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H  Hac  Hae  Hagm  Hak  Hall  Hall, R  Halp  Ham  Hami  Hamm  Hamu  Hang  Hano  Hanst  Hard  Hardy  Harl  Harp  Harr  Harris  Harris, N  Harriso  Hart  Hartm  Harv  Has  Hass  Hat  Hau  Haw  Hay  Haym  He  Heat  Hee  Hei  Heis  Helm  Hen  Hendr  Henn  Henry  Hep  Herm  Herr  Herv  Hew  Hi  Hig  Hil  Hill, M  Hilt  Hint  Hit  Ho  Hoc  Hodg  Hoe  Hof  Hofm  Hol  Holl  Hollm  Hols  Hon  Hoo  Hop  Hor  Horo  Hos  Hou  Hov  Howe  Hoy  Hu  Hub  Hud  Huf  Hughes, P  Hum  Hun  Hunte  Hur  Hus  Hut  Hy 

Hovakimian, Armen; Hutton, Irena "Financial Management"
Hovakimian, Gayane "Financial Management"
Hovan, Gregory; Hollinger, Andrew "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Hovancsek, Marcella; Jeffries, Pamela R.; Escudero, Eliana; Foulds, Barbara J.; Husebo, Sissel Eikel "Nursing Education Perspectives"
Hovanec, Dawn "Colorado Nurse"
Hovanessian, S.A. "Journal of Electronic Defense"
Hovannisian, Garo K. "Claims"
Hovannisian, Richard G. "The Historian"
Hovart, Amy; Shipp, Matt; Wyatt, Sarah "The Ohio Journal of Science"
Hovater, Clay "District Administration"
Hovatter, Ryan P. "Infantry Magazine"
Hovde, Jeffrey R.; Gonnella, Thomas P.; Picklo, Matthew J.; Hossain, and Khwaja G. "Proceedings of the North Dakota Academy of Science"
Hovde, Kari Raaum; Granheim, Tone Hollo; Christophersen, Knut-Andreas; Dihle, Alfhild "Pediatric Nursing"
Hovde, Michael "Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)"
Hovde, Michael D. "Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)"
Hovden, Jan Fredrik "NORDICOM Review: Nordic Research on Media and Communication"
Hovdestad, Wendy; Tonmyr, Lil "Canadian Journal of Public Health"
Hovdkinn, Oystein "EFTA Bulletin (Switzerland)"
Hove, David J. "The Tax Adviser"
Hove, Helle "Ceramics Art & Perception"
Hove, Helle "Ceramics Technical"
Hove, Mark C.; Medland, Jill R.; Hornbach, Daniel J.; Cliff, Michael P.; Haas, Matthew G.; Kapuscins "Endangered Species Update"
Hove, Mark C.; Sietman, Bernard E.; Bakelaar, Josh E.; Bury, Jennifer A.; Heath, David J.; Pepi, Van "The American Midland Naturalist"
Hove, Muchativugwa Liberty "Journal of Pan African Studies"
Hove, Oddbjorn "The Psychological Record"
Hove, Thomas "The Review of Contemporary Fiction"
Hove-Musekwa, Senelani D.; Nyabadza, Farai; Mambili-Mamboundou, Hermane; Chiyaka, Christinah; Mukand "International Scholarly Research Notices"
Hovekamp, Tina Maragou "Library Trends"
Hovel, Devika "Kutafin University Law Review"
Hovel, Revital "Attorneys for the Rights of the Child Newsletter"
Hovelja, Tomaz; Vasilecas, Olegas; Rupnik, Rok "Technological and Economic Development of Economy"
Hovell, Devika; Williams, George "Melbourne University Law Review"
Hovell, R. "Guns Magazine"
Hovelmann, Gerd H. "The Journal of Parapsychology"
Hovelsen, Leif "For A Change"
Hovelsrud, Grete K.; Krupnik, Igor "Arctic"
Hoven, James; Simon-Dack, Stephanie; Perrone-McGovern, Kristin; Nicholas, Donald "The Journal of Rehabilitation"
Hoven, Matt "Catholic Education: A Journal of Inquiry and Practice"
Hoven, Matt; Egli, Trevor "Journal of Catholic Education"
Hovendon, Gabrielle "Southwest Review"
Hovendon, Gabrielle "Boulevard"
Hovenkamp, Erik "Harvard Journal of Law & Technology"
Hovenkamp, Erik "The Journal of Corporation Law"
Hovenkamp, Erik; Hovenkamp, Herbert "Antitrust Bulletin"
