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Roe, Alan "WIDER Angle"
Roe, Alan R. "WIDER Angle"
Roe, Alasdair "Best's Review"
Roe, Amanda McMurray "Case Western Reserve Law Review"
Roe, Angela "School Librarian"
Roe, Brian "Southern Economic Journal"
Roe, Brian E. "Choices: The Magazine of Food, Farm and Resource Issues (Online)"
ROE, BRIAN; TEISL, MARIO F.; RONG, HUAPING; LEVY, ALAN S. "Journal of Consumer Affairs"
Roe, Brittany "New Zealand Journal of Occupational Therapy"
Roe, Cal "Farm Collector"
Roe, Calvin "Baseball Digest"
Roe, Carole "British Plastics & Rubber"
Roe, Cecilie; Skandsen, Toril; Manskow, Unn; Ader, Tiina; Anke, Audny "Behavioural Neurology"
Roe, Chandler C.; Yaglom, Hayley; Howard, April; Urbanz, Jennifer; Verocai, Guilherme G.; Andrews, L "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Roe, Charles E. "Appraisal Journal"
Roe, Charles R.; Sweetman, Lawrence "The Exceptional Parent"
Roe, Chris "The Journal of Parapsychology"
Roe, Chris A. "The Journal of Parapsychology"
Roe, Chris A. "British Journal of Psychology"
Roe, Chris A.; Cooper, Callum E.; Hickinbotham, Laura; Hodrien, Andrew; Kirkwood, Laurrie; Martin, H "The Journal of Parapsychology"
Roe, Chris A.; Davey, Russell; Stevens, Paul "The Journal of Parapsychology"
Roe, Chris A.; Holt, Nicola "The Journal of Parapsychology"
Roe, Chris A.; Holt, Nicola J. "The Journal of Parapsychology"
Roe, Chris A.; Holt, Nicola J.; Simmonds, Christine A. "The Journal of Parapsychology"
Roe, Chris A.; Sherwood, Simon J.; Holt, Nicola J. "The Journal of Parapsychology"
Roe, Claire "Curve"
Roe, David "University Business"
Roe, David "Presbyterian Record"
Roe, David "IDMi (Information & Document Management International)"
Roe, David "The Modern Language Review"
Roe, Diana "ERIC: Reports"
ROE, DIANNE "National Catholic Reporter"
Roe, Dinah "Victorian Poetry"
Roe, Erin D.; Chamarthi, Bindu; Raskin, Philip "Journal of Diabetes Research"
Roe, G.; Till, K.; Darrall-Jones, J.; Phibbs, P.; Weakley, J.; Read, D.; Jones, B. "South African Journal of Sports Medicine"
Roe, Gene V.; Urenda, Carmen "Public Works"
Roe, Glenn H. "French Forum"
Roe, Ian F. "The Modern Language Review"
Roe, Jacob D. "Best's Review"
Roe, Jae H. "African American Review"
Roe, Jae H. "CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture"
Roe, Jae-ryung "Artforum International"
Roe, Jason "Circuits Assembly"
Roe, Jennifer "ERIC: Reports"
Roe, Jeremy "Art and Christianity"
Roe, Jeremy "Apollo"
Roe, Jessica "Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing"
Roe, Jill "Labour History: A Journal of Labour and Social History"
Roe, John "Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith"
Roe, John "The Modern Language Review"
Roe, John "National Underwriter Life & Health"
Roe, Justin "EE-Evaluation Engineering"
Roe, K. Keith "Mechanical Engineering-CIME"
Roe, Karen "Army Communicator"
Roe, Katie; McConney, Andrew; Mansfield, Caroline F. "Australian Journal of Environmental Education"
Roe, Kevin J.; Simons, Andrew M.; Hartfield, Paul "The American Midland Naturalist"
Roe, Marilyn "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Roe, Mark J. "Stanford Law Review"
Roe, Mark J. "Comparative Economic Studies"
Roe, Mark J. "University of Pennsylvania Law Review"
Roe, Mark J.; Skeel, David A., Jr. "Michigan Law Review"
Roe, Mark J.; Venezze, Federico Cenzi "Michigan Law Review"
