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Fisiak, Jacek "Studia Anglica Posnaniensia: international review of English Studies"
Fisichella, David "Aviation Safety"
Fisichella, Rino "Mensaje"
Fisichelli, Glynn-Ellen "ELH"
Fisk, Bob "Alaska Business Monthly"
Fisk, Brent "Prairie Schooner"
Fisk, Candace D.; Hurst, Beth "Social Education"
Fisk, Catherine L. "Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy"
Fisk, Catherine L.; Malamud, Deborah C. "Duke Law Journal"
Fisk, Charles "Notes"
Fisk, Courtney "Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World"
Fisk, Daniel W. "DISAM Journal"
Fisk, Donald M. "Monthly Labor Review"
Fisk, Donald; Forte, Darlene "Monthly Labor Review"
Fisk, E.; Poropat, G.; Bilic-Zulle, L.; Licul, V.; Milic, S.; Stimac, D. "Gastroenterology Research and Practice"
Fisk, George "European Journal of Marketing"
Fisk, John E. "British Journal of Psychology"
Fisk, John E.; Montgomery, Catharine; Murphy, Philip; Wareing, Michelle "British Journal of Psychology"
Fisk, Karen "History Today"
Fisk, Kellee J. "Health Management Technology"
Fisk, Kylie; Fitzgerald, Richard; Cokley, John "Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy"
Fisk, Laura K.; Flores, Marcel H.; McMinn, Mark R.; Aten, Jamie D.; Hill, Peter C.; Tisdale, Theresa "Journal of Psychology and Christianity"
Fisk, Mary Beth "Medical Laboratory Observer"
Fisk, Melany C.; Schmidt Steven K.; Seastedt, Timothy R. "Ecology"
Fisk, Milton "Monthly Review"
Fisk, Milton "Praxis Filosofica"
Fisk, Peter C. "Monthly Labor Review"
Fisk, Raymond P. "Revista Innovar"
Fisk, Raymond P.; Brown, Stephen W.; Bitner, Mary Jo "Journal of Retailing"
FISK, ROBERT "The Progressive"
Fisk, Robert "The Middle East"
Fisk, Robert "The Mirror (London, England)"
Fisk, Robert "Semana"
Fisk, Robert "The Nation"
Fisk, Robert "Harper's Magazine"
Fisk, Stephen "The Review of Contemporary Fiction"
Fisk, Susan "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Fisk, Todd M. "Defense Transportation Journal"
Fisk, Umbra "Habitat Australia"
Fisk, William "Academic Exchange Quarterly"
Fisk, William "ASHRAE Journal"
Fisk, William J.; Satish, Usha; Mendell, Mark J.; Hotchi, Toshifumi; Sullivan, Douglas "ASHRAE Journal"
Fiskari, Juha "Solutions - for People, Processes and Paper"
Fiske, Amy "Voice of Youth Advocates"
Fiske, Courtney "The Brooklyn Rail"
Fiske, David "Technical Communication"
Fiske, Edward B. "New York Times Upfront"
Fiske, Edward B. "Education Next"
Fiske, Edward B. "ERIC: Reports"
Fiske, Edward B.; Ladd, Helen F. "Phi Delta Kappan"
FISKE, EDWARD B.; LADD, HELEN F. "The American Prospect"
Fiske, Edward B.; Ladd, Helen F. "ERIC: Reports"
Fiske, Fred "The Masthead"
Fiske, John A. "Michigan Lawyers Weekly"
Fiske, John A. "Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly"
Fiske, John R.; Lamb, James C.; Morss, Mark F. "Business Economics"
Fiske, Kate "NZ Business"
Fiske, Lucy "Refuge"
Fiske, Peter "Science News"
Fiske, Phineas "The Masthead"
Fiske, Phineas R. "The Masthead"
Fiske, Thomas; Gokturk, Halit S.; Yazici, Rahmi; Kalyon, Dilhan M. "Polymer Engineering and Science"