Hovenkamp, Herbert "Notre Dame Law Review"
Hovenkamp, Herbert "Yale Law Journal"
Hovenkamp, Herbert "The Journal of Corporation Law"
Hovenkamp, Herbert "Constitutional Commentary"
Hovenkamp, Herbert "Michigan Law Review"
Hovenkamp, Herbert "Business History Review"
Hovenkamp, Herbert "Antitrust Bulletin"
Hovenkamp, Herbert; Shapiro, Carl "Yale Law Journal"
Hovenkotter, Maureen "National Catholic Reporter"
Hovens, Mart "ERIC: Reports"
Hovens, Pieter "The American Indian Quarterly"
Hovenstine, J. Robert "America in WWII"
Hovermale, Wayne; Hovermale, Kathryn "Cruise Travel"
Hoverman, Carol "National Catholic Reporter"
Hoverman, Taylor "UCLA Journal of Environmental Law & Policy"
Hoverstad, Ron; OKeefe, Nancy; Dwyer, James; Maggiore, Elizabeth; Stockton, Angela "U.S. Catholic"
Hoversten, Michael R. "Air Force Law Review"
Hoversten, Paul A. "Michigan Law Review"
Hoversten, William; Hoversten, Annetta "Cruise Travel"
Hovet, Charlotte "Health Management Technology"
Hovey, Bradshaw "Canadian Journal of Urban Research"
Hovey, Bradshaw "Utopian Studies"
Hovey, Cindy A. "Journal of Alcohol & Drug Education"
Hovey, Craig "Mennonite Quarterly Review"
Hovey, Hal "State Legislatures"
Hovey, Harold A. "ERIC: Reports"
HOVEY, JUAN VERGARA "Risk & Insurance"
Hovey, Katrina A.; Ferguson, Sarah L. "Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue"
Hovey, Kenneth Alan "Church History"
Hovey, Kim Koepp "Townsend Letter"
Hovey, Michael "U.S. Catholic"
Hovey, Michele M. "Sojourners"
Hovey, Pauline "U.S. Catholic"
Hovey, Pauline "National Catholic Reporter"
Hovey, Roxana "Soldiers Magazine"
Hovgaard, Abra; Hansen, Eric "Forest Products Journal"
Hovhannisyan, A.S.; Abrahamyan, H.; Gabrielyan, E.S.; Panossian, A.G. "Phytomedicine: International Journal of Phytotherapy & Phytopharmacology"
Hovhannisyan, Gro "International Journal of Difference Equations"
Hovick, Torre J.; Miller, James R. "The American Midland Naturalist"
Hovig, Even W.; Azar, Amin S.; Grytten, Frode; Serby, Knut; Andreassen, Erik "Advances in Materials Science and Engineering"
Hovil, Lucy; Lomo, Zachary A. "Refuge"
Hovind, Jacob "Twentieth Century Literature"
Hoving, H.J.T.; Laptikhovsky, V. "The Biological Bulletin"
Hoving, H.J.T.; Vecchione, M. "The Biological Bulletin"
Hoving, Jennifer Claire; Keeton, Roanne; Hoft, Maxine A.; Ozturk, Mumin; Otieno-Odhiambo, Patricia; "Mediators of Inflammation"
Hoving, John "Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World"
Hoving, Vera; Borg, Evert Jan Ter "Archives of Rheumatology"
Hovious, Amanda "Teacher Librarian"
Hovious, Amanda S.; Van Eck, Richard N. "Teacher Librarian"
Hovis, Albert "National Catholic Reporter"
HOVIS, GEORGE "The Mississippi Quarterly"
Hovis, George "The Carolina Quarterly"
Hovis, George "Thomas Wolfe Review"
Hovis, George; Williams, Timothy "The Carolina Quarterly"
Hovis, Joanne "MIT Technology Review"
Hovis, John "Multinational Monitor"
Hovis, Lee M. "Aquatics International"
Hovis, Logan "Labour/Le Travail"
Hovland, Michelle R.; Gapp, Susan C.; Theis, Becky L. "Reading Improvement"
Hovland, Stephen "Units"
Hovland, Tiffany "Journal of Accountancy"
Hovland-Battikha, Christina D.; Filipek, Amy K.; Montes, Sabrina L. "Survey of Current Business"
Hovland-Battikha, Christina D.; Ludlow, Erin M. "Survey of Current Business"
Hovliaras Delozier, Christine A. "Access"
