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Lo Bello, Nino "Editor & Publisher"
Lo Bianco, Anna Carolina; Hutz, Claudio S.; Yamamoto, Maria Emilia "Psicologia: Reflexao & Critica"
Lo Bianco, Joseph "ERIC: Reports"
Lo Bianco, Joseph, Ed. "ERIC: Reports"
Lo Bianco, Joseph, Ed.; Wickert, Rosie, Ed. "ERIC: Reports"
Lo Bianco, Joseph; Freebody, Peter "ERIC: Reports"
Lo Bianco, Nicky "Australasian Public Libraries and Information Services"
Lo Biondo, Gasper F. "Theological Studies"
Lo Bue, Erberto "Marg, A Magazine of the Arts"
Lo Cascio, Deborah B. "Swiss News"
Lo Castro, Gaetano "Ius Canonicum"
Lo Giudice, John-Paul "Journal of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society"
Lo Guercio, Nicolas "Critica"
Lo Iacono, Ilona "Arena Magazine"
Lo Mei Wa "World Literature Today"
Lo Monaco, Gregory; Guimelli, Christian "Spanish Journal of Psychology"
Lo Monaco, Gregory; Piermatteo, Anthony; Guimelli, Christian; Abric, Jean-Claude "Spanish Journal of Psychology"
Lo Monaco, Melissa; Merckx, Greet; Ratajczak, Jessica; Gervois, Pascal; Hilkens, Petra; Clegg, Peter "Stem Cells International"
Lo Pinto, Alberto "Italica"
Lo Presti, Patrizio "Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy"
Lo Sasso, Anthony T.; Gavin, Norma I.; Freund, Deborah A. "Health Care Financing Review"
Lo Sasso, Anthony T.; Helmchen, Lorens A.; Kaestner, Robert "Journal of Risk and Insurance"
Lo Sasso, Anthony T.; Rice, Thomas; Gabel, Jon R.; Whitmore, Heidi "Health Services Research"
Lo Torto, Federico; Losco, Luigi; Bernardini, Nicoletta; Greco, Manfredi; Scuderi, Gianluca; Ribuffo "BioMed Research International"
Lo, Albert C. "PN - Paraplegia News"
Lo, Alex Y. "Environmental Values"
Lo, Aline "Hmong Studies Journal"
Lo, Allen "InsideCounsel"
Lo, Andrew W. "NBER Reporter"
Lo, Andrew W. "Federal Reserve Bank of New York Economic Policy Review"
Lo, Anita "The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)"
Lo, Benjamin "Yale Journal of Law & Technology"
Lo, Bernard "The Hastings Center Report"
Lo, Bobo "Insight Turkey"
Lo, Brian K.C.; Minaker, Leia; Chan, Alicia N.T.; Hrgetic, Jessica; Mah, Catherine L. "Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research"
Lo, Brittany "Success"
Lo, Bruce "Physician Leadership Journal"
Lo, C. "The International Economy"
Lo, C.Y. "Progress in Physics"
Lo, C.Y. "Bulletin of Pure & Applied Sciences-Physics"
Lo, Carolyn Shaileja "New Life Journal"
LO, CELIA C.; GLOBETTI, GERALD "International Journal of Comparative Sociology"
Lo, Celia C.; Monge, Allison N.; Howell, Rebecca J.; Cheng, Tyrone C. "Journal of Psychoactive Drugs"
Lo, Charmaine C.W.; Leow, Jerome B.Y.; Naing, K.; Jaaback, Ken; Thachil, Thanuja "Case Reports in Obstetrics and Gynecology"
Lo, Cheng-Hsiang; Huang, Wen-Yen; Chang, Wei-Chou; Chao, Hsing-Lung; Lin, Kuen-Tze; Yang, Jen-Fu; Ch "Journal of Medical Sciences"
Lo, Chi "The International Economy"
Lo, Chi Yhun; McMahon, Catherine M.; Looi, Valerie; Thompson, William F. "Behavioural Neurology"
Lo, Chi-Wei; Jiang, Hongrui "Polymer Engineering and Science"
Lo, Chih-Yu; Liu, Po-Len; Lin, Li-Ching; Chen, Yen-Ting; Hseu, You-Cheng; Wen, Zhi-Hong; Wang, Hui-M "The Scientific World Journal"
Lo, Chung Kwan; Hew, Khe Foon "Educational Technology & Society"
Lo, Clarence Y.H. "Canadian Review of Sociology"
Lo, Constance L.H.; Yip, Shea Ping; Cheng, Peter K.C.; To, Tony S.S.; Lim, Wilina W.L.; Leung, Polly "Clinical Chemistry"
