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French Iduarte, Leonardo "Proceso"
French, Abe; Kimble, Jay; Slusser, Clint; Walton, Eric "Corrections Today"
French, Adam "Revista Anthropologica"
French, Adam "La Revista Agraria"
French, Alan "Sky & Telescope"
French, Alan; French, Susan "Sky & Telescope"
French, Alissa "BBJToday"
French, Amanda L. "Victorian Poetry"
French, Amber "Mother Earth News"
French, Angela "State Magazine"
French, Anita "Arkansas Business"
French, Anne "New Zealand International Review"
French, Arthur J.; DiRenzo, Joe, III; Doane, Chris "Naval War College Review"
French, Barbara "Mother Earth News"
French, Ben "International Journal of Employment Studies"
French, Brent "Joint Force Quarterly"
French, Brent; Kauffmann, Steven "Air Force Journal of Logistics"
French, Brian "Gun Dog"
French, C.; Jun.; Tovey, J.R. "The Victorian Naturalist"
French, Catherine "The Nation"
French, Charles "Pipeline & Gas Journal"
French, Charlie "New Hampshire Business Review"
French, Cheryl "Voice of Youth Advocates"
French, Christian "Optometry Today"
French, Christian; Eperjesi, Frank "Optometry Today"
French, Christian; Mousavi, Maryam "Optometry Today"
French, Christopher "The Brooklyn Rail"
French, Christopher C.; Richards, Anne "British Journal of Psychology"
French, Christopher E. "Ear, Nose and Throat Journal"
French, Christy Tillery "Reviewer's Bookwatch"
French, Cory J. "Military Police"
French, Cynthia; Li, Conan; Strom, Charles; Sun, Weimin; Van Atta, Reuel; Gonzalez, Belen; Wood, Mic "Clinical Chemistry"
French, D.L.; Muir, J.M.; Webber, C.E. "Phytomedicine: International Journal of Phytotherapy & Phytopharmacology"
French, Dan "Phi Delta Kappan"
French, Dan "ERIC: Reports"
French, Dana "HFN Home Furnishings News"
French, Dana L. "Utah Business"
French, Daniel "Association Management"
French, Daniel C.; Saltzgueber, Michael; Hicks, David R.; Cowper, Annabel L.; Holt, David W. "Clinical Chemistry"
French, Dave "American Music Teacher"
French, Dave "The Birmingham Post (England)"
French, David "Best's Review"
French, David "Franchising World"
French, David "USA Today (Magazine)"
French, David "The People (London, England)"
French, David A. "ERIC: Reports"
French, Davis "Franchising World"
French, Dawn "The Mirror (London, England)"
French, Deanie "ERIC: Reports"
French, Deborah; Kampfrath, Thomas "Clinical Chemistry"
French, Donald "The American Biology Teacher"
French, Donald H. "Medical Laboratory Observer"
French, Donald H. "Health Management Technology"
French, Donald P. "The American Biology Teacher"
French, Doug "Best's Review"
French, Doug "Life Insurance Selling"
French, Doug; O'Neill, James "Best's Review"
French, Douglas A.; Freedman, Mark J. "Best's Review"
French, Douglas A.; Hughes, Michael "Best's Review"
French, Douglas A.; Varricchio, John; Bishop, Miles "Best's Review"
French, Dr. Shannon E. "Parameters"
French, Drew; Cook, Bucky "Franchising World"
French, Dustin D.; Bair, Matthew J.; Bass, Elizabeth; Campbell, Robert R.; Siddharthan, Kris "Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development"
French, Eric "The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)"
French, Eric; Kamboj, Kirti "Economic Perspectives"
French, Eric; Kelley, Taylor; Qi, An "Economic Perspectives"
French, Erica "e-Journal of Business Education and Scholarship Teaching"
French, Erica "Journal of Sociology"
French, Erica; Casali, Gian Luca "e-Journal of Business Education and Scholarship Teaching"
French, Erica; Delahaye, Brian "Leadership & Organization Development Journal"
