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AutoData scannable office. (Management News and Products).

A new automated data collection software package available from Kendata Peripherals enables data to be scanned from paper forms directly into an Excel spreadsheet or Access database without using data exporting procedures. Known as AutoData Scannable Office, the new software is integrated with the microsoft office suite and is suitable for any data collection application that currently uses paper forms and manual key entry. Form reader is a module within Scannable Office that scans, processes and verifies all scannable objects on a form and then places the data directly into Access or Exel. Indecipherable hand print characters can be immediately presented on screen for interactive user verification. At this point Scannable Office has been designed to learn new character shapes and different hand print styles so that, over time recognition accuracy continually improves and the need for manual verification decreases.
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Publication:Software World
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Date:Jan 1, 2001
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