Roe, Martha H. "Medical Laboratory Observer"
Roe, Mary F. "Childhood Education"
Roe, Mary F. "ERIC: Reports"
Roe, Mary F. "Middle Grades Research Journal"
Roe, Mary F.; Egbert, Joy "Childhood Education"
Roe, Matthew "Soldiers Magazine"
Roe, Matthew T. "Duke Medicine Health News"
Roe, Meghan "The Brooklyn Rail"
Roe, Michael "Australian Journal of Social Issues"
Roe, Michael "Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society"
Roe, Micheal D. "Eire-Ireland: a Journal of Irish Studies"
Roe, Nicholas "The Review of English Studies"
Roe, Oliver L.; Grkovic, George "Combat Edge"
Roe, Phil "The Architectural Review"
Roe, Richard "Buildings"
Roe, Richard Allen "National Catholic Reporter"
Roe, Robert "Scientific Computing World"
Roe, Russell H. "Voice of Youth Advocates"
Roe, Sam "Nieman Reports"
Roe, Shirley "Reviewer's Bookwatch"
Roe, Sue "School Librarian"
Roe, Thomas; Bailey, Ian S. "Journal of Surgical Case Reports"
Roe, Tiffany "The Advocate (American Mental Health Counselors Association)"
Roe, Tighe M. "Community Practitioner"
Roe-Prior, Paula "MedSurg Nursing"
Roe-Shaw, M.; Gall, A.; Jones, L.; Lattey, M.E.; Sainsbury, N. "New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy"
Roeber, A. G. "Church History"
Roeber, A. Gregg "Church History"
Roeber, A.G. "Church History"
Roeber, Anthony "Church History"
Roeber, Ed "ERIC: Reports"
Roeber, Edward "ERIC: Reports"
Roeber, J.; Green, D.L.; Meurer, K.M.; Armitage, J.J.; Maas, G.M.; McClinton, R.C.; Courtney, K.; Cr "Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report"
Roeber, Matt "National Underwriter Life & Health"
Roeber, Paul "The Family Handyman"
Roeber, Rod "Army Communicator"
Roeber, Rolf Udo "Comunicata Scientiae"
Roebken, Heinke "ERIC: Reports"
Roebuck, Deborah Britt "ERIC: Reports"
Roebuck, Deborah Britt; Sightler, Kevin W.; Brush, Christina Christenson "Journal of Managerial Issues"
Roebuck, Graham "Seventeenth-Century News"
Roebuck, Jeremy C.; Pereira, Kevin D. "Ear, Nose and Throat Journal"
Roebuck, M. Christopher; Liberman, Joshua N. "Health Services Research"
Roebuck, Martin "Air Cargo World, International ed."
Roebuck, Skooter "Coach and Athletic Director"
Roebuck-Johnson, Aimee "World Literature Today"
Roecckers, Tulora "Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature"
Roeck, Glen P. "ERIC: Reports"
Roeck, Jan "Label & Narrow Web"
Roecker, R.; Junges, Gm; Lima, Dd de; Delwing, F.; Wyse, Ats; Cruz, Jn; Magro, Dd Dal; Cruz, Jgp "Biology and Medicine"
Roecker, Simone; Baratieri, Tatiane; Sanches, Patricia Bossolani Charlo; Marques, Fernanda Ribeiro B "Acta Scientiarum. Health Sciences (UEM)"
Roecker, Simone; Marcon, Sonia Silva "Investigacion y Educacion en Enfermeria"
Roecker, Simone; Marcon, Sonia Silva; Decesaro, Maria das Neves; Waidman, Maria Angelica Pagliarini "Enfermagem Uerj"
Roeckl, Chris "Computer Technology Review"
Roeckle, Charles A. "Notes"
Roecklein, Kathryn A.; Rohan, Kelly J.; Postolache, Teodor T. "Current Psychiatry"
ROEDAD KHAN "Pakistan Today (Lahore, Pakistan)"
Roedad Khan - Islamabad "Dawn (Karachi, Pakistan)"
Roedenbeck, Maren "Childhood Education"
Roeder, Antoinette Voute "Sojourners"
Roeder, Cassandra B. "William and Mary Law Review"
Roeder, Dave "Tooling & Production"
Roeder, Edward "Washington Monthly"
Roeder, Edward "Campaigns & Elections"
