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Ludacer, Randy "Florida Bar News"
Ludacer, Randy; Lohman, James "Florida Bar News"
Ludak, Janus "Saturday Evening Post"
Ludbrook, G.; Sutherland, P. "Anaesthesia and Intensive Care"
Ludden, Beth "Agent's Sales Journal"
Ludden, David "The Journal of the American Oriental Society"
Ludden, John "Physician Executive"
Ludden, John M. "Physician Executive"
Ludden, Kevin "The Mirror (London, England)"
Ludden, Kevin "The People (London, England)"
Luddy, Eileen "U.S. Catholic"
Luddy, John "Policy Review"
Lude, Saskia; Torok, Michael; Dieterle, Sandy; Jaggi, Rene; Buter, Karin Berger; Krahenbuhl, Stephan "Phytomedicine: International Journal of Phytotherapy & Phytopharmacology"
Ludeke, Maximina "Nursing Homes"
Ludeke, Michael; Campbell, Peter "Offshore Yachting"
LUDEKE, PHIL "Real Estate Weekly"
Ludeking, Kurt "Tooling & Production"
Ludeman, Cal R. "Policy & Practice"
Luderer, Rianne; Verheul, Alice; Kortlandt, Wouter "Clinical Chemistry"
Luderitz, Volker; Gerlach, Frauke; Jupner, Robert; Calleros, Jesus; Pitt, Jerome; Gersberg, Richard "Bulletin (Southern California Academy of Sciences)"
Luders, Joseph E. "Presidential Studies Quarterly"
Luders, Wade "The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin"
Ludescher, Jessica C.; Mahsud, Rubina "Independent Review"
Ludescher, Tanyss "College Literature"
Ludewig, Dieter Randolf; Opazo, Miguel Angel Uribe; Gimenes, Regio Marcio Toesca; de Souza, Eduardo "Acta Scientiarum Technology (UEM)"
Ludford, Baroness Sarah "Grocer"
Ludford, Sean "StateWays"
Ludford, Sean "Beverage Dynamics"
Ludin, Jawed "Esprit de Corps"
Ludington, James "Journal of Environmental Health"
Ludkovski, Michael; Young, Virginia R. "Journal of Risk and Insurance"
Ludlow, Amanda "Optometry Today"
Ludlow, Betsy "Franchising World"
Ludlow, Erin M. "Survey of Current Business"
Ludlow, J.; Christmas, T.; Paech, M.J.; Orr, B. "Anaesthesia and Intensive Care"
Ludlow, Nigel "The Newsletter on Newsletters"
Ludlow, Peter "Historical Studies"
Ludlow, Tim "Financial Management (UK)"
Ludlow, Valerie "CANNT Journal"
Ludlow, Valerie; Gaudine, Alice; Jacobs, Marilyn "CANNT Journal"
Ludlum, Marty; Ford, Darrell "Academy of Health Care Management Journal"
Ludlum, Melissa "Statistics of Income. SOI Bulletin"
Ludlum, Scott "Association Management"
Ludovici, Tony "Approach"
Ludovico, John "Petersen's Bowhunting"
Ludovico, Roberto "Italica"
Ludsin, Hallie "Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy"
Ludsin, Hallie "Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law"
Ludtke, Jean "Journal of International Women's Studies"
Ludtke, Melissa; Trost, Cathy "American Journalism Review"
Ludvigsen, Johanna "Transportation Journal"
Ludvigsen, Johanna; Brechan, Inge; Klaeboe, Ronny "Transportation Journal"
Ludvigson, H. Wayne "The Psychological Record"
Ludvigson, H. Wayne; Duell, Mary Nell "The Psychological Record"
Ludvigson, Sydney; Steindel, Charles "Federal Reserve Bank of New York Economic Policy Review"
Ludvigson, Sydney; Steindel, Charles; Lettau, Martin "Federal Reserve Bank of New York Economic Policy Review"
Ludvigsson, Johnny "Journal of Environmental Health"
