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DOWN LAYING "Paisley Daily Express (Paisley, Scotland)"
DOWN LAYING THE LAW "Paisley Daily Express (Paisley, Scotland)"
DOWN LAYINGTHE LAW "Paisley Daily Express (Paisley, Scotland)"
DOWN YOUR WAY MARK ANDREWS VISITS CHASETOWN "Express and Star (Wolverhampton, England)"
DOWN YOUR WAY MARK ANDREWS VISITS CODSALL "Express and Star (Wolverhampton, England)"
DOWN YOUR WAY MARK ANDREWS VISITS HILL TOP "Express and Star (Wolverhampton, England)"
DOWN YOUR WAY MARK ANDREWS VISITS TIPTON "Express and Star (Wolverhampton, England)"
DOWN YOUR WAY MARK ANDREWS VISITS WILLENHALL "Express and Star (Wolverhampton, England)"
DOWN YOUR WAY MARK ANDREWS VISITS WOMBOURNE "Express and Star (Wolverhampton, England)"
Down, A. Graham; Mitchell, Ruth "Educational Leadership"
Down, Adrian; Armes, Martin; Jackson, Robert B. "Environmental Health Perspectives"
Down, Alastair "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Down, Alastair "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Down, Alaster "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Down, Alastir "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Down, Alistair "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Down, Alistair "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Down, Alister "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Down, Cathy "ERIC: Reports"
Down, Cathy; Stewart, Jane "ERIC: Reports"
Down, Jonathan "Administrative Science Quarterly"
Down, Manny "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
Down, Paul "Database and Network Journal"
Down, SEAMUS McALEENAN Derry V "The Mirror (London, England)"
Down, Simon "International Small Business Journal"
Down, Tom; Domaratz, Patrick; Stevenson, Walt "U.S. Catholic"
Down, Trudi "Anglican Journal"
Downard, Giselle T. "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Downard, Steve "Mother Earth News"
Downdey, Mark "The Mirror (London, England)"
Downdey, Mark "Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)"
Downe, Susan "Literary Review of Canada"
Downen, Kamie "Navy Supply Corps Newsletter"
Downen, M. Catherine "Humpty Dumpty's Magazine"
Downen, Matthew R.; Selden, Paul A. "The Journal of Arachnology"
Downen, Tom "Strategic Finance"
Downer, Abigail L. "The Tax Adviser"
Downer, Alexander "New Zealand International Review"
Downer, Christine "The La Trobe Journal"
Downer, Jason; Brown, Josh; Herrera, Manuela Jimenez; Stuhlman, Megan; Bourassa, Kyle; Gologor, Ben; "ERIC: Reports"
Downer, Joshua "Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law"
Downer, Lisa "Black Enterprise"
Downer, Michelle "Feminist Collections: A Quarterly of Women's Studies Resources"
Downer, Pauline "Journal of Financial Management & Analysis"
Downers Grove Park District "Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)"
Downes, Anne; Bateman, Shirley; McLaine, Susan "Australasian Public Libraries and Information Services"
Downes, Barbara J.; Lake, P.S.; Schreiber, E.S.G.; Glaister, Alena "Ecological Monographs"
Downes, Bryan T. "The Social Science Journal"
Downes, Catherine "Success"
Downes, David "British Journal of Criminology"
Downes, David Anthony "Renascence: Essays on Values in Literature"
Downes, David Anthony "Christianity and Literature"
Downes, Delia L. "Public Works"
Downes, E. Richard "Joint Force Quarterly"
Downes, E. Richard "Strategic Forum"
Downes, Jack B. "The Futurist"
Downes, Jan "Ceramics Art & Perception"
Downes, Katharine A.; Shulman, Ira A. "Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine"
Downes, Kenneth R. "Law and Contemporary Problems"
Downes, Kristen Reinhardt; Krueger, Karla Steege; Taylor, And Joan Bessman "Teacher Librarian"
Downes, Larry "Regulation"
