay(R) 2000 software is now shipping to customers worldwide. This new release increases the ease and speed with which users can edit, integrate, and convert scanned drawings and photographs, known as raster images, with CAD projects. Now, architectural and mechanical engineers can more efficiently revise or convert existing paper drawings, drastically reducing project cycle time and costs. Further, mapping and land development professionals can more effectively incorporate imagery such as scanned aerial photographs and satellite data into their work to create compelling presentations. Important new features and enhancements for users across multiple disciplines include Raster Entity Manipulation (REM) with SmartPick, Raster Snap, improved image display and integration with AutoCAD(R) 2000-based products.

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Customers Preserve Investments and Improve Quality

According to Nardo Mendoza of Florida Power and Light, "CAD Overlay and AutoCAD are the core of our system. Because of our reliance on raster drawings and the very large library of scanned drawings that we have, it's impossible for us to be able to do the work that we do without CAD Overlay. Now, with CAD Overlay 2000, I find the REM with SmartPick very exciting because it gives me a lot of avenues to do a lot of things that I could never do before."

Sylvia Boisvert of Dufresne-Henry in Vermont is another advocate of the software. Dufresne-Henry is a multi-discipline engineering group that designs everything from sizable highway projects to electrical renovation projects. Boisvert explains, "I deal with scanned architectural plans that our design work sits on top of. In the past, I'd have to plot that image out, use white-out or mask over the image to remove that entity, and then rescan it, reinsert it, and use that as the background. Now, with CAD Overlay, all of those processes, those editing steps, take place internally in AutoCAD. That allows us to present the client with a quality presentation."

"Our customers communicate important information through their drawings. With CAD Overlay 2000, we are giving them the tools necessary to leverage their investment in drawing archives and utilize this information in new design projects," said Mark Sawyer, vice president, AEC Market Group at Autodesk.

Powerful New Features

CAD Overlay 2000 continues to provide proven tools for interactive and semiautomatic conversion of scanned drawings to AutoCAD vector data. These tools are as much as five times faster than manually digitizing, and generate more accurate results than fully automatic processes. In addition, the software includes several new features and enhancements that are critical to improving user productivity, accuracy and ease-of-use. They include:

* REM with SmartPick lets users select raster regions and primitives such as lines, arcs and circles, and edit them as standard AutoCAD objects with familiar AutoCAD commands. Users can easily create REM regions using AutoCAD selection methods and existing vector geometry. CAD Overlay 2000 introduces intuitive options to create REM primitives, which behave like vector objects and can be moved, stretched or erased.

* Image display is accomplished faster, more easily and in true color. Users can adjust image correlation parameters using the new Image Insertion wizard and directly insert images from the Internet. The software's tight integration with AutoCAD 2000 lets professionals access all image, mask and raster object properties from the AutoCAD Properties window.

* Image manipulation and editing is greatly enhanced to simplify common raster editing tasks for users. CAD Overlay 2000 incorporates a new interface for rubbersheeting all types of raster images with error reporting and control point editing. Users can access editing filters to smooth, thin or thicken raster geometry as well as to create, edit and manipulate all types of imagery.

* Raster Snap improves users' productivity and accuracy by allowing them to snap to raster inside any command, on the fly, and across multiple drawings. CAD Overlay users can now preview snap points with glyphs and tooltips as well as easily access snap settings in the AutoCAD Drafting Settings dialog box.

Benefiting All Design Industries

Autodesk's Design 2000 initiative ensures that customers across multiple markets and disciplines can leverage the full power of the company's software in a simple, intuitive way. Under the Design 2000 initiative, Autodesk is introducing CAD Overlay as part of a whole new series of products based on the AutoCAD 2000 platform for the architecture, land development, GIS and mechanical marketplaces. CAD Overlay 2000 software is compatible with AutoCAD 2000, AutoCAD Map(R) 2000 and AutoCAD Architectural Desktop(TM) Release 2. It will also be compatible with Mechanical Desktop(R) Release 4, AutoCAD(R) Mechanical 2000 and AutoCAD(R) Land Development Desktop Release 2 as those products become available.

Pricing and Availability

CAD Overlay 2000 software is available worldwide in U.S. and International English. Autodesk expects to ship French, German and Italian versions later this year. The suggested retail price in the U.S. and Canada is US$1,395. Existing CAD Overlay users should contact Authorized Autodesk Resellers for upgrade pricing information. Users outside the U.S. and Canada should contact local Authorized Autodesk Resellers for new product and upgrade pricing. Further information is available at

About Autodesk

Autodesk is the world's leading supplier of PC design software and digital content creation. One of the largest software companies in the world, Autodesk has more than four million customers in over 150 countries. For more information, contact any Authorized Autodesk Reseller, call Autodesk at 800-964-6432, or visit Discreet product information is available at 800-869-3504 or via the web at Autodesk shares are traded on the Nasdaq national market under the symbol ADSK.

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