Ludvik, Catherine "The Journal of the American Oriental Society"
Ludvova, Jitka "Czech Music"
Ludwa, David "Navy Supply Corps Newsletter"
Ludwick, John "National Catholic Reporter"
Ludwick, Mark S.; Bellotti, Stan J. "Survey of Current Business"
Ludwick, Mark S.; Cairns, Andrew P. "Survey of Current Business"
Ludwick, Mark S.; Cook, Andrea L. "Survey of Current Business"
Ludwick, Mark S.; Mandel, Benjamin A. "Survey of Current Business"
Ludwick, Mark S.; Miller, Ann W. "Survey of Current Business"
Ludwick, Mark S.; Mulgrew, Kyle D. "Survey of Current Business"
Ludwick, Michael E.; Weaver, Michael E. "Army Sustainment"
Ludwiczuk, A.; Saha, A.; Kuzuhara, T.; Asakawa, Y. "Phytomedicine: International Journal of Phytotherapy & Phytopharmacology"
Ludwig, A.; Bigras-Poulin, M.; Michel, P.; Belanger, D. "Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery"
Ludwig, Alexander Raymond "Notes"
LUDWIG, ART "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Ludwig, B.; Herrmann, S.; Michel, K. "Australian Journal of Soil Research"
Ludwig, Betsy "The Exchange"
Ludwig, Charles "All Hands"
Ludwig, Charles L. "All Hands"
Ludwig, Charles; Lehrburg, Jeffrey "All Hands"
Ludwig, Christine; Herschell, Paul "Australian Journal of Language and Literacy"
Ludwig, Daniel W. "Army Sustainment"
Ludwig, David "Journal of Environmental Health"
Ludwig, David S.; Gortmaker, Steven "Regulation"
Ludwig, Dina J.; Buddingh, Karel T.; Kums, Jan J.M.; Kropman, Rene F.; Roshani, Hossain; Hirdes, Wil "Canadian Urological Association Journal (CUAJ)"
Ludwig, Eugene A. "Mortgage Banking"
Ludwig, Eugene M. "Theological Studies"
Ludwig, Eva; Reischl, Udo; Holzmann, Thomas; Melzl, Holger; Janik, Dirk; Gilch, Constanze; Hermanns, "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Ludwig, Harry C.; Cheek, David; Branson, David "Army Logistician"
Ludwig, Jens "Washington Monthly"
Ludwig, Jens "Education Next"
Ludwig, Jens "NBER Reporter"
Ludwig, Kathryn "Christianity and Literature"
Ludwig, Marcos de Campos; Forget, Patrick "McGill Law Journal"
Ludwig, Marie-Christine "The Journal of the American Oriental Society"
Ludwig, Mark A. "Latin Trade"
Ludwig, Martin; Koch, Jochim; Fischer, Bernd "Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis"
Ludwig, Mary Ann; Alexander, Catherine; Suntum, James; Farber, Missy; Reeves, Mary; Hill, Ron; Theis "U.S. Catholic"
Ludwig, Robert "U.S. Catholic"
Ludwig, Robert "Theological Studies"
Ludwig, Robin "The Ecumenical Review"
Ludwig, Sami "African American Review"
Ludwig, Sergeant Matthew "Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin"
Ludwig, Susan "The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality"
Ludwig, Sven "Risk Management"
Ludwig, Walter "The Review of Metaphysics"
Ludwig, Warren "U.S. Kids"
Ludwig, William C. "Journal of Accountancy"
Ludwikowska, Joanna "Studia Anglica Posnaniensia: international review of English Studies"
Ludwin, Raymond "Canadian Journal of History"
Ludwin, S.K.; Jacobson, S. "The International MS Journal"
Lue, Kathy; Emtage, Justin B.; Parinas, Maria Ana; Dhillon, Jasreman; Pow-Sang, Julio "Canadian Urological Association Journal (CUAJ)"
Luea, Heather M. "Contemporary Economic Policy"