Downes, Lawrence "New York Times Upfront"
Downes, Liz "Habitat Australia"
Downes, Lynn "Practical Literacy"
Downes, Marie "Catholic Insight"
Downes, Meghan "Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences of Southeast Asia and Oceania"
Downes, Meredith; Thomas, Anisya S. "Journal of Managerial Issues"
Downes, Meredith; Varner, Iris I.; Musinski, Luke "Review of Business"
Downes, Michelle R.; Srigley, John R.; Loblaw, Andrew; Perlis, Nathan; Ghai, Sangeet; Kwast, Theodor "Canadian Urological Association Journal (CUAJ)"
Downes, Natalie "Australian and International Journal of Rural Education"
Downes, Natalie; Fuqua, Melyssa "Australian and International Journal of Rural Education"
Downes, Natalie; Roberts, Philip "Australian and International Journal of Rural Education"
Downes, Patrick "National Catholic Reporter"
Downes, Richard "Strategic Forum"
Downes, Richard E. "Joint Force Quarterly"
Downes, Stephanie "Parergon"
Downes, Stephen "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Downes, Stephen "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Downes, Stephen "ERIC: Reports"
Downes, Stephen "Music & Letters"
Downes, Steve "The Sofia Echo (Sofia, Bulgaria)"
Downes, Steve "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Downes, Steven "Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)"
Downes, Steven "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Downes, Steven "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Downes, Steven "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Downes, Thomas A.; Horowitz, Jacquelyn L. "Economic Perspectives"
Downes-Martin, Stephen "Naval War College Review"
Downey, Adrian M. "Canadian Journal of Education"
Downey, Adrian M.; McGuire, Matt "Canadian Music Educator"
Downey, Alisen "E"
Downey, Allan; Neylan, Susan "Canadian Journal of History"
Downey, Angela "CMA Management"
Downey, Anthony "Apollo"
Downey, Brendon M. "Sportscience"
Downey, Bria "Curve"
Downey, Bruce L. "Chain Drug Review"
Downey, Bryant "Customer Interaction Solutions"
Downey, Bryant "Communications News"
Downey, Charles T. "Comparative Drama"
Downey, Charles; Greenberg, Daniel; Kapur, Vivek "Research-Technology Management"
Downey, Clare; Wragg, Julie "Community Practitioner"
Downey, Dave; Funk, Tom "Agri Marketing"
Downey, David "Agri Marketing"
Downey, David "Contract Pharma"
Downey, Deborah "Journal of Neuroscience Nursing"
Downey, Deborah L.; Leigh, R. John "Journal of Neuroscience Nursing"
Downey, Declan M. "Irish Economic and Social History"
Downey, Dennis B. "The Historian"
Downey, George K.; Hackmann, Duane G.; Spatz, Lyle; Aman, Gerard P.; Turner, John S.; Shannon, Dale "Survey of Current Business"
Downey, Greg; Gray, Tonia "ERIC: Reports"
Downey, J. "Communications News"
Downey, J. "The New Presence: The Prague Journal of Central European Affairs"
Downey, James "Journal of Information Systems Education"
Downey, James P.; McGaughey, Ronnie; Roach, David "Journal of Information Systems Education"
Downey, James P.; McMurtrey, Mark E.; Zeltmann, Steven M. "Journal of Information Systems Education"
Downey, James R. "Parameters"
Downey, Jayne A. "Academic Exchange Quarterly"
Downey, Jayne A. "Canadian Journal of Education"
Downey, Jeffrey J. "Trial"
Downey, Jerrold L.; Christensen, Larry "North American Journal of Psychology"
Downey, Jim "Planning for Higher Education"
Downey, Jim; McGarrity, Joseph P. "Atlantic Economic Journal"
Downey, John "E"
Downey, John "International journal of communication (Online)"
Downey, John A. "ERIC: Reports"
DOWNEY, JOHN K. "Theological Studies"
Downey, John R.; Hernandez-Boussard, Tina; Banka, Gaurav; Morton, John M. "Health Services Research"
Downey, Kevin "The Mirror (London, England)"
Downey, Kevin "Variety"
