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DiCamillo, Kate "Jack & Jill"
Dicamillo, Kate "New Moon Girls"
DiCamillo, Michael "Film & History"
Dicampo, Peter "Geographical"
DiCanio, Margaret "Nieman Reports"
DiCanzio, Albert "Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith"
DiCaprio, Alisa "Human Rights & Human Welfare"
DiCaprio, Alisa "WIDER Angle"
Dicaprio, Alisa; Menon, Jayant "International Trade Forum"
DiCaprio, GYM Leonardo "Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)"
Dicaprio, Leonardo "Real Estate Weekly"
DiCaprio, Peter "People & Strategy"
DiCapua, Peter L. "Real Estate Weekly"
DiCarlo, Christopher "Humanist Perspectives"
DiCarlo, Cynthia F.; Pierce, Sarah H.; Baumgartner, Jennifer; Harris, Mauree E.; Ota, Carrie "Journal of Research in Childhood Education"
DICARLO, JOHN "The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide"
DiCarlo, Kati "New Moon Girls"
DiCarlo, Steven; Gabel, Jon "Health Care Financing Review"
DiCarlo, Tom "Nursing Homes"
Dicaro, Peter J. "Approach"
DiCastri, Francesco "Journal of Property Management"
DiCaudo, David J.; McCalmont, Timothy H.; Wick, Mark R. "Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine"
Dicciani, Nance K. "Chief Executive (U.S.)"
Dice, Gene "Handball"
Diceanu, Alex "Ploughshares Monitor"
DiCecca, Ricardo; Shea, John "Catholic Insight"
Dicecco, Nico "Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada"
DiCecio, Riccardo; Engemann, Kristie M.; Owyang, Michael T.; Wheeler, Christopher H. "Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review"
DiCecio, Riccardo; Nelson, Edward "Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review"
DiCenso, Daniel J. "Theological Studies"
DiCenso, Stephen R. "Best's Review"
Dicenta, Jose Luis "Archipielago"
DiCenzo, Margherita; Day, Trish "Public Roads"
DiCenzo, Maria "English Studies in Canada"
DiCenzo, Maria R. "Theatre Journal"
Dicer, Gary N. "Transportation Journal"
DiCerbo, Kristen E. "Educational Technology & Society"
DiCesare, Constance B. "Monthly Labor Review"
Dicharry, Sarah Y. "Loyola Law Review"
Dichele, Anne M. "Taboo"
Dichev, Christo "Journal of Interactive Learning Research"
Dicheva, Darina; Dichev, Christo; Agre, Gennady; Angelova, Galia "Educational Technology & Society"
Dicheva, Ticha "The Sofia Echo (Sofia, Bulgaria)"
DiChiara, John "Florida Bar News"
DiChiara, John B. "Florida Bar News"
Dichiu, Daniel; Sgarciu, Valentin "Annals of DAAAM & Proceedings"
Dichristina, Mike "War, Literature & The Arts"
Dicht, Burton "Mechanical Engineering-CIME"
Dichtelmiller, Margo L. "Childhood Education"
Dichter, Arthur "The Tax Adviser"
Dichter, Arthur J. "The Tax Adviser"
Dichter, Harriet "Policy & Practice"
Dichter, Heather L. "Canadian Journal of History"
Dichter, Joel R. "Real Estate Weekly"
Dichter, Steven; Gagnon, Chris; Alexander, Ashok "The McKinsey Quarterly"
Dichtl, Claudius; Sippel, Pit; Krohns, Stephan "Advances in Materials Science and Engineering"
Dichy, Joseph "Controversia"
DiCiaccio, Nicolas; Reid, Natalie "The Exceptional Parent"
DiCianni, Nick; Kobza, Laura "Health Management Technology"
Dicianno, Brad E.; Aguila, Eric D.; Cooper, Rory A.; Pasquina, Paul F.; Clark, Mary J.; Collins, Dia "Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development"
Dicianno, Brad E.; Sibenaller, Sara; Kimmich, Claire; Cooper, Rory A.; Pyo, Jay "Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development"
DiCicco, Dennis "Sky & Telescope"
Dicicco, Domenick C., Jr. "Claims"
DiCicco, Julie; Whalen, Deborah "Journal of Acute Care Physical Therapy"
DiCicco, Lorraine "The Mississippi Quarterly"
DiCicco, Lorraine C. "Papers on Language & Literature"
DiCicco, Mario "Currents in Theology and Mission"
DiCillo, Greg "Communications News"
Dicinoski, Michelle; Allan, Cherie; Cross, Amy "Practically Primary"
Dicinoski, Wayne "Mining Magazine"
DiCintio, Dennis "Journal of Environmental Health"
Dicintio, Marcello "Geographical"
DiCintio, Michelle "Alternatives Journal"
Dick "The Niagara Falls Reporter (Niagara Falls, NY)"
Dick Kaser "Information Today"
Dick, Alan "ERIC: Reports"
DICK, ALEX J. "Studies in Romanticism"
Dick, Alexander "Studies in Romanticism"
Dick, Alexander "Studies in the Novel"
Dick, Alexander; Lupton, Christina "English Studies in Canada"
Dick, Andrew R. "Economic Inquiry"
Dick, Andrew R. "Oxford Economic Papers"
Dick, Andrew W.; Allison, R. Andrew; Haber, Susan G.; Brach, Cindy; Shenkman, Elizabeth "Health Care Financing Review"
Dick, Angela; La Grow, Steve; Boddy, Julie "Nursing Praxis in New Zealand"
Dick, Anthony "Stanford Law Review"
Dick, Archie L. "Library Trends"
Dick, Bernard F. "Film & History"
Dick, Bernard F. "World Literature Today"
Dick, Bernard F. "Variety"
Dick, Brian "State Magazine"
Dick, Carl W. "Mastozoologia Neotropical"
Dick, Christopher M. "The Hemingway Review"
Dick, Daniel E. "National Catholic Reporter"