Lueb, Patrick "Naval War College Review"
Luebbe, Aaron M.; Varvel, Shiloh; Dude, Kim "Journal of Alcohol & Drug Education"
Luebbe, Richard L.; Snavely, B. Kay "Industrial Management"
Luebbering, Candice R.; Carstensen, Laurence W.; Campbell, James B.; Grossman, Lawrence S. "Cartography and Geographic Information Science"
Luebbering, Candice R.; Kolivras, Korine N.; Prisley, Stephen P. "Cartography and Geographic Information Science"
Luebbert, Marcie "DAV Magazine"
Luebbert, Peggy Prinz "Medical Laboratory Observer"
Luebeck, Jack "Momentum"
Luebering, Carol "National Catholic Reporter"
Luebke, C.S. "Soldiers Magazine"
Luebkeman, Joel "Credit Union Times"
Luecal, Scott "Management Quarterly"
Luecal, Scott; Dahl, Patrick "Management Quarterly"
Luecal, Scott; Fricke, David "Management Quarterly"
Luechai, Sudaporn; Dharmsthiti, Saovanee C. "International Journal of Biotechnology & Biochemistry"
Luechauer, David L.; Locander, William B. "SAM Advanced Management Journal"
Luechtefeld, Lori "E"
Lueck, Amanda Hall "Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness"
Lueck, Amanda Hall; Goodrich, Gregory L. "Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness"
Lueck, Brendon; Onstot, Casey "Agri Marketing"
Lueck, Diane "Bowhunter"
Lueck, Diane; Wells, Curt "Bowhunter"
Lueck, Nathan; Agrawal, Yash Pal "Clinical Chemistry"
Lueck, Therese L. "Forum on Public Policy: A Journal of the Oxford Round Table"
Luecke, Jo "Sunset"
Luecke, Matthew M. "Federal Reserve Bulletin"
Luecke, Matthias "Comparative Economic Studies"
Luecke, Percy E., Jr. "Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings"
Luecke, Randall W. "Journal of Accountancy"
Luecke, William E.; Slotwinski, John A. "Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology"
Lueckenhoff, Joe "Communications News"
Luedders, Charles; Green, David "Public Roads"
Luedders, Dean R. "Mortgage Banking"
Luedecke, Barbara "Communication World"
Luedee, Jonathan "Urban History Review"
Luedeka, Robert "Plastics Engineering"
Luedeke, Jim "Armed Forces Comptroller"
Lueders, Bill "The Progressive"
Lueders, Bill "St. Louis Journalism Review"
Lueders, Kerry S. "Journal of Visual Impairment & Blindness"
Lueders, Martin "U.S. Catholic"
Luedtke, Jacqueline R. "Forum on Public Policy: A Journal of the Oxford Round Table"
Luedtke, Sharon "Science News"
Luedtke, Thomas "The Progressive"
Luehlfing, Michael S. "Journal of Accountancy"
Luehrsen, Mary "American Music Teacher"
Luekens, Craig "The Hastings Center Report"
Luellen, Tara B.; Wann, Daniel L. "Sport Marketing Quarterly"
Luellig, Lorrie "Information Management Journal"
Lueneburger, Christoph "People & Strategy"
Luengo, Francisco; Raydan, Marcos "Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis"
Luengo-Prado, Maria Jose "Southern Economic Journal"
Luer, Carl A. "Oceanus"
Luers, William H.; Pickering, Thomas R. "Iran Times International (Washington, DC)"
Luesebrink, Marc "UCLA Journal of Environmental Law & Policy"
Luesmann, Harald "World Literature Today"
LUETHGE, IRENE I. "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Luethy, Joyce "The Loyalist Gazette"
Luetic, G. "The International MS Journal"
