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Parent training for Autism Spectrum Disorder. Ijaz, Shamaila; Rafaq, Farwa; Haider, Sonia Ijaz Report Jan 19, 2021 4343
A ray of hope for autistic children in Karachi. Oct 18, 2020 658
Mothers of autistic children facing countless adversities. Aug 29, 2020 1129
Parents with autistic children paying thousands for 'scam dolphin therapy'; EXCLUSIVE: A Sunday People investigation found marine parks in Turkey charge British parents up to [pounds sterling]2,500 for the unproven "treatment", claiming children with autism will see significant benefits from contact with dolphins. By, Amy Sharpe Aug 1, 2020 1190
Charity calls for Scotland's schools to provide 'personalised transition plan' for every autistic child returning to school in August; A charity is calling on schools across Scotland to provide all autistic children with a personalised transition plan to help with their return to school in August. Jamie McKenzie Jul 21, 2020 660
Saudi center helps families of autistic children cope with COVID-19 challenges. Hebshi Al-Shammari Jul 15, 2020 434
Lifeline for parents of autistic children. Jul 12, 2020 474
School for autistic children should be 'sold as going concern' CHARITY'S DECISION LEAVES PARENTS WORRIED ABOUT FUTURE PROVISION. PIERS MEYLER Local democracy reporter @meyler123 Jun 10, 2020 610
Ensure crisis does not hamper autistic children, says expert. Apr 3, 2020 1010
'Prerna The Inspiration': The dance of a mother and her autistic child. Feb 7, 2020 418
Kebili: Maghreb strategy to increase assistance for autistic children. Jan 15, 2020 192
How I set up Liberia's first school for autistic children. Nov 30, 2019 789
Autism Treatment: New Study Reveals Gluten-Free Diet Offers No Benefits For Autistic Children. Snow Digon Report Nov 18, 2019 365
Helping autistic children. Oct 26, 2019 973
Council must pay compo and apologise to family with autistic child; OMBUDSMAN FINDINGS 'DAMNING'. Oct 5, 2019 430
Schoolchildren Struggle to Ignore Distractions. Oct 1, 2019 309
Do Gastrointestinal Issues Affect ASD Kids? Oct 1, 2019 323
Cyberbullying and Autism: Findings of a Recent Study. Anderson, Amelia; Phillips, Abigail Oct 1, 2019 563
Interior Design in Relation to Autistic Children's Learning Environment. Sep 22, 2019 205
Poor motor skills might predict if autistic child is at language disability risk. Sep 12, 2019 359
Back-to-School Tips for Kids on the Autism Spectrum. Report Sep 6, 2019 246
How I set up Liberia's first school for autistic children. Sep 2, 2019 789
Council admits fault in autistic child's school move; The family of the child raised five complaints against Bracknell Forest Council. Aug 22, 2019 285
Are We There Yet? Clabough, Raven Aug 19, 2019 405
Increasing Play Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder via Peer-Mediated Matrix Training. Hatzenbuhler, Elizabeth G.; Molteni, John D.; Axe, Judah B. Report Aug 1, 2019 8641
Autistic children can become integrated adults. Jun 25, 2019 1023
A Special Birthday. Clabough, Raven Brief article May 20, 2019 288
Autistic child among CBSE Class 10 toppers in UAE. May 7, 2019 274
Missing Bear. Clabough, Raven Brief article May 6, 2019 181
Autistic child among CBSE Class 10 toppers. May 6, 2019 276
The Use of Contingent Acoustical Feedback to Decrease Toe Walking in a Child with Autism. Hodges, Ansley C.; Betz, Alison M.; Wilder, David A.; Antia, Kristen Report May 1, 2019 3513
Autistic children and their parents deserve our support. Apr 1, 2019 901
A ROAD RICH WITH WISDOM: INSIGHTS ON INCLUSION FROM A PARENT, ADVOCATE & FOUNDER. Humphrey, Kim; Luechtefeld, Sean Interview Mar 1, 2019 1488
DON'T EVER ... McCafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Mar 1, 2019 847
Swimming contest promotes inclusion of autistic children. Feb 22, 2019 434
Children with ASD twice as likely to have sleep problems. Feb 19, 2019 642
AUTISM STUDY FINDS HIGH RATES OF UNMET HEALTHCARE NEEDS: An Autism Speaks analysis of national survey identifies barriers to care and provides guidance for new programs to address needs across the lifespan. Feb 1, 2019 495
In Praise of Autism Surfing Organizations. Carley, Michael John Feb 1, 2019 2312
Words of Wisdom. Huhtanen, Shelly Column Feb 1, 2019 1106
Crying *foul* over high functioning, low functioning labels. Hooven, Kate Personal account Jan 24, 2019 1034
SHADES OF GRAY. McCafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Dec 1, 2018 929
Another Perspective. Huhtanen, Shelly Column Dec 1, 2018 1002
Music may improve social communication in autistic children. Nov 7, 2018 582
Small Victories. Shelly, Huhtanen Column Nov 1, 2018 1370