Downey, La Vonne; Zun, Leslie; Hong, Amanda "Journal of Health and Human Services Administration"
Downey, Laura A.; Fahim-Nader, Mahnaz "Survey of Current Business"
Downey, Lavonne; Zun, Leslie S.; Burke, Trena; Jefferson, Tangula "Journal of Health and Human Services Administration"
Downey, Liam "Irish Economic and Social History"
Downey, Lloyd "International Trade Forum"
Downey, Lynn "Humpty Dumpty's Magazine"
Downey, Maj. Timothy J. "Ear, Nose and Throat Journal"
Downey, Mal "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Downey, Margaret "The Humanist"
Downey, Margaret "Free Inquiry"
Downey, Margherita; Andrews, Sherry "Florida Bar Journal"
Downey, Marguerite "Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing"
Downey, Marguerite G. "Strategies: The Journal of Legal Marketing"
Downey, Mark "The Mirror (London, England)"
Downey, Mark "Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)"
Downey, Mark "World and I"
Downey, Marlin R. "Circuits Assembly"
Downey, Martin "The Mirror (London, England)"
Downey, Marty "Nephrology Nursing Journal"
Downey, Mary "Anglican Journal"
Downey, Michael "Sabretache"
Downey, Michael "Life Extension"
Downey, Michael "National Catholic Reporter"
Downey, Michael R "Sabretache"
DOWNEY, MORTIMER "The Public Manager"
Downey, Mortimer L. "Supply Chain Management Review"
Downey, Mortimer L.; Menzies, Thomas R. "Issues in Science and Technology"
Downey, Paul "Units"
Downey, Peter "Early Music"
Downey, Philip "Sky & Telescope"
Downey, R. Keith "Crop Science"
Downey, R.; Painter, G. "Communications News"
Downey, Rebecca "Technical Communication"
Downey, Rebecca; Alexander, Sharon "The Exceptional Parent"
Downey, Rebecca; Romelczyk, Sharon "The Exceptional Parent"
Downey, Robin; Geransar, Rose "Health Law Review"
Downey, Roger "American Theatre"
Downey, Rosemarie "Beauty Packaging"
Downey, Sarah "Mythlore"
Downey, Sarah A. "Variety"
Downey, Scott "Agri Marketing"
Downey, Scott; Gunderson, Michael "Agri Marketing"
Downey, Shane "Esprit de Corps"
Downey, Shannon "Camping Magazine"
Downey, Steve; Stuedemann, Reed; Van Buren, Mark; Wentling, Tim L. "ERIC: Reports"
Downey, Steve; Wentling, Rose Mary; Wentling, Tim; Wadsworth, Andrew "ERIC: Reports"
Downey, Susan B. "The Journal of the American Oriental Society"
Downey, Thomas J. "Kliatt"
Downey, Thomas J. "The Nation"
Downey, Thomas S. "Kliatt"
Downey, Timothy J. "Ear, Nose and Throat Journal"
Downey, Tom "Kliatt"
Downey, Tom "Surface"
Downey, W. David "Agri Marketing"
Downey, W. Scott "Agri Marketing"
Downey, Warna Susanne "Atlantic Geology"
Downey, William "National Catholic Reporter"
Downey, William "Contract Pharma"
Downey, William P. "Contract Pharma"
Downey, William; Hartigan, Jennifer "Contract Pharma"
Downham "FLASH"
Downham, Gemma; Jones, Erin; Peterson, Pamela; Mourad, M. Yaser; Patel, Priti R.; Kallen, Alexander "Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report"
Downham, Jenny "Bookmarks"
Downham, Jenny "NATE Classroom"
Downie Jr., Leonard; Kaiser, Robert G. "Editor & Publisher"
Downie, Andrew "Latin Trade"
Downie, Andrew "American Journalism Review"
Downie, Caroline "School Librarian"
Downie, Charles P.; Roosa, Charles J.; Trost, Daniel T.; Weigle, Jason A. "Army Sustainment"
Downie, Christian "Global Governance"
Downie, Glen "Queen's Quarterly"
DOWNIE, GLEN "Journal of Family Practice"
Downie, Ian "Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)"
Downie, J.A. "The Review of English Studies"
Downie, Jocelyn "Health Law Review"
Downie, Jocelyn "Herizons"
Downie, Jocelyn; Baird, Patricia; Thompson, Jon "Health Law Journal"
Downie, Jocelyn; Bern, Simone "Health Law Journal"
Downie, Jocelyn; Cottrell, Barbara "Health Law Review"
Downie, Jocelyn; Devlin, Richard "Literary Review of Canada"
