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Davie, Brian "ECN-Electronic Component News"
Davie, Cindy "Long-Term Living"
Davie, D. Kevin; Lant, Christopher L. "Journal of Soil and Water Conservation"
Davie, Edward "Black Enterprise"
Davie, Grace "Synthesis/Regeneration"
Davie, Grace "The Ecumenical Review"
Davie, Grace "International Review of Mission"
Davie, Kirsten "New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy"
Davie, M.J. "Anaesthesia and Intensive Care"
Davie, Mark "Journal of European Studies"
Davie, Salena "Social Policy Journal of New Zealand"
Davie, Scott "Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)"
Davie, Scott "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Davie, Shanta S.K. "Accounting Historians Journal"
Davie, Stuart "Pharmaceutical Processing"
Davie, Wendy "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
Davie, William "The Review of Metaphysics"
Davies argues "Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)"
Davies, A.J.; Kenny, R.A. "Age and Ageing"
Davies, Adam "Sarasota Magazine"
Davies, Alan "Tea & Coffee Trade Journal"
Davies, Alan "Presbyterian Record"
Davies, Alan "Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)"
Davies, Alan "Journal of Ecumenical Studies"
Davies, Alan "ERIC: Reports"
Davies, Alan "Journal of Asian and African Studies"
Davies, Alan I. "Contemporary Review"
Davies, Alison "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Allan J.; Collins, Nicholas; Organ, Nicole "Case Reports in Cardiology"
Davies, Alun C. "Business History Review"
Davies, Amber Graafland /Erica "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Amber Graafland/Erica "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Andrew "Journal of Social History"
Davies, Andrew "Food Trade Review"
Davies, Andrew "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Davies, Andrew "New Zealand International Review"
Davies, Andrew "Environment and Planning D: Society and Space"
Davies, Andrew Lucas Blaize "Albany Law Review"
Davies, Andrew; Sivinski, John; Shirk, Paul; Aluja, Martin "Florida Entomologist"
Davies, Ann "Journal of the British Astronomical Association"
Davies, Ann "The Modern Language Review"
Davies, Anna "Girls' Life"
Davies, Anna "The Modern Language Review"
Davies, Anne "Planning for Higher Education"
Davies, Anne; Williams, Patricia J. "Phi Delta Kappan"
Davies, Antony "Independent Review"
Davies, Antony "Journal of Markets & Morality"
Davies, Antony N.; Fiege, Maren; Lampen, Peter "Scientific Computing"
Davies, Barbara "Rubber World"
Davies, Barbara "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Barbara "Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)"
Davies, Barbara; Dunn, Tom Newton "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Barbara; Garside, Kevin "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Barbara; Graafland, Amber "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Barbara; Matthews, Athalie "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Barbara; Mellor, James "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Barbara; Merrett, Jo "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Barbara; Sayid, Ruki "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Barbara; Scott, James "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Barrie "Nonwovens Industry"
Davies, Barry; Jones, Peter; Pal, John "International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management"
Davies, Ben "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Davies, Ben; Clarke, Michael "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Davies, Betty "Pediatric Nursing"
Davies, Betty; Cook, Karen; O'Loane, Maureen; Clarke, Donelle; MacKenzie, Barbara; Stutzer, Cynthia; "Pediatric Nursing"
Davies, Brenda "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Brent "ERIC: Reports"
Davies, Brian "Pharmaceutical Processing"
Davies, Brian "Theological Studies"
Davies, Brian "Kritika"
Davies, Brian "The Journal of Theological Studies"
Davies, Brian L. "Kritika"
Davies, Bronwyn "Info Nursing"
Davies, Bronwyn; Dormer, Suzy; Honan, Eileen; McAllister, Nicky; O'Reilly, Roisin; Rocco, Sharn; Wal "Hecate"
Davies, By Emily; Jouvenal, Justin; Lamothe, Dan; Post, Meagan Flynn The Washington "Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL)"
Davies, Byron; Davies, Victoria Bryan "Communications of the ACM"
Davies, C.S.L. "History Today"
Davies, C.S.L. "The Review of English Studies"
Davies, Caitlin "African Business"
Davies, Cara M. "Romanian Journal of Political Science"
Davies, Carole Boyce "Wagadu"