Lo, Dennis "Studies in the Humanities"
Lo, Edmond "Catholic Insight"
Lo, Edward Y. "The CPA Journal"
Lo, Ernest "Canadian Journal of Public Health"
Lo, Eugenia; Nguyen, Kristie; Nguyen, Jennifer; Hemming-Schroeder, Elizabeth; Xu, Jiaobao; Etemesi, "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Lo, Eva "The Journal of Rehabilitation"
Lo, Fang-Yi; Chiao, Yu-Ching; Yu, Chwo-Ming Joseph "Management International Review"
Lo, Hao-Chang "Educational Technology & Society"
Lo, Henry Y. "Management International Review"
Lo, Horace Ho-Kei; Chan, Chi-Ming; Zhu, Shui-Han "Polymer Engineering and Science"
Lo, Howard H.; Batchu, Madhavi Latha; Hung, Yung-Tse "The Ohio Journal of Science"
Lo, Ivy W. "T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education)"
Lo, Jack L.; Eggers, Susan J.; Emer, Joel S.; Levy, Henry M.; Stamm, Rebecca L.; Tullsen, Dean M. "ACM Transactions on Computer Systems"
Lo, James "Inquiry"
Lo, James; Zhang, Yun; Wang, Sheng "ASHRAE Transactions"
Lo, Jane-Jane "ERIC: Reports"
Lo, Jane-Jane; Cai, Jinfa; Watanabe, Tad "ERIC: Reports"
Lo, Janice "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Lo, Jason, "Chung-Chieh"; Nguyen, David; Matthews, T. Keller "Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings"
Lo, Jeannette; Xia, Chang-Qing; Peng, Ruihua; Clare-Salzler, Michael J. "Journal of Immunology Research"
Lo, Jeff "Variety"
Lo, Jenny "Nieman Reports"
Lo, Joan C.; Yang, Jingrong; Gunderson, Erica P.; Hararah, Mohammad K.; Gonzalez, Joel R.; Ferrara, "Journal of Diabetes Research"
Lo, Joann "Earth Island Journal"
Lo, Kang-Jung; Chang, Jin-Yu; Chang, Hsin-Yi; Chiou, Shih-Hwa; Hwang, De-Kuang; Chen, Shih-Jen "Journal of Ophthalmology"
Lo, Kendrick "Queen's Law Journal"
Lo, Kevin "Art Business News"
Lo, Kevin D.; Waters, Richard D. "China Media Research"
Lo, Kristin; Cracknell, Alison Francis; Hopmans, Ruben; Maloney, Stephen "New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy"
Lo, Kristin; Curtis, Heather; Cracknell, Alison F. "New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy"
Lo, Kristin; Francis-Cracknell, Alison; Hassed, Craig "New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy"
Lo, Kristin; Osadnik, Christian; Leonard, Marcus; Maloney, Stephen "New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy"
Lo, Kuo-Cheng; Hsieh, Yung-Chun "Journal of Sports Science and Medicine"
Lo, Kwai-cheung "Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese"
Lo, Kwai-Cheung "Tamkang Review"
Lo, Kwok-Wai; Lo, Y.M. Dennis; Leung, Sing-Fai; Tsang, Yuen-Shan; Chan, Lisa Y.S.; Johnson, Philip J "Clinical Chemistry"
Lo, Kwong Fai A. "Journal of Soil and Water Conservation"
Lo, L. James "ASHRAE Transactions"
Lo, L. James "ASHRAE Conference Papers"
Lo, L. James; Novoselac, Atila "ASHRAE Transactions"
Lo, Leslie N. K; Wang, Fang "ERIC: Reports"
Lo, Leslie N.K.; Lee, Che-ha "Educational Leadership"
Lo, Li Ping; Barnett, Nick "State Magazine"
Lo, Lilian Yan-Tung "East Asian Archives of Psychiatry"
Lo, Louis "CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture"
Lo, Louis "The Modern Language Review"
Lo, Lucia; Wang, Shuguang "Canadian Journal of Regional Science"
Lo, Malinda "The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide"
Lo, Malinda "Curve"
Lo, Malinda; Anderson-Minshall, Diane "Curve"
Lo, Malinda; Forman, Ross "Curve"
Lo, Malinda; Plato, Catherine "Curve"