Integration of therapies in autistic children; a survey based in Karachi, Pakistan. Oct 31, 2018 3665
Keep chugging along. Hooven, Kate Personal account Oct 26, 2018 918
Airline Removes Family From Plane Over Autistic Children. Oct 8, 2018 647
Baggage: Broden's team has not only helped him, but they have also helped me. As his team encourages him to grow, it is also giving me strength to let the past go. Huhtanen, Shelly Oct 1, 2018 1120
Otizmli Cocuklarda Beyin Difuzyon Tensor Goruntuleme Parametreleri ve Etkinliginin Degerlendirilmesi/Evaluation of Brain Diffusion Tensor Imaging Parameters and Effectivity in Children with Autism. Kurtcan, Serpil Report Oct 1, 2018 2782
Free school for Solihull's autistic children; It could cater for between 80 to 100 pupils, of junior and secondary school age. Sep 24, 2018 601
AUTISM SIGNS, SYMPTOMS & RENEWED HOPE: Early comprehensive behavioral Intervention lea by an experienced board-certified behavior analyst can transform the lives of families and children effected by autism. Cooper, Amy Sep 1, 2018 2096
SLEEPWALKING BOY. Rosaler, Maxine Excerpt Sep 1, 2018 1198
Ordinary Does Not Mean Exempt: I am ordinary and not exempt from any challenges, and that includes having a son with autism. Huhtanen, Shelly Column Sep 1, 2018 1005
Why I asked mum to calm her boy in pub MAN DENIES ASKING AUTISTIC CHILD TO LEAVE / Jenny Clough, 32, and her son Jack, 5,. Aug 22, 2018 631
Back-to-school tips for your child with an ASD. Hooven, Kate Aug 15, 2018 609
Better autism services in the works. Spicer, Velvet Aug 2, 2018 1072
Pick me up please. Again. Hooven, Kate Jul 2, 2018 924
Father probed after locking up his autistic children naked. Jun 17, 2018 603
Residents shocked after 2 autistic children found locked up naked in Suez. Jun 17, 2018 844
Ohio Mom Seeks Criminal Charges In Forced Baptism. Brief article Jun 1, 2018 215
Acquisition of Complex Conditional Discriminations in a Child with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Yorlets, Colleen B.; Maguire, R.W.; King, Christina M.; Breault, Megan Case study Jun 1, 2018 7590
Using Noncontingent Reinforcement to Reduce Perseverative Speech and Increase Engagement during Social Skills Instruction. Noel, Christina R.; Rubow, Christopher C. Report May 1, 2018 3486
Four Seasons cheers up autistic children. May 1, 2018 312
'With special care, autistic children's suffering can be reduced'. Apr 12, 2018 479
You may have seen this Stormtrooper running through Reigate and Redhill; A Redhill father of two autistic children is taking on a world record running challenge to raise money. Apr 7, 2018 573
Karachi to soon have its second resource centre for autistic children. Apr 3, 2018 278
Karachi to soon have its second resource centre for autistic children. Apr 3, 2018 327
Karachi to soon have its second resource centre for autistic children. Apr 3, 2018 313
FROM ONE MOM TO ANOTHER: HELP YOURSELF! McCafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Apr 1, 2018 971
College Collaboration: Students Learn About Themselves and Others. Detlefsen, Brian Apr 1, 2018 1269
Silent mental stress experienced by caretakers of autistic children. Kurian, Mini Mar 1, 2018 17652
Despite improvements, parental rights terminated. Lightle, Rebecca M. Feb 16, 2018 661
MY SON'S AUTISM DIAGNOSIS. McCafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Feb 1, 2018 1064
Never Forgotten. Huhtanen, Shelly In memoriam Feb 1, 2018 867
Building Capacity to Support Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Modular Approach to Intervention. Anderson, Cynthia M.; Smith, Tristram; Iovannone, Rose Report Feb 1, 2018 9992
Mother's Reaction to Autism Diagnosis: A Qualitative Analysis Comparing Latino and White Parents. Lopez, Kristina; Magana, Sandy; Xu, Yue; Guzman, Jessica Report Jan 1, 2018 8573
Feasibility Exploration of Electrodermal Response to Food in Children with ASD Compared to Typically Developing Children. Suarez, Michelle A. Report Jan 1, 2018 5498
A Study of the Correlation between VEP and Clinical Severity in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Sayorwan, Winai; Phianchana, Nutthida; Permpoonputtana, Kannika; Siripornpanich, Vorasith Report Jan 1, 2018 5775
Role of Inner Speech on Serial Recall in Children with ASD: A Pilot Study Using the Luria Hand Test. Mitsuhashi, Shota; Hirata, Shogo; Okuzumi, Hideyuki Report Jan 1, 2018 5125
Support Needs and Coping Strategies as Predictors of Stress Level among Mothers of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Kiami, Sheri R.; Goodgold, Shelley Report Jan 1, 2018 7690
Better Late Than Never. Huhtanen, Shelly Column Dec 1, 2017 944