Dick, Danielle M.; Agrawal, Arpana "Alcohol Research & Health"
Dick, Danielle M.; Foroud, Tatiana "Alcohol Research & Health"
Dick, Danielle M.; Kendler, Kenneth S. "Alcohol Research: Current Reviews"
Dick, Diane Lourdes "The Journal of Corporation Law"
Dick, Diane Lourdes "American Bankruptcy Law Journal"
Dick, Geoffrey N. "ERIC: Reports"
Dick, Geoffrey N.; Case, Thomas L.; Burns, O. Maxie "ERIC: Reports"
Dick, Geoffrey N.; Hanna, Mark "ERIC: Reports"
Dick, Gerry "ISNA Bulletin"
Dick, Henry J.B. "Oceanus"
Dick, James "Airman"
Dick, John "Rubber World"
DICK, JOHN "Business Asia"
Dick, John A. "National Catholic Reporter"
Dick, John A.R. "Renaissance Quarterly"
Dick, John S. "Rubber World"
Dick, John S.; Norton, Edward "Rubber World"
Dick, John S.; Norton, Edward; Xue, Tianxiang "Rubber World"
Dick, John S.; Pawlowski, Henry A.; Kuykendall, Jack "Rubber World"
Dick, Joseph A. "Modern Applications News"
Dick, Kaser "Computers in Libraries"
Dick, Logan "The Fader"
Dick, Lyle "Labour/Le Travail"
Dick, Lyle "Arctic"
Dick, Lyle "Manitoba History"
Dick, Lyle; Frohwerk, Ron "Canadian Dimension"
Dick, Madelyn B. "Canadian Journal of History"
Dick, Malcoim "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Dick, Malcolm "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Dick, Mariah "Health Matrix"
Dick, Marie "Grit"
Dick, Matthew "Pharma"
Dick, Mauricio Elias; Goncalves, Berenice Santos; Rodrigues, Rosangela Schwarz "Brazilian Journal of Information Design"
Dick, Mauricio Elias; Goncalves, Berenice Santos; Vitorino, Elizete Vieira "Brazilian Journal of Information Design"
Dick, Mauricio Elias; Possatti, Giovana Marzari; Matte, Volnei Antonio; Ravanello, Ricardo Brisolla "Brazilian Journal of Information Design"
Dick, Melissa "The Mirror (London, England)"
DICK, MICHAEL B. "The Journal of the American Oriental Society"
Dick, Mina Pam "The Brooklyn Rail"
Dick, Nancy "Community College Week"
Dick, Penny "Personnel Review"
Dick, Penny; Nadin, Sara "Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology"
Dick, Pewilla "Contemporary Review"
Dick, Philip K. "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Dick, Randall W. "American Music Teacher"
Dick, Raymond G. "Nation's Cities Weekly"
Dick, Richard S.; Gabler, James M. "Health Management Technology"
Dick, Robert "Sky & Telescope"
Dick, Robert B. "Michigan History Magazine"
Dick, Sam "Journal of the British Astronomical Association"
Dick, Shannon "Corrections Today"
Dick, Spencer "Wood & Wood Products"
Dick, Stephen "Dance Magazine"
Dick, Steven J. "Sky & Telescope"
Dick, Sue "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Dick, Terry "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Dick, W.M. "Canadian Journal of History"
Dick, Wendy "Labour History: A Journal of Labour and Social History"
Dick, William "The Mirror (London, England)"
Dick, William "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Dick, William "American Handgunner"
Dick, Willie "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Dickamore, Gene; Ash, K. Owen; Brown, Sam "Medical Laboratory Observer"
Dickard, Connie "Endangered Species Bulletin"
Dickard, Norris, Ed. "ERIC: Reports"
Dickard, Todd "Indiana Business Magazine"
Dickason, Olive Patricia "Canadian Journal of History"
Dicke, Nichole "Access"
Dicke, Nichole L.; Hodges, Kathleen O.; Rogo, Ellen J.; Hewett, Beverly J. "Journal of Dental Hygiene"
Dicke, Thomas "Teaching History: A Journal of Methods"
Dicke, Thomas S. "Business History Review"
Dicke, Tom "Business History Review"
Dickel Segabinazi, Joice; Hofheinz Giacomoni, Claudia; Garcia Dias, Ana Cristina; Pereira Teixeira, "Psicologia: Teoria e Pesquisa"
Dickel, Charles Timothy; Ishii-Jordan, Sharon R. "Catholic Education"
Dickel, Gail M. "School Arts"
Dickemann, Jeffrey "Mother Earth News"
Dickemann, Jeffrey M. "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Dickemann, Jeffrey M. "Mother Earth News"
Dicken, John E. "ERIC: Reports"
Dicken, Kori S.; Foreman, Carol D.; Jensen, Robin L.; Sherwood, Justin A. "ERIC: Reports"
Dicken, Thomas M. "Journal of Ecumenical Studies"
Dickenman, Joan "PN - Paraplegia News"
Dickens, Andrea "NZ Business"
Dickens, Andrea Janelle "Canadian Journal of History"
Dickens, Andrea Janelle "Teaching History: A Journal of Methods"
Dickens, Andrew "The New American"
Dickens, Angela F.; Soucy, Lori A.; Valiela, Ivan "The Biological Bulletin"
Dickens, Angelia; Oetgen, Catherine "The Non-profit Times"
Dickens, Benjamin "Rural Telecommunications"
Dickens, Bernard M.; Cook, Rebecca J. "Conscience"
Dickens, Caroline; Kew, Michael C.; Purcell, Robert H.; Kramvis, Anna "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Dickens, Chad "Film & History"
Dickens, Charles "U.S. Kids"
Dickens, Charles "Bookmarks"
Dickens, Charles "Saturday Evening Post"
Dickens, Charles "The American Poetry Review"
Dickens, Charles "Contenido"
Dickens, Charles "Algarabia"