French, Erica; Tracey, Noel "e-Journal of Business Education and Scholarship Teaching"
French, Erik D. "Strategic Studies Quarterly"
French, Esther "Clinical Psychiatry News"
French, Esther "OB GYN News"
French, Esther "Internal Medicine News"
French, Esther "Family Practice News"
French, Esther "Pediatric News"
French, Fiona "Journal of Technology and Teacher Education"
French, Fiona H.; Torgerson, David J.; Porter, Richard W. "Age and Ageing"
French, G. Courtney "Trial"
French, G. Richard; Swartz, Brenda; Taurman, Kenneth R. "Strategic Finance"
French, Gerry "American Handgunner"
French, Glenn L. "Journal of Property Management"
French, Graham "Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education"
French, Gregory "University of New Brunswick Law Journal"
French, Gregory S. "The Exceptional Parent"
French, Hal W. "Southeast Review of Asian Studies"
FRENCH, HILARY "The Humanist"
French, Hilary "World Watch"
FRENCH, HILARY "USA Today (Magazine)"
French, Hilary F. "The Humanist"
French, Hilary F. "World Watch"
French, Hilary F. "USA Today (Magazine)"
French, Hill "Arkansas Business"
French, Hillary F. "World Watch"
French, Howard E. "Guns & Ammo"
French, Howard H. "New African"
French, Howard P. "Techniques"
French, Howard W. "New York Times Upfront"
French, Ivan "Tooling & Production"
French, J. Lawrence "ILR Review"
French, Jack "Navy Supply Corps Newsletter"
French, Jackie "Reading Time"
French, Jackie "Practically Primary"
French, James "International Trade Forum"
French, James C.; Fox, Edward A.; Maly, Kurt; Selman, Alan L. "Communications of the ACM"
French, James D. "ETC.: A Review of General Semantics"
French, Jameson "New Hampshire Business Review"
French, Jamey; Gross, Martin "New Hampshire Business Review"
French, Jason "ROM Magazine"
French, Jay "Shooting Industry"
French, Jeffrey "Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society"
French, Jennifer "Distance Learning"
French, Jennifer L. "Conradiana"
French, Jim "Buildings"
French, Joe "Real Estate Weekly"
French, John "Optometry Today"
French, John "Grocery Headquarters"
French, John D. "Business History Review"
French, John D. "ILR Review"
French, John E.; Gatti, Daniel M.; Morgan, Daniel L.; Kissiing, Grace E.; Shockley, Keith R.; Knudse "Environmental Health Perspectives"
French, Joseph C. "Real Estate Weekly"
French, Joseph C., Jr. "Real Estate Weekly"
French, Julie "Sarasota Magazine"
French, Justin "Army Communicator"
French, Karen; Jones, Lyndon "Optometry Today"
French, Karin "Financial Executive"
French, Karyn "Professional Engineering Magazine"
French, Katherine L. "Church History"
French, Kathryn; Hinds, John; Stenhoff, Donald M.; Slocum, Tim "ERIC: Reports"
French, Kelly E.; Perry, Kristeen R.; Boyd, Linda D.; Giblin-Scanlon, Lori J. "Journal of Dental Hygiene"
French, Kimberly "Nieman Reports"
French, Kiyomi J.; Shackell, Nancy L.; den Heyer, Cornelia E. "Fishery Bulletin"
French, Laura "Laboratory Equipment"
French, Laurence Armand "ERIC: Reports"
French, Lee "Guns Magazine"
French, Lee "American Handgunner"
French, Lesley C.; Dietrich, Mary S.; Labadie, Robert F. "Ear, Nose and Throat Journal"
French, Leslie C. "Real Estate Weekly"
French, Linda "Contemporary Review"
French, Linda "Journal of Family Practice"
French, Linda; Horton, Jennifer; Matousek, Michelle "Journal of Family Practice"
French, Linda; Kendall, Susan "Journal of Family Practice"
French, Linda; Nashelsky, Joan "Journal of Family Practice"
French, Linda; Smith, Mindy; Shimp, Leslie "Journal of Family Practice"
French, Lindsay "Journal of Southeast Asian Studies"