Downie, Jocelyn; Kenny, Nuala; Rajotte, Chantelle "Health Law Review"
Downie, Jocelyn; McEwen, Karen "Health Law Journal"
Downie, Jocelyn; McLeod, Carolyn; Shaw, Jacquelyn "Health Law Review"
Downie, Jocelyn; Nassar, Carla "Health Law Journal"
Downie, Jocelyn; Outram, Simon; Campbell, Fiona "Health Law Journal"
Downie, Laura "Optometry Today"
Downie, Leonard "American Journalism Review"
Downie, Neil A. "Science News"
Downie, Peter "Presbyterian Record"
Downie, Richard D. "Joint Force Quarterly"
Downie, Robert "Florida Bar Journal"
Downie, Robert C., II "Florida Bar Journal"
Downie, Sharon "New Zealand Journal of Occupational Therapy"
DOWNIE, SUE "Contemporary Southeast Asia"
DOWNIE, SUE; KINGSBURY, DAMIEN "Contemporary Southeast Asia"
Downin, Andrew "Credit Union Times"
Downing Jr., Richard "Mortgage Banking"
Downing, Antonio Michael "BookPage"
Downing, Ben "New Criterion"
Downing, Ben "The Nation"
Downing, Ben "Southwest Review"
Downing, Bob "Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)"
Downing, Bob "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Downing, Brandon "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Downing, Brandon "The Brooklyn Rail"
Downing, Brenda "Outskirts: feminisms along the edge"
Downing, Brian M. "Iran Times International (Washington, DC)"
Downing, Bruce D.; Spanyi, Andrew "Strategic Finance"
Downing, Bruce T. "Hmong Studies Journal"
Downing, Brynn "Prairie Schooner"
Downing, Caroline "The Journal of the American Oriental Society"
Downing, Cassie, Ed.; McGarity, Fiona, Ed. "ERIC: Reports"
Downing, Charles E. "Journal of International Technology and Information Management"
Downing, Charles E.; Liu, Chang "Journal of International Technology and Information Management"
Downing, Cindy "Buildings"
Downing, Craig "Software World"
Downing, Crystal "Cross Currents"
Downing, Crystal "College Literature"
Downing, Crystal "Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith"
Downing, Crystal; College, Messiah "Film & History"
Downing, David B. "CLIO"
DOWNING, DAVID B. "symploke"
Downing, David C. "Christianity and Literature"
Downing, Dick; Lamont, Emily "ERIC: Reports"
Downing, Dick; Lord, Pippa; Jones, Megan; Martin, Kerry; Springate, Iain "ERIC: Reports"
Downing, F. Gerald "The Journal of Theological Studies"
Downing, Glen R. "Maxwell Papers"
Downing, Gregory "USA Today (Magazine)"
Downing, Guy; Martinez, David "Utah Business"
Downing, Hugh "Corrections Today"
Downing, J. "Whispering Wind"
Downing, Jack "Missouri Law Review"
Downing, James A "Journal of New Business Ideas and Trends"
Downing, James S. "PN - Paraplegia News"
Downing, Jane "Hecate"
Downing, Jason; Wimberly, Patrick; Soderberg, Matt "Financial Executive"
Downing, Jennifer "Army Communicator"
Downing, Jennifer; Yoder, Linda H.; Kirksey, Kenn M. "MedSurg Nursing"
Downing, Jessica "Journal of Commercial Biotechnology"
Downing, Jim "California Agriculture"
Downing, Jim; Crowder, Lucien "California Agriculture"
Downing, Jim; Thompson, Debbie "California Agriculture"
Downing, Joe R. "The Journal of Business Communication"
Downing, John "Monthly Review"
Downing, John A.; Osenberg, Craig W.; Sarnelle, Orlando "Ecology"
Downing, John D.H. "International journal of communication (Online)"
Downing, Johnette "Children's Bookwatch"
Downing, June E. "ERIC: Reports"
Downing, Karrie F.; Espinoza, Lorena; Oster, Matthew E.; Farr, Sherry L. "Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report"
Downing, Katherine "Health Management Technology"
Downing, Kristy J. "Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review"
Downing, Laura Hidalgo "Style"
Downing, Lisa "The Review of Metaphysics"
Downing, Lisa "New Formations"
Downing, Lisa "Nineteenth-Century French Studies"