Le programme de formation et les strategies educatives declarees offerts aux adolescents ayant un trouble du spectre de l'autisme qui frequentent une classe specialisee. Poirier, Nathalie; Abouzeid, Nadia; Taieb-Lachance, Catherine; Smith, Erika-Lyne Report Dec 1, 2017 8480
Aquatic therapy 'can help autistic children'. Nov 21, 2017 809
Peer power strengthens lives of autistic children in Dubai. Nov 15, 2017 665
'Peer power' strengthens life of autistic children. Nov 14, 2017 554
THE WEIGHT OF IT. McCafferty, Kimberlee Nov 1, 2017 1406
The Whole Story. Huhtanen, Shelly Nov 1, 2017 845
Device to guide autistic children brings honours to UAE student. Oct 26, 2017 449
Dear Future Daughter-in-law. McCafferty, Kimberlee Oct 1, 2017 1144
Defining Resilience: I would say that raising a child with autism while serving in the military would fit the definition quite well. Huhtanen, Shelly Column Oct 1, 2017 900
Improved targeted care for autistic children. Sep 27, 2017 198
Nutrition Facts and Supplement Science for Managing Autism. Sep 22, 2017 396
Benefits of Community Music Experiences for Persons Along the Autism Spectrum. Clements-Cortes, Amy; Yip, Joyce Column Sep 22, 2017 1912
WISH Organizes Horse Riding Sessions for Autistic Children at Al Shaqab. Aug 21, 2017 580
WISH Organizes Summer Activities for Autistic Children. Aug 1, 2017 555
The three P's and my son's diagnosis. Huhtanen, Shelly Column Aug 1, 2017 884
Autistic children benefit from vitamin D3. Brief article Jul 1, 2017 175
A comparison of teacher and caregiver perspectives of collaboration in the education of students with autism spectrum disorders. LaBarbera, Robin Report Jun 22, 2017 9099
A story, a song and a kiss. McCafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Jun 1, 2017 1217
Future telling. Huhtanen, Shelly Jun 1, 2017 757
WISH, LFC Foundation holdworkshop for autistic children. May 27, 2017 463
Mada distributes devices to help parents track autistic children. May 21, 2017 422
Teaching safety responding to children with autism spectrum disorder. Rossi, Margaret R.; Vladescu, Jason C.; Reeve, Kenneth F.; Gross, Amy C. Report May 1, 2017 6645
Effects of a social skills intervention on children with autism spectrum disorder and peers with shared deficits. Radley, Keith C.; O'Handley, Roderick D.; Battaglia, Allison A.; Lum, John D.K.; Dadakhodjaeva, Komi Report May 1, 2017 9783
Validating an administrative data-based case definition for identifying children and youth with autism spectrum disorder for surveillance purposes. Coo, Helen; Ouellette-Kuntz, Helene; Brownell, Marni; Shooshtari, Shahin; Hanlon-Dearman, Ana Report May 1, 2017 7944
There's more than one way home. Levin, Donna Excerpt Apr 1, 2017 2228
How to teach children with autism. Sanchez, Sophia Report Mar 1, 2017 1342
Power in Numbers: not only are we more powerful in numbers, we are more powerful when we use our voices. Huhtanen, Shelly Mar 1, 2017 806
Perceptions of literacy instruction and implications for transition and employment outcomes for students with autism spectrum disorders: A qualitative study. Clifton, Yeaton H.; Groomes, Darlene A. G.; Pavonetti, Linda M. Report Jan 1, 2017 7077
Blended Approach to Occupational Performance (BAOP): guidelines enabling children with autism. Skowronski, Jordan M.; Engsberg, Jack R. Report Jan 1, 2017 5788
More facilities required for autistic children in Oman, say experts. Nov 13, 2016 733
Experts examine ways to support autistic children at HMC meet. Nov 8, 2016 408
The science of improved language comprehension: brain connectivity and autism spectrum disorder. Nov 1, 2016 2647
Increasing adaptations for individuals who struggle emotionally and socially. Marquette, Jackie Nov 1, 2016 2059
It's complicated. McCafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Oct 1, 2016 1052
Teaching reading: junior secondary ASD students and the Australian curriculum: English. Bishop, Kay; Isbester, Kristen Report Oct 1, 2016 4651
Autistic kids can learn new words like others. Oct 1, 2016 446
Parents with autistic children 'lacking aid'. Aug 17, 2016 717
Autism spectrum disorder research: and its implications for music teachers. Polischuk, Derek Kealii Report Aug 1, 2016 2344
Sleep issues in children with autism spectrum disorder. Cavalieri, Alena Report Jul 1, 2016 5878
The keepers and spreaders of the light: the fire in this mom and nonna has been relit. Morris-Young, Amy Jul 1, 2016 1375
SQU Seminar on Autistic Children. May 15, 2016 101
Tariq Fazal emphasis over autistic children education. Apr 6, 2016 299
Poor autistic children receive rehabilitation aid. Apr 2, 2016 186
Conversation skills start at home for your child with autism: methods for every level. Kabaki-Sisto, Karen Apr 1, 2016 1284