Lo, Malinda; Silverman, Amy "Curve"
Lo, Malinda; Silverman, Amy; Barcewski, Jaclyn; Cucullu, Laura K.; Bloch, Julia "Curve"
Lo, May Chiun; Wang, Yin Chai; Wah, Constance Rinen Justin; Ramayah, T. "Revista Brasileira de Gestao de Negocios (Brazilian Journal of Business Management)"
Lo, Melody; Wong, M.C. Sunny; Mixon, Franklin G., Jr. "Southern Economic Journal"
Lo, Michael K.; Lowe, Luis; Hummel, Kimberly B.; Sazzad, Hossain M.S.; Gurley, Emily S.; Hossain, M. "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Lo, Ming-Cheng M. "Journal of Asian and African Studies"
Lo, Ming-cheng M.; Bettinger, Christopher P.; Fan, Yun "Social Justice"
Lo, Miriam Wei Wei "Hecate"
Lo, Mun-Hou "SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia"
Lo, Nancy C.H.; Hunter, John R.; Charter, Richard "Fishery Bulletin"
Lo, Nancy C.H.; Macewicz, Beverly J.; Griffith, David A. "Fishery Bulletin"
Lo, Nancy; Xiong, Zha Blong; Meschke, Laurie L.; Xiong, Vern; Kehrer, Kia M.; Xion, Mary "Hmong Studies Journal"
Lo, Nathan "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Lo, Owen; Buchanan, William J.; Griffiths, Paul; Macfarlane, Richard "Security and Communication Networks"
Lo, Patrick "Fontes Artis Musicae"
Lo, Pei-Chen; Chang, Chih-Hao "Evidence - Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine"
Lo, Penny; Fang, Dao Moua; Ly, May Ying; Stewart, Susan; Lee, Serge; Chen, Moon S., Jr. "Hmong Studies Journal"
Lo, Rachel Tsz-Wai; He, Ben; Ounis, Iadh "Journal of Digital Information Management"
Lo, Raymond "Appraisal Journal"
Lo, Rosalyn "Real Estate Weekly"
Lo, Rosllyn "Real Estate Weekly"
Lo, Roslyn "Real Estate Weekly"
Lo, S.L.; Zoga, A.C.; Elias, I.; Peterson, J.R.; Chao, W.; Green, J.; Morrison, W.B. "Journal of Dance Medicine & Science"
Lo, S.R. "Geotechnical Engineering for Disaster Mitigation and Rehabilitation"
Lo, Sharon "Defense Transportation Journal"
Lo, Shauna "Chinese America: History and Perspectives"
Lo, Shauna; Ng, Laura Wai "Chinese America: History and Perspectives"
Lo, Sheba "Journal of Pan African Studies"
Lo, Sheng-Ying; Saifee, Nabiha Huq; Greene, Dina N. "Clinical Chemistry"
Lo, Sonny "Behind the Headlines"
Lo, Staney; Jendrzejczak, Bernardine; Doumas, Basil T. "Clinical Chemistry"
Lo, Stanley "Singapore Management Review"
Lo, Stanley F.; Doumas, Basil T.; Ashwood, Edward R. "Clinical Chemistry"
Lo, Stanley F.; Jendrzejczak, Bernadine; Doumas, Basil T. "Clinical Chemistry"
Lo, Stanley F.; Miller, W. Greg; Doumas, Basil T. "Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine"
Lo, Susanna; Wright, Philip; Wright, Robert "International Journal of Employment Studies"
Lo, T. Wing; Wong, Dennis Sing-wing "British Journal of Community Justice"
Lo, Thomas "URISA Journal"
Lo, Tong Jen; Ang, Li Wei; James, Lyn; Goh, Kee Tai "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Lo, Trina "Western Standard"
Lo, Tzu-Ping; Guo, Sy-Jye; Chen, Chin-Te "International Journal of Strategic Property Management"
Lo, Ven-hwei; Liu, Huei-Ling; Pan, Ji "China Media Research"
Lo, Victor H.Y.; Szeto, Matthew; Wong, William S.K.; Kumaraswamy, Mohan "Security Management"
Lo, Vincent; Maggio, Lauren "Journal of Family Practice"
Lo, Vincent; Meadows, Susan "Journal of Family Practice"
Lo, Wai Leung Ambrose; Zhao, Jiang Li; Li, Le; Mao, Yu Rong; Huang, Dong Feng "BioMed Research International"