Downing, Lucy "Missouri Law Review"
Downing, Lyle A. "American Political Science Review"
Downing, Mark "The Journal of the International Advanced Otology"
Downing, Martin J., Jr.; Hirshfield, Sabina "North American Journal of Psychology"
Downing, Neil "State Legislatures"
Downing, Nick "MMR"
Downing, Raymond "National Catholic Reporter"
Downing, Richard "Arena Magazine"
Downing, Richard, Jr. "Mortgage Banking"
Downing, Robbie; McKean, Ross "Business Credit"
Downing, Royce "Mech"
Downing, Scott "ForeWord"
Downing, Shelley "American Fitness"
Downing, Shelly "American Fitness"
Downing, Stephen "Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice"
Downing, Steve "Buildings"
Downing, Susan "Spirituality & Health Magazine"
Downing, Taylor "History Today"
Downing, Taylor; Johnston, Andrew "History Today"
Downing, Thomas "Mechanical Engineering-CIME"
Downing, Victoria "Remodeling"
Downing, Warwick "Laser Systems Europe"
Downing, Winifred "National Catholic Reporter"
Downing-Li, Jennifer "Soldiers Magazine"
Downs, Alan "Mother Jones"
Downs, Albert; Hentze, Iris "State Legislatures"
Downs, Alexis; Gooch, Roxanne; Pitchford, Carl "The CPA Journal"
Downs, Amy "National Civic Review"
Downs, Andrew; Ashton, Jennifer "Journal of Sport Behavior"
Downs, Andrew; Downs, Robyn Conley; Johansen, Michael; Fossum, Michelle "Education & Treatment of Children"
Downs, Andrew; Strand, Paul "The Journal of Early and Intensive Behavioral Intervention"
Downs, Anthony "Nation's Cities Weekly"
Downs, Anthony "Journal of Property Management"
Downs, Bill "California CPA"
Downs, Bryan "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Downs, Carolyn "History Today"
Downs, Charles "Monthly Review"
Downs, Chris "Grit"
Downs, Christopher James "Perspectives of Innovations, Economics and Business"
Downs, David J. "Journal of Markets & Morality"
Downs, Donald A. "ERIC: Reports"
Downs, Donald A. "The Quill"
Downs, Donald A. "American Political Science Review"
Downs, Doug "Writing Program Administration"
Downs, Ed; Lock, Frank "Sky & Telescope"
Downs, Erica S. "Iran Times International (Washington, DC)"
Downs, Fred "PN - Paraplegia News"
Downs, Frederick S. "International Bulletin of Missionary Research"
Downs, Gary P. "Journal of Property Management"
Downs, Gary P.; Hobson, Jason A. "Journal of Property Management"
Downs, George W.; Rocke, David M.; Barsoom, Peter N. "International Organization"
Downs, Gregory P. "The Historian"
Downs, Heather; Meyer, Albert A.; Flake, Donna "Journal of Family Practice"
Downs, Hugh "Sky & Telescope"
Downs, J. Marcus "Baylor University Medical Center Proceedings"
Downs, Jack M. "Nineteenth-Century Prose"
Downs, James B.; Velamuri, Vivek K. "Journal of Commercial Biotechnology"
Downs, Jennifer R.; Embree, Mildred C.; Townsend, Jessica D.; Beam, Charles F. "Bulletin of the South Carolina Academy of Science"
Downs, Jennifer R.; Grant, Sally P.; Townsend, Jessica D.; Pastine, Stefan J.; Embree, Mildred C.; M "Bulletin of the South Carolina Academy of Science"
Downs, Jerome F. "National Catholic Reporter"
Downs, Jerome F.; Betzen, Bill "National Catholic Reporter"
Downs, Jim "The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide"
Downs, Jim "History Today"
Downs, John W. "U.S. Army Medical Department Journal"
Downs, John W.; Flood, Daniel T.; Orr, Nicholas H.; Constantineau, Jason A.; Caviness, James W. "U.S. Army Medical Department Journal"
Downs, John W.; Renshaw, Joshua M. "U.S. Army Medical Department Journal"
Downs, Jonathan "History Today"
Downs, Kathleen "Business Credit"
Downs, Katie; Yu, Hye "Business Credit"
Downs, Kendall "The Masthead"
Downs, L. L.; Udow, G.; Stevenson, M.; Parres-Sampson, L.; Mitchell, G.; McMaster, S.; DeWitt, K. "ERIC: Reports"