13 ways to honor an autism parent. Picon, Deanna Apr 1, 2016 1705
POLE STARS; Dancers show skills to help autistic children. Mar 17, 2016 380
Travel lessons with family. Grafwallner, Peg Mar 1, 2016 1641
Autism Science Foundation offers Imfar travel grants to families & caregivers. Brief article Feb 1, 2016 271
Five helpful Valentine's Day tips to parents for a fulfilling relationship. Feb 1, 2016 466
Come fly with me: the flight crew introduced themselves ... they too had children with autism and the pilot who led the tour, Erich Andrew Ries, had flown several times with his son on the spectrum. Huhtanen, Shelly Feb 1, 2016 879
Teaching social communication skills using a cool versus not cool procedure plus role-playing and a social skills taxonomy. Leaf, Justin B.; Taubman, Mitchell; Milne, Christine; Dale, Stephanie; Leaf, Jeremy; Townley-Cochran Report Feb 1, 2016 6745
Parent training on generalized use of behavior analytic strategies for decreasing the problem behavior of children with autism spectrum disorder: a data-based case study. Crone, Regina M.; Mehta, Smita Shukla Case study Feb 1, 2016 10059
Matrix training of receptive language skills with a toddler with autism spectrum disorder: a case study. Curiel, Emily S.L.; Sainato, Diane M.; Goldstein, Howard Case study Feb 1, 2016 4952
Gross motor function and health quality of life among children with autism spectrum disorder participating in a gymnastics program: a pilot study. Ayers, M. Dannielle; Taylor, E. Laurette; Branscum, Paul; Hofford, Craig Jan 1, 2016 7293
Multimedia animations and social skills: a preliminary study on social skills acquisition through animated social stories. Min, Win Ko; Theng, Lau Bee; Ann, Ong Chin Report Dec 1, 2015 5332
Project PALS: ensuring success in libraries for patrons with autism. Anderson, Amelia; Everhart, Nancy Dec 1, 2015 1172
The most [begin strikethrough]stressful[end strikethrough] wonderful time of the year. Roth, Sarah Cover story Dec 1, 2015 1029
Cameron and Gianna. Peschetti, Julia Dec 1, 2015 1606
Little orphan Ani. Grafwallner, Peg Dec 1, 2015 1565
Autism on the Seas launches non-profit foundation to help financially strapped special needs families vacation. Nov 1, 2015 740
A story worth telling. Huhtanen, Shelly Nov 1, 2015 834
Triumph! McCafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Oct 1, 2015 526
In two worlds. Huhtanen, Shelly Oct 1, 2015 889
Good Day. Cooperman, Matthew B. Poem Sep 22, 2015 262
Going to the movies. Huhtanen, Shelley Sep 1, 2015 1136
Concert pianist to perform for autistic children in Wales. Aug 8, 2015 356
Parents' journey into the world of autism. Alli, A.; Abdoola, S.; Mupawose, A. Report Aug 1, 2015 3574
Video modeling and children with autism spectrum disorder: a survey of caregiver perspectives. Cardon, Teresa A.; Guimond, Amy; Smith-Treadwell, Amanda M. Report Aug 1, 2015 5473
How we made our vacation work for Sammy and the family: is it truly vacation if we are constantly hovering over Sammy to make sure he doesn't ruin something that doesn't belong to us? Talhelm, Paige Jul 1, 2015 1545
Still my boy. McCafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Jul 1, 2015 559
Enhancing reading comprehension among students with high-functioning autism spectrum disorder: a randomized pilot study. Roux, Catherine; Dion, Eric; Barrette, Anne Report Jul 1, 2015 5418
Animals ease social anxiety in autistic kids. Brief article Jul 1, 2015 274
We're all art teachers: don't try to quantify its worth. Arman, Alicia Jun 22, 2015 725
Resilience factors in families with a child with autism spectrum disorder. Grasu, Mihaela Report Jun 1, 2015 3343
Zubair initiative reaches out to families with autistic children in Oman. May 27, 2015 854
Feeling the sacraments can be enough: my son's autism may mean he has not reached the age of knowing, hut I believe he can accept Jesus' gift of the Eucharist for himself. Morris-Young, Amy May 22, 2015 1898
CRIPPLED MUM MY HIP OP AGONY; Wendy claims botched surgery left her unable to care for autistic children. Apr 19, 2015 549
Seven tips to help parents this autism awareness month. Apr 1, 2015 310
Maddie turns a special day to a perfect day. Apr 1, 2015 614
Birthday parties and kids with autism. McCafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Apr 1, 2015 1128
Life with my brother Sammy. Talhelm, Paige Apr 1, 2015 1613
'Any pet increases social skills of autistic children'. Apr 1, 2015 157
Autism Association in Lattakia... diverse activities to help autistic children. Mar 24, 2015 254
The atypical camper--Jason's story. Furst, Ronald Mar 1, 2015 938
Diversity in developmental trajectories in kids with autism spectrum disorder. Bellandi, Deanna Mar 1, 2015 405