Fiske., Amy "Voice of Youth Advocates"
Fisler, Ben "Shakespeare Bulletin"
Fisman, David "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Fisman, David N. "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
FISMAN, HARVEY M. "Household & Personal Products Industry"
Fisman, Raymond "NBER Reporter"
Fisnarova, Simona; Marik, Robert "Abstract and Applied Analysis"
Fison, Julie "Reading Time"
Fison, Maryrose "Geographical"
Fiss, Owen "Yale Law Journal"
Fiss, Owen "Albany Law Review"
Fiss, Owen M. "Yale Law Journal"
Fiss, Owen M. "Review of Constitutional Studies"
Fiss, Owen M. "The Nation"
Fisse, Brent "University of Queensland Law Journal"
Fissel, Laura "Sky & Telescope"
Fissel, Mark Charles "Renaissance Quarterly"
Fissel, Mark Charles "Canadian Journal of History"
Fissel, Mark Charles "T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education)"
Fissel, Mark Charles "The Historian"
Fistel, Sloane "Franchising World"
Fister, Barbara "Information Today"
Fister, Dusan; Safaric, Riko; Fister, Iztok, Jr.; Fister, Iztok "Informatica"
Fister, Iztok, Jr. "Informatica"
Fister, Iztok, Jr.; Fong, Simon; Brest, Janez; Fister, Iztok "The Scientific World Journal"
Fister, Iztok, Jr.; Yang, Xin-She; Ljubic, Karin; Fister, Dusan; Brest, Janez; Fister, Iztok "The Scientific World Journal"
Fister, Madeleine Ducey "National Catholic Reporter"
Fistetti, Francesca "Forum Italicum"
Fistick, Robert E. "Library Trends"
Fistikci, Nurhan "Archives of Neuropsychiatry"
Fistikci, Nurhan; Hacioglu, Munevver; Erek, Sakire; Tabo, Abdulkadir; Erten, Evrim; Guler, Aysegul S "Archives of Neuropsychiatry"
Fistos, Mark S. "Florida Bar Journal"
Fiszar, Michael; Gruszczynski, Jerzy "Journal of Electronic Defense"
Fiszer, Edward "Academic Exchange Quarterly"
Fiszer, Machal; Gruszczynski, Jerzy "Journal of Electronic Defense"
Fiszer, Maj (ret) Michal "Journal of Electronic Defense"
Fiszer, Michael "Journal of Electronic Defense"
Fiszer, Michal "Journal of Electronic Defense"
Fiszer, Michal; Cruszczynski, Jerzy "Journal of Electronic Defense"
Fiszer, Michal; Gershanoff, Hal "Journal of Electronic Defense"
Fiszer, Michal; Gruszczynski, Jerry "Journal of Electronic Defense"
Fiszer, Michal; Gruszczynski, Jerzy "Journal of Electronic Defense"
Fiszer, Michal; Gruszczynski, Jerzy "Microwave Journal"
Fiszer, Michal; Gruszczynski, Jerzy; Rivers, Brendan P. "Journal of Electronic Defense"
Fiszer, Michal; McKenna, Ted "Journal of Electronic Defense"
Fiszer, Michal; Rivers, Brendan P.; McKenna, Ted; Sherman, Kenneth B.; Singh, Pulkit "Journal of Electronic Defense"
Fitas, Adam "Sarmatian Review"
Fitazerald, Gary "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Fitch Osuna, Jesus Manuel; Soto Canales, Karina; Garza Mendiola, Ricardo "Estudios Demograficos y Urbanos"
Fitch, A.N. "Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology"
Fitch, Anita J. "Army Lawyer"
Fitch, Aprella "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Fitch, Brad "Association Management"
Fitch, Brian "The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin"
Fitch, Brian "Prairie Schooner"