Lo, Wai Ting; Yick, Kit Lun; Ng, Sun Pui; Yip, Joanne "Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development"
Lo, Wanda "Pediatric News"
Lo, Wei-Lin; Wu, Nan-Jing; Chen, Chuin-Shan; Tsay, Ting-Kuei "Mathematical Problems in Engineering"
Lo, Wilson "University Business"
Lo, Win-Tsung; Chang, Yue-Shan; Sheu, Ruey-Kai; Chiu, Chun-Chieh; Yuan, Shyan-Ming "The Scientific World Journal"
Lo, Wing Yee; Anderson, Judy "ERIC: Reports"
Lo, Winnie W.; Pinnaduwage, Dushanthi; Gokgoz, Nalan; Wunder, Jay S.; Andrulis, Irene L. "Sarcoma"
Lo, Y. Ling "Global Journal of Accounting and Finance"
Lo, Y. Martin; Yang, Frank Z.; Yang, Marguerite L. "Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World"
Lo, Y.C.; Chung, B.K. "Progress In Electromagnetics Research Letters"
Lo, Y.M. Dennis "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Lo, Y.M. Dennis "Clinical Chemistry"
Lo, Y.M. Dennis; Chiu, Rossa W.K. "Clinical Chemistry"
Lo, Y.M. Dennis; Lau, Tze K.; Chan, Lisa Y.S.; Leung, Tse N.; Chang, Allan M.Z. "Clinical Chemistry"
Lo, Y.M. Dennis; Lau, Tze K.; Zhang, Jun; Leung, Tse N.; Chang, Allan M.Z.; Hjelm, N. Magnus; Elmes, "Clinical Chemistry"
Lo, Y.M. Dennis; Leung, Tse N.; Tein, Mark S.C.; Sargent, Ian L.; Zhang, Jun; Lau, Tze K.; Haines, C "Clinical Chemistry"
Lo, Y.M. Dennis; Rainer, Timothy H.; Chan, Lisa Y.S.; Hjelm, N. Magnus; Cocks, Robert A. "Clinical Chemistry"
Lo, Ya-yu "Education & Treatment of Children"
Lo, Ya-yu; Cooke, Nancy L.; Starling, A. Leyf Peirce "Education & Treatment of Children"
Lo, Yi-Chun; Dooyema, Carrie A.; Neri, Antonio; Durant, James; Jefferies, Taran; Medina-Marino, Andr "Environmental Health Perspectives"
Lo, Yi-Chun; Hung, Chien-Ching; Lai, Ching-Shih; Wu, Zhiliang; Nagano, Isao; Maeda, Takuya; Takahash "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Lo, Yi-Chun; Kintziger, Kristina W.; Carson, Henry J.; Patrick, Sarah L.; Turabelidze, George; Stane "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Lo, Yu-Wen; Reible, Danny D.; Collier, John R.; Chen, Cheng-Ho "Polymer Engineering and Science"
Lo-Man-Hung, Nancy F.; Gardner, Toby A.; Ribeiro-Junior, Marco A.; Barlow, Jos; Bonaldo, Alexandre B "The Journal of Arachnology"
Lo., May-Chiun; Ramayah, T.; de Run, Ernest Cyril "Journal of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict"
Loach, J.F. "Presbyterian Record"
Loach, Jeff "Presbyterian Record"
Loach, Jennifer "History Today"
Loach, Jennifer "The Historian"
Loach, Judith "Canadian Journal of History"
Loader, Alan "Professional Engineering Magazine"
Loader, Colin "The Historian"
Loader, Colin "Canadian Journal of Sociology"
Loader, Ian "British Journal of Criminology"
Loader, Ian; Girling, Evi; Sparks, Richard "British Journal of Criminology"
Loader, Jane "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
Loader, Trent "Australian Journal of Career Development"
Loader, William "Sojourners"
Loades, Ann "The Journal of Theological Studies"
Loades, David "History Today"
Loades, David M. "Renaissance Quarterly"
Loadman, William E. "Journal of Instructional Psychology"
Loadman, William; Sprague, Kim; Hamilton, Jennifer; Coffey, Deb; Faddis, Bonnie "ERIC: Reports"
Loads, Matthew "Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy"
Loadsman, J. "Anaesthesia and Intensive Care"
Loadsman, J.A. "Anaesthesia and Intensive Care"
Loadsman, J.A.; Garner, H.R.; Drummond, G.B. "Anaesthesia and Intensive Care"
Loadsman, J.A.; Palmer, T.E.A. "Anaesthesia and Intensive Care"