Dickens, David "New Zealand International Review"
DICKENS, DAVID "Contemporary Southeast Asia"
Dickens, David B. "Shofar"
Dickens, David R. "UNLV Gaming Research & Review Journal"
Dickens, Geoffrey "World and I"
Dickens, Jonathan "Adoption & Fostering"
Dickens, Kathryn Paige; Nye, Ann Marie; Gilchrist, Valerie; Rickett, Katherine "Journal of Family Practice"
Dickens, Katrina Leah; Capinera, John L.; Smith, Trevor Randall "Florida Entomologist"
Dickens, Kristen N.; Ebrahim, Christine H.; Herlihy, Barbara "Counselor Education and Supervision"
Dickens, Larry "Tennessee Nurse"
Dickens, Mark "Grocer"
Dickens, Mary S. "PN - Paraplegia News"
Dickens, Pat "Namibia Economist (Windhoek, Namibia)"
Dickens, Peter "The British Journal of Aesthetics"
Dickens, Phillip M. "Scientific Computing"
Dickens, Richard "National Institute Economic Review"
Dickens, Robert Lee "Marquette Intellectual Property Law Review"
Dickens, Rod "Coal Age (1996)"
Dickens, Ross N.; Hunsader, Kenneth J. "Quarterly Journal of Finance and Accounting"
Dickens, Thomas L., III "Florida Bar News"
Dickens, W. Jackson, Jr.; Kenzer, Robert C. "Civil War History"
Dickens, William T.; Rose, Stephen J. "The International Economy"
DICKENSHEETS, SCOTT "Editor & Publisher"
Dickenson, Blaine C. "Florida Sportsman"
Dickenson, Dan "R & D"
Dickenson, David "Sky & Telescope"
Dickenson, Don "ERIC: Reports"
Dickenson, Erika "Alternatives Journal"
Dickenson, Jackie; Grimshaw, Patricia; Scalmer, Sean "Labour History: A Journal of Labour and Social History"
Dickenson, Jacqueline "Labour History - A Journal of Labour and Social History"
Dickenson, James R. "Washington Monthly"
Dickenson, Joshua "Thrasher"
Dickenson, Victoria "Queen's Quarterly"
Dicker, Adrian J.W. "The Tax Adviser"
Dicker, Dan "MEIEA Journal"
Dicker, Eli J. "Tax Executive"
Dicker, Georges "The Review of Metaphysics"
Dicker, Georges; GUNN, ALBERT E. "The Review of Metaphysics"
Dicker, Jarrod "Editor & Publisher"
DICKER, JOHN "The Nation"
Dicker, Richard "Washington University Global Studies Law Review"
Dickerman, Edmund H.; Walker, Anita M. "Canadian Journal of History"
Dickerman, Jason "Infantry Magazine"
Dickerman, Sara "Sunset"
Dickerman, Sara; Fish, Peter; Mickle, Kelly; Mooney, Loren; Tudino, Cristina "Sunset"
Dickermann, Jeffrey "Mother Earth News"
Dickerson, A. Mechele "Fordham Urban Law Journal"
Dickerson, A. Mechele "Law and Contemporary Problems"
Dickerson, A. Mechele "Michigan Law Review"
Dickerson, Allen; Morgan, Zac "Fordham Urban Law Journal"
Dickerson, Amelia "Journal of the Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Science"
Dickerson, Amy E. "Canadian Journal of Education"
Dickerson, Andrew P.; Gibson, Heather D.; Tsakalotos, Euclid "Oxford Economic Papers"
Dickerson, Bryan "Approach"
Dickerson, Carrie L. "Bulletin of the South Carolina Academy of Science"
Dickerson, Claire Moore "Washington University Global Studies Law Review"
Dickerson, Claire Moore "Law and Contemporary Problems"
Dickerson, Daniel "Childhood Education"
Dickerson, Daniel L.; Johnson, Carrie L. "Journal of Psychoactive Drugs"
Dickerson, Debra "Mother Jones"
Dickerson, Debra "The Nation"
Dickerson, Debra J. "Washington Monthly"
Dickerson, Debra J. "Mother Jones"
Dickerson, Dennis C. "Church History"
Dickerson, Don "Mississippi Magazine"
Dickerson, Douglas F. "America in WWII"
Dickerson, Elliot "Journal of the Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Science"
Dickerson, Elyse Stoltz "Chain Drug Review"
Dickerson, Eugenie "PN - Paraplegia News"
Dickerson, Genie "Mother Earth News"
Dickerson, Hollin K. "Denver Journal of International Law and Policy"
Dickerson, Jacqueline "Medical Laboratory Observer"
Dickerson, Jane A.; Cole, Bonnie; Conta, Jessie H.; Wellner, Monica; Wallace, Stephanie E.; Jack, Rh "Archives of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine"
Dickerson, Jane A.; Conta, Jessie H. "Clinical Chemistry"
Dickerson, Jeremiah "Pediatric News"
Dickerson, Jeremy "Grocer"
Dickerson, Jim "Sojourners"
Dickerson, John "Nieman Reports"
Dickerson, Joseph "Credit Union Times"
Dickerson, Ken "Review of Constitutional Studies"
Dickerson, Kevin "Coach and Athletic Director"
Dickerson, Kim "Endangered Species Bulletin"
Dickerson, Lindsy; Sehdev, Vikas; Lai, James C.K.; Bhushan, Alok "Journal of the Idaho Academy of Science"
Dickerson, Lori M.; Carek, Peter J. "Journal of Family Practice"
Dickerson, M. "CML Army Chemical Review"
Dickerson, Marvin "Risk Management"
Dickerson, Matthew "Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith"
Dickerson, Michael "Petersen's Hunting"
Dickerson, Mike "Gun Dog"
Dickerson, Mindy; Schad, Lenny "District Administration"
Dickerson, Pam "The Pulse"
Dickerson, Pam "South Carolina Nurse"
Dickerson, Pam "Colorado Nurse"
Dickerson, Pam "New Mexico Nurse"
Dickerson, Pam A. "The Pulse"
Dickerson, Pamela "The Pulse"
Dickerson, Pamela S. "The Pulse"