Hovliaras-Delozier, Christine A. "Access"
Hovorka, Stepan; Randova, Alena; Sysel, Petr; Brozova, Libuse; Zitka, Jan; Drasar, Pavel; Bartovska, "Polymer Engineering and Science"
Hovorushchenko, Tetiana; Nicheporuk, Andriy; Medzatyi, Dmytro "International Journal of Innovation"
Hovsepian, Nubar "Arab Studies Quarterly (ASQ)"
Hovsepian, Nubar "Journal of International Affairs"
Hovsepian, Nubar "Monthly Review"
Hovsepian, Rick "Shooting Industry"
Hovsepian, Volga; Marandi, Sayad Mohammad; Esfarjani, Fahimeh; Zavar, Reihaneh; Sadeghi, Masoumeh "Asian Journal of Sports Medicine (AsJSM)"
How did your fajitas go? Let us know. Feedback, questions or favourite tips? Get in touch @michaelki "Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)"
How did your fish and chips go? Let us know. Feedback, questions or favourite tips? Get in touch @mi "Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)"
How did your quesadilla go? Let us know. Feedback, questions or favourite tips? Get in touch @michae "Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)"
HOW TO GARDEN GUIDE "Express and Star (Wolverhampton, England)"
how to hire Jonathan Fitchew "Grocer"
How, Chew Boon; Ming, Khoo Ee; Chin, Chia Yook "International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine & Public Health (IJCRIMPH)"
How, Poh Choo; Newman, William J.; Xiong, Glen L. "Current Psychiatry"
How, Shi-Min; Lee, Chew Ging; Brown, D. Michael "International Advances in Economic Research"
How, Ting See; Othman, Abdul Halim "Pakistan Journal of Psychological Research"
Howald, Ludovic; Taupin, Mathieu; Aoki, Dai "Physics Research International"
Howald, Rob "Microwave Journal"
Howald, Robert; McDonnell, Chris "Microwave Journal"
Howaldt, Jurgen; Schwarz, Michael "GAIA - Ecological Perspectives for Science and Society"
Howanitz, Peter J.; Darcy, Theresa P.; Meier, Frederick A.; Bashleben, Christine P. "Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine"
Howanitz, Peter J.; Lehman, Christopher M.; Jones, Bruce A.; Meier, Frederick A.; Horowitz, Gary L. "Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine"
Howanitz, Peter J.; Perrotta, Peter L.; Bashleben, Christine P.; Meier, Frederick A.; Ramsey, Glenn "Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine"
Howanitz, Peter J.; Steindel, Steven J.; Heard, Nan V. "Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine"
Howar, Barbara "Variety"
Howard , L.S. "Insurance Journal"
Howard Davies (Centrepiece) "Khaleej Times (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)"
Howard Fendrich "Gulf News (United Arab Emirates)"
Howard Fendrich and Stephen Whyno AP Sports Writers "Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)"
Howard Fendrich AP Sports Writer "Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)"
Howard Fendrich AP Tennis Writer "Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)"
Howard Leedham "Arab News (Jeddah, Saudi Arabia)"
Howard Lloyd "Express and Echo (Exeter, England)"
HOWARD LLOYD & DANIEL CLARK @howard_lloyd "Express and Echo (Exeter, England)"
HOWARD LLOYD "The Plymouth Herald (Plymouth, England)"
HOWARD LLOYD @howard_lloyd "Express and Echo (Exeter, England)"
HOWARD LLOYD @DEVONLIVENEWS "Express and Echo (Exeter, England)"
howard Reporter "South Wales Echo (Cardiff, Wales)"
HOWARD SCHENIDER "City AM (London, England)"