Fitch, Brian D. "The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin"
Fitch, Candi "Grocery Headquarters"
Fitch, Chris "Geographical"
Fitch, Cindy; Donato, Louise; Strawder, Paula "West Virginia Medical Journal"
Fitch, Clyde "Best's Review"
Fitch, Cris "Geographical"
Fitch, Dale "Social Work"
Fitch, Dale; Peet, Melissa; Reed, Beth Glover; Tolman, Richard "Journal of Social Work Education"
Fitch, Deborah A. "Education"
Fitch, Fabrice "Early Music"
Fitch, Gareth L. "Revista Complutense de Ciencias Veterinarias"
Fitch, Greg K. "The American Biology Teacher"
Fitch, Gregory G.; Martin, Joe; Medley, Susanne C.; Stein, Robert; Wittstruck, John "ERIC: Reports"
Fitch, Gregory G.; Stein, Robert; Matchefts, Jim; Peterson, Dan; Imhoff, Donna; Miner, Brenda; Fenne "ERIC: Reports"
Fitch, J. Patrick "Medical Laboratory Observer"
Fitch, J. Thomas "Pediatric News"
Fitch, Jannah; Nogales, Daniel "Journal of the Idaho Academy of Science"
Fitch, John "R & D"
Fitch, John C., Jr. "Progressive Grocer"
Fitch, John; Zeiss, Carl "R & D"
Fitch, K. K. "The National Public Accountant"
Fitch, Karen K "The National Public Accountant"
Fitch, Kate "Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy"
Fitch, Kate; Matheson, Donald; Bourk, Michael "Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy"
Fitch, Lily "Health Management Technology"
Fitch, Matthew "Agent's Sales Journal"
Fitch, Mattie "Twentieth Century Communism"
Fitch, Melissa A. "Chasqui"
Fitch, Nancy "The Historian"
Fitch, Nancy Elizabeth "The Historian"
Fitch, Nancy-Elizabeth "The Oral History Review"
Fitch, Noel Riley "Contemporary Literature"
Fitch, Paula "Journal of Dental Hygiene"
Fitch, Robert "The Nation"
Fitch, Robert; Meyerson, Harold "The American Prospect"
Fitch, Stephane "The Nation"
Fitch, Trey J.; Marshall, Jennifer L. "Counselor Education and Supervision"
Fitch, Trey; Marshall, Jennifer "ERIC: Reports"
Fitch, Trey; Newby, Earl; Ballestero, Victor; Marshall, Jennifer L. "Counselor Education and Supervision"
Fitch, Victoria A. "ERIC: Reports"
Fitch, W. Lawrence "Developments in Mental Health Law"
Fitchett, Jennifer; Hoogendoorn, Gijsbert "International Trade Forum"
Fitchett, Joseph Robert; Javier Vallecillo, Antonio; Espitia, Clara "Revista Panamericana de Salud Publica"
Fitchett, Maxine "Medical Update"
Fitchett, Sue "Hecate"
Fitchett, Sue "Atlanta Review"
Fitchett, Tony "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
Fitchew, Jonathan "Training Journal"
Fitchew, Stewart "International Small Business Journal"
Fite, Kathleen "Childhood Education"
Fite, Kathleen E. "Educational Leadership"
Fite, Kathy "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Fite-Wassilak, Chris "Apollo"
Fitgerald, Mark "Editor & Publisher"
Fitgerald-Hoyt, Mary "Irish Literary Supplement"
Fithen, Royce "Risk Management"
Fithian, Janet H. "Journal of School Health"
Fiti, Taki "Crossroads Foreign Policy Journal"
Fitler, Stephani R. "Childhood Education"
Fito, Dennis "OBG Management"
Fitouhi, Ahmed; Nemri, Akram; Haddad, Meniar "Tamsui Oxford Journal of Mathematical Sciences"
Fitouhi, Ahmed; Safraouiz, Amel "Tamsui Oxford Journal of Mathematical Sciences"