French, Louise "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
French, Lucia; Conezio, Kathleen; Boynton, Marylou "ERIC: Reports"
French, M. Todd "U.S. Army Medical Department Journal"
French, Mandy K. "Journal of Accountancy"
French, Margaret "Voices: The Journal of New York Folklore"
French, Margot "The Birmingham Post (England)"
French, Marie "New York Times Upfront"
French, Marilyn "Conscience"
French, Marilyn "The Nation"
French, Marilyn "Free Inquiry"
French, Marilyn; Friedman, Jane; Wilson, Lee "The Women's Review of Books"
French, Mark "Franchising World"
French, Martha M. "ERIC: Reports"
French, Marti "Mother Earth News"
French, Marti "Grit"
French, Matt "Thrasher"
French, Michael "Business History Review"
French, Michael T.; Fang, Hai; Balsa, Ana I. "Health Services Research"
French, Michael T.; Gumus, Gulcin "Economic Inquiry"
French, Michael T.; Homer, Jenny; Gumus, Gulcin; Hickling, Lucas "Health Services Research"
French, Michael T.; Salome, Helena J.; Sindelar, Jody L.; McLellan, A. Thomas "Health Services Research"
French, Michael T.; Zarkin, Gary A.; Dunlap, Laura J. "Contemporary Economic Policy"
French, Michelle "Herizons"
French, Mike "The Journal of Transport History"
French, Mike; Klotz, Jim "Military Police"
French, Mikela "Irish Literary Supplement"
French, Nancy K. "ERIC: Reports"
French, Nick; Gabrielli, Laura "Appraisal Journal"
French, Nils N. "Engineer: The Professional Bulletin for Army Engineers"
French, Patrick "Bookmarks"
French, Patrick "The Modern Language Review"
French, Peter "Mech"
French, Richard "Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)"
French, Richard D. "Canadian Public Administration"
French, Richard H. "Journal of Soil and Water Conservation"
French, Rick; Hernandez, Karrah "Government Finance Review"
French, Risa "Mother Earth News"
French, Robert "Melbourne University Law Review"
French, Robert C. "ERIC: Reports"
French, Robert L. "The Futurist"
French, Robert S. "Melbourne University Law Review"
French, Robert; Jones, Malcolm "Australian Journal of Water Resources"
French, Rose "The Horn Call"
French, Ruth "Australian Journal of Language and Literacy"
French, Ruth "Practically Primary"
French, Ruth "Practical Literacy"
French, Ryan "Strategic Studies Quarterly"
French, Sally "Age and Ageing"
French, Samuel W. "Alcohol Research: Current Reviews"
French, Sandra W. "Ebony"
French, Sarah "Traffic (Parkville)"
French, Scot "Journal of Social History"
French, Shanna "Arkansas Business"
French, Shannon E. "Parameters"
French, Shannon E. "Journal of Defense Resources Management"
French, Simon D.; Parkes, Ronda; Bruno, Paul; Passmore, Steven; Hayden, Jill A.; Srbely, John; Kawch "Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association"
French, Simone "Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy"
French, Stacey "Offshore Yachting"
French, Stephanie "Nutraceuticals World"
French, Stephanie "Grocer"
French, Steve "Customer"
French, Steven "The Review of Metaphysics"
French, Steven "The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science"
French, Sue "Sky & Telescope"
French, Sue "SkyWatch"
French, Sue; French, Alan "Sky & Telescope"
French, Susan C. "Sky & Telescope"
French, Susan C. "SkyWatch"
French, Taylor W. "Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law"
French, Thomas "Nieman Reports"
French, Thomas D.; Subramaniam, Somu "The McKinsey Quarterly"
French, Tom "Trial"
French, Tom "Nieman Reports"
French, Tom "Atlanta Review"
French, Tony "CineAction"
French, Velva "Arkansas Business"
French, William "Urban History Review"