Luetkemeier, Maurie J.; Fattor, Jill A. "Clinical Chemistry"
Luettgen, Mary; Foster, Carl; Doberstein, Scott; Mikat, Rick; Porcari, John "Journal of Sports Science and Medicine"
Luevan, Rafael "Theological Studies"
Luevano, Yvette "The American Poetry Review"
Luevano-Flores, Eduardo; Aguirre-Madrid, Arturo "Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine"
Luff, Barry; Reeves, Stephen "Airman"
Luff, D "The Mirror (London, England)"
Luffman, Dale E. "Journal of Ecumenical Studies"
Lufkin, Mimi "Techniques"
Luft, David "Computer Technology Review"
Luft, Eric V.D. "The Review of Metaphysics"
Luft, Gal "Pipeline & Gas Journal"
Luft, Harold S. "Health Services Research"
Luft, Harold S.; Brown, Byron Wm. Jr. "Health Services Research"
Luft, Harold S.; Dudley, R. Adams "Health Services Research"
Luft, Harold S.; Flood, Ann Barry "Health Services Research"
Luft, Harold S.; Flood, Ann Barry; Escarce, Jose J. "Health Services Research"
Luft, Harold S.; Rappaport, Karen M.; Yelin, Edward H.; Aubry, Wade M. "Health Services Research"
Luft, Julie A.; Lee, Eunmi; Fletcher, Steve; Roehrig, Gill "The American Biology Teacher"
Luft, Kay "AACN News"
Luft, Sebastian "The Review of Metaphysics"
Luftensteiner, Franz; Stopper, Markus "Annals of DAAAM & Proceedings"
Luftman, Doug "InsideCounsel"
Lugar, Dick "DISAM Journal"
Lugar, Dick "Naval War College Review"
Lugar, Richard "Indiana Business Magazine"
Lugar, Richard G. "Tax Executive"
Lugard, Paul "Communications & Strategies"
Lugauer, Steven; Jensen, Richard; Sadler, Clayton "Economic Inquiry"
Lugauskas, Albinas; Prosycevas, Igoris; Narkevicius, Algirdas; Selskiene, Ausra; Bucinskiene, Dalia; "Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management"
Lugbill, Carolyn "Association Management"
Lugbill, Carolyn A. "Association Management"
Luger, Joanne C. "Units"
Luger, Moberley "English Studies in Canada"
Luger, Steven "Jewish Bible Quarterly"
Lugez, Pierre "Rubber World"
Lugg, Andrew "Philosophy in Review"
Lughes, Jay "Risk Management"
Lughod, Ibrahim Abu "Arab Studies Quarterly (ASQ)"
Luginbuhl, Kristin K. "Pipeline & Gas Journal"
Luginsland, H.D. "Rubber World"
Luginsland, Hans-Detlef "Rubber World"
Lugisse, Arturo "Latin Trade"
Lugli, Peter "Financial Executive"
Lugo, Ezequiel "Florida Bar Journal"
Lugo, Ezequiel "UCLA Journal of Environmental Law & Policy"
Lugo, G.; Palladino, F.J. "International Journal of Difference Equations"
Lugo, Joaquin N., Jr.; Cronise, K.; Slappey, L.G.; Kelly, S.J.; Marino, M.D. "Bulletin of the South Carolina Academy of Science"
Lugo, Luis Alonso "Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)"
Lugo-Rosado, Jay "Dance Magazine"
Lugones, Diego; Franco, Daniel; Luque, Emilio "Journal of Computer Science & Technology"
Lugovskyy, Volodymyr "Business Perspectives"
Luh, Corene "E"
Luh, Join Y. "OB GYN News"
Luh, Join Y. "Internal Medicine News"
Luh, Kwen-Tay "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Luhman, Meghan Moquin "CEU Political Science Journal"
Luhmann, Frederick J. "National Catholic Reporter"
Luhmann, Frederick J.; Schulzetenberg, Bruce; Frazier, John; Schuster, Charles "National Catholic Reporter"