Zubair Corporation Launches Initiative for Autistic Children. Feb 8, 2015 279
Developing language skills: a school community approach. Rixon, Tracey Essay Feb 1, 2015 1544
Read aloud. McCafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Feb 1, 2015 675
Can you relate? Huhtanen, Shelly Feb 1, 2015 844
Prerequisite skills that support learning through video modeling. MacDonald, Rebecca P.F.; Dickson, Chata A.; Martineau, Meaghan; Ahearn, William H. Report Feb 1, 2015 5702
A programmatic description of an international private behaviorally orientated autism school. Au, Angel Hoe Chi; Mountjoy, Toby James; Man, Kathleen Lai Ping; Leaf, Justin B.; Leaf, Ronald B.; T Report Feb 1, 2015 9284
What does research say about social perspective-taking interventions for students with HFASD? Southall, Candice; Campbell, Jonathan M. Report Jan 1, 2015 8713
Second Circuit addresses novel issues under Hague Child Abduction Convention, including whether separating a child from autism therapy is sufficiently grave to trigger exceptions to the general rule that children wrongfully removed or retained should be returned to their country of habitual residence. Jan 1, 2015 4743
Samsung unveils app for kids with autism. Brief article Dec 21, 2014 140
Competing arbitrary and non-arbitrary relational responding in normally developing children and children diagnosed with autism. Kenny, Neil; Barnes-Holmes, Dermot; Stewart, Ian Report Dec 1, 2014 10008
Teaching a deictic relational repertoire to children with autism. Jackson, Marianne L.; Mendoza, Dena R.; Adams, Amanda N. Report Dec 1, 2014 7390
Be careful. He can hear you. Huhtanen, Shelly Dec 1, 2014 823
L'entree a la maternelle de l'enfant ayant un trouble du spectre de l'autisme : une transition a planifier. Gascon, Hubert; Julien-Gauthier, Francine; Tetreault, Sylvie; Garant, Maude Report Dec 1, 2014 8573
An Investigation of "Circle of Friends" Peer-Mediated Intervention for Students with Autism. Schlieder, Mary; Maldonado, Nancy; Baltes, Beate Report Nov 6, 2014 417
Going solo. McCafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Nov 1, 2014 842
Self-management interventions on students with autism: a meta-analysis of single-subject research. Carr, Monica E.; Moore, Dennis W.; Anderson, Angelika Report Oct 1, 2014 9361
Predictors of autism enrollment in public school systems. Boswell, Katelyn; Zablotsky, Benjamin; Smith, Christopher Report Oct 1, 2014 5806
Seminole State College launches autism-focused interior design course. Oct 1, 2014 613
Shorts. Klotter, Jule Oct 1, 2014 3235
Sociocultural perspectives of Latino children with autism spectrum disorder. Lopez, Kristina Report Oct 1, 2014 6497
New app to help autistic children. Sep 10, 2014 673
New app to help autistic children. Sep 8, 2014 673
Child's autism severity: effect on West Virginia caregiver satisfaction with school services. Vohra, Rini; Madhavan, Suresh; Khanna, Rahul; Becker-Cottrill, Barbara Report Sep 1, 2014 5278
Service dogs prove to be boon for children with autism: when guiding eyes for the blind realized that some of its trained dogs lacked the self-assurance to be guide dogs, it discovered that the animals could be retrained to help children with autism. Levinson, Jerry Report Sep 1, 2014 764
Nineteen words. McCafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Sep 1, 2014 445
The secret to being a successful taxi driver: I think special kids give us not only special missions in life, but they may also help us, as parents, become more successful. Huhtanen, Shelly Sep 1, 2014 795
Cognitive behavioural therapy for anxiety in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder. Report Sep 1, 2014 6303
Tablet devices help kids with autism speak up: iPads show promise in helping largely nonverbal children talk. Bower, Bruce Aug 9, 2014 405
Tears of joy. McCafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Aug 1, 2014 887
What if I die? A few years ago, during my husband's third deployment, Hayden came running downstairs crying, "Mom, if you and Dad die, I will take care of Broden ...". Huhtanen, Shelly Aug 1, 2014 820
A review of intervention studies conducted with individuals with autism and sensory impairments. Banda, Devender R.; Griffin-Shirley, Nora; Okungu, Phoebe A.; Ogot, Orpa P.; Meeks, Melanie K. Report Jul 1, 2014 4723
Study the impact of therapeutic group of behavioral and supplementary on mental health and irrational believes of mothers that have children with autistic disordering in Ilam city. Mami, Shahram; Akbari, Fatemeh Report Jun 20, 2014 1659
Foundation donates learning modules for autistic children. Jun 3, 2014 507