Dickerson, Pamela S.; Thomas, Mary Z.; Schaefer, Kathryn B. "The Pulse"
Dickerson, Pat; Weber, Geoff "CHIPS"
Dickerson, Randall "Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)"
Dickerson, Richard "The Mirror (London, England)"
Dickerson, Russ "Legacy Magazine"
Dickerson, Sean; Agosto, Vonzell "Curriculum and Teaching Dialogue"
Dickerson, Sharyn "Recycling Today"
Dickerson, Thomas A. "Albany Law Review"
Dickerson, Thomas A.; Austin, Leonard B.; Zucco, Brian "Albany Law Review"
Dickerson, Thomas J. "The Tax Adviser"
Dickerson, Tina D.; Owen, John A. "Applied Radiology"
Dickerson, Valerie "The Tax Adviser"
Dickerson, Vivian M.; Crockett, Susan A. "Clinical Psychiatry News"
Dickerson, Vivian M.; Crockett, Susan A. "Family Practice News"
Dickerson, Vivian M.; Crockett, Susan A. "Pediatric News"
Dickert, Jeff; Sotinsky, Ted "ERIC: Reports"
Dickes, Bruce E. "Life Insurance Selling"
Dickes, Gary "Hardware Retailing"
Dickes, Guy "Underground Construction"
Dickes, Lori A.; Dickes, Allen L. "Journal of Economics and Economic Education Research"
Dickes, Lori A.; Lamie, R. David; Whitacre, Brian E. "Choices: The Magazine of Food, Farm and Resource Issues (Online)"
Dickes, Lori A.; Robinson, Kenneth L. "American Journal of Entrepreneurship"
Dickes, Lori; Wyman, David; Springs, Steve "Appraisal Journal"
Dickeson, Andrew "NZ Business"
Dickeson, Debra "Info Nursing"
Dickeson, Jim "Supply Chain Management Review"
Dickeson, Robert C. "Planning for Higher Education"
Dickeson, Robert C. "ERIC: Reports"
Dickey, Aaron M.; Osborne, Lance S.; McKenzie, Cindy L. "Florida Entomologist"
Dickey, Aaron M.; Osborne, Lance S.; Shatters, Robert G., Jr.; McKenzie, Cindy L. "Florida Entomologist"
Dickey, Aaron M.; Shatters, Robert G., Jr.; Mckenzie, Cindy L. "Florida Entomologist"
Dickey, Aaron M.; Stocks, Ian C.; Smith, Trevor; Osborne, Lance; McKenzie, Cindy L. "Florida Entomologist"
Dickey, Aaron M.; Trease, Andrew J.; Jara-Cavieres, Antonella; Kumar, Vivek; Christenson, Matthew K. "Florida Entomologist"
Dickey, Alexia; Wang, Nan; Cooper, Edwin; Tull, Lauren; Breedlove, Drew; Mason, Hugh; Liu, Dehu; Wan "Evidence - Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine"
Dickey, Ann S. "Washington Monthly"
Dickey, Barbara; Fisher, William; Siegel, Carole; Altaffer, Frederic; Azeni, Hocine "Health Services Research"
Dickey, Carolyn "The Tax Adviser"
Dickey, Chris "Agri Marketing"
Dickey, Daniel "Anthropologie et Societes"
Dickey, David "Food Processing"
Dickey, David A. "Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review"
Dickey, Deborah M.; Potter, Lincoln R. "Clinical Chemistry"
Dickey, Eleanor "The Classical Quarterly"
Dickey, Eleanor Dolores "Humanist Perspectives"
Dickey, Elizabeth "Nursing Economics"
Dickey, Frances "Twentieth Century Literature"
Dickey, Geania B. "Arkansas Business"
Dickey, Gwyneth "Science News"
Dickey, Jacquee "National Catholic Reporter"
Dickey, Jacqueline "National Catholic Reporter"
Dickey, James "James Dickey Review"
Dickey, James R. "Presbyterian Record"
Dickey, James Ross "Presbyterian Record"
Dickey, Janet "Units"
Dickey, Jerry "Theatre Journal"
Dickey, John W. "Federal Reserve Bulletin"
Dickey, Josh L. "Variety"
Dickey, Josh; Stewart, Andrew "Variety"
Dickey, Karli "Denver Journal of International Law and Policy"
Dickey, Kelly "ISNA Bulletin"
Dickey, Larry L.; Kamerow, Douglas B. "Journal of Family Practice"
Dickey, Larry L.; Petitti, Diana "Journal of Family Practice"
Dickey, Laurence "Reviews in American History"
Dickey, Les E. "Corrections Today"
DICKEY, M. JANE "Arkansas Business"
Dickey, Melissa "New Orleans Review"
Dickey, Nancy "Health Management Technology"
Dickey, Pam "The Loyalist Gazette"
Dickey, Robert J., Ed. "ERIC: Reports"
Dickey, Robert W. "Environmental Health Perspectives"
Dickey, Sam "Alaska Business Monthly"
Dickey, Sam J. "Alaska Business Monthly"
Dickey, Steven; Houston, Robert G., Jr. "Atlantic Economic Journal"
Dickey, Susan B.; Deatrick, Janet "Pediatric Nursing"
Dickey, Thomas E. "Journal of Environmental Health"
Dickey, Tom "Presbyterian Record"
Dickhardt, Michael "Oceania"
Dickhout, Roger "The McKinsey Quarterly"
Dickhout, Roger; Denham, Michael; Blackwell, Norman "The McKinsey Quarterly"
Dickie, Alastair "Grocer"
Dickie, Carolyn "Research and Practice in Human Resource Management"
Dickie, Carolyn; Dickie, Laurie "ERIC: Reports"
Dickie, George "The British Journal of Aesthetics"
Dickie, Ian; Marsh, Simon; Mitchell, Heather "Town and Country Planning"
Dickie, Jim "ABA Bank Marketing"
Dickie, Jim "CRM Magazine"
Dickie, John "Australian Journal of Language and Literacy"
Dickie, Kaye "Business Perspectives"
DICKIE, LANCE "The Masthead"
Dickie, Lance W. "The Masthead"
Dickie, Madelaine "Hecate"
Dickie, Mark "Southern Economic Journal"
Dickie, Mary "The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality"
Dickie, Mure "Chief Executive (U.S.)"