Luhnow, David "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Luhnow, David "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Luhnow, Steve; Luhnow, Des "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Luhring, Thomas M. "Georgia Journal of Science"
Luhrsen, Jeffrey "Florida Bar Journal"
Luhtanen, Jack "Mortgage Banking"
Luhtanen, Melissa "LawNow"
Luhtanen, Melissa L. "LawNow"
Luhtanen, Melissa L.; Ellis, Lisa "LawNow"
Luhtanen, Melissa; Ellis, Lisa "LawNow"
Luhtanen, Todd "Mortgage Banking"
Lui, Francis T. "Contemporary Economic Policy"
Lui, Hon-Kwong; Suen, Wing "Contemporary Economic Policy"
Lui, John "The Journal of Rehabilitation"
Lui, John "The Journal of Employee Assistance"
Lui, John W. "The Journal of Rehabilitation"
Lui, Jordon; MacGillivray, Megan K.; Sheel, A. William; Jeyasurya, Jeswin; Sadeghi, Mahsa; Sawatzky, "Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development"
Lui, Kimberly "Bulletin of the South Carolina Academy of Science"
Lui, Naomi T. "Techniques"
Lui, S.H. "Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis"
Lui, Vincent C.H.; Leon, Thomas Y.Y.; Garcia-Barcelo, Maria-Mercedes; Ganster, Raymond W.; Chen, Ben "Clinical Chemistry"
Lui, Xinhua "Environmental Health Perspectives"
Lui, Yanni Y.N.; Chik, Ki-Wai; Chiu, Rossa W.K.; Ho, Cheong-Yip; Lam, Christopher W.K.; Lo, Y.M. Den "Clinical Chemistry"
Lui, Yanni Y.N.; Chik, Ki-Wai; Lo, Y.M. Dennis "Clinical Chemistry"
Lui, Yanni Y.N.; Woo, Kam-Sang; Wang, Angela Y.M.; Yeung, Chung-Kwong; Li, Philip K.T.; Chau, Elaine "Clinical Chemistry"
Lui, Yury Y. "ASHRAE Transactions"
Lui, Zhen-Jia; Chu, Hung-Hsin; Wu, Yun-Chu; Yang, Shyi-Kuen "Asian - Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences"
Luigi Negro, Antonio "Tempo - Revista do Departamento de Historia da UFF"
Luik, H.; Palu, V.; Bityukov, M.; Luik, L.; Kruusement, K.; Tamvelius, H.; Pryadka, N. "Oil Shale"
Luik, Hans; Palu, Vilja; Luik, Lea; Kruusement, Kristjan; Tamvelius, Hindrek; Veski, Rein; Vetkov, N "Estonian Academy of Sciences: Chemistry"
Luik, Heidi "Estonian Journal of Archaeology"
Luik, Heidi; Ots, Mirja "Estonian Journal of Archaeology"
Luik, John "Western Standard"
Luikart, Kenneth A. "Air & Space Power Journal"
Luintel, Youba Raj "Contributions to Nepalese Studies"
Luis Gache, Fernando; Otero, Dino "Vision de Futuro"
Luis Herrera, Jorge "Romance Notes"
Luis Venegas, Jose "Hispanofila"
Luiselli, James K. "Mental Health Aspects of Developmental Disabilities"
Luiselli, James K. "The International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy"
Luiselli, James K.; Hurley, Anne D. "Mental Health Aspects of Developmental Disabilities"
Luiselli, James K.; MaGee, Christine M.; Graham, Michelle J.; Sperry, James M.; Hauser, Mark J. "Mental Health Aspects of Developmental Disabilities"
Luiselli, James K.; Murbach, Linda "Education & Treatment of Children"
Luiselli, James K.; Putnam, Robert F.; Handler, Marcie W. "The Behavior Analyst Today"
Luiselli, James K.; Ricciardi, Joseph N.; Zubow, Marjorie; Laster, Kimberly "The Behavior Analyst Today"
Luiselli, James K.; St. Amand, CarrieAnne; MaGee, Christine; Sperry, James M. "The International Journal of Behavioral Consultation and Therapy"
Luisetti, Federico "Annali d'Italianistica"