Autism meets the police what will your child do? Iland, Emily Jun 1, 2014 1607
Physical activity at children with autism. Oltean, Antoanela; Popa, Cristian; Georgescu, Adrian Report Jun 1, 2014 5091
What's behind rising autism rates. Brief article May 3, 2014 113
Over under trough: we've found a way to make both the restrictions and gifts of autism work for us, forged a life filled more with beauty than with pain. McCafferty, Kimberlee Rutan May 1, 2014 728
Coping, Resolution and Advocacy in Parents of Children with Autism. Brown, Scott Torrance Report May 1, 2014 320
Siddha Medicine Arrives to Improve Neurological Functioning in Autistic Children. Apr 2, 2014 151
BOND OF BROTHERS. Mccafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Apr 1, 2014 839
Skills assessment for children with autism. Persicke, Angela; Tarbox, Jonathan Apr 1, 2014 2008
Body Ministry at the Oxford Vineyard. Bolduc, Kathleen Deyer Apr 1, 2014 1356
20 Suggestions to help your child with autism eat better. Perry, Pamela Young Apr 1, 2014 2995
Hopes and dreams of individuals with autism: Will they come true? Goodman, Amy Apr 1, 2014 1530
A new framework for systematic reviews: application to social skills interventions for preschoolers with autism. Goldstein, Howard; Lackey, Kimberly C.; Schneider, Naomi J.B. Report Mar 22, 2014 15653
Beautiful gift. Huhtanen, Shelly Essay Mar 1, 2014 802
Do you speak my language? Are behavior analysts considering the needs of learners on the autism spectrum? Kingsdorf, Sheri Report Mar 1, 2014 3479
Reminiscing: That night, I tried something new. I enjoyed my son. I laid next to him and we played together. We sang, I tickled him and I played with his feet. I didn't think about the milestones he hasn't achieved, or how many books I didn't read to him. I enjoyed my son for who he was... Huhtanen, Shelly Feb 1, 2014 814
Outcomes of play-based home support for children with autism spectrum disorder. Sari, Oktay Taymaz Report Feb 1, 2014 6902
Maradona pledges, sports championship for autistic children. Jan 23, 2014 443
Conceptualisation and development of a quality of life measure for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder. Eapen, Valsamma; Crncec, Rudi; Walter, Amelia; Tay, Kwok Ping Report Jan 1, 2014 8607
Dietary intake and plasma levels of choline and betaine in children with autism spectrum disorders. Hamlin, Joanna C.; Pauly, Margaret; Melnyk, Stepan; Pavliv, Oleksandra; Starrett, William; Crook, Ti Report Jan 1, 2014 4330
How sex of children with autism spectrum disorders and access to treatment services relates to parental stress. Zamora, Irina; Harley, Eliza K.; Green, Shulamite A.; Smith, Kathryn; Kipke, Michele D. Report Jan 1, 2014 3599
Recognition of emotion from facial expressions with direct or averted eye gaze and varying expression intensities in children with autism disorder and typically developing children. Tell, Dina; Davidson, Denise; Camras, Linda A. Report Jan 1, 2014 8980
Matching law and sensitivity to therapist's attention in children with autism spectrum disorders. Rivard, Melina; Forget, Jacques; Kerr, Kelly; begin, Jean Report Jan 1, 2014 7250
School helps kids with autism find their niche: crew from Exceptional Minds did labor-intensive post-production work on Sony's 'American Hustle'. Khatchatourian, Maane Dec 17, 2013 590
Dubai: Billboard to showcase autistic children's talents. Dec 9, 2013 274
Treatment with Oxytocin Effective in Improving Brain Function of Autistic Children. Dec 3, 2013 379
Transformed by invitation. Bolduc, Kathleen Deyer Excerpt Dec 1, 2013 2057
The reason: I need to start really looking and talking to my child, instead of seeing him as a person I need to fix. Why fix someone who is perfect? Dec 1, 2013 896
The impact of the disease on functioning of a family with an autistic child. Slifirczyk, A.; Krajewska-Kulak, E.; Brayer, A.; Maciorkowska, E. Report Dec 1, 2013 5231
Characteristics of the gastrointestinal microbiome in children with autism spectrum disorder: a systematic review. Cao, Xinyi; Lin, Ping; Jiang, Ping; Li, Chunbo Report Dec 1, 2013 6888
YLD brings Halloween spirit to autistic children. Davis, Megan E. Nov 15, 2013 362
Why do bad things happen to good people? Our discussion turned into raising Broden with autism and why he has autism. Telling Hayden, who has been a sibling to Broden since he was 20 months old, that there is a reason for everything just didn't seem like a good enough answer for him. Huhtanen, Shelly Nov 1, 2013 871
UI REACH: a postsecondary program serving students with autism and intellectual disabilities. Hendrickson, Jo M.; Carson, Rori; Woods-Groves, Suzanne; Mendenhall, Janis; Scheidecker, Bethany Report Nov 1, 2013 9207