Dickie, R.A. "JCT CoatingsTech"
Dickie, R.F. "Education & Treatment of Children"
Dickie, Ray "JCT CoatingsTech"
Dickie, Ray "JCT Research"
Dickie, Ray A. "JCT CoatingsTech"
Dickie, Robin "The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality"
Dickie, Sheila "Earth Island Journal"
Dickin, Alan "Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith"
Dickin, Daniel "Canadian Parliamentary Review"
Dickin, Daniel "Revue parlementaire canadienne"
Dickin, Janice "Canadian Ethnic Studies Journal"
Dickin, Janice "Labour/Le Travail"
Dickin, Peter "Tooling & Production"
Dickin, Sarah K.; Schuster-Wallace, Corinne J.; Qadir, Manzoor; Pizzacalla, Katherine "Environmental Health Perspectives"
Dickins, Barry "Arena Magazine"
Dickins, Daina S.E.; Kamke, Marc R.; Sale, Martin V. "Neural Plasticity"
Dickins, David W. "The Psychological Record"
Dickins, David W.; Bentall, R.P.; Smith, A.B. "The Psychological Record"
Dickins, Denise "Regulation"
Dickins, Denise; Fay, Rebecca G.; Reisch, John "The CPA Journal"
Dickins, Denise; Hillison, William A.; Platau, Steven "The CPA Journal"
Dickins, Denise; McCarthy, Mark; O'Reilly, Dennis; Schneider, Douglas "The CPA Journal"
Dickins, Denise; Noland, Thomas G.; Washer, Kenneth M. "The CPA Journal"
Dickinson, Adam "Canadian Chemical News"
Dickinson, Aileen C.; Friedman, Myles I.; Hatch, Charles W.; Jacobs, Jacqueline E.; Nickerson, Amand "ERIC: Reports"
Dickinson, Alan; Rico, A. "Guns & Ammo"
Dickinson, Alexander S.; Steer, Joshua W.; Woods, Christopher J.; Worsley, Peter R. "Journal of Rehabilitation Research & Development"
Dickinson, Andrew "Australian International Law Journal"
Dickinson, Annette "Nutraceuticals World"
Dickinson, Anthony B. "Newfoundland and Labrador Studies"
Dickinson, Anthony B.; Sanger, Chesley W. "Newfoundland and Labrador Studies"
Dickinson, Brian "The Masthead"
Dickinson, Brian; Midea, Tony; Adams, Andrew "Modern Casting"
Dickinson, Clive "Advances in Astronomy"
Dickinson, Colby "Annali d'Italianistica"
Dickinson, Colby "Cosmos and History: The Journal of Natural and Social Philosophy"
Dickinson, Dave "Sky & Telescope"
Dickinson, David "Nation's Cities Weekly"
Dickinson, David "Federal Communications Law Journal"
Dickinson, David "Sky & Telescope"
Dickinson, David K.; DiGisi, Lori Lyman "Educational Leadership"
Dickinson, David K.; McCabe, Allyssa; Anastasopoulos, Louisa "ERIC: Reports"
Dickinson, David K.; McCabe, Allyssa; Sprague, Kim "ERIC: Reports"
Dickinson, David L.; Hunnicutt, Lynn "Economic Inquiry"
Dickinson, David L.; Oaxaca, Ronald L. "Southern Economic Journal"
Dickinson, David L.; Oaxaca, Ronald L. "Economic Inquiry"
Dickinson, David L.; Whitehead, John C. "Economic Inquiry"
Dickinson, David; van der Merwe, Shelly "Nation's Cities Weekly"
Dickinson, Derek "William and Mary Law Review"
Dickinson, Dick "Sarasota Magazine"
Dickinson, Eerik "The Journal of the American Oriental Society"
Dickinson, Elizabeth "Washington Monthly"
Dickinson, Emily "The American Poetry Review"
Dickinson, Emily "Letras Libres"
Dickinson, Emily "The American Reader"
Dickinson, F.R. "The Historian"
Dickinson, Frederick R. "The Historian"
Dickinson, Gail K. "Teacher Librarian"
Dickinson, Gary H.; Yang, Xu; Wu, Fanghui; Orihuela, Beatriz; Rittschof, Dan; Beniash, Elia "The Biological Bulletin"
Dickinson, George "Phi Kappa Phi Forum"
Dickinson, George E. "Shofar"
Dickinson, Gerald; Cantu, Dana; Castleberry, Sue "Education"
Dickinson, Gerald; Holifield, Mitch; Taylor, Sharon "Education"
Dickinson, Gerald; McBride, Jackie; Lamb-Milligan, Julie; Nichols, Joe "Education"
Dickinson, Gregory M. "Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy"
Dickinson, H.T. "The Historian"
Dickinson, Jann "Mother Earth News"
Dickinson, Jason "Military Intelligence Professional Bulletin"
Dickinson, Jerry "Public Works"
Dickinson, Jerry "National Underwriter Life & Health"
Dickinson, Jim "Editor & Publisher"
Dickinson, John "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Dickinson, John "The American Reader"
Dickinson, John; Hu, Jiu; Chester, Neil; Loosemore, Mike; Whyte, Greg "Journal of Sports Science and Medicine"
Dickinson, Josh "Surface"
Dickinson, Joshua C. "E"
Dickinson, Katherine; Soukamneuth, Sengsouvanh "ERIC: Reports"
Dickinson, Ken "Designfax"
Dickinson, Ken "Database Trends & Applications"
Dickinson, Laura A. "Social Justice"
Dickinson, Laura A. "Denver Journal of International Law and Policy"
Dickinson, Lois "The Loyalist Gazette"
Dickinson, Lucille; Nealis, Craig R. "Government Finance Review"
Dickinson, M. "Anaesthesia and Intensive Care"
Dickinson, Marc "Aethlon: The Journal of Sport Literature"
Dickinson, Mark "Alternatives Journal"
Dickinson, Matthew "Circuits Assembly"
DICKINSON, MATTHEW J. "Presidential Studies Quarterly"
Dickinson, Matthew J. "American Political Science Review"
Dickinson, Matthew J.; Gubb, Jesse "Presidential Studies Quarterly"
Dickinson, Megan; Rutherford, Murray; Gunton, Thomas "Environments"
Dickinson, Mike "New York State Conservationist"
Dickinson, Mike "ECN-Electronic Component News"
Dickinson, Nancy "Mississippi Magazine"
Dickinson, Nancy S.; Fisher, Cathy E. "Policy & Practice"
Dickinson, Oliver "Hesperia"
Dickinson, Paul "Financial Management (UK)"
Dickinson, Peter "CineAction"
Dickinson, Peter "School Librarian"
Dickinson, Peter "Society for American Music Bulletin"
Dickinson, Peter "Music & Letters"
Dickinson, Peter "Theatre Research in Canada"