French, William "Journal of Ecumenical Studies"
French-Corbett, Tom "National Catholic Reporter"
Frenchman, Kim "New Zealand Journal of Occupational Therapy"
Frenchman, Michael "The Middle East"
Frencken, Jo E.; Holmgren, Christopher J. "Brazilian Oral Research"
Frend, W.C. "The Journal of Theological Studies"
Frend, W.H.C. "The Journal of Theological Studies"
Frend, William H.C. "History Today"
Frendel, Ansgar "Pharmaceutical Processing"
Frendo, Amanda; Frendo, Chelsea "Practically Primary"
Frendreis, John "American Political Science Review"
Frends, Anthony J. "The Journal of the American Oriental Society"
Frene, Giovanna "Chicago Review"
Frene, Jaddiel Diaz "Historia Mexicana"
Frenette, Alexandre "Canadian Journal of Sociology"
Frenette, Karen "Info Nursing"
Frenette, Rob "LawNow"
Frenette, Yves "Canadian Journal of History"
Frenette, Yves "Canadian Ethnic Studies Journal"
Frenette, Yves "Historical Studies"
Frenette, Yves "Labour/Le Travail"
Frenette, Yves "Etudes d'histoire religieuse"
Freney, Ian "Habitat Australia"
Freney, Ian; Fiori, Gioia; Susan; Lovell, Sue; Lunt, Ian "Habitat Australia"
Frenger, Paul "Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences"
Freni, J.K.; Jain, A.K.; Narve, V.P.; Sachan, Manish Kumar; Jhawar, Kavish "Journal of Evolution of Medical and Dental Sciences"
Freniere, Col Robert W.; Dickmann, Cmdr John Q.; Cares, Cmdr Jeffrey R. "Air & Space Power Journal"
Frenk, Julio; Gomez Dantes, Octavio "Letras Libres"
Frenk, Margit "Olivar: Revista de literatura y cultura espanolas"
Frenk, Margit "Nueva Revista de Filologia Hispanica"
Frenk, Ruth "Journal of Singing"
Frenk, Steven M. "Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report"
Frenk, Susan F. "The Modern Language Review"
Frenkel, Amit; Binyamin, Yair; Brotfain, Evgeni; Koyfman, Leonid; Roy-Shapira, Aviel; Shelef, Ilan; "Case Reports in Critical Care"
Frenkel, Caty "Revista de Biologia Tropical"
Frenkel, Felix E.; Korotkova, Maria A.; Korotkov, Eugene V. "BioMed Research International"
Frenkel, Jacob "Boomer Market Advisor"
Frenkel, Jacob S. "Boomer Market Advisor"
Frenkel, Karen "Communications of the ACM"
Frenkel, Karen A. "Communications of the ACM"
Frenkel, Len "The Humanist"
Frenkel, Lior "Insurance Advocate"
Frenkel, Michael; Koske, Isabell "Atlantic Economic Journal"
Frenkel, Nicola C.; Lacle, Miangela M.; Rinkes, Inne H.M. Borel; Molenaar, Izaak Q.; Hagendoorn, Jer "Case Reports in Surgery"
Frenkel, Roberto "Comparative Economic Studies"
Frenkel, Stephen J. "ILR Review"
Frenkel, Stephen J. "Organization Studies"
FRENKEL, STEPHEN J. "International Journal of Comparative Sociology"
Frenkel, Steven J. "ILR Review"
Frenkel, Yehoshua "The Journal of the American Oriental Society"
Frenkiel, Eric "Database Trends & Applications"
Frenkil, Leonard, Jr.; Szimanski, Mike "Journal of Property Management"
Frenn, Jason "USA Today (Magazine)"
Freno, Michael "Cornell International Law Journal"
Frenquellucci, Chiara "Italica"
Frenquellucci, Chiara "Annali d'Italianistica"
Frensch, Richard "Comparative Economic Studies"
Frensch, Richard; Schmillen, Achim "Comparative Economic Studies"
Frent, Cristi; Niculescu, Alina; Creinicean, Nadina "Romanian Economic and Business Review"
Frentiu, Rodica "Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies"
Frentzel-Beyme, Rainer "Environmental Health Perspectives"
Frenz, Florida "The Exceptional Parent"
Frenz, Harald; Lappe, Markus "Spanish Journal of Psychology"
Frenz, Matthias "International Bulletin of Missionary Research"
Frenzel, Greg "Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World"