Howard Wilson, John "Evelyn Waugh Studies"
Howard, Adam "Academic Exchange Quarterly"
Howard, Al "American Gunsmith"
Howard, Alan "Industrial Management & Data Systems"
Howard, Alan B. "American Journal of Health Studies"
Howard, Alex "MIT Technology Review"
Howard, Alice; Magretta, Joan "The McKinsey Quarterly"
Howard, Amani "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Howard, Amster "Underground Construction"
Howard, Andy "Microwave Journal"
Howard, Anna "The Niagara Falls Reporter (Niagara Falls, NY)"
Howard, Anna M. "The Niagara Falls Reporter (Niagara Falls, NY)"
Howard, Anthony H. "Camping Magazine"
Howard, April "E"
Howard, Audrie "Washington University Global Studies Law Review"
Howard, B. Carol "The Tax Adviser"
Howard, Barbara "Pediatric News"
Howard, Barbara B. "ERIC: Reports"
Howard, Barbara J. "Clinical Psychiatry News"
Howard, Barbara J. "Family Practice News"
HOWARD, BARBARA J. "Pediatric News"
Howard, Barbara J.; Bossung, Sharon E.; Spruill, Wanda G. "The CPA Journal"
Howard, Ben "Shenandoah"
Howard, Ben "Prairie Schooner"
Howard, Benjamin W. "Shenandoah"
Howard, Beth "Journal of Accountancy"
Howard, Beth "Spirituality & Health Magazine"
Howard, Beth; Fesler, R. Dan "Journal of Accountancy"
Howard, Billy "The Informed Constituent (Albany, NY)"
Howard, Bob "Manitoba Business"
Howard, Brenda S. "Open Journal of Occupational Therapy"
Howard, Brent "Arkansas Business"
Howard, Brent "Arena Magazine"
Howard, Brent; Cooper, Simon "Arena Magazine"
Howard, Brett "Fun For Kidz"
Howard, Brian "E"
Howard, Brian "Our Planet"
Howard, Brian C. "E"
Howard, Brian C. "Editor & Publisher"
Howard, Brian Clark "E"
Howard, Brian Clark "Our Planet"
Howard, Bruce "Journal of Accountancy"
Howard, Bruce C.; McGee, Steven; Hong, Namsoo S.; Shia, Regina "ERIC: Reports"
Howard, Bruce C.; McGee, Steven; Shia, Regina; Hong, Namsoo S. "ERIC: Reports"
Howard, Bruce C.; McGee, Steven; Shia, Regina; Hong, Namsoo Shin "ERIC: Reports"
Howard, C. "EarthTalk: Questions & Answers About Our Environment. A Weekly Column"
Howard, Carol "The Women's Review of Books"
Howard, Carol "The Romanic Review"
HOWARD, CAROL "Studies in the Novel"
Howard, Carol Ann "ERIC: Reports"
Howard, Carol; Herbig, Paul "Journal of Consumer Marketing"
Howard, Charlend W. "Combat Edge"
Howard, Charles Kelly "ERIC: Reports"
Howard, Charles; Howard, Jean "Cruise Travel"
Howard, Christian "Style"
Howard, Christian "The Faulkner Journal"
Howard, Christopher "American Political Science Review"
Howard, Christopher "Public Administration Review"
Howard, Christopher; Valelly, Richard "The American Prospect"
Howard, Cindy M. "Original Internist"
Howard, Claire; Van Buskirk, Laurel "New Hampshire Business Review"
Howard, Clare "Training Journal"
Howard, Claudette; Azaan; Smith, George; McLaurin, Karen; Taylor, Kevin E.; Calhoun, Terry; Hardaway "Ebony"
Howard, Claudette; Johnson, Nathaniel "Ebony"
Howard, Cory H. "Faulkner Law Review"
Howard, Crystal B. "Learning Disability Quarterly"
Howard, Cynthia J. "Journal of Dental Hygiene"
Howard, Dan "Children's Digest"
Howard, Dan "Jack & Jill"
Howard, Dan "U.S. Kids"
Howard, Daniel J.; Gregory, Pamela G.; Chu, Jiming; Cain, Michael L. "Evolution"
Howard, Daniel J.; Laird, Frank N. "Issues in Science and Technology"
Howard, Daniel J.; Preszler, Ralph W.; Williams, Joseph; Fenchell, Sandra; Boecklen, William J "Evolution"