Fitrakis, Bob; Wasserman, Harvey "AMASS"
Fitrell, Kathryn "State Magazine"
Fitria, Sisca Eka; Yuliana, Eka "International Journal of Business"
Fitriani, Evi "Contemporary Southeast Asia"
Fitriani, Evi "Geopolitics, History, and International Relations"
Fitriani, Rahma; Sumarminingsih, Eni "Theoretical and Empirical Researches in Urban Management"
Fitriyah, Dina; Wahyudi, Aris Tri; Rusmana, Iman "Advances in Environmental Biology"
Fitschen, Janis; Foust, Ronald; Martin, Mary Joy "National Catholic Reporter"
Fitsimmons, Ron "Conscience"
Fitstenfeld, Jane "Wines & Vines"
Fitt, M "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Fitt, Virginia A. "Duke Law Journal"
FITT, W. K. "The Biological Bulletin"
Fitt, W.K.; Warner, M.E. "The Biological Bulletin"
Fittante, Joseph, Jr. "Franchising World"
Fittapaldi, Santiago "Tea & Coffee Trade Journal"
Fitte, Bruno; del Rosario Robles, M.; Dellarupe, Andrea; Unzaga, Juan M.; Navone, Graciela T. "Mastozoologia Neotropical"
Fitten, Marc "Prairie Schooner"
Fitter, Chris "Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England"
Fitter, Chris "Shakespeare Studies"
Fitter, Fawn "Tablet Magazine"
Fitterer, John "Camping Magazine"
Fitterman, Stan "Partners in Community and Economic Development"
Fitterman, Tobe Jane "Buildings"
Fitting, Peter "Arena Journal"
Fitting, Peter "Utopian Studies"
Fittipaldi, Emiliano "Proceso"
Fittipaldi, Nahuel; Collis, Tarquin; Prothero, Bryscen; Gottschalk, Marcelo "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Fittipaldi, Nahuel; Olsen, Randall J.; Beres, Stephen B.; Van Beneden, Chris; Musser, James M. "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Fittipaldi, Nahuel; Xu, Jiangu; Lacouture, Sonia; Tharavichitkul, Prasit; Osaki, Makoto; Sekizaki, T "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Fittipaldi, Santiago "Latin Trade"
Fittipaldi, Santiago "CubaNews"
Fittipaldi, Santiago "Tea & Coffee Trade Journal"
Fittipaldi, Santiago "Revista Latin Trade (Spanish)"
Fittipaldi, Silvio E. "Journal of Ecumenical Studies"
Fitton, Andy "Professional Engineering Magazine"
Fitton, Kevin "Phi Delta Kappan"
Fitts, Alexandra "Journal of Caribbean Literatures"
Fitts, Alexandra "Confluencia: Revista Hispanica de Cultura y Literatura"
Fitts, Alexis "Mother Jones"
Fitts, Deborah "American Forests"
Fitts, Elizabeth H. "ERIC: Reports"
Fitts, James A.; Rowe, Marshall G. "Journal of Accountancy"
Fitts, James A.; Weeks, John; Rowe, Marshall G. "Financial Executive"
Fitts, James; Rowe, Marshall "Investment Advisor"
Fitts, Jim; Rowe, Marshall "New Hampshire Business Review"
Fitts, John "American Gunsmith"
Fitts, John P. "The New American"
Fitts, John P. "Guns Magazine"
Fitts, Karen "College Literature"
Fitts, Michael "University of Pennsylvania Law Review"
Fitts, Michael A. "University of Pennsylvania Law Review"
Fitts, Robert K. "The National Pastime"
Fitts, Robert K. "The Baseball Research Journal"
Fitts, Robert K. "Nine"
Fitts, Roderick "The Objective Standard"
Fitts, Shanan; Gross, Lisa A. "Teacher Education Quarterly"
Fitts, Sherri D.; Sebby, Rickard A.; Zlokovich, Martha S. "North American Journal of Psychology"