Luisetti, Federico; Somigli, Luca "Annali d'Italianistica"
Luizzo, Anthony J.; Luizzo, Frank A.; Nostrand, George van; Luizzo, Philip F. "Security Management"
Luizzo, Anthony J.; Van Nostrand, George "Security Management"
Luja, Victor H.; Rodriguez-Estrella, Ricardo; Ratzlaff, Kris; Parra-Olea, Gabriela; Ramirez-Bautista "Southwestern Naturalist"
Lujan, Bridgit "Dance Magazine"
Lujan, Guadalupe "Guns & Ammo"
Lujan, Jhonny; Arrazola de Onate, Wouter; Claeys, Patricia; Sambola, Fulgencia; Temmerman, Marleen; "South African Medical Journal"
Lujan, Jhonny; de Onate, Wouter Arrazola; Delva, Wim; Claeys, Patricia; Sambola, Fulgencia; Temmerma "South African Medical Journal"
Lujan, Louie A. "Nation's Cities Weekly"
Lujan, Maria Juliana "Americas (English Edition)"
Lujan, Michael "Agent's Sales Journal"
Lujan, Nathan K.; Lopez-Fernandez, Hernan "ROM Magazine"
Lujanac, Paul Lea; Burke, Paul A. "National Catholic Reporter"
Luk, Elena; Burry, Lisa; Rezaie, Shaghayegh; Mehta, Sangeeta; Rose, Louise "Dynamics"
Luk, Emma Y.Y.; Lo, Janice Y.C.; Li, Amy Z.L.; Lau, Michael C.K.; Cheung, Terence K.M.; Wong, Alice "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Luk, Sandy "Grocer"
Luk, Senwung "Ottawa Law Review"
Luk, Sharon "Social Justice"
Luka, Nik "Urban History Review"
Luka, Ron "U.S. Catholic"
Luka, Ron "National Catholic Reporter"
Lukac, Carlos N. "Business Mexico"
Lukac, Stanislav; Engel, Radovan "Australian Mathematics Teacher"
Lukach, Terri "Defense AT & L"
Lukacher, Maryline "Style"
Lukacs, Heather; Kirkwood, Scott "National Parks"
Lukacs, John "The American Conservative"
Lukacs, John "National Catholic Reporter"
Lukacs, Leslie "Recycling Today"
Lukacs, Michael V. "The Tax Adviser"
Lukacs, Zoltan; Mordac, Caroline; Kohlschutter, Alfried; Kruithof, Rudolf "Clinical Chemistry"
Lukacs, Zoltan; Santavuori, Pirkko; Keil, Angelika; Steinfeld, Robert; Kohlschiitter, Alfried "Clinical Chemistry"
Lukale, Nelly "Arrows For Change"
Lukan, Martin; Bullova, Eva; Petko, Branislav "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Lukanc, Gavin "The New American"
Lukanina, Marina "Camping Magazine"
Lukas, Aaron "Regulation"
LUKAS, AARON "USA Today (Magazine)"
Lukas, Aaron "Nation's Cities Weekly"
Lukas, J. Anthony "Washington Monthly"
Lukas, Jose Francisco; Santiago, Karlos; Etxeberria, Juan; Lizasoain, Luis "RELIEVE: Revista Electronica de Investigacion y Evaluacion Educativa"
Lukas, Ludek; Hromada, Martin "Annals of DAAAM & Proceedings"
Lukas, Mark "Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy"
Lukas, Paul "Journal of Property Management"
Lukasevich, Ann "Childhood Education"
Lukasevicius, Alfredas; Rutkauskas, Aleksandras Vytautas; Salengaite, Julija "Business: Theory and Practice"
Lukasiewicz, John M. "Monthly Labor Review"
Lukasik, Sebastian H. "Air Power History"
Lukaski, H.C.; Siders, W.A.; Hall, C.B. "Proceedings of the North Dakota Academy of Science"
Lukassen, Peter J.H.; Wallenburg, Carl Marcus "Transportation Journal"
Lukaszewicz, Andrew J.; Muhar, Raman; Gersymchuk, Grygori "Applied Radiology"
Lukaszewski, James "Directors & Boards"
Lukauskaite, Raimonda; Garjonis, Jonas; Cernasejus, Olegas "Science - Future of Lithuania"