Howard, Daniel L.; Boyd, Carlton L.; Kalsbeek, Bill; Godley, Paul A. "American Journal of Health Studies"
Howard, Daniel L.; Bunch, Carol D.; Mundia, Wilberforce O.; Konrad, Thomas R.; Edwards, Lloyd J.; Am "Health Services Research"
Howard, Daniel R.; Hill, Peggy S.M. "The American Midland Naturalist"
Howard, Darcey "Tea & Coffee Trade Journal"
Howard, Darin "Thrasher"
Howard, Darren "Studies in Romanticism"
Howard, Dave "Air & Space Power Journal"
Howard, Dave "Chain Drug Review"
Howard, David "Computer Technology Review"
HOWARD, DAVID "Security Management"
Howard, David "Junctures: The Journal for Thematic Dialogue"
Howard, David "Canadian Journal of History"
Howard, David "Health Services Research"
Howard, David "Esprit de Corps"
Howard, David "Defense Counsel Journal"
Howard, David "Annual in Therapeutic Recreation"
Howard, David "New West Indian Guide"
Howard, David H. "Contemporary Economic Policy"
Howard, David H.; Hockenberry, Jason "Health Services Research"
Howard, David H.; Kenline, Carolyn; Lazarus, Hillard M.; LeMaistre, Charles F.; Maziarz, Richard T.; "Health Services Research"
Howard, David H.; Roy, Kakoli "Health Services Research"
Howard, David H.; Shen, Yu-Chu "Health Services Research"
Howard, David H.; Siminoff, Laura A.; McBride, Virginia; Lin, Monica "Health Services Research"
Howard, David K.; Peniston, Lorraine C. "ERIC: Reports"
Howard, Deborah "Fordham Urban Law Journal"
Howard, Denise "Physician Leadership Journal"
Howard, Denise; Harris, Craig R. "Physician Leadership Journal"
Howard, Dennis "Presbyterian Record"
Howard, Dennis "International Journal of Employment Studies"
Howard, Dennis; Hine, Damian "International Small Business Journal"
Howard, Diane Elizabeth; Trejo, Natalia "ERIC: Reports"
Howard, Dick; Lazare, Daniel "The Nation"
Howard, Dilanian; Howard, Matthew "Army Sustainment"
Howard, Don; Wu, Pat "ERIC: Reports"
Howard, Donald E. "World and I"
Howard, Donna E.; Beck, Kenneth; Kerr, Melissa Hallmark; Shattuck, Teresa "Adolescence"
Howard, Donna E.; Griffin, Melinda A.; Boekeloo, Bradley O. "Adolescence"
Howard, Donna E.; Wang, Min Qi "Adolescence"
Howard, Donna E.; Wang, Min Qi; Yah, Fang "Adolescence"
Howard, Donna E.; Wang, Min Qi; Yan, Fang "Adolescence"
Howard, Doreen G. "Saturday Evening Post"
Howard, Doreen G. "Mother Earth News"
Howard, Doreen, G. "Mother Earth News"
Howard, Dori "Society for American Music Bulletin"
Howard, Doug "Franchising World"
Howard, Doug "Policy & Practice"
Howard, Doug; Stafford, J. "Guns & Ammo"
Howard, Dr. Barbara J. "Pediatric News"
Howard, Drabek "IFR"
Howard, Dylan "Mortgage Banking"
Howard, Dylan W.; Starr, Tracy L. "Mortgage Banking"
Howard, Early, Jr. "Military Police"
Howard, Eboni C. "ERIC: Reports"
Howard, Elissa; Nozicka, Dawn "Journal of School Health"
Howard, Elizabeth "Communication World"
Howard, Elizabeth "The Retail Digest"
Howard, Elizabeth "Victorian Poetry"
Howard, Elizabeth R.; Christian, Donna "ERIC: Reports"
Howard, Elizabeth R.; Olague, Natalie; Rogers, David "ERIC: Reports"
Howard, Elizabeth R.; Sugarman, Julie; Christian, Donna "ERIC: Reports"
Howard, Elizabeth; Kar, Malobi; Cuthbertson, Richard "The Retail Digest"
Howard, Elizabeth; Wiseman, Karen "Nephrology Nursing Journal"
Howard, Emily "Curve"
Howard, Eric S. "ERIC: Reports"