Loafman, Mary Anne "Medical Laboratory Observer"
Loague, Katherine "Cultural Analysis"
Loaiza Cano, Gilberto "Revista Historia Critica"
Loaiza Cano, Gilberto "Estudios de Literatura Colombiana"
Loaiza Cano, Gilberto "Historia Caribe"
Loaiza Ceron, Wilmar "Entorno Geografico"
Loaiza de la Pava, Julian Andres "Revista Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales, Ninez y Juventud"
Loaiza S., Christian R.; Gamarra, Jose Roque "Revista peruana de biologia"
Loaiza Salazar, Christian R.; Pacheco Torres, Victor "Revista peruana de biologia"
Loaiza, Luisa F. "Antropologia y Sociologia: Virajes"
Loaiza-Aguirre, Maria I.; Andrade-Abarca, Paola S.; Salazar-Romero, Angela del Cisne "NAER - Journal of New Approaches in Educational Research"
Loaiza-Bonilla, Arturo "Latino Leaders"
Loaiza-Valencia, Ana Luz "MedUNAB"
Loan, Fayaz Ahmad "Library Philosophy and Practice"
Loan, Fayaz Ahmad; Quraishi, Jahangeer Iqbal; Refhat-un-Nisa; Hussain, Wasim "Library Philosophy and Practice"
Loan, Lori A. "U.S. Army Medical Department Journal"
LOAN, ROLAND VAN "Real Estate Weekly"
Loan-Clarke, John "Journal of Management Development"
Loane, Shannon "ERIC: Reports"
Loannidis, Loannis; Kahn, Andrea G. "Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine"
Loap, Suvaddhana; Lathe, Richard "Journal of Obesity"
Loar, Christopher F. "Genders"
Loar, Christopher F. "Studies in the Novel"
Loar, Christopher F. "Philological Quarterly"
Loar, Lynn "Social Work"
Loar, Russ "The American Dissident"
Loarte, Maria Dolores Corbacho; Melenotte, Clea; Cassir, Nadim; Cammilleri, Serge; Dory-Lautrec, Phi "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Loasby, Brian J. "International Small Business Journal"
Loat, Alison "Canadian Parliamentary Review"
Loat, Alison; MacMillan, Michael "Canadian Parliamentary Review"
Loaves, Advertiser Generated Content Submitted By; Services, Fishes Community "Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)"
Lob, Eric "State Magazine"
Lob, L. "The Modern Language Review"
Lob, Ladislaus "The Modern Language Review"
Lob, Murray L. "Monthly Review"
Lobacheff, Georgia "Artforum International"
Lobacz, Blair "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Lobacz, Glen "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Lobacz, Lynn "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Lobacz, Margaret "The Birmingham Post (England)"
LoBaido, Anthony C. "The New American"
Lobalsamo, Teresa "Italica"
Loban, Heron "e-Journal of Business Education and Scholarship Teaching"
Lobanov-Rostovsky, Nina "Apollo"
Lobanov-Rostovsky, Sergei "ELH"
Lobanova, Liudmila "Business: Theory and Practice"
Lobanova, Liudmila; Melnikas, Borisas "Science - Future of Lithuania"
Lobao, Julio "Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science"
Lobao, Julio; Pacheco, Luis; Pereira, Carlos "Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science"
Lobar, Sandra L.; Youngblut, JoAnne M.; Brooten, Dorothy "Pediatric Nursing"
Lobascher, Samuel "Literacy Learning: The Middle Years"
Lobato Correa, Roberto "Espaco e Curtura"
Lobato, Andrea; Mayorga, Georgina N. "Americas (English Edition)"
Lobato, Chad; Pless, Shanti; Sheppy, Michael; Torcellini, Paul "ASHRAE Transactions"
Lobato, Francisco Carlos Faria; Salvarani, Felipe Masiero; Silva, Rodrigo Otavio Silveira; de Assis, "Ciencia Rural"