Lukauskaite, Raimonda; Kovaliov, Denis; Cernasejus, Olegas "Science - Future of Lithuania"
Lukauskaite, Raimonda; Siurkus, Donatas; Cernasejus, Olegas "Science - Future of Lithuania"
Lukauskaite, Raimonda; Valiulis, Algirdas Vaclovas "Science - Future of Lithuania"
Lukauskaite, Raimonda; Valiulis, Algirdas Vaclovas; Cernasejus, Olegas; Skamat, Jelena "Science - Future of Lithuania"
Lukauskas, Tadas; Zuokaite, Egle "Science - Future of Lithuania"
Lukawecky, Kristine "Arts & Activities"
Lukawiewicz, Krystyna "Alberta History"
Lukawitz, James M.; Steinbart, Paul John "Journal of Managerial Issues"
Lukaziewicz, Krystyna "Alberta History"
Luke, Allan "Australian Journal of Language and Literacy"
Luke, Ben "Apollo"
Luke, Charlene D. "Virginia Tax Review"
Luke, Charlene Davis "Virginia Tax Review"
Luke, David "The Tax Adviser"
Luke, David "The Journal of Parapsychology"
Luke, David P. "The Journal of Parapsychology"
Luke, David P.; Kittenis, Marios "The Journal of Parapsychology"
Luke, David P.; Roe, Chris A.; Davison, Jamie "The Journal of Parapsychology"
Luke, David; Zychowicz, Karolina "The Journal of Parapsychology"
Luke, Iain "Anglican Journal"
Luke, Ivan T. "Naval War College Review"
Luke, James L.; Hanzlick, Randy "Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine"
Luke, John "Directors & Boards"
Luke, John A., Jr. "Chief Executive (U.S.)"
Luke, Kristen "Senior Market Advisor"
Luke, Larry "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Luke, Michael "Canadian Chemical News"
Luke, Patrick P.W.; Moser, Michael "Canadian Urological Association Journal (CUAJ)"
Luke, Peter "Washington Monthly"
Luke, Rob "Internet Business News"
Luke, Robert A., Jr. "Association Management"
Luke, Roice D. "Health Services Research"
Luke, Roice D.; Olden, Peter C. "Health Management Technology"
Luke, Roice D.; Ozcan, Yasar A.; Olden, Peter C. "Health Services Research"
Luke, Roice D.; Wholey, Douglas R. "Health Services Research"
Luke, Sara; Vail, Cynthia O.; Ayres, Kevin M. "Exceptional Children"
Luke, Scott "Communications News"
Luke, Timothy W. "Arena Journal"
Lukefahr, David A. "Army Sustainment"
Luken, Mary F. "National Catholic Reporter"
Lukenbill, David H. "Journal of Markets & Morality"
Lukenda, J.P. "Catholic Insight"
Lukenda, John "Catholic Insight"
Lukens, Ellen R. "Health and Social Work"
Lukens, Horace; Stevenson, Daryl H.; Strauss, Gary E. "Journal of Psychology and Christianity"
Lukens, Stephen J. "Financial Executive"
Lukensmeyer, Carolyn J.; Torres, Lars Hasselblad "The Public Manager"
Luker, Bill, Jr. "International Journal of Economic Development"
Luker, Calvin; Luker, Tricia "The Exceptional Parent"
Luker, Carol "National Catholic Reporter"
Luker, Joel J. "Joint Force Quarterly"
Luker, Jr., Bill "Texas Business Review"
Luker, Kristin "Readings on Induced Abortion, Volume 1: Politics and Policies"
Luker, Norman W. "Security Management"
Luker, Patricia Baccus; Luker, Calvin "The Exceptional Parent"
Luker, Ralph E. "Church History"
Luker, Richard; Townroe, Peter "CMA Management"
Luker, Tricia "The Exceptional Parent"
Luker, Tricia; Luker, Calvin "The Exceptional Parent"
Luker, Walter P. "Risk Management"