Howard, Erin E.; Inman, Arpana G.; Altman, Abby N. "Counselor Education and Supervision"
Howard, Ernest F. "California CPA"
Howard, Esther "Journal of Technology and Teacher Education"
Howard, Esther M. "Journal of Research in Childhood Education"
Howard, F.W.; Pemberton, Robert; Schroer, Sibylle; Hodges, Gregory "Florida Entomologist"
Howard, Ferstler "Sensible Sound"
Howard, Frank; Cohen, Mitchell; Malouf, Waldense D. "Florida Bar News"
Howard, Fred M. "OBG Management"
Howard, G. Alan "Florida Bar Journal"
Howard, Gary C. "Joint Force Quarterly"
Howard, Gary C. "Army Sustainment"
Howard, Gary R. "Phi Delta Kappan"
Howard, Geoffrey "CTC Sentinel"
Howard, Geoffrey; Smith, Henry "CTC Sentinel"
Howard, George S. "The Review of Politics"
Howard, George W., II "National Underwriter Life & Health"
Howard, Gerald "Artforum International"
Howard, Gerald "The Review of Contemporary Fiction"
Howard, Gerald "The Nation"
Howard, Gordon D. "American Fitness"
Howard, Gordon H. "Environmental Law"
Howard, Grace "War, Literature & The Arts"
Howard, Graham; Karagedikli, Ozer "The Reserve Bank of New Zealand Bulletin"
Howard, Graham; Wright, Matthew "The Reserve Bank of New Zealand Bulletin"
Howard, Greg "Film Criticism"
Howard, Gregory "The Review of Contemporary Fiction"
Howard, Gregory J. "Environmental Health Perspectives"
Howard, Gregory J.; Schlezinger, Jennifer J.; Hahn, Mark E.; Webster, Thomas F. "Environmental Health Perspectives"
Howard, Gregory J.; Webster, Thomas F. "Environmental Health Perspectives"
Howard, H. "Aviation Safety"
Howard, H. Wendell "Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture"
Howard, Harry "Plastics Technology"
Howard, Harry "International Journal of English Studies"
HOWARD, HEATHER E.; JONES, W. PAUL "College Student Journal"
Howard, Heather M. "Duke Law Journal"
Howard, Heather; Navega, Nicole "Best Practices in Mental Health"
Howard, Hershel "American Gunsmith"
Howard, Hilary "Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)"
Howard, Hugh "State Magazine"
Howard, Hugh "Thomas Wolfe Review"
Howard, I.L.; Welzel, T.B. "South African Journal of Child Health"
Howard, Indra "The Exceptional Parent"
Howard, J. Alane "Papers on Language & Literature"
Howard, J. Robert "Buildings"
Howard, J.; SerVaas, Cory "Saturday Evening Post"
Howard, J.D.; Moo, V.; Sivalingam, P. "Anaesthesia and Intensive Care"
Howard, Jack "ROM Magazine"
Howard, Jack L. "Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal"
Howard, Jack L. "Entrepreneurial Executive"
Howard, Jack L.; Jawahar, I.M. "Entrepreneurial Executive"
Howard, Jackson "Units"
Howard, Jacquelyn M. "Endangered Species Bulletin"
Howard, James "Printed Circuit Design & Manufacture"
Howard, James A.; Lubich, Bruce H. "Issues in Accounting Education"
Howard, James C. "Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science"
Howard, James H. "Whispering Wind"
Howard, Jane "Metro Magazine"
Howard, Jane S.; Sparkman, Coleen; Cohen, Howard; Green, Gina; Stanislaw, Harold "The Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Applied Behavior Analysis"
Howard, Jason "The Review of Metaphysics"
Howard, Jay R. "Journal of Higher Education"
Howard, Jay R. "Studies in the Humanities"
Howard, Jay R.; Baird, Roberta "Journal of Higher Education"
Howard, Jay R.; Henney, Amanda L. "Journal of Higher Education"