Dickinson, Phil "Journal of Beat Studies"
DICKINSON, Q. TODD "Issues in Science and Technology"
Dickinson, Renee "Woolf Studies Annual"
Dickinson, Richard D.N. "The Ecumenical Review"
Dickinson, Rink; Rockne, Jennifer; Fitzgerald, Frank T. "The Nation"
Dickinson, Roger "Journal of Consumer Affairs"
Dickinson, Roger A. "Journal of Retailing"
Dickinson, Roger A.; Carman, James M. "Journal of Retailing"
Dickinson, Stephanie "African American Review"
Dickinson, Stephanie "Feminist Studies"
Dickinson, Terence "Sky & Telescope"
Dickinson, Terence; Fraknoi, Andrew; Skiff, Brian; Kirshner, Robert P.; Hammel, Heidi B. "Sky & Telescope"
Dickinson, Thomas E. "Canadian Chemical News"
Dickinson, Tim "Mother Jones"
Dickinson, Tim; Metsger, Deborah "ROM Magazine"
Dickinson, Tim; Stein, Jonathan "Mother Jones"
Dickinson, Tim; Talent, Nadia "ROM Magazine"
DICKINSON, TOM "Contract Management"
Dickinson, Torry "The Oral History Review"
Dickinson, Trevor "School Librarian"
Dickinson, W. Perry; Miller, Benjamin F. "Families, Systems & Health"
Dickinson, Wendy "Journal of Psychology and Theology"
Dickinson, William R.; Shutler, Mary Elizabeth "Archaeology in Oceania"
Dickinson-Herbst, Diane "Pediatric Nursing"
Dickison, Emma "USA Today (Magazine)"
Dickison, Steve "The Review of Contemporary Fiction"
Dickler, Arthur N.; Braver, Jules; Matusow, Andrew "The National Public Accountant"
Dickler, Paul "ERIC: Reports"
Dickman, Anneliese; Allen, Vanessa; Henken, Rob "ERIC: Reports"
Dickman, Anneliese; Kovach, Melissa; Smith, Annemarie; Henken, Rob "ERIC: Reports"
Dickman, Anneliese; Schmidt, Jeffrey "ERIC: Reports"
Dickman, Anneliese; Schmidt, Jeffrey; Henken, Rob "ERIC: Reports"
Dickman, Anneliese; Schwabe, Amy; Schmidt, Jeff; Henken, Rob "ERIC: Reports"
Dickman, Benjamin "Word Ways"
Dickman, Emerson "The Exceptional Parent"
Dickman, Frank "Pipeline & Gas Journal"
Dickman, Howard "Business History Review"
Dickman, Irving R.; Gordon, Sol "The Exceptional Parent"
Dickman, Jennifer "The Exceptional Parent"
Dickman, Joseph C., Jr. "Information Management Journal"
Dickman, Matthew "The American Poetry Review"
Dickman, Matthew "Prairie Schooner"
Dickman, Michael "The American Poetry Review"
Dickman, Patricia L. "National Catholic Reporter"
Dickman, Scott J. "Human Factors"
Dickman, Ted "Indiana Business Magazine"
Dickman, Thelma "Sunset"
Dickman, Tim "Risk & Insurance"
Dickmann, Michael "Training Journal"
Dickmann, Patricia "National Catholic Reporter"
Dickmanns, Ernst D. "AI Magazine"
Dickmeyer, Nathan "ERIC: Reports"
Dickmeyer, Nathan; Cirino, Anna Marie "ERIC: Reports"
Dickmeyer, Nathan; Meeker, Bradley "ERIC: Reports"
Dickov, Veselin; Mitrovic, Dragan; Kuzman, Boris "National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy and Pharmacology"
Dickover, Noel "Defense A R Journal"
Dickover, Ryan "Contract Management"
Dickover, Ryan D. "Contract Management"
Dickow, Alexander "Romance Notes"
Dickow, Alice; Robinson, Lorraine; Copeland, Kristina "Corrections Today"
Dickow, Robert "The Horn Call"
Dickrell, Jim "Agri Marketing"
Dickrell, Stephanie "Community College Week"
Dicks, Andrew; Poe, Judith "Canadian Chemical News"
Dicks, Brian "Geographical"
Dicks, Henry "Environment and Planning D: Society and Space"
Dicks, Kent "Health Management Technology"
Dicks, Michael "Business Economics"
Dicks, Roy C. "Dance Magazine"
Dicks, Samuel E. "The Historian"
Dicks, Sean "Units"
Dicks, Shirley "Free Inquiry"
Dickson, Alex; Hansen, John S. "ECN-Electronic Component News"
Dickson, Alyson "Baptist History and Heritage"
Dickson, Bradley M.; Stuart, Steven J.; Kum, Oyeon "Bulletin of the South Carolina Academy of Science"
Dickson, Brian "Review of Constitutional Studies"
Dickson, Bridget "New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy"
Dickson, Bridget E.; Hay-Smith, E. Jean C.; Dean, Sarah G. "New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy"
Dickson, Bruce J. "China: An International Journal"
Dickson, Carl "Set-Aside Alert"
Dickson, Cassandra; LeMay, Eric; Field, Miranda; Flynn, Nick "The Nation"
Dickson, Charles "Mother Earth News"
Dickson, Charles "Public Works"
Dickson, Charles "Grit"
Dickson, Charles Ellis "The Historian"
Dickson, Charles; Mars, Ariel "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Dickson, Charlotte "Nation's Cities Weekly"
Dickson, Christine E. "The Journal of Employee Assistance"
Dickson, Clare-Marie "Community Practitioner"
Dickson, Courtney "Herizons"
Dickson, Craig "NZ Business"
Dickson, Cranston "Mech"
Dickson, D. Lynne; Gilchrist, H. Grant "Arctic"
Dickson, Danelle; Hollman-Gage, Kendra; Ojofeitimi, Sheyi; Bronner, Shaw "Journal of Dance Medicine & Science"
Dickson, David "Sky & Telescope"
Dickson, David "Irish Economic and Social History"
Dickson, David A. "Army Logistician"
Dickson, David C.M.; Tedesco, Leanna M.; Zehnwirth, Ben "Journal of Risk and Insurance"
Dickson, Del "Yale Law Journal"
Dickson, Donald R. "Renaissance Quarterly"
Dickson, Donald R. "Seventeenth-Century News"
Dickson, Douglas J. "Coach and Athletic Director"
Dickson, Ellen Bailey; Whitehurst, Robin "Planning for Higher Education"
Dickson, Ephriam D., III "Whispering Wind"
Dickson, Ewa "State Magazine"
Dickson, Frank W.; Lee, Tze M.; Mihaylov, Bogidar V. "Resource: Engineering & Technology for a Sustainable World"
Dickson, Gary "LawNow"
Dickson, Geoff "Sport Marketing Quarterly"
Dickson, Ginger L. "Career Development Quarterly"