Fittz, Gregg "Rural Telecommunications"
Fitz, Andreas "CRM Magazine"
Fitz, Caitlin A. "Civil War History"
Fitz, Don "Synthesis/Regeneration"
Fitz, Don "Green Social Thought: A Magazine of Synthesis and Regeneration"
Fitz, Don; Kaminski, Tim "Synthesis/Regeneration"
Fitz, Earl E.; Fitz, Ezra E. "The Faulkner Journal"
Fitz, Heather "Curve"
Fitz, Hope K. "Forum on Public Policy: A Journal of the Oxford Round Table"
Fitz, James "Thrasher"
Fitz, Joel "Military Police"
Fitz, John; Beers, Bryan "ERIC: Reports"
Fitz, John; Taylor, Chris; Gorard, Stephen; White, Patrick "ERIC: Reports"
Fitz, Maurice "The Mirror (London, England)"
Fitz, Michael A. "Guns Magazine"
Fitz, Nuggy "HFN The Weekly Newspaper for the Home Furnishing Network"
Fitz-Claridge, Liberty "Libertarian Papers"
Fitz-enz, Jac "Tooling & Production"
Fitz-enz, Jac "Employment Relations Today"
Fitz-Gerald, Sean "Variety"
Fitz-Gerald, Sean; Hofler, Robert; Fairley, Juliette; Vivarelli, Nick "Variety"
Fitz-Gibbon, Kate "Melbourne University Law Review"
Fitz-Henry, Erin "Oceania"
Fitz-Patrick, Bill "Saturday Evening Post"
Fitz-Patrick, Bill "PN - Paraplegia News"
Fitzallen, Noleine "Australian Mathematics Teacher"
Fitzallen, Noleine "Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom"
Fitzallen, Noleine; Watson, Jane; Wright, Suzie "Australian Primary Mathematics Classroom"
Fitzburgh, Amanda "Jack & Jill"
Fitzclarence, Lindsay "Australian Journal of Education"
Fitzduff, Mari "For A Change"
Fitzell, Laura "The Exceptional Parent"
Fitzer, Anna M. "Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film"
Fitzerald, James L. "The Journal of the American Oriental Society"
Fitzerald, Mark "Editor & Publisher"
Fitzerald, Therese "Real Estate Weekly"
Fitzferald, Gary "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Fitzgarrald, Jonathan "Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing"
Fitzgarrald, Jonathan R. "Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing"
Fitzgeorge-parker, Tim "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Fitzgeradl, Mark "Editor & Publisher"
Fitzgeral, Craig "Automotive Industries"
Fitzgerald Cabra, John; Talbot, Reginald J.; Joniak, Andrew J. "Revista Cuadernos de Administracion"
Fitzgerald Holman, Margaret "School Arts"
fitzgerald WHITE, ALTON "The Nation"
Fitzgerald, Adam "The American Poetry Review"
Fitzgerald, Adam "The Brooklyn Rail"
FitzGerald, Alison "Apollo"
Fitzgerald, Allan "U.S. Catholic"
Fitzgerald, Amy "Environmental Health Perspectives"
Fitzgerald, Ange; Cooper, Rebecca; Sarkar, Mahbub "Teaching Science"
Fitzgerald, Angela; Dawson, Vaille; Hackling, Mark "Teaching Science"
Fitzgerald, Angela; Schneider, Katrin "Teaching Science"
Fitzgerald, Anne "Nieman Reports"
Fitzgerald, Anne "Prairie Schooner"
Fitzgerald, Anneke; Dadich, Ann "International Employment Relations Review"
Fitzgerald, Arthur "The Racing Post (London, England)"
FitzGerald, Benedict F. "Middle East Policy"
Fitzgerald, Beverley "Hecate"
Fitzgerald, Bill "Adolescence"
Fitzgerald, Bob "Financial Executive"
Fitzgerald, Bobby; Wagner, Charlie "Farm Collector"