Howard, Jd "ETC.: A Review of General Semantics"
Howard, Jean C. "Atlanta Review"
Howard, Jean E. "Renaissance Quarterly"
HOWARD, JEAN E. "Shakespeare Studies"
Howard, Jeanne "The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)"
Howard, Jeannete "Health Management Technology"
Howard, Jeannette "Health Management Technology"
Howard, Jeff; Hurst, Kent "Synthesis/Regeneration"
Howard, Jeffrey "Writing Lab Newsletter"
Howard, Jeffrey "Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning"
Howard, Jeffrey N. "The Baseball Research Journal"
Howard, Jeffrey, Ed. "ERIC: Reports"
Howard, Jeffrey; Stanlick, Sarah "Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning"
Howard, Jennifer "Artforum International"
Howard, Jennifer "Washington Monthly"
Howard, Jennifer "Writing Lab Newsletter"
Howard, Jeremy "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Howard, Jeremy "Apollo"
Howard, Jeremy; Kuznetsov, Sergei "History Today"
Howard, Jerome J. "The American Midland Naturalist"
Howard, Jerome J. "Ecology"
Howard, Jessica "Refuge"
Howard, Jim Bob "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Howard, Jim; Howard, Joe "The Texas Journal of Science"
Howard, Joanna "The Review of Contemporary Fiction"
Howard, Joanna "Chicago Review"
Howard, Joanna L.; Stephenson, E. Frank "Atlantic Economic Journal"
Howard, Joanne; Rabie, Gabrielle "Community Practitioner"
Howard, Jocelyn; Ogino, Masayoshi; Payne, Rachel; Dunn, Karyn "Babel"
Howard, John "National Observer - Australia and World Affairs"
Howard, John "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Howard, John "Property Casualty 360-National Underwriter"
Howard, John "Claims"
Howard, John "Estudios Internacionales"
Howard, John "Callaloo"
Howard, John "Alternatives Journal"
Howard, John "Art Business News"
Howard, John A. "The CPA Journal"
Howard, John A. "Crop Science"
Howard, John D. "America in WWII"
Howard, John M. "Journal of Electronic Defense"
Howard, John McLaren "Clinical Chemistry"
Howard, John W., III "Women and Language"
Howard, John W., III; Prividera, Laura C. "Women and Language"
Howard, John; Lin, Wenny C. "Microwave Journal"
Howard, John; Singh, Har Mohinder "Microwave Journal"
Howard, Joy "Teacher Education Quarterly"
Howard, Joy A.J. "Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers"
Howard, Joyce "Black Enterprise"
Howard, Judith "Journal of Technology and Teacher Education"
HOWARD, JUDITH "Social Education"
Howard, Julia C.; Chen, Kevin; Werno, Anja; Metcalf, Sarah "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Howard, June "Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers"
Howard, Justin "Thrasher"
Howard, Kamm "Journal of Pan African Studies"
Howard, Karen "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
Howard, Karl W.; Hodgson, Kevin T. "Journal of Coatings Technology and Research"
Howard, Kate "All Hands"
HOWARD, KATHRYN "Linguistics: an interdisciplinary journal of the language sciences"
Howard, Katrina; Huster, Jennifer; Hlodash, George; Feil, Danielle; Gunther, Judith; Schneider, Meli "MedSurg Nursing"
Howard, Keith "Issues in Teacher Education"
Howard, Keith "Michigan History Magazine"
Howard, Keith E.; Anderson, Kenneth A. "Middle Grades Research Journal"
Howard, Keith; Bear, Tom; Lewton, Chuck; Casey, Cindy "ERIC: Reports"
Howard, Kelly "Pharma"
Howard, Ken "Chief Executive (U.S.)"