Frenzel, Sam "District Administration"
Frenzen, Paul D. "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Frenzy, JASON LAMPORT "The Mirror (London, England)"
Freo, Janete Deliberali; de Moraes, Lidiane Borges Dias; Colussi, Rosana; Mossmann, Juliane; Elias, "Ciencia Rural"
Freppel, Laura "ERIC: Reports"
Frere, Cathryn L. "Journal of Dental Hygiene"
Frere-Jones, Sasha "Artforum International"
Frerichs, Jonathan "The Ecumenical Review"
Frerichs, Leah; Huang, Terry T.-K.; Chen, Duan-Rung "Journal of Obesity"
Frerichs, Ralph R. "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Frerichs, Rebecca L.; Di Rienzo, Stephen R. "Joint Force Quarterly"
Frerichs, Robert N. "Directors & Boards"
Frerichs, Sabine "Management International Review"
Frericks, Sadie "Agri Marketing"
Freriksen, Astrid; Ruter, Barbara L.A. de; Groenenberg, Hendrik-Jan; Scharloo, Willem; Heinstra, Pie "Evolution"
Freriksen, Astrid; Seykens, Don; Heinstra, Pieter W.H. "Evolution"
Frering, Daniel "LD+A Magazine"
FRERKING, BETH "American Journalism Review"
Frerking, Christopher; Gill-Frerking, Heather "Art Antiquity & Law"
Frers, Cristian "Observatorio Medioambiental"
Fresan Rodrigo; Pron, Patricio "Letras Libres"
Fresan, Rodrigo "World Literature Today"
Fresan, Rodrigo "Letras Libres"
Fresca, Tania Maria "Geo Uerj"
Fresch, Cheryl H. "Christianity and Literature"
Freschet, Paula "Sunset"
Freschet, Paula Smith "Sunset"
Freschi, Claire; Broach, Darron "New York Times Upfront"
Freschi, Elisa "The Journal of the American Oriental Society"
Fresco, Jacque "The Futurist"
Fresco, Jacque; Meadows, Roxanne "The Futurist"
Frese, Ethel "Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy Journal"
Frese, Ethel M. "Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy Journal"
Frese, Ethel M.; Fick, Ann; Sadowsky, H. Steven "Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy Journal"
Frese, Michael; Rousseau, Denise M.; Wiklund, Johan "Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice"
Frese, Millie K., Ed. "ERIC: Reports"
Frese, Patricia A. "Journal of Dental Hygiene"
Frese, Patricia A.; McClure, Elizabeth A.; Schierling, Janelle M.; Stegeman, Cynthia A. "Journal of Dental Hygiene"
Frese, Richard C. "Risk Management"
Frese, Thomas; Druckrey, Henriette; Sandholzer, Hagen "International Scholarly Research Notices"
Fresen, Sue, Ed. "ERIC: Reports"
Fresen, Sue, Ed.; Goldstein, Jeren, Ed. "ERIC: Reports"
Fresen, Sue, Ed.; Wilson, Kelly, Ed. "ERIC: Reports"
Fresen, Sue,; Logan, Joshua; McCarron, Kathleen "ERIC: Reports"
Fresen, Sue; Logan, Joshua; McCarron, Kathleen "ERIC: Reports"
Fresh, Daniel P. "Army Logistician"
Fresh, Edith M. "Families, Systems & Health"
Freshman, Audrey "Health and Social Work"
Freshman, Clark "Stanford Law Review"
Freshour, Michelle "Mother Earth News"
Freshwater, Amy "Vitae Scholasticae"
Freshwater, Amy; Sherwood, Elizabeth; Mbugua, Esther "Childhood Education"
Freshwater, David "ERIC: Reports"
Freshwater, David; Scorsone, Eric "ERIC: Reports"
Freshwater, Helen "Theatre Notebook"
Freshwater, Judith B. "Armed Forces Comptroller"
Freshwater, Lori "Earth Island Journal"
Freshwater, Mark A. "Plastics Engineering"
Freshwater-Turner, D.A.; Boots, R.J.; Bowman, R.N.; Healy, H.G.; Klestov, A.C. "Anaesthesia and Intensive Care"
Fresi, Wolfgang "Early Music"
Fresia, Aimee "Arts & Activities"
Fresina, Paul "JCT CoatingsTech"
Fresko, Marc "Information Management Journal"
Freskos, Brian "Community College Week"
Fresneau, Emilie "For A Change"
Fresneda, Carlos "Semana"