Downs, Liz; Fretwell, Kyle "USA Today (Magazine)"
Downs, Louis "Counseling and Values"
Downs, M.; Mamona-Downs, J. "ERIC: Reports"
Downs, Marcus "Georgia Nursing"
Downs, Mary Beth "Journal of the National Society of Allied Health"
Downs, Mayanne "Florida Bar Journal"
Downs, Michael "Credit Union Times"
Downs, Michael (American educator) "Prairie Schooner"
Downs, Michael L. "Air & Space Power Journal"
Downs, Nathan; Butler, Harry; Parisi, Alfio "Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society"
Downs, Nathan; Larsen, Kim; Parisi, Alfio; Schouten, Peter; Brennan, Chris "Teaching Science"
Downs, Nathan; Parisi, Alfio "Teaching Science"
Downs, Nathan; Parisi, Alfio; McDonnell, Brendan; Thornton, Peter "Teaching Science"
Downs, Nathan; Parisi, Alfio; Powell, Samantha; Turner, Joanna; Brennan, Chris "Teaching Science"
Downs, Nathan; Turner, Joanna; Parisi, Alfio; Spence, Jenny "Teaching Science"
Downs, Nettie "Utah Business"
Downs, Ninia R. "American Rehabilitation"
Downs, Peter "St. Louis Journalism Review"
Downs, Peter "American Journalism Review"
Downs, R "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Downs, Rebecca "National Right to Life News"
Downs, Rita "The Advocate (American Mental Health Counselors Association)"
Downs, Robert C. "Faulkner Law Review"
Downs, Stephen "Music & Letters"
Downs, Stuart "The American Poetry Review"
Downs, Suzanne "MMR"
Downs, Tiffany "InsideCounsel"
Downs, Tim "The Mirror (London, England)"
Downs, Tim "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Downs, Timothy J.; Ogneva-Himmelberger, Yelena; Aupont, Onesky; Wang, Yangyang; Raj, Ann; Zimmerman, "Environmental Health Perspectives"
Downs, Toddie "Pediatrics for Parents"
Downs, Wallace "Church & State"
Downs, William "California CPA"
Downs, William Brian "Air & Space Power Journal"
Downs, William M. "Publius"
Downs, William R.; Robertson, Joan F.; Harrison, Larry R. "Adolescence"
Downs, William; Woodford, John "California CPA"
Downs-Kelly, Erinn; Bell, Diana; Perkins, George H.; Sneige, Nour; Middleton, Lavinia P. "Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine"
Downs-Miers, Deborah "Utopian Studies"
Downton Abbey DVD/Sky Cinema Premiere .... "Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser (Lanarkshire, Scotland)"
DOWNTON ABBEY: A NEW ERA (PG) HHHII REVIEWS BY DAMON SMITH "Manchester Evening News (Manchester, United Kingdom)"
Downton Abbey: A New Era By ANDY LEA "The Mirror (London, England)"
Downton, Ann "ERIC: Reports"
Downton, Dawn Rae "Herizons"
Downton, J.H. "Age and Ageing"
Downton, Jo "Age and Ageing"
Downton, Michael P.; Peppler, Kylie A.; Portowitz, Adena "ERIC: Reports"
Downton, Peter L. "History Today"
Downton, Stephanie "ONS Connect"
Downton, Steve "Financial Management (UK)"
Downtown Downers Grove "Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)"
Downtown Neighborhood Association of Elgin "Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)"
Downum, Denell "Woolf Studies Annual"
Downum, Dennell M. "Yeats Eliot Review"
Downward, George S.; van Nunen, Erik J.H.M.; Kerckhoffs, Jules; Vineis, Paolo; Brunekreef, Bert; Boe "Environmental Health Perspectives"
Downward, Paul; Riordan, Joseph "Contemporary Economic Policy"
Dowret, Arnell "The Humanist"
Dowret, Arnell "Free Inquiry"
Dowrick, Peter W. "American Rehabilitation"
Dowrick, Peter W. "Learning Disability Quarterly"
Dowrick, Peter W. "New Zealand Journal of Psychology"
Dowries, Melissa K. "The Women's Review of Books"
Dowrken, Bari S. "Camping Magazine"
Dowse, Sara "Quarterly Essay"
Dowsett, Brigid "Habitat Australia"
Dowsett, Christopher "Strategic Finance"
Dowsett, Gary W. "Reproductive Health Matters"
Dowsett, Gary W.; Couch, Murray "Reproductive Health Matters"