Howard, Ken "Handguns"
Howard, Ken "American Handgunner"
Howard, Kerry S. "The Texas Journal of Science"
Howard, Kevin "Mother Earth News"
Howard, Kiffany "ERIC: Reports"
Howard, Kim "Units"
Howard, Kim "Handball"
Howard, Kim "Business Credit"
Howard, Kim Ammann; Flora, June A.; Schleicher, Nina C.; Gonzalez, Emily McChesney "Contemporary Drug Problems"
Howard, Kristin "Rural Cooperatives"
Howard, L. S. "Insurance Journal"
Howard, L.S "Insurance Journal"
Howard, L.S. "Insurance Journal"
Howard, L.S. "Carrier Management"
Howard, Lahoma J. "ERIC: Reports"
Howard, Lance "Senior Market Advisor"
Howard, Larry L. "Inquiry"
Howard, Larry L.; Prakash, Nishith "Contemporary Economic Policy"
Howard, LaTunya "All Hands"
Howard, Laura J. "Endangered Species Update"
Howard, Laurel "Herizons"
Howard, Lauren F.; Stelacio, Maria A. "Bulletin of the New Jersey Academy of Science"
Howard, Lee "Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)"
Howard, Leigh M.; Zhu, Yuwei; Griffin, Marie R.; Edwards, Kathryn M.; Williams, John V.; Gil, Ana I. "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Howard, Lise Morje "Global Governance"
Howard, Lise Morje "Journal of International Affairs"
Howard, Lloyd T. "America in WWII"
Howard, Lowell E., Jr. "Army Logistician"
Howard, Luke "Notes"
Howard, Lynn "Nation's Cities Weekly"
Howard, M.C. "History of Economics Review"
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HOWARD, Michael C. "SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia"
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Howard, Nick; Searle, Emily "Optometry Today"
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Howard, Pamela "Sew News"
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Howard, Sarah Catherine "Teacher Librarian"
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Howard, Thecla Helmbrecht "Camping Magazine"
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Howard, Theresa Ruth "Dance Magazine"
Howard, Thomas Albert "Modern Age"
Howard, Thomas Albert "Church History"
Howard, Thomas Albert "Journal of Church and State"
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Howard, Thomas P. "Issues in Accounting Education"
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Howard, William W., Jr. "National Wildlife"
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Howard-Johnston, James "Shofar"
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HOWARD-SNYDER, DANIEL "The Philosophical Review"
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Howard-Vital, Michelle Rachel "ERIC: Reports"
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Howard-York, Lisa "Nursing Education Perspectives"
Howard; Wass, John "Scientific Computing"
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Howarth, Anne; Swain, Nicola; Treharne, Gareth J. "New Zealand College of Midwives Journal"
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Howarth, Graham; Bown, Stephanie; Whitehouse, Sarah "South African Journal of Bioethics and Law"
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Howdle, Heather "Herizons"
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