Lobato, G.R.; Lobato, M.R.; Thome, F.S.; Veronese, F.V. "Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research"
Lobato, Gerciene de Jesus Miranda; Martorano, Lucieta Guerreiro; Lucas, Flavia Cristina Araujo; Tava "Ra'e Ga"
Lobato, Huber Kline Guedes "Periferia"
Lobato, Janaina; Costa, Mariana Pena; Reis, Erica De Melo; Goncalves, Maria Aparecida; Spencer, John "Leprosy Review"
Lobato, John "Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy"
Lobato, Lenaura de Vasconcelos Costa "Ciencia & Saude Coletiva"
Lobato, Luisa Cruz; Kenkel, Kai Michael "Revista Brasileira de Politica"
Lobato, Marilia Gabriela Silva; Aleluia, Maycon da Silva; da Costa, Arley Jose Silveira "Revista de Gestao e Secretariado"
Lobato, R.F.C.; Cordeiro, S.M.S.; Santos, M.L.; Almeida, D.S., Jr. "Journal of Applied Mathematics"
Lobato, Raf "Tooling & Production"
Lobato, Ramon "Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy"
Lobato, Ramon; Thomas, Julian "International journal of communication (Online)"
Lobato, Wellington, Jr.; Rosario, Denis; Cerqueira, Eduardo; Villas, Leandro A.; Gerla, Mario "Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing"
Lobato-Cordero, Andrea; Quentin, Emmanuelle; Lobato-Cordero, Gina "Journal of Environmental and Public Health"
Lobaton, July Carolina Gomez "Revista PROFILE: Issues in Teachers' Professional Development"
Lobaugh, Amie "Grit"
Lobaugh, Jennifer "World Literature Today"
Lobay, Douglas "Townsend Letter"
Lobay, Douglas G. "Townsend Letter"
Lobayan, S.I.; Schapiro, J.H.; Fiel, C.A.; Zabalo, M.M.; Roselli, J.G. "Revista Veterinaria"
Lobayan, S.I.; Tuzinkievicz, T.M.; Cetra, B.M.; Napoli, J.N.; Dalzotto, A.P. "Revista Veterinaria"
Lobayan, S.I.; Tuzinkievicz, T.M.; Fiel, C.A.; Napoli, J.N.; Dalzotto, A.P. "Revista Veterinaria"
Lobb, Andrea "Outskirts: feminisms along the edge"
Lobb, D.A.; Quine, T.A.; Govers, G.; Heckrath, G.J. "Journal of Soil and Water Conservation"
Lobb, Edward "English Studies in Canada"
Lobb, Jeff "William and Mary Law Review"
Lobb, Jerry "Citizen Airman"
Lobb, Lorraine "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
Lobb, Wayne; Warburton, David "Medical Product Outsourcing"
Lobban, Richard "Arab Studies Quarterly (ASQ)"
Lobban, Richard A., Jr. "Arab Studies Quarterly (ASQ)"
Lobbestael, Tonya "CHIPS"
Lobbestael, Tonya C. "PN - Paraplegia News"
Lobbyist, Linda Siegle "New Mexico Nurse"
Lobchuk, Michelle; Rosenberg, Fran "Urologic Nursing"
Lobdell, Danelle T.; Isakov, Vlad; Baxter, Lisa; Touma, Jawad S.; Smuts, Mary Beth; Ozkaynak, Haluk "Environmental Health Perspectives"
Lobdell, Dave "Approach"
Lobdell, Jared "Mythlore"
Lobdell, Jared "Independent Review"
Lobdell, Simon "Sierra"
Lobdell, Terri M. "Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin"
Lobe, Bill "Camping Magazine"
Lobe, Jim "Foreign Policy in Focus"
Lobe, Jim "National Catholic Reporter"
Lobe, Jim "Multinational Monitor"
Lobe, Jim "Iran Times International (Washington, DC)"
Lobejon Herrero, Luis Fernando "Revista de Economia Mundial (Magazine of World Economy (ies)"
Lobel, David "Financial Executive"
Lobel, Diana "The Review of Metaphysics"
Lobel, Elin E. "Journal of Dance Medicine & Science"
Lobel, Jules "Foreign Policy in Focus"
Lobel, Jules "Presidential Studies Quarterly"
Lobel, Jules "Monthly Review"
Lobel, Jules "Journal of Law in Society"
Lobel, Kerry "The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)"
Lobel, Kerry "The Humanist"