Luker, William, Jr.; Lyons, Donald "Monthly Labor Review"
Lukere, Vicki "Oceania"
Lukes, Konstantina B. "Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)"
Lukes, Sherri M.; Lautar, Charla "Access"
Lukes, Timothy J. "The Humanist"
Lukesh, Susan S.; Holloway, R. Ross "Antiquity"
Luketich, James D.; Wang, Kenneth K. "Internal Medicine News"
Luketina, Francis "Social Policy Journal of New Zealand"
Lukey, Brian "U.S. Army Medical Department Journal"
Lukhaimane, T.A.; Adam, Y. "South African Medical Journal"
Lukianas, Antanas; Ruminaite, Rasa "Journal of Environmental Engineering and Landscape Management"
Lukianoff, Greg "Reason"
Lukianova-Hleb, Ekaterina; Bezek, Sarah; Szigeti, Reka; Khodarev, Alexander; Kelley, Thomas; Hurrell "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Lukiantchuki, Marlice Azoia; Filho, Liogi Iwaki; Iwaki, Lilian Cristina Vessoni; Natali, Maria Raque "Acta Scientiarum. Health Sciences (UEM)"
Lukic, Ivana "LIMES"
Lukic, Nada Guzin "Ethnologies"
Lukima, Joyce "Corrections Today"
Lukin, Annabelle "Arena Journal"
Lukin, Christine; Estraviz, Linda "Australian Journal of Language and Literacy"
Lukins, T.R.; Pett, S.L.; Brett, J. "Anaesthesia and Intensive Care"
Lukits, Steve "The Masthead"
Lukits, Steve "Queen's Quarterly"
Lukka, Himu "Canadian Urological Association Journal (CUAJ)"
Lukka, Himu; Waldron, Tricia; Chin, Joseph; Mayhew, Linda; Warde, Padraig; Winquist, Eric; Rodrigues "Canadian Urological Association Journal (CUAJ)"
Lukka, Kari "Financial Management (UK)"
Lukoff, David "Southern Medical Journal"
Lukomnik, Jon "Directors & Boards"
Lukomski, Jan "The International Sports Law Journal"
Lukosch, Stephan "Informatica"
Lukose, Ritty "Journal of Social History"
Lukosevicius, Viktoras "Geodesy and Cartography"
Lukosevicius, Viktoras; Duksa, Tomas "Geodesy and Cartography"
Lukoseviciute, Greta; Martinkute-Kauliene, Raimonda "Science - Future of Lithuania"
Lukosh, Leslee "Arts & Activities"
Lukovac, Branko "Crossroads Foreign Policy Journal"
Lukowskis, Kristin "National Catholic Reporter"
Luks, Samantha; Miller, Joanne M.; Jacobs, Lawrence R. "Presidential Studies Quarterly"
Luksic, Igor "Macedonian Diplomatic Bulletin"
Luksic, Igor; Katnic, Milorad "The Cato Journal"
Luksionyte, Nijole "Town Planning and Architecture"
Luksionyte, Nijole "Journal of Architecture and Urbanism"
Luksovsky, Kyle "Navy Supply Corps Newsletter"
Lukyanov, Fyodor "Journal of International Affairs"
Lukyniuk, Michael "Canadian Parliamentary Review"
Lulai, Edward C. "Agricultural Research"
Luley, Benjamin P.; Piques, Gael "Antiquity"
Luley, Claus; Ronquist, Gunnar; Reuter, Wolfgang; Paal, Valerie; Gottschling, Hans-Detlev; Westphal, "Clinical Chemistry"
Luley, Eric "Military Police"
Lulkewitte, Claire; Albert, Kamila "Writing Lab Newsletter"
Lull, David J. "Currents in Theology and Mission"
Lull, Roderick "Saturday Evening Post"
Lull, Scott "Health Management Technology"
LULL, TIMOTHY F. "USA Today (Magazine)"
LULL, VICENTE "Antiquity"
Luloff, Joanna Rae "Confrontation"
Lulofs, Sean C. "Airman"
Lulu, Menberu "Advances in Competitiveness Research"
Lulue, Dan "CHIPS"

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