Dowsett, Laura E.; Coward, Stephanie; Lorenzetti, Diane L.; MacKean, Gail; Clement, Fiona "Canadian Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology"
Dowsey, Paul; Tobin, Andrew "Best's Review"
Dowsley, Martha; Wenzel, George "Arctic"
Dowson, Andrew; Diener, Hans-Christoph "Internal Medicine News"
Dowson, Cheyne "Presbyterian Record"
Dowson, Chris G. "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Dowson, D.J.; Bayne, H.; Grant, C.C. "South African Journal of Sports Medicine"
Dowson, Leslie; Moore, Kirsten; Tinney, Jean; Ledgerwood, Kay; Dow, Briony "Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing"
Dowswell, Elizabeth; Chessor, Danuta "e-Journal of Social & Behavioural Research in Business"
Dowthwaite, Gary; Pickford, Jo "Medical Laboratory Observer"
Dowty, Alan "The Review of Politics"
Dowzicky, Natalie "Reason Magazine"
Doxas, Cheryl "Presbyterian Record"
Doxey, Gene "Curriculum Review"
Doxey, John "The Middle East"
Doxiadis, Thomas "The Architectural Review"
DOXLOWSKI, GREGORY C. "The Journal of the American Oriental Society"
Doxon, Elizabeth D.; Carroll, John P. "The American Midland Naturalist"
Doxsee, Keith "Canadian Manager"
Doxsey, W. Laurence "Nation's Cities Weekly"
Doxtader, Erik "Argumentation and Advocacy"
Doxtader, Erika E.; Cheng, Yu-Wei; Zhang, Yaxia "Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine"
Doxtater, Michael G. "The American Indian Quarterly"
Doya, Leen Jamel; Doya, Lama; Al-Yousef, Khaled; Adib, Ali; Al Shamali, Abedallah; Al Deeb, Basel; K "Case Reports in Medicine"
Doyal, Lesley; Hoffman, Margaret "CME: Your SA Journal of CPD"
Doyan, Yves "Northern Ontario Business"
Doye, Damona; Brorsen, B. Wade "Choices: The Magazine of Food, Farm and Resource Issues (Online)"
Doyen, Lisa "Sunset"
Doyinsola, Idowu; Adedayo, Adebiyi; Olutayo, Olajide; Afolayan, Michael; Abayomi, Orishadipe; Moses, "International Journal of Applied Chemistry"
Doyle , Mona "Progressive Grocer"
Doyle McManus "Gulf News (United Arab Emirates)"
Doyle, A. "Akroterion"
Doyle, A.I. "The Review of English Studies"
Doyle, A.I. "The Modern Language Review"
Doyle, A.I. "The Journal of the Early Book Society for the Study of Manuscripts and Printing History"
Doyle, Aidan "Studia Anglica Posnaniensia: international review of English Studies"
Doyle, Al "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
DOYLE, AL "Baseball Digest"
Doyle, Alicia "Notes"
Doyle, Alicia M. "Notes"
Doyle, Alister "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Doyle, Andrea "Acta Classica"
Doyle, Andrew "Screen Education"
Doyle, Andrew J. "JCT CoatingsTech"
Doyle, Andy "JCT CoatingsTech"
Doyle, Andy "Coatings World"
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Doyle, Mary Ellen "African American Review"
Doyle, Mathew "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Doyle, Matt "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Doyle, Mattew "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Doyle, Matthew "The Racing Post (London, England)"
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Doyle, Michael "Catholic Insight"
Doyle, Michael "Household & Personal Products Industry"
Doyle, Michael "The Mirror (London, England)"
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Doyle, Michael W. "Journal of International Affairs"
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Doyle, Ned Ryan "Mother Earth News"
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Doyle, Noah Adam "Camping Magazine"
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Doyle, SKIPPING TO IT: Paddy "Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)"
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Doyle, Thomas "National Catholic Reporter"
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