Davies, Carole Boyce "Chasqui: Revista Latinoamericana de Comunicacion"
Davies, Caroline "Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)"
Davies, Catherine "Labour/Le Travail"
Davies, Catherine "The Modern Language Review"
Davies, Ceri "Journal of International Women's Studies"
Davies, Charles "Business Mexico"
Davies, Charles "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Davies, Charles "Canadian Defence Review"
Davies, Charlotte "Geographical"
Davies, Cheryl "Natural Life"
Davies, Chris "Catholic Insight"
Davies, Chris "Canadian Chemical News"
Davies, Christie "New Criterion"
Davies, Christie "Independent Review"
Davies, Christie "British Journal of Criminology"
Davies, Christie "Journal of European Studies"
Davies, Christie "Chronicles"
Davies, Christine "University of Toronto Faculty of Law Review"
Davies, Christine "The People (London, England)"
Davies, Christine; Buxton, Olivia "The People (London, England)"
Davies, Christopher "Variaciones Borges"
Davies, Christopher N. "Florida Bar Journal"
Davies, Christopher S.; Brazile, Frank "Texas Business Review"
Davies, Christopher S.; Brinkman, Robert H. "The Texas Journal of Science"
Davies, Clancy "Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)"
Davies, Clint; Vogt, Dan "Behavioral Healthcare"
Davies, Clive R. "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Davies, Colin "The Architectural Review"
DAVIES, Comments STEVE "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Davies, Corinne "Victorian Poetry"
Davies, Cristyn; Knox, Elena "Hecate"
Davies, Dai "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Damian Walford "Yearbook of English Studies"
Davies, Damian Walford "Notes and Queries"
Davies, Damian Walford "Essays in Criticism"
Davies, Daniel K.; Dipner, Randy W. "Communications of the ACM"
Davies, Danielle "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
Davies, David "Catholic Insight"
Davies, David "Optometry Today"
Davies, David "The British Journal of Aesthetics"
Davies, Debbie "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
Davies, Debbie; Bruning, Brenda "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
Davies, Derwyn "Canadian Dimension"
Davies, Desmond "New African"
Davies, Diane "The Modern Language Review"
Davies, Dianne "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
Davies, Don "Phi Delta Kappan"
Davies, Drew Edward "Notes"
Davies, E. "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, E.; Peake, L.; Woolard, D.; Novak, C.; Hall, K.; Leonard, R.T.; Allen, R.; Reynolds, M.; Dav "Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report"
Davies, Edward "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Davies, Edward J. "The Historian"
Davies, Elizabeth "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
Davies, Elizabeth W. "Phi Kappa Phi Forum"
Davies, Ella "YaleGlobal Online"
Davies, Emma "Social Policy Journal of New Zealand"
Davies, Emma "Dog Watch"
Davies, Emma; Crothers, Charles; Hanna, Kirsten "New Zealand Journal of Psychology"
Davies, Emma; McConn-Palfreyman, Will; Williams, Jane M.; Lovell, Geoff P. "Animals (Basel)"
Davies, Erica "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Erica; Graafland, Amber "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Eryl W. "The Journal of Theological Studies"
DAVIES, EVAN "Alternatives Journal"
Davies, Fiona; Moutinho, Luiz; Curry, Bruce "Marketing Intelligence & Planning"
Davies, Frances "Plant & Works Engineering"
Davies, G.I. "The Journal of Theological Studies"
Davies, Gareth "Education Next"
Davies, Gareth "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Gareth "Presidential Studies Quarterly"
Davies, Gareth "The Historian"
Davies, Gareth; Blower, John; Hall, Richard; Maidment, Graeme "ASHRAE Transactions"
Davies, Gareth; Dennis, William; Boot-Handford, Nicholas; Rami, Rose; Grice, Joseph; Nicholls, Ashle "ASHRAE Transactions"
Davies, Gary "International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management"
Davies, Geoff "Airports International"
Davies, George "Software World"
DAVIES, GLORIA "Arena Magazine"
Davies, Gloria; Han, Gil-Soo "Media International Australia incorporating Culture and Policy"
Davies, Glyn "DISAM Journal"
Davies, Glyn "Business Credit"
Davies, Gordon K. "ERIC: Reports"
Davies, Gordon K. "The Oral History Review"
Davies, Graham "British Journal of Psychology"
Davies, Graham; Thasen, Sonya "British Journal of Psychology"
Davies, Gregory B.P.; Miller, Raymond M. "African Invertebrates"
Davies, Gregory B.P.; Miller, Raymond M.; Muller, Burgert S. "African Invertebrates"
Davies, Gregory L. "Navy Supply Corps Newsletter"