Fresneda, Jose L. Bolivar "CENTRO: Journal of the Center for Puerto Rican Studies"
Fresneda, Raul Gutierrez "Revista Complutense de Educacion"
Fresno Calleja, Paloma "Atlantis, revista de la Asociacion Espanola de Estudios Anglo-Norteamericanos"
Fresno Chavez, Caridad; Rodriguez Martinezl, Dailyn "Ciencias de la Informacion (Science of Information)"
Fresno Rodriguez, Andres; Spencer Contreras, Rosario; Retamal Castro, Tania "Universitas Psychologica"
Fresno, N. "Semana"
Fresno, Nacho "Semana"
Fresno, Nazaret "Revista Hermeneus"
Fresno-Calleja, Paloma "International Journal of English Studies"
Fresnoza-Flot, Asuncion; Perraudin, Anna "Anthropologie et Societes"
Fresohet, Paula "Sunset"
Fresolo, John "Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)"
Fresque, Jennifer "Environments"
Fresques, Thomas D.; Ramey, Robert C.; Dekleva, Gregor J. "Southwestern Naturalist"
Fressia, Alfredo "Revista Cuadernos de Literatura"
Fressner, Manfred "Art and Christianity"
Fressoli, Mariano; Garrido, Santiago; Picabea, Facundo; Lalouf, Alberto; Fenoglio, Valeria "Revista Universitas Humanistica"
Frest, Kevin J. "Art Business News"
Frest, Terrence J.; Johannes, Edward J. "Journal of the Idaho Academy of Science"
Fresta, Maria Catina "Hecate"
Freston, Paul "Intersecoes - revista de estudos interdisciplinares"
Freta, Lewis "New Zealand International Review"
Fretes Carreras, Luis Antonio "America Latina Hoy"
Fretheim, Atle; Williams, John W., Jr.; Oxman, Andrew D.; Herrin, Jeph "Journal of Family Practice"
Fretheim, Kjetil "International Review of Mission"
Fretheim, Terence E. "Theological Studies"
Fretheim, Terence E. "Shofar"
Fretin, David; Mori, Marcella; Czaplicki, Guy; Quinet, Christian; Maquet, Benott; Godfroid, Jacques; "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Frett, Darwin A. "Army Sustainment"
Frett, Jerome "Journal of Accountancy"
Frett, Latanya Mapp "Conscience"
Frettloh, Dirk; Garber, Alexey "Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science"
Fretton, Fetuao "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
Fretts, Bruce "Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)"
Fretueg, Gregory R.; Martin, Terrance J.; Widga, Chris; Ruez, Dennis R., Jr. "The American Midland Naturalist"
Fretwall, Sammy "Nuclear Waste News"
Fretwell, David "Techniques"
Fretwell, David H.; Lewis, Morgan V.; Deij, Arjen "ERIC: Reports"
Fretwell, David H.; Wheeler, Antony "ERIC: Reports"
Fretwell, Holly Lippke; Podolsky, Michael J. "Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum"
Fretwell, Katerina "Antigonish Review"
Fretwell, Katie "Apollo"
Fretwell, L. Darwin "U.S. Army Medical Department Journal"
Fretwell, Nathan "Anarchist Studies"
Fretwell, Pam "Agri Marketing"
Fretwell, Sammy "Nuclear Waste News"
Fretwell, Tamsin "Geographical"
Fretz, Bob "State Magazine"
Fretz, Eric "Academic Exchange Quarterly"
Fretz, Eric "Studies in American Fiction"
Fretz, Lauren E. "Film & History"
Fretz, Lewis "New Zealand International Review"
Fretz, Ralph "Corrections Today"
Fretz, Ralph; Heilbrun, Kirk; Brown, Devon "Corrections Compendium"
Freud, Benjamin "SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia"
Freud, Ciement "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Freud, Clememnt "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Freud, Clement "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Freud, Clemet "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Freud, John "Communications News"
Freud, Marc "Real Estate Weekly"
Freud, Marc J. "Real Estate Weekly"
Freud, Mark "Real Estate Weekly"
Freud, Sigmund "Siempre!"
