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Auto-Bake's new website.

Auto-Bake, a global innovator in baking technology, has unveiled its all-new, expanded-content website--a 'must-visit' portal serving essential baking and automation information to all industry levels.

The interactive website showcases Auto-Bake's unique Serpentine baking technology and spotlights its business benefits to baking enterprises, large and small.

Easy to navigate, the multi-level site is a 'first portal of call' for baking professionals the world over who are looking to learn more about continuous baking systems and the latest Auto-Bake advances. In addition to introducing the viewer to the Auto-Bake company and its long and successful history, the information-rich site enables visitors to explore an array of baking solutions. Selecting from the comprehensive menu takes visitors on a 'guided tour' of each aspect of Auto-Bake continuous baking technology: infeed integration; Serpentine proofing; Serpentine oven; Serpentine cooling systems; automated de-panning; washing systems; and control & automation and turnkey systems.

The site also details Auto-Bake Serpentine solutions applied in a variety of production lines from cakes and cookies to pastries and pies, and the increasingly-popular artisan and craft breads. Sure to whet the appetite of every viewer is the 'video library', stocked with footage of Auto-Bake products and processes in action.

Contact Auto-Bake Europe Ltd tel: 0121 422 3366 or visit
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Date:Jan 1, 2007
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