Fitzgerald, Brad "Medical Laboratory Observer"
Fitzgerald, Brendan "Australasian Public Libraries and Information Services"
Fitzgerald, Brenna; Olsen, Geoff; Speer, Brian "Journal of Avian Medicine and Surgery"
Fitzgerald, Brett "ColoradoBiz"
Fitzgerald, Brett "Florida Sportsman"
Fitzgerald, Brett; Kinder, Larry; Levine, Tom "Florida Sportsman"
Fitzgerald, Brian "Melbourne University Law Review"
Fitzgerald, Brian E. "T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education)"
Fitzgerald, Brian; Harmon, Lisa "ERIC: Reports"
Fitzgerald, Brian; Suzor, Nic "Melbourne University Law Review"
Fitzgerald, Bryan P.; Wojciechowski, Amy L.; Bajwa, Rajinder P.S. "Case Reports in Critical Care"
Fitzgerald, Carol "World Watch"
Fitzgerald, Catherine; Mills, Albert J. "Research and Practice in Human Resource Management"
FitzGerald, Colin "Thrasher"
Fitzgerald, Colleen M. "Linguistics: an interdisciplinary journal of the language sciences"
Fitzgerald, Craig "Automotive Industries"
Fitzgerald, Craig M. "Automotive Industries"
Fitzgerald, Cristin; Patten, Scott "Current Psychiatry"
Fitzgerald, Daniel "Variaciones Borges"
Fitzgerald, David "Parameters"
Fitzgerald, David E. "Real Estate Weekly"
Fitzgerald, David J.; Chaudhary, Bashir A.; Davis, W. Bruce "Journal of Family Practice"
FitzGerald, David Scott "Historia Mexicana"
Fitzgerald, Deanna "TD&T (Theatre Design & Technology)"
Fitzgerald, Deborah "Business History Review"
Fitzgerald, Dennis C. "Ear, Nose and Throat Journal"
FitzGerald, Desmond "Apollo"
FitzGerald, Desmond J. "The Review of Metaphysics"
Fitzgerald, Doug "New York State Conservationist"
Fitzgerald, Doug; Harrison, Ann "New York State Conservationist"
Fitzgerald, E.V.K. "Pakistan Development Review"
Fitzgerald, Edmond P.; Cater-Steel, Aileen "Communications of the ACM"
Fitzgerald, Edward A. "UCLA Journal of Environmental Law & Policy"
Fitzgerald, Edward F. "Environmental Health Perspectives"
Fitzgerald, Edward Peter "Business History Review"
FITZGERALD, EDWARD; MCNUTT, JOHN "Journal of Social Work Education"
Fitzgerald, Eileen "Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)"
Fitzgerald, Eithne; Ingolsby, Brid; Daly, Fiona "ERIC: Reports"
Fitzgerald, Emily "Melbourne Historical Journal"
Fitzgerald, F. Scott "Saturday Evening Post"
Fitzgerald, Faith "Clinical Psychiatry News"
Fitzgerald, Faith "OB GYN News"
Fitzgerald, Faith "Internal Medicine News"
FITZGERALD, FAITH "Family Practice News"
Fitzgerald, Faith T. "Internal Medicine News"
Fitzgerald, Felicity C.; Bekker, Linda-Gail; Kaplan, Richard; Myer, Landon; Lawn, Stephen D.; Wood, "South African Medical Journal"
Fitzgerald, Felicity; Naveed, Asad; Wing, Kevin; Gbessay, Musa; Ross, J.C.G.; Checchi, Francesco; Yo "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Fitzgerald, Felicity; Wing, Kevin; Naveed, Asad; Gbessay, Musa; Ross, J.C.G.; Checchi, Francesco; Yo "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Fitzgerald, Fergus "Grocer"
FitzGerald, Frances "The Nation"
FitzGerald, Frances "Harper's Magazine"
Fitzgerald, Francis Scott "Contenido"