Focusing on kids and their talents, not on autism. Nov 1, 2013 844
Breaking bounds: many schools have developed programs to help students with autism gain an education. Hu, Helen Oct 10, 2013 1244
Literature review & commentary. Gaby, Alan R. Abstract Oct 1, 2013 2365
Initial workups for autism spectrum disorders: an interview with Kurt N. Woeller, DO: autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the United States--more children are now diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) than with cancer, diabetes, and AIDS combined. The rate of ASD has increased from 1 in 100,000 births to 1 in 54 male births, as reported by the Centers for Disease Control in 2012. Interview Oct 1, 2013 5185
Video game use in boys with autism spectrum disorder. Abstract Sep 1, 2013 162
Becoming multimodal authors: pre-service teachers' interventions to support young children with autism. Oakley, Grace; Howitt, Christine; Garwood, Rebekah; Durack, Annie-Rose Report Sep 1, 2013 7640
Back to school resources for children with autism: it has been suggested that children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are especially vulnerable to bullying. The Interactive Autism Network (IAN) is now sharing initial results of a national survey on the bullying experiences of children on the autism spectrum. Rubovitz, Nora Sep 1, 2013 1452
Battling TRICARE for better autism treatments for military children. Arvanitis, Hope Sep 1, 2013 3610
This time, he understands: as we were walking out the door, Mark took one last look and told Broden goodbye. For the first time, Broden spontaneously blew his Dad a kiss. I like to think this was Broden's way of telling Mark that it was okay to go. Huhtanen, Shelly Sep 1, 2013 720
Social interaction and cooperative activities: drawing plans as a means of increasing engagement for children with ASD. Peters, Brenda; Forlin, Chris; McInerney, Dennis; Maclean, Rupert Report Sep 1, 2013 7671
A Student at UOB designs a Center for the Treatment of Autistic Children. Aug 20, 2013 374
The church doors are open for all: it also started with a team of young people who offered to serve as buddies, these young people between the ages of 12 and 17, agreed to shadow the children with special needs during the days they were all on campus. Briley, Denise Essay Aug 1, 2013 1861
Autism's first child: I will tell Zach about Donald Triplett's story, birth to present. But I will focus on the fact that a man born almost a century ago in a tiny town where, like everywhere else, autism was an unknown, was accepted by his peers. I will tell him that this man was and is respected, valued, and admired. Mccafferty, Kimberlee Rutan Essay Aug 1, 2013 992
What's in a word? It is evident that labels are everywhere and one does not understand how debilitating a label can be if there are negative connotations to it, until it happens to them. Frankly, children with autism are children first who happen to have autistic characteristics. Huhtanen, Shelly Aug 1, 2013 784
A preliminary evaluation of reinstatement of destructive behavior displayed by individuals with autism. Falcomata, Terry S.; Hoffman, Katherine J.; Gainey, Summer; Muething, Colin S.; Fienup, Daniel M. Report Jun 22, 2013 5605
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Autism acceptance: turning awareness into actionss. Sabin, Ellen Essay Apr 1, 2013 909
Autism NOW: The National Autism Resource & Information Center: the Arc and Autism NOW would like to refocus the conversation from the clinical to the conversational and engage online communities to raise awareness about what the word "autism" really means to the individuals who live with it on a daily basis. Apr 1, 2013 896
Why isn't my child sleeping & what can I do? A primer for parents of children with autism. Accardo, Jennifer Apr 1, 2013 2029
Autism spectrum disorders & the clinical geneticist: an approach to the family: the geneticist does not make the diagnosis of an ASD. Rather, this specialist is part of the interdisciplinary team of professionals who are involved in the diagnosis and management of such individuals. Ideally, a referral is made to the geneticist after the diagnosis has been made. Marion, Robert W. Apr 1, 2013 2509
Advocating for your child with autism at the dental office: it is important for parents to educate dentists on what their child needs and to ask that they help provide productive solutions to make the patient's experience less traumatic. Huhtanen, ShellY L.; Worley, Melissa Apr 1, 2013 1903
Harnessing parents' wisdom to achieve better outcomes: researchers report that parents reduce their stress, feel more competent and engage their children in everyday life more successfully when professional and parents participate in a specific pattern of communication called "coaching.". Cox, Jane; Dunn, Winnie; Foster, Lauren Apr 1, 2013 2028
It all starts at home: Brandon's story. Lauermann, Susan G.; Putnam, Bob Cover story Apr 1, 2013 2324
Happy respite! At the school where I work, I began what we call parent night out. A couple of times a year, the faculty and staff of the autism program schedule a night where they provide free child care to parents of the children in our program so that they may have a night out together. Kersch, Emily Essay Apr 1, 2013 1358
Looking on the bright side: do I have time to worry about unimportant things? I'm sure I do, but autism reminds me what is important. Huhtanen, Shelly Essay Apr 1, 2013 780
Does compare-contrast text structure help students with autism spectrum disorder comprehend science text? Carnahan, Christina R.; Williamson, Pamela S. Report Mar 22, 2013 8076
The sensory supported swimming program for children with autism spectrum disorders: well-designed and implemented recreation programs can help children with autism to experience the many benefits of engaging in physical activity. Mische-Lawson, Lisa; Cox, Jane; Foster, Lauren Mar 1, 2013 1951
Silently Seizing: when parents are told their child has autism, they need to ask the question. Why? Autism merely describes a subset of presenting symptoms. We need to find out what is going on inside the brain of every child who receives the diagnosis of autism. Haines, Caren Essay Mar 1, 2013 2468
Finding a connection: Hayden's third grade teacher told me that now he openly talks about his brother and autism quite frequently. It warms my heart to see his best friend, Jake, be supportive of Broden. Huhtanen, Shelly Essay Mar 1, 2013 857
Brain stimulation aids autistic boy: implanted electrodes could treat some severe cases. Sanders, Laura Feb 23, 2013 476
Call to help kids just like kind Lucy-Jo; Swap shop will aid autistic children. Feb 6, 2013 464
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Gender differences when parenting children with autism. Brief article Feb 1, 2013 132
A different kind of leaving: much as we might have wanted Megan to remain within the loving cocoon of our family home, we believed that she could far better expand her social development and community integration in a group setting. Lang, Anne Feb 1, 2013 1318
Quitting is not an option: after several attempts to convince my congressman to support our military children with autism, I want him to still know that I'm not quitting. How could I quit when there are too many families standing alongside ours that are continuing on and fighting for their children? Huhtanen, Shelly L. Feb 1, 2013 715
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Christmas fun for autistic children. Dec 24, 2012 386
Neglected and overlooked: Turkey's 472,000 autistic children. Dec 9, 2012 2323
Metacommunication, social pretend play and children with autism. Douglas, Susan; Stirling, Lesley Report Dec 1, 2012 7548
God in every child. Richardson, Joan Editorial Dec 1, 2012 674
New views into the science of educating children with autism: emerging developments in neuroscience are forming the basis of promising new treatments for children on the autism spectrum. Burns, Martha S. Brief article Dec 1, 2012 1845
Preparing parents to advocate for a child with autism: educators have a vital role to play in helping parents develop the skills to become effective advocates for children with autism. Foster, Anne; Rude, Debbie; Grannan, Caroline Dec 1, 2012 2331
Caring encounters: autism does present a difficult set of educational challenges for children, but it's not all about the disease, the author says. It's about the children. Gunn, Alyson Dec 1, 2012 1706
Navigating autism's swirling waters: discovering the "why" behind behaviors can help teachers develop interventions to prevent behaviors before they happen. Hart, Juliet E. Report Dec 1, 2012 2175
Literature opens doors for all children: inclusion literature can broaden perspectives for all readers and create classrooms where all are accepted. Miller, Donna L. Essay Dec 1, 2012 2856
Anxiety in students: a hidden culprit in behavior issues: identifying the triggers for inappropriate behaviors and teaching children more desirable responses can be part of intervention plans in any classroom. Minahan, Jessica; Rappaport, Nancy Essay Dec 1, 2012 3552
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New apps touch lives of autistic children in Dubai. Oct 22, 2012 340
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