Lobel, Lue "Database and Network Journal"
Lobel, Mark "Software World"
Lobel, Martin "The American Prospect"
Lobel, Michael "Artforum International"
Lobel, Michael; Simmons, Laurie; Collier, Anne "Artforum International"
Lobel, Michael; Singerman, Howard "Artforum International"
Lobel, Orly "The Bookwatch"
Lobel, Orly "Internet Bookwatch"
Lobel, Orly "Tablet Magazine"
Lobel, Orly "Michigan Law Review"
Lobel, Philip S. "The Biological Bulletin"
Lobel, Phillip S. "The Biological Bulletin"
Lobel, Rebecca "Parergon"
Lobel, Sharon "Label & Narrow Web"
Lobel, Sharon A.; Quinn, Robert E.; St. Clair, Lynda; Warfield, Andrea "Organizational Dynamics"
Lobel, Sheldon "Real Estate Weekly"
Lobell, Kylie Ora "Tablet Magazine"
Lobenfeld, Claire "The Fader"
Lobenhofer, Roy "Modern Casting"
Lobenhofer, Roy W. "Modern Casting"
Lobenthal, Joel "Dance Magazine"
Lobenthal, Joel; Alovert, Nina "Dance Magazine"
Lober, Douglas J. "Journal of Managerial Issues"
Lober, Jamie "Alaska Business Monthly"
Lober, Stephen; Berry, Sean "Surgical Products"
Lober, Terry "Town and Country Planning"
Lobera, Diego Torres; Maki, Anssi; Huusari, Juha; Lappalainen, Kari; Suntio, Teuvo; Valkealahti, Sep "International Journal of Photoenergy"
Loberg, Amy "Love of Knitting"
Loberg, Chris "EE-Evaluation Engineering"
Loberg, Chris "ECN-Electronic Component News"
Loberg, Christopher J. "ECN-Electronic Component News"
Loberg, Molly "The Historian"
Lobert, Liz "Units"
Lobes, Loretta Sullivan "Journal of Social History"
LOBET, INGRID "Latin Trade"
Lobet, Sebastien; Detrembleur, Christine; Massaad, Firas; Hermans, Cedric "The Scientific World Journal"
Lobetti, R.G. "Veterinary Medicine International"
Lobianco, By Tom; Lemire, Jonathan; Press, Alan Suderman Associated "Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)"
LoBianco, By Tom; Miller, Zeke; Press, Chad Day Associated "Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)"
LoBianco, Lorraine "Irish Literary Supplement"
LoBianco, Maria S.; Mills, Mary Etta; Moore, Harriet W. "Nursing Economics"
Lobina, David J. "Linguistic and Philosophical Investigations"
Lobinger, Fritz "U.S. Catholic"
Lobingier, Patricia G. "Journal of Managerial Issues"
Lobinske, Richard J.; Ali, Arshad "Florida Entomologist"
Lobinske, Richard J.; Ali, Arshad; Leckel, Robert J., Jr.; Frouz, Jan "Florida Entomologist"
LoBisco, Sarah "Townsend Letter"
LoBisco, Sarah A. "Townsend Letter"
Lobl, Phyl "Labour History: A Journal of Labour and Social History"
Loblaw, D. Andrew "Canadian Urological Association Journal (CUAJ)"
Loblaw, D. Andrew; Pickles, Tom; Cheung, Patrick C.; Lukka, Himu; Faria, Sergio; Klotz, Laurence "Canadian Urological Association Journal (CUAJ)"
Loblich, Maria "International journal of communication (Online)"
Lobman, Carrie "Democracy & Education"
Lobman, Carrie; Ryan, Sharon "Childhood Education"
Lobmeyer, Lynette "Household & Personal Products Industry"
Lobner, Russell J. "Petersen's Bowhunting"
Lobo da Costa, P.H.; Azevedo, N.F.G.; Vieira, M.F.; Bosch, K.; Rosenbaum, D. "Journal of Dance Medicine & Science"
Lobo Fernandez, Juan Francisco "Estudios Internacionales"
Lobo Figueredo, Aura Mercedes; Hernandez Diaz, Liliana Alexandra; Moreno Abello, Gloria Cristina; Di "Universitas Odontologica"
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LOCKRIDGE, ERNEST "The Hemingway Review"
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