Dickson, Ginger L.; Argus-Calvo, Beverley; Tafoya, Nancy Garcia "Counselor Education and Supervision"
Dickson, Ginger L.; Jepsen, David A. "Counselor Education and Supervision"
Dickson, Ginger L.; Jepsen, David A.; Barbee, Phillip W. "Journal of Multicultural Counseling and Development"
Dickson, Glen "Variety"
Dickson, Gordon R. "California Bookwatch"
Dickson, Gretchen M. "Journal of Family Practice"
Dickson, Hazel "Laboratory Equipment"
Dickson, Hendrick "All Hands"
Dickson, Hendrick L. "All Hands"
Dickson, James "Mississippi Magazine"
Dickson, James "Grocer"
Dickson, James "The People (London, England)"
Dickson, James David "Journal of Law in Society"
Dickson, James M. "Canadian Chemical News"
Dickson, Janice "South Asian Post"
Dickson, Janice "The Filipino Post"
Dickson, Jaonne "Inside MS"
Dickson, Jay "Woolf Studies Annual"
Dickson, Jeanette "Women Magazine"
Dickson, Jim "National Voter"
Dickson, Jim "Firearms News"
Dickson, Jim "Modern Materials Handling"
Dickson, Joanne "Momentum"
Dickson, Joe "Printed Circuit Design & Manufacture"
Dickson, John "Grocer"
Dickson, John "Mechanical Engineering-CIME"
Dickson, John A. "Ink World"
Dickson, Julie "Critica"
Dickson, Kate "Ontario Birchbark"
Dickson, Katherine L.; Cramer, Angela M.; Peckham, Colleen M. "Nursing Economics"
Dickson, Katherine Murphy "Library Trends"
Dickson, Katie "School Librarian"
Dickson, Keith "Canadian Journal of History"
Dickson, Keith "The Journal of the American Oriental Society"
Dickson, Keith D. "Joint Force Quarterly"
Dickson, Keith D. "Canadian Journal of History"
Dickson, Kent "Chasqui"
Dickson, Kwamena Sekyi; Adde, Kenneth Setorwu; Amu, Hubert "International Journal of Reproductive Medicine"
Dickson, Kwamena Sekyi; Amu, Hubert "Advances in Public Health"
Dickson, Lisa "The Hemingway Review"
Dickson, Lisa "Early Theatre"
Dickson, Lisa "Shakespeare Bulletin"
Dickson, Lisa; Mandell, Marv; Maton, Kenneth; Marcotte, Dave; Rous, Philip; McDermott, Patrice; Rutl "ERIC: Reports"
Dickson, Lynda; Dukes, Richard L.; Smith, Hilary; Strapko, Noel "College Student Journal"
Dickson, M.L.; Broster, B.E.; Parkhill, M.A. "Atlantic Geology"
Dickson, Mark "Buildings"
Dickson, Marlene "DAV Magazine"
DICKSON, MARSHA A. "Journal of Consumer Affairs"
Dickson, Michael "The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science"
Dickson, Michael R. "Catalyst (Dublin, Ohio)"
Dickson, Pat "Community Practitioner"
Dickson, Paul "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Dickson, Peter R. "Antitrust Bulletin"
Dickson, Peter R.; Urbany, Joel E. "Journal of Retailing"
Dickson, Randall L. "Bowhunter"
Dickson, Richard E. "Ecology"
Dickson, Rob "Builder"
Dickson, Rod "Builder"
Dickson, Roy "Anglican Journal"
Dickson, Sandy "Northern Ontario Business"
Dickson, Shayleigh K. "Pediatric Nursing"
Dickson, Sheila "The German Quarterly"
Dickson, Sheila "The Modern Language Review"
Dickson, Spencer "Utah Business"
Dickson, Suzanne "Computer Technology Review"
Dickson, Thomas "Petersen's Bowhunting"
Dickson, Thomas E. "Military Police"
Dickson, Thomas R. "Risk Management"
Dickson, Timothy "McGill Law Journal"
Dickson, Todd "Medical Design Technology"
Dickson, Tom; Olson, Lyle "ERIC: Reports"
Dickson, Vaughan "Southern Economic Journal"
Dickson, W. Michael "The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science"
Dickson, Wendy Foster "Washington Monthly"
Dickson-Carr, Darryl "Nineteenth-Century Prose"
Dickson-Gomez, Julia; Convey, Mark; Hilario, Helena; Corbett, A. Michelle; Weeks, Margaret "Contemporary Drug Problems"
Dickson-Green, Ben "Financial Management (UK)"
Dickson-simpson, John "The Mirror (London, England)"
Dickson-Tetteh, Kim; Pettifor, Audrey; Moleko, Winnie "Reproductive Health Matters"
Dickson-Waiko, Anne "Oceania"
Dicksteen, Lisa Napell "Techniques"
Dickstein, Douglas Evan "World and I"
Dickstein, Howard W. "Nursing Homes"
Dickstein, Jeff "Mortgage Banking"
Dickstein, Lore "Moment"
Dickstein, Morris "New Criterion"
Dickstein, Morris "Moment"
Dickstein, Morris "Tablet Magazine"
Dickstein, Morris "Shofar"
Dickstein, Morris "The Mailer Review"
Dickstein, Morris; Lennon, J. Michael "The Mailer Review"
Dickstein, Ruth; Greenfield, Louise; Rosen, Jeff "Computers in Libraries"
Dickstein, Steven "Grocery Headquarters"
Dickstein, Wendy "B'Or Ha'Torah"
Dickter, Arturo Grunstein "Historia Mexicana"
Dicle, Ozlem "Archives of the Turkish Dermatology and Venerology"
Dicle, Ozlem; Yilmaz, Ertan; Alpsoy, Erkan "Archives of the Turkish Dermatology and Venerology"
DiClemente, Carlo C. "Addiction Professional"
DiClemente, Carol C. "Addiction Professional"
DiClemente, Ralph J. "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
DiClemente, Ralph J. "Journal of School Health"
Diclemente, Robert V. "Business Economics"
Dicmas, Courtney "Children's Bookwatch"
Dicochea, Perlita R. "Frontiers: A Journal of Women's Studies"
DiCola, Anthony "Navy Supply Corps Newsletter"
DiCola, Peter "Michigan Law Review"
DiComo, Anthony "Baseball Digest"
DiComo, Christine "Dance Magazine"
DICONSIGLIO, JOHN "New York Times Upfront"
DiConsiglio, John "Junior Scholastic"
DiConsiglio, John "Science World"
DiConsiglio, John "Builder"
DiCosimo, Dominick "The Tax Adviser"
DiCosola, Mike "Digital Imaging Digest"
Dicou, Natalie "Utah Business"
Dicou, Natalie Kaye "Utah Business"
DiCowden, Marie "The Journal of Rehabilitation"