Fitzgerald, Gail "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Fitzgerald, Gail E. "Journal of Technology and Teacher Education"
Fitzgerald, Gail E.; Koury, Kevin A.; Peng, Hsinyi "ERIC: Reports"
FitzGerald, Garret A. "Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review"
Fitzgerald, Gary "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Fitzgerald, Gary "The People (London, England)"
Fitzgerald, Gary "Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association"
Fitzgerald, Gary; Fullbrook, Danny "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
FitzGerald, George "Mortgage Banking"
Fitzgerald, George "R & D"
Fitzgerald, George R.; Sitkin, Patricia; Chichetto, James "National Catholic Reporter"
Fitzgerald, Giles "Grocer"
Fitzgerald, Greg "Printed Circuit Design & Manufacture"
Fitzgerald, Gretchen "Alternatives Journal"
Fitzgerald, Helen "National Catholic Reporter"
Fitzgerald, Hiram E. "Journal of Interactive Learning Research"
Fitzgerald, Ian "History Today"
Fitzgerald, Ian; Flint, Adam "History Today"
Fitzgerald, Ian; Hingley, Vicki "History Today"
Fitzgerald, Ian; Hodgkinson, Shaun "History Today"
Fitzgerald, James L. "The Journal of the American Oriental Society"
Fitzgerald, James M. "Approach"
Fitzgerald, James R. "The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin"
Fitzgerald, Jamie Asaye "The American Poetry Review"
FitzGerald, Jan "Atlanta Review"
Fitzgerald, Janine "Monthly Review"
Fitzgerald, Jay "The NBER Digest"
Fitzgerald, Jean; McLaughlin, Anne "Peace and Freedom"
Fitzgerald, Jeff "Risk & Insurance"
Fitzgerald, Jeff "Risk Management"
FitzGerald, Jennifer L.; Thorrold, Simon R.; Bailey, Kevin M.; Brown, Annette L.; Severin, Kenneth P "Fishery Bulletin"
Fitzgerald, Jill "Phi Delta Kappan"
Fitzgerald, Jill; Elmore, Jeff; Hiebert, Elfrieda H.; Koons, Heather H.; Bowen, Kimberly; Sanford-Mo "Phi Delta Kappan"
Fitzgerald, Jim "Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)"
Fitzgerald, Jim "National Catholic Reporter"
Fitzgerald, Jim Rosenberg And Mark "Editor & Publisher"
Fitzgerald, Joan "Sojourners"
FITZGERALD, JOAN "The American Prospect"
Fitzgerald, Joan "ERIC: Reports"
Fitzgerald, Joan "Journal of Advertising Research"
Fitzgerald, Joan; Hunt, Daphne "The American Prospect"
Fitzgerald, Joan; Sum, Andrew "The American Prospect"
Fitzgerald, Jocelyn "Women's Health Activist"
Fitzgerald, John "Buildings"
Fitzgerald, John "New Zealand Journal of Psychology"
Fitzgerald, John "Journal of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland"
Fitzgerald, John "Studies in American Jewish Literature"
FitzGerald, John D.; Boscardin, W. John; Ettner, Susan L. "Health Services Research"
FitzGerald, John D.; Boscardin, W. John; Hahn, Bevra H.; Ettner, Susan L. "Health Services Research"
FitzGerald, John Edward "Historical Studies"
Fitzgerald, John L. "Contemporary Drug Problems"
Fitzgerald, John L.; Louie, Robyn; Crofts, Nick; Rosenthal, Doreen "Contemporary Drug Problems"
FitzGerald, John R. "Notre Dame Law Review"
Fitzgerald, John T. "Theological Studies"
Fitzgerald, John W.; Schott, Max J., II "Franchising World"