Davies, Gwen; Dulley, Polly "Optometry Today"
Davies, Gwendolyn "Papers of the Bibliographical Society of Canada"
Davies, Gwilym "Folk Music Journal"
Davies, Gwyn "Habitat Australia"
Davies, Gwyndaf "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Davies, H. Neville "The Review of English Studies"
Davies, Hannah "The People (London, England)"
Davies, Hannah; Maung, Carole Aye "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Helen; Zawacki, Alexander J. "The Journal of the Early Book Society for the Study of Manuscripts and Printing History"
Davies, Hilary "Art and Christianity"
Davies, Hilton "Mining Magazine"
Davies, Howard "The International Economy"
Davies, Howard "The Reserve Bank of New Zealand Bulletin"
Davies, Hugh "Synthesis/Regeneration"
Davies, Hunter "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Huw "The People (London, England)"
Davies, Huw "ECN-Electronic Component News"
Davies, Hywel "ASHRAE Transactions"
Davies, Hywel "ASHRAE Journal"
Davies, Ian "KMWorld"
Davies, Ian G.; Graham, John M.; Griffin, Bruce A. "Clinical Chemistry"
Davies, Ian R.L. "British Journal of Psychology"
Davies, Ian R.L.; Corbett, Greville G. "British Journal of Psychology"
Davies, Ian R.L.; Sowden, Paul T.; Jerrett, David T.; Jerrett, Tiny; Corbett, Greville G. "British Journal of Psychology"
Davies, Ioan; O'Neill, Paul A.; McLean, Kathleen A.; Catania, James; Bennett, Derek "Age and Ageing"
Davies, Ivor "History Today"
Davies, J. "Communications News"
Davies, J. Clarence "Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)"
Davies, J. Clarence "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Davies, J. Clarence "Issues in Science and Technology"
Davies, J. Clarence "Geographical"
Davies, J.C. "Studies in American Fiction"
Davies, J.E. "Library Trends"
Davies, Jacqueline M. "The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality"
Davies, James A. "Notes and Queries"
Davies, James; Halsey, John "Australian and International Journal of Rural Education"
Davies, James; Sandstrom, Susanna; Shorrocks, Anthony; Wolff, Edward N. "WIDER Angle"
Davies, Jane E. "Military Police"
Davies, Jason Walford "Notes and Queries"
Davies, Jennifer "Ear, Nose and Throat Journal"
Davies, Jennifer "Indiana Business Magazine"
Davies, Jennifer "Melbourne University Law Review"
Davies, Jennifer "National Underwriter Life & Health"
Davies, Jennifer; Kaiser, Amanda "Indiana Business Magazine"
Davies, Jeremy "Community Practitioner"
Davies, Jeremy M. "The Review of Contemporary Fiction"
Davies, Jerry "Best's Review"
Davies, Jill "Community Practitioner"
Davies, Jill; Hillman, Elizabeth "Community Practitioner"
Davies, Jim "WIDER Angle"
Davies, Jim "IFR"
Davies, Joan "Canadian Journal of History"
Davies, JoAnne E.; Szabo, Michael; Montgomerie, Craig "ERIC: Reports"
Davies, Joanne; Carbonaro, Mike; Kendal, Gerry; Beauchamp, Larry "T H E Journal (Technological Horizons In Education)"
Davies, Jocelyn "Australian Aboriginal Studies"
Davies, Joe "Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)"
Davies, Joe "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Joe "Queen's Quarterly"
Davies, Joe "Antigonish Review"
Davies, Joel "Communication Research Trends"
Davies, John "Communications News"
Davies, John "Franchising World"
Davies, John "Optometry Today"
Davies, John "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, John "Supply Chain Management Review"
Davies, John "Professional Engineering Magazine"
Davies, John "International Journal of Business, Marketing, and Decision Sciences (IJBMDS)"
Davies, John E. "Military Police"
Davies, John Evan Weston "The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide"
Davies, John; Berzonsky, William A. "Crop Science"
Davies, John; Hochman, Steve "Supply Chain Management Review"
Davies, John; Howell, Bronwyn; Mabin, Victoria "Communications & Strategies"
Davies, Jon "CineAction"
Davies, Jon "Ceramics Technical"
Davies, Jon "Fillip"
Davies, Jonathan "Renaissance Quarterly"
Davies, Jonathan "Financial Management (UK)"
Davies, Jonathan "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Jonathan "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Joseph "Thrasher"
Davies, Judy "Teacher Librarian"
Davies, Julia "International Journal of Manpower"
Davies, Julian "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Davies, Julie "Parergon"
Davies, Julie; Wright, John; Drake, Susan; Bunting, Jennifer "Adoption & Fostering"
Davies, Karen S. "Journal of the Medical Library Association"
Davies, Karin "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Davies, Kate "Journal of Environmental Health"