Dicpinigaitis, Paul A.; Koval, Kenneth J.; Tejwani, Nirmal C.; Egol, Kenneth A. "Bulletin of the NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases"
DiCresce, Joe "Detroiter"
Dicriscio, Antoinette Sabatino; Strang, John "The Exceptional Parent"
Dicroce, Carlos Alberto "Clio & Asociados: La historia ensenada"
Dicso, Jim "Insurance Advocate"
Dictoro, Vinicius Perez; Hanai, Frederico Yuri "Ra'e Ga"
Dicu, Gratiela "Journal of Research in Gender Studies"
Dicum, Greg "Mother Jones"
Dicum, Gregory "Harper's Magazine"
Dicum, Julia "Ethnologies"
Dicuonzo, Angelo R. "Italica"
Dicurie, Lynn "Life Extension"
Dicus, Todd C. "Association Management"
Didangelos, Triantafyllos; Tziomalos, Konstantinos; Margaritidis, Charalambos; Kontoninas, Zisis; St "Journal of Diabetes Research"
Didarloo, A.; Shojaeizadeh, D.; Gharaaghaji asl, R.; Niknami, S.; Khorami, A. "Journal of Health Population and Nutrition"
DiDavide, Maio "Printed Circuit Design & Fab"
Didczuneit, Veit "The Journal of Transport History"
Didden, David "Journal of Family Practice"
Didden, Katy "Witness"
Didden, Katy "Shenandoah"
Diddi, Arvind "Presidential Studies Quarterly"
Diddlebock, Bob "ColoradoBiz"
Didelot, Audrey; Kotsopoulos, Steve K.; Lupo, Audrey; Pekin, Deniz; Li, Xinyu; Atochin, Ivan; Sriniv "Clinical Chemistry"
Didelot, Mary J.; Hollingsworth, Lisa; Buckenmeyer, Janet A. "Journal of Addictions & Offender Counseling"
Didenko, Alexander V.; Gurbyk, Alexander B. "Folia Zoologica"
Didenkulov, Oleg; Didenkulova, Ira; Pelinovsky, Efim "Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences"
Didenkulova, Ira; Pelinovsky, Efim "Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences"
Didenkulova, Ira; Pelinovsky, Efim; Rodin, Artem "Estonian Journal of Engineering"
Didenkulova, Ira; Pelinovsky, Efim; Soomere, Tarmo "Estonian Journal of Engineering"
Didenkulova, Ira; Soomere, Tarmo; Pindsoo, Katri; Suuroja, Sten "Estonian Journal of Engineering"
Didenkulovaa, Ira; Pelinovsky, Efim "Proceedings of the Estonian Academy of Sciences"
Diderholm, Barbro "Indian Journal of Medical Research"
Diderich, Joelle "Variety"
Didericksen, Katharine Wickel; Berge, Jerica M. "Families, Systems & Health"
Didericksen, Katharine Wickel; Berge, Jerica M.; Hannan, Peter J.; Harris, Steven M.; MacLehose, Ric "Families, Systems & Health"
Diderot, Denis "Praxis Filosofica"
Dides C., Claudia "Acta Bioethica"
Dides Castillo, Claudia "Nomadias"
Dides Castillo, Claudia; Perez Moscoso, Maria Soledad "Acta Bioethica"
Dides, Claudia "Conscience"
Dides, Claudia; Fernandez, Constanza; Peltier, Gwendoline "Nomadias"
Dides, Claudia; Maulhardt, Tessa "Conscience"
Didham, Raphael K.; Hammond, Peter M.; Lawton, John H.; Eggleton, Paul; Stork, Nigel E. "Ecological Monographs"
Didham, Steve; Csiernik, Rick "Addiction Professional"
Didi-Huberman, Georges "Alea: Estudos Neolatinos"
Didia, Blessing C.; Jaja, Blessing N.R. "International Journal of Morphology"
Didia, Dal "Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship"
Didier Fierro, Christian "Mensaje"
Didier, Beatrice "The Romanic Review"
Didier, J.M.; De Wazieres, B.; Becker-Schneider, M.; Seilles, E.; Dupond, J.L.; Vuitton, D.A. "Age and Ageing"
Didier, J.P.; Mourney, F.; Brondel, L.; Marcer, I.; Milan, C.; Casillas, J.M.; Verges, B.; Winsland, "Age and Ageing"
Didier, Laurel "Wood & Wood Products"
Didier, Laurel "Wood Products"
Didier, M. Castillo "Byzantion Nea Hellas"
Didier, Miguel Castillo "Byzantion Nea Hellas"
Didier, Tatiana; Schmukler, Sergio L. "Comparative Economic Studies"
Didiksson, Axel "Proceso"
Didion, Ken "New York State Conservationist"
Didion, Mike "Modern Casting"
Didisen, Nurdan Akcay; Ozdemir, Hamide Nur Cevik; Keskin, Esin "Journal of Pediatric Emergency and Intensive Care Medicine"
Didlake, Ralph "Journal of the Mississippi Academy of Sciences"
Didlion, Joan "Algarabia"
Dido, Vedran; Ramic-Catak, Aida "International Journal of Collaborative Research on Internal Medicine & Public Health (IJCRIMPH)"
DiDomenico, Edith; Bonnici, Joseph "Education"
DiDomenico, Justin A. "The Behavior Analyst Today"
DiDomenico, Nicole M. "E"
Didomenico, Sharon "Whole Dog Journal"
DIDOMIZIO, DANIEL "Theological Studies"
DiDonato, Michael "Naval Aviation News"
DiDonato, Michael "Clinical Chemistry"
DiDonato, Natale "Real Estate Weekly"
DiDonato, S. Leonard "Real Estate Weekly"
Didonato, Tony "Claims"
Didonet, Adriano Amir; Ferraz, Isolde Dorothea Kossmann "Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura"
Didonet, Vital "Educacion (Lima)"
DiDonna, MaryBeth "R & D"
DiDonna, MaryBeth "Laboratory Equipment"
Didou Aupetit, Sylvie; Durand Villalobos, Juan Pablo "Revista Electronica de Investigacion Educativa"
Didricksson, Axel "Proceso"
Didrikson, Axel "Proceso"
Didriksson, Alex "Proceso"
Didriksson, Axel "Proceso"
Didsbury, Howard F. "The Futurist"
Didtler, Mark "Telegram & Gazette (Worcester, MA)"
Didu, Anca; Didu, Marin; Radu, Stefan "Annals of DAAAM & Proceedings"
Diduch, Chris; Dubay, Rickey; Li, Wan Gui "Polymer Engineering and Science"
Diduch, Mary "Best's Review"
Diduch, Michael N.; Campbell, Rebecca H.; Borovicka, Mary; Cunningham, Elizabeth A.; Thomas, Christo "Current Psychiatry"
Diduck, Alan "Alternatives Journal"
Didugu, Hareesh; Reddy, Ch. E. Narasimha; Devi, M. Anitha; Kishore, K. Nanda "Intas Polivet"
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Didukh, Yakiv P.; Mucina, Ladislav "Lazaroa"

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