FitzGerald, John; Byrne, David; Znuderl, Nusa "Journal of the Statistical and Social Inquiry Society of Ireland"
Fitzgerald, John; Curtis, Cate "New Zealand Journal of Psychology"
Fitzgerald, John; Fitzgerald, Anneke "Journal of New Business Ideas and Trends"
Fitzgerald, John; Galyer, Karma "New Zealand Journal of Psychology"
Fitzgerald, John; Gottschalk, Peter; Moffitt, Robert "Journal of Human Resources"
Fitzgerald, John; Maloney, Tim; Pacheco, Gail "New Zealand Economic Papers"
Fitzgerald, Joseph R. "The Historian"
Fitzgerald, Joy "ERIC: Reports"
Fitzgerald, Joyce L. "Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science"
Fitzgerald, Julie L.; Watkins, Marley "Exceptional Children"
FitzGerald, K.; Lynch, S.A.; McKiernan, E. "European Archives of Paediatric Dentistry"
Fitzgerald, Kara N.; Nelson-Dooley, Cass; Janel, Kathleen "Townsend Letter"
Fitzgerald, Karen "Science World"
Fitzgerald, Karen "MedSurg Nursing"
Fitzgerald, Karl "Arena Magazine"
Fitzgerald, Kathleen "Monthly Labor Review"
Fitzgerald, Kathleen W. "National Catholic Reporter"
Fitzgerald, Kathy "Camping Magazine"
Fitzgerald, Katie "Techniques"
Fitzgerald, Katie; Singmaster, Heather "Techniques"
Fitzgerald, Kelly "Surgical Products"
FITZGERALD, KEVIN "Supply Chain Management Review"
Fitzgerald, Kevin M.; O'Connell, W. Scott; MacDonald, Gordon J. "New Hampshire Business Review"
Fitzgerald, Kevin R. "Supply Chain Management Review"
Fitzgerald, Kristin; Pelletier, Lori; Reznek, Martin A. "Journal of Healthcare Engineering"
Fitzgerald, Larry "Circuits Assembly"
Fitzgerald, Lauren "Writing Lab Newsletter"
Fitzgerald, Lauren "Writing Center Journal"
Fitzgerald, Lauren "Gothic Studies"
Fitzgerald, Lauren; Ianetta, Melissa "Writing Center Journal"
Fitzgerald, Lauren; Kohl, Natasha; Schwabe, Liesl; Smith, Allison "Writing Lab Newsletter"
Fitzgerald, Lauren; Malenczyk, Rita; Ritter, Kelly "Writing Program Administration"
Fitzgerald, Laurie A. "The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin"
Fitzgerald, Leah; Casey, James "LawNow"
FitzGerald, Lee "ERIC: Reports"
Fitzgerald, Lee A.; Stronza, Amanda L. "Interciencia"
Fitzgerald, Linda Wirtanen "Michigan History Magazine"
Fitzgerald, Lisa "School Librarian"
Fitzgerald, Louise "Economic and Labour Relations Review"
Fitzgerald, Louise F. "Trial"
Fitzgerald, Lynette "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
Fitzgerald, M. Paula; Bias, Thomas K. "Journal of Consumer Affairs"
Fitzgerald, M. Paula; Bias, Thomas K.; Gurley-Calvez, Tami "Journal of Consumer Affairs"
Fitzgerald, M.; Funk, J.L.; Allen, B.J.; Whitcraft, C. "Bulletin (Southern California Academy of Sciences)"
FitzGerald, M.P.; Payne, C.K.; Lukacz, E.S.; Yang, C.C.; Peters, K.M. "Journal of the Australian Traditional-Medicine Society"
Fitzgerald, Marie E. "Journal of Property Management"
Fitzgerald, Mark "Public Roads"
Fitzgerald, Mark "Editor & Publisher"
Fitzgerald, Mark P. "Joint Force Quarterly"
Fitzgerald, Mark; Garneau, Mark "Editor & Publisher"
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Fitzroy, Robert "The Humanist"

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