Freud, Sigmund "Algarabia"
Freud-Kandel, Miri "American Jewish History"
Freudenberg, Brett; Brimble, Mark; Vyvyan, Victoria "e-Journal of Business Education and Scholarship Teaching"
Freudenberg, Brett; Nathie, Mahmood "Review of Business"
Freudenberg, Nicholas; Cohen, Nevin; Poppendieck, Janet; Willingham, Craig "Fordham Urban Law Journal"
Freudenberg, Nicholas; Ruglis, Jessica "ERIC: Reports"
Freudenberger, Nell "Bookmarks"
Freudenberger, Richard "New Life Journal"
Freudenberger, Richard "Mother Earth News"
Freudenburg, Kirk "The Classical Quarterly"
Freudenburg, William "World Watch"
Freudenburg, William R.; Gramling, Robert; Laska, Shirley; Erikson, Kai T. "World Watch"
Freudenburg, William; Gramling, Robert; Davidson, Debre "World Watch"
Freudenreich, Oliver "Current Psychiatry"
Freudenreich, Oliver; Kontos, Nicholas; Querques, John "Current Psychiatry"
Freudenreich, Oliver; Querques, John; Kontos, Nicholas "Current Psychiatry"
Freudenschuss, Magdalena "Journal of International Women's Studies"
Freudenthal, Bob "Public Works"
Freudenthal, Dan "Risk Management"
Freudenthal, Jacqueline J. "Journal of Dental Hygiene"
Freudenthal, Jacqueline J.; Bowen, Denise M. "Journal of Dental Hygiene"
Freudenthal, Jacqueline; Bowen, Denise M. "Journal of Dental Hygiene"
Freuler, Sebastian Sanchez "Americas (English Edition)"
Freuling, Conrad M.; Beer, Martin; Conraths, Franz J.; Finke, Stefan; Hoffmann, Bernd; Keller, Barba "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Freund Carvajal, Max "Signos Filosoficos"
Freund, Alexander "Inroads: A Journal of Opinion"
Freund, Alexander "Canadian Journal of History"
Freund, Alexander "Canadian Ethnic Studies Journal"
Freund, Alexander "Ethnologies"
Freund, Alexander "The Oral History Review"
Freund, Alexander "Manitoba History"
Freund, Alexander "Teaching History: A Journal of Methods"
Freund, Alexander; Quilici, Laura "The Oral History Review"
Freund, Alice "Environmental Health Perspectives"
FREUND, BERNADETTE "Wood & Wood Products"
Freund, Bill "Transformation"
Freund, Bill "Africa"
Freund, C.; Oliver, S. "Economic Indicators"
Freund, C.P. "Reason"
Freund, Charles Paid "Reason"
Freund, Charles Paul "Reason"
Freund, Charles Paul "Reason Magazine"
Freund, Daniel "National Underwriter Life & Health"
Freund, David "Computer Technology Review"
Freund, David G. "Wood & Wood Products"
Freund, Deborah A.; Rossiter, Louis F.; Fox, Peter D.; Meyer, Jack A.; Hurley, Robert E.; Carey, Tim "Health Care Financing Review"
Freund, Elizabeth "Renaissance Quarterly"
Freund, Elizabeth M. "Journal of Asian and African Studies"
Freund, Jack "Real Estate Weekly"
Freund, James C. "Directors & Boards"
Freund, Jeffrey; Kraus, Connie; Hooper-Lane, Christopher; Guthmann, Rick "Journal of Family Practice"
Freund, Katharina "Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy"
Freund, Kyle "Tea & Coffee Trade Journal"
Freund, Mark I. "Financial Executive"
Freund, Matthew "Security Management"
Freund, Matthew Z. "Engineer: The Professional Bulletin for Army Engineers"
Freund, Max A. "Critica"
Freund, Petra "Mech"
Freund, Rachel; Kelsberg, Gary; Safranek, Sarah; Neher, Jon O. "Journal of Family Practice"
Freund, Robert F. "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Freund, Sandy "Virginia Tax Review"
FREUND, STEPHEN N.; MITCHELL, JOHN C. "ACM Transactions on Programming Languages & Systems"
Freund, Steven; Prezas, Alexandros P.; Vasudevan, Gopala K. "Financial Management"
Freund, Steven; Trahan, Emery A.; Vasudevan, Gopala K. "Financial Management"
Freund, Thomas "ASHRAE Transactions"
Freund, Thomas "ASHRAE Conference Papers"
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