Roeder, Jason "The Exceptional Parent"
ROEDER, JESSICA "Southwest Review"
Roeder, John "Perspectives of New Music"
Roeder, Karl A.; Roeder, Diane V. "Southwestern Naturalist"
Roeder, Mark A. "Journal of Church and State"
Roeder, Mike "Nation's Cities Weekly"
Roeder, Oliver "Nieman Reports"
Roeder, Paul A. "Modern Casting"
Roeder, Philip G. "American Political Science Review"
Roeder, Phillip W. "ERIC: Reports"
Roeder, Ruth "Inside MS"
Roeder, Steven J. "Defense Counsel Journal"
Roeder, Vickey R.; Atkins, H. Natalie; Ryan, Mary Ann; Harms, Heather J. "Nephrology Nursing Journal"
Roederer, Charlotte "Notes"
Roederer, Mary W.; Blackwell, Jean C. "Journal of Family Practice"
Roediger, Dave "Monthly Review"
Roediger, David "Journal of Social History"
Roediger, David "Labour/Le Travail"
Roediger, David "Canadian Dimension"
Roediger, David "The Historian"
Roediger, Manuela de Almeida; Marucci, Maria de Fatima Nunes; dos Santos, Bruna Zillesg Borges; Dour "Ciencia & Saude Coletiva"
Roediger, Manuela de Almeida; Marucci, Maria de Fatima Nunes; Gobbo, Luis Alberto; Dourado, Daiana A "Ciencia & Saude Coletiva"
Roediger, Manuela de Almeida; Marucci, Maria de Fatima Nunes; Latorre, Maria do Rosario Dias de Oliv "Ciencia & Saude Coletiva"
Roedl, Jean "STAT Bulletin"
Roedler, George; Grimes, Tricia "ERIC: Reports"
Roefs, Wim "The Quill"
Roege, Paul E. "Joint Force Quarterly"
Roeger, Werner; Varga, Janos; Veld, Jan In't "Comparative Economic Studies"
Roegiers, Charles; Hoover, Herbert "South Dakota Business Review"
Roegiers, Fabrice; Trans, Phong; Inoue, Shinya "The Biological Bulletin"
Roegman, Rachel; Hatch, Thomas "Phi Delta Kappan"
Roegman, Rachel; Kolman, Joni "Journal of Teacher Education"
Roegner, Harry "Business Economics"
Roegner, Larry; Allue, Emilio S. "National Catholic Reporter"
Roehe, Marcelo Vial; Dutra, Elza "Avances en Psicologia Latinoamericana"
Roehl, Barb; Donna; Gindoff, Yankee "Whole Dog Journal"
Roehl, Raymond; Slingsby, Rosanne; Jackson, Peter E.; Schnute, Bill "R & D"
Roehling, Mark V. "Administrative Science Quarterly"
Roehm, Katherine; Moran, Matthew D. "The American Midland Naturalist"
ROEHM, MICHELLE L. "Journal of Advertising Research"
Roehr, Keith "Shooting Times"
Roehr, Keith R. "Shooting Times"
Roehr, Michael "The Family Handyman"
Roehrborn, Claus "Canadian Urological Association Journal (CUAJ)"
Roehrborn, Friederike; Dohle, Daniel-Sebastian; Waack, Indra N.; Tsagakis, Konstantinos; Jakob, Hein "BioMed Research International"
Roehrborn, James "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Roehrick, Julie A. "The Tax Adviser"
Roehrig, Charles "Survey of Current Business"
Roehrig, Charles S. "Business Economics"
Roehrig, John T. "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Roehrig, Terence "Journal of East Asian Studies"
Roehrig, Terence "Asian Perspective"
Roehrl, Michael H.A.; Lantz, Donald; Sylvester, Crystal; Wang, Julia Y. "Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine"
Roehrs, Carol J. "Nursing Education Perspectives"
Roehrs, Miguel; Figueiredo, Cassieli Gehlen; Zanchi, Mariane Magalhaes; Bochi, Guilherme Vargas; Mor "International Journal of Endocrinology"
Roehrs, Stefanie "CME: Your SA Journal of CPD"
ROEHRS, TIMOTHY; ROTH, THOMAS "Alcohol Research & Health"
Roehsig, Claudio; Branco Rocha, Leandro; Barauna, Durval, Jr.; Chioratto, Ricardo; Araujo de Melo, S "Ciencia Rural"