Davies, Kate "Alternatives Journal"
Davies, Kathleen "The Mississippi Quarterly"
Davies, Kayt; Crawford, Emily "International journal of communication (Online)"
Davies, Keith "British Journal of Community Justice"
Davies, Kelvin "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Ken "China: An International Journal"
Davies, Kent "PN - Paraplegia News"
Davies, Kent R. "CMA Management"
Davies, Kent R. "PN - Paraplegia News"
Davies, Keren N.; King, Debra; Davies, Helen "Age and Ageing"
Davies, Keri "Studies in Romanticism"
Davies, Keri "International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management"
Davies, Kimberly "Ebony"
Davies, Kirk "Agricultural Research"
Davies, Kirk L. "Air Force Law Review"
Davies, Kristy "Army Communicator"
Davies, L.C. "Catholic Insight"
Davies, L.C.; Osmak, Bob; Daffern, C.F.; Bazinet, Ron "Catholic Insight"
Davies, Lanre "Africa"
Davies, Lanre "African Nebula"
Davies, Laura J. "Writing Program Administration"
Davies, Laurence "Utopian Studies"
Davies, Laurence "Conradiana"
Davies, Laurence "Nathaniel Hawthorne Review"
Davies, Lawrence "Notes"
Davies, Leisha "Psycho-analytic Psychotherapy in South Africa"
Davies, Leon "Optometry Today"
Davies, Lesley "Green Places"
Davies, Lilian "Artforum International"
Davies, Lillian "Artforum International"
Davies, Lincoln L. "Environmental Law"
Davies, Lincoln L.; Jones, Alexis "Vanderbilt Journal of Transnational Law"
Davies, Linda "USA Today (Magazine)"
Davies, Lisa "Australian Journal of Adult Learning"
Davies, Lloyd "The Modern Language Review"
Davies, Lloyd G. "Christianity and Literature"
Davies, Lloyd Hughes "Confluencia: Revista Hispanica de Cultura y Literatura"
Davies, Lloyd Hughes "The Modern Language Review"
Davies, Loma G. "Saturday Evening Post"
Davies, Lorna "New Zealand College of Midwives Journal"
Davies, Lorna Adrianne; Asbery, Juliet "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
Davies, Lorna. A. "The Dissector: Journal of the Perioperative Nurses College of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation"
Davies, Lorraine; Carrier, Patricia Jane "Canadian Journal of Sociology"
Davies, Lorraine; McAlpine, Donna D. "Canadian Journal of Sociology"
Davies, M J "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Davies, M. "The Mirror (London, England)"
DAVIES, M. "The Classical Quarterly"
Davies, M.; Engel, J.; Griffin, D.; Ginzl, D.; Hopkins, R.; Blackmore, C.; Lawaczec, E.; Nathan, L.; "Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report"
Davies, M.J. "Anaesthesia and Intensive Care"
Davies, M.R.Q. "South African Journal of Surgery"
Davies, M.V. "The Lamp"
Davies, Madeleine "Woolf Studies Annual"
Davies, Maire Messenger "Critical Studies in Television"
Davies, Malcolm "British Journal of Criminology"
Davies, Malcolm "Greece & Rome"
Davies, Malcolm "The Classical Quarterly"
Davies, Maree J.; Esling, Simon "Australian Journal of Language and Literacy"
Davies, Margery "The Women's Review of Books"
Davies, Mark "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
Davies, Mark "Albany Law Review"
Davies, Mark "The Lamp"
Davies, Mark S. "Michigan Law Review"
Davies, Mark S.; Dixey, Richard; Green, J.C. "The Biological Bulletin"
DAVIES, MARTIN "Renaissance Quarterly"
Davies, Martin "Melbourne University Law Review"
Davies, Martin "The Modern Language Review"
Davies, Martin L. "The Modern Language Review"
Davies, Martin; Clarke, Ian "International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management"
Davies, Mary "Social Policy Journal of New Zealand"
Davies, Mary Ann "Childhood Education"
Davies, Mary-Ann; Keiser, Olivia; Technau, Karl; Eley, Brian; Rabie, Helena; van Cutsem, Gilles; Gid "South African Medical Journal"
Davies, MaryAnn "International Journal of Multicultural Education"
Davies, MaryAnn; McNulty, Carol P.; Maddox, Mary A. "Childhood Education"
Davies, Mathew "Contemporary Southeast Asia"
Davies, Mathew "Alternatives: Global, Local, Political"
Davies, Matt "CMA Management"
Davies, Matt "Nieman Reports"
Davies, Matthew "Anglican Journal"
Davies, Matthew "The Historian"
Davies, Meg "The Journal of Theological Studies"
Davies, Megan "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Megan "Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)"
Davies, Megan "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Davies, Mel "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Davies, Melissa "USA Today (Magazine)"
Davies, Melissa J.; Coleman, Lyndsie; Stellino, Megan Babkes "Journal of Sport Behavior"
Davies, Menna "The Lamp"
Davies, Mererid Puw "Journal of European