Roel, Marta "Estudios sobre el Mensaje Periodistico"
Roel, Siv; Bjork, Ida Torunn "Nursing Research and Practice"
Roelandse, Freek W.C.; van der Zwart, Nico; Didden, Jan H.; van Loon, Jenny; Souverijn, John H.M. "Clinical Chemistry"
Roelandse, Martijn; Bandrowski, Anita "Research Information"
Roelants, Altair "Ceramics Art & Perception"
Roelants, Altair "Ceramics Technical"
Roele, Isobel "Law and Contemporary Problems"
Roelefsen, Hendrik; Srivastava, Sonia "International Trade Forum"
Roelen, Keetie "Journal of Southeast Asian Economies"
Roelfs, Roberta "Jack & Jill"
Roeling, Dana "The Exceptional Parent"
Roeling, Dana "PN - Paraplegia News"
Roell, Charles; Musoff, Adam; Berth, Nathan "Approach"
Roell, Yannik E.; Beucher, Amelie; Mailer, Per G.; Greve, Mette B.; Greve, Mogens H. "Agronomy"
Roellig, Dawn M.; Brown, Emily L.; Barnabe, Christian; Tibayrenc, Michel; Steurer, Frank J.; Yabsley "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Roellinger, Mathilde "Art Antiquity & Law"
Roellke, Christopher "ERIC: Reports"
Roelofs, H. Mark "The Review of Politics"
Roelofs, H. Mark "PS: Political Science & Politics"
Roelofs, H. Mark "American Political Science Review"
Roelofs, Joan "Synthesis/Regeneration"
Roelofs, Joan "Monthly Review"
Roelofs, Mark "PS: Political Science & Politics"
ROELOFS, MATTHEW; SIGLER, TRACEY HONEYCUIT "International Advances in Economic Research"
Roelofs, Monique; Holland, Norman S. "Confluencia: Revista Hispanica de Cultura y Literatura"
Roelofs, Nick "Laboratory Equipment"
Roelofs, Portia "Renewal"
Roelofs, Rian W.; Sprong, Tom; de Kok, Jacques B.; Swinkels, Dorine W. "Clinical Chemistry"
Roelofse, James; du Plessis, Jean "South African Medical Journal"
Roelofsen, Hendrik "International Trade Forum"
Roelofsen, Hendrik; Srivastava, Sonia "International Trade Forum"
Roelofsen, Yvonne; van Vugt, Michael; Hendriks, Steven H.; van Hateren, Kornelis J.J.; Groenier, Kla "Journal of Diabetes Research"
Roels, Britt; Seghers, Marie; De Bisschop, Bert; Van Avermaet, Piet; Van Herreweghe, Mieke; Slembrou "Translation & Interpreting"
Roels, Harry A. "Environmental Health Perspectives"
Roels, Shirley J. "Journal of Markets & Morality"
Roels, Staf; James, Chris; Talukdar, Prabal; Simonson, Carey J. "ASHRAE Transactions"
Roels, Starla Kay "Environmental Law"
Roels, Steven M. "The American Midland Naturalist"
Roelstraete, Dieter "Artforum International"
Roelstraete, Dieter; Winograd, Abigail "Marg, A Magazine of the Arts"
Roelstraete, Dietero Sr. "Artforum International"
Roem, Kerryn "Nutrition & Dietetics: The Journal of the Dietitians Association of Australia"
Roembke, Greg "Rubber World"
Roembke, Gregory J. "Plastics Technology"
Roembke, Jackie "Finishing"
Roemer, Astrid H.; Boeke, Wanda "Callaloo"
Roemer, David "Reviewer's Bookwatch"
Roemer, David "Sky & Telescope"
Roemer, Gary W.; Donlan, C. Josh "Endangered Species Update"
Roemer, George "Rural Cooperatives"
ROEMER, JIM "Business Credit"
Roemer, John E. "American Political Science Review"
Roemer, Kenneth M. "The American Indian Quarterly"
Roemer, Kenneth M. "Utopian Studies"
Roemer, Kimberly C. "The Tax Adviser"
Roemer, Kurt "Health Management Technology"
Roemer, Marja E.; Oliveira, Kenneth "Fishery Bulletin"
Roemer, Michael J. "Mechanical Engineering-CIME"
Roemer, Nils "The Historian"
Roemer, Nils "Shofar"
Roemer, Rita K. "Feminist Collections: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources"
Roemer, Robert E. "Renaissance Quarterly"
Roemer, Robert E. "Journal of the National Collegiate Honors Council"
Roemerman, Steve "Defense AT & L"
Roemerman, Steven D. "National Defense"
Roemischer, Jessica "The Exceptional Parent"
Roemischer, John "Forum on Public Policy: A Journal of the Oxford Round Table"
Roemischer, John; Moore, Scarlett "Forum on Public Policy: A Journal of the Oxford Round Table"
Roemmers, Alejandro Guillermo "World Literature Today"
Roemmers, Alejandro Guillermo; Clark, David Draper "World Literature Today"
Roen, Duane "Writing Program Administration"
Roen, Duane, Ed.; Pantoja, Veronica, Ed.; Yena, Lauren, Ed.; Miller, Susan K., Ed.; Waggoner, Eric, "ERIC: Reports"
Roen, Gary "MBR Bookwatch"
Roenberg, George N. "Canadian Chemical News"
Roenberg, Jim "Editor & Publisher"
Roenker, Daniel L.; Cissell, Gayla M.; Ball, Karlene K.; Wadley, Virginia G.; Edwards, Jerri D. "Human Factors"
Roennfeldt, Carsten F. "Parameters"
Roens, Steven "Perspectives of New Music"
Roensch, Greg "Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature"
Roensch, Rob; Gray, Mary B. "World Literature Today"
Roensch, Rob; Weedon, Quinn Carpenter "World Literature Today"
Roentgen, Uta R.; Gelderblom, Gert Jan; de Witte, Luc P. "Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness"
Roentgen, Uta R.; Gelderblom, Gert Jan; Soede, Mathijs; de Witte, Luc P. "Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness"
Roeper, Jennifer "Association Management"
Roeper, Karl "Journal of Communications Media Studies"
Roeper, Karl F. "The Proceedings of the Laurel Highlands Communications Conference"
Roeper, Richard "Free Inquiry"
Roepke, Larry "The Family Handyman"
Roepke, Marcia "The Family Handyman"
Roepke, Susan K.; Ancoli-Israel, Sonia "Indian Journal of Medical Research"
Roepke, Tena L. "Australian Senior Mathematics Journal"
ROEPKE, TOM "Security Management"
Roer, Cyndi "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Roer-Strier, Dorit; Rosenthal, Miriam K. "Social Work"
Roerig, Bonnie D. "Appraisal Journal"
Roerig, Boonnie "Appraisal Journal"
Roerig, Howard "The Objective Standard"
Roering, Norman "Farm Collector"
Roes, Nicholas A. "Addiction Professional"
Roesch, Benjamin J. "Alaska Law Review"
Roesch, Bill "IFR"
Roesch, Frank "Farm Collector"
Roesch, Karl "Mother Earth News"
Roesch, Karl L. "Science News"
Roese Sanfelice, Gustavo; Galle, Carla Denise; dos S. Silva, Andre Luiz; Guerra Ashton, Mary Sandra "Espacio Abierto: Cuaderno Venezolano de Sociologia"
Roese, Seth "Air & Space Power Journal"
Roesel, Cheryl, Ed. "ERIC: Reports"
Roesel, S. Fred "Corrections Today"
Roeseler, Wolfgang G. "Public Administration Review"
Roesener, August G.; Bottolfson, Carl; Fernandez, Gerry "Air & Space Power Journal"
Roesener, August G.; Gresham, Kyle; Moore, James T. "Air Force Journal of Logistics"
Roesener, Laura "Educational Leadership"
Roeser, Allison "Art Business News"
Roeser, Beth "Agri Marketing"
Roeser, Clarence "Saturday Evening Post"
Roeser, Dana "Prairie Schooner"
Roeser, Dana "Southwest Review"
Roeser, Dana "The Carolina Quarterly"
Roeser, Ross J.; Adams, Richard M.; Watkins, Sue "Journal of School Health"
Roesgen, Bill "American Journalism Review"
Roeske, Ronald "Journal of Property Management"
Roesle, Patrick "Southwest Review"
Roesler, Beth Anne "South Dakota Law Review"
Roesler, Claudia Rosane "Quaestio Iuris"
Roesler, Deborah "Financial Executive"
Roesler, Eduardo Andre; Manfroi, Ernandes; Moras, Andrea; Didone, Dielli Aparecida; Grando, Magali F "Ciencia Rural"
Roesler, Heidi Brague "Alaska Business Monthly"
Roesler, Heidi Brague; Klopfer, Jocelyn "Alaska Business Monthly"
Roesler, Mark "Variety"
Roesler, Shannon M. "Yale Human Rights and Development Law Journal"
Roesner, Chris "Navy Supply Corps Newsletter"
Roesner, Edward H. "Notes"
Roesner, Larry A.; Hobel, Marlene A. "Public Works"
Roess, Amira A.; Levine, Rebecca S.; Barth, Laura; Monroe, Benjamin P.; Carroll, Darin S.; Damon, In "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Roess, Michaella; Roche, Maree "e-Journal of Social & Behavioural Research in Business"
Roessel, David "Papers on Language & Literature"
Roessel, Mary Hasbah; Neidhardt, Joe "Clinical Psychiatry News"
Roessing, Walt "Saturday Evening Post"
Roessing, Walter "Saturday Evening Post"
Roessingh, Carel "Mennonite Quarterly Review"
Roessingh, Hetty "TESL Canada Journal"
Roessingh, Hetty "Canadian Journal of Education"
Roessingh, Hetty; Douglas, Scott Roy "TESL Canada Journal"
Roessingh, Hetty; Elgie, Susan "TESL Canada Journal"
Roessler, Christian "Economic Inquiry"
Roessler, Christina "The American Prospect"
Roessler, Dan; Garrison, Lisa "Pipeline & Gas Journal"
Roessler, Daniel "Pipeline & Gas Journal"
Roessler, David M. "Mechanical Engineering-CIME"
Roessler, F.; Teich, T.; Franke, S. "DAAAM International Scientific Book"
Roessler, Raymond E. "Combat Edge"
Roessler, Richard T. "The Journal of Rehabilitation"
Roessler, Richard T.; Gitchel, W. Dent, Jr. "The Journal of Rehabilitation"
Roessler, Richard; Hennessey, Mary; Neath, Jeanne; Rumrill, Phillip; Nissen, Steven "The Journal of Rehabilitation"
Roessler, Ryan "Food Manufacturing"
Roessler, Shirley A. "The Historian"
Roessling, Guido; Trnkova, Jana; Langendorf, Uwe; Tillack, Karin; Muhlhauser, Max "ERIC: Reports"
Roessner, J. David "Issues in Science and Technology"
Roessner, Jeffrey "College Literature"
ROESSNER, JEFFREY "Papers on Language & Literature"
Roest, Allison R. "Professional School Counseling"
Roest, Hendrik I.J.; Ruuls, Robin C.; Tilburg, Jeroen J.H.C.; Nabuurs-Franssen, Marrigje H.; Klaasse "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Roest, Hendrik I.J.; van Solt, Conny B.; Tilburg, Jeroen J.H.C.; Klaassen, Corne H.W.; Hovius, Emiel "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Roest, Karin "USA Today (Magazine)"
Roest, N. Vander "Bookmarks"
Roetenberg, Daniel; Holler, Claudia; Mattmuller, Kevin; Degen, Markus; Allum, John H. "Journal of Healthcare Engineering"
Roeth, Julius; Facchini, Arrigo; Bernhard, Norbert "International Journal of Photoenergy"
Roethel, David A.H. "Clinical Chemistry"
Roether, Jo Ann "The Family Handyman"
Roethler, Jacque "African American Review"
Roethof, Daan; Sezer, Tarik; Arat, Mustafa Ali; Shyrokau, Barys "SAE International Journal of Passenger Cars - Mechanical Systems"
Roets, Arne; Van Hicl, Alain "The Psychological Record"
Roets, L. "South African Medical Journal"
Roets, Nic "Research-Technology Management"
Roets-Malan, Monique "Namibia Economist (Windhoek, Namibia)"
Roett, Michelle A.; Wessel, Lois "Journal of Family Practice"
Roett, Riordan "Chief Executive (U.S.)"
Roetter, Alex; Belliveau, David A. "Microwave Journal"
Roettgen, Marty "Techniques"
Roettger, Kurt "The New American"
Roettger, Michael E. "Corrections Today"
Roettgers, Janko "Variety"
Roettjer, Phil "EE-Evaluation Engineering"
Roetz, Erich "Approach"
Roetzel, Lara; Petro, Tifanie; Ramstad, Erica "South Dakota Law Review"
Roetzheim, Richard G.; Gonzalez, Eduardo C.; Ramirez, Arnold; Campbell, Robert; Van Durme, Daniel J. "Journal of Family Practice"
Roetzheim, Richard G.; Pal, Naazneen; Gonzalez, Eduardo C.; Ferrante, Jeanne M.; Van Durme, Daniel J "Journal of Family Practice"
Roeve, Brian "National Catholic Reporter"
Roever, Carsten "Language, Learning & Technology"
Roew, Brian "National Catholic Reporter"
Roewe Brian "National Catholic Reporter"
Roewe, Bria; Herlinger, Chris "National Catholic Reporter"
Roewe, Brian "National Catholic Reporter"
Roewe, Brian; Coday, Dennis "National Catholic Reporter"
Roewe, Brian; Cohen, Pam "National Catholic Reporter"
Roewe, Brian; Mcelwee, Joshua J. "National Catholic Reporter"
Roewe, Brian; Ryan, Zoe "National Catholic Reporter"
Roewe, Brian; Salgado, Soli "National Catholic Reporter"
Roewe, Brian; Winters, Michael Sean "National Catholic Reporter"
Roey, Stephen; Caldwell, Nancy; Rust, Keith; Hicks, Lloyd; Lee, Janice; Perkins, Robert; Blumstein, "ERIC: Reports"
Roeyers, Herbert "Learning Disability Quarterly"
Roeykens, H.; De Moor, R. "European Archives of Paediatric Dentistry"
Rofael, Martin; Schwartz, Ilan S.; Sigler, Lynne; Kong, Li.K.; Nelson, Nicholas "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Rofe, Jennifer "Wines & Vines"
Rofel, Lisa "The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide"
Rofel, Lisa; Tai, Jeremy "Feminist Studies"
Rofes, Eric "Colorlines Magazine"
Rofes, Eric "Social Policy"
Rofes, Eric; Keiser, David; Smith, Tony; Wray, Matt "Social Justice"
ROFF, DEREK "Ecology"
Roff, Derek A "Ecology"
Roff, Derek A. "Evolution"
Roff, Derek A.; Stirling, Gray; Fairbairn, Daphne J. "Evolution"
Roff, Heather M. "Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law"
Roff, Kimberly A. "ERIC: Reports"
Roff, Lucinda Lee; Klemmack, David L.; Simon, Cassandra; Cho, Gi Won; Parker, Michael W.; Koenig, Ha "Health and Social Work"
Roff, Michael J. "Grit"
Roff, Sandra "American Educational History Journal"
Roff, William R. "Journal of Southeast Asian Studies"
Roffe, David "History Today"
Roffe, Jon "Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy"
Roffe, Jonathan "Philosophy in Review"
Roffe, Mercedes "The Brooklyn Rail"
Roffe, Reina "Variaciones Borges"
Roffer, Robin Fisher "Latino Leaders"
Roffers, Brian "Food Manufacturing"
Roffey-Barentsen, Jodi; Watt, Mike "Research in Education"
Roffi, Alice; Krishnakumar, Gopal Shankar; Gostynska, Natalia; Kon, Elizaveta; Candrian, Christian; "BioMed Research International"
Roffino, Sara; Gualberto, Tiago "The Brooklyn Rail"
Roffler, Malcolm "Farm Collector"
Roffman, Deborah M. "SIECUS Report"
Roffman, Eleanor "The Women's Review of Books"
Roffman, Josh "Food Manufacturing"
Roffman, Josh "Laboratory Equipment"
Roffman, Karin "Chicago Review"
Rofkar, Katrin "Naval Aviation News"
Rofman, Richard "Saturday Evening Post"
Rofman, Rick "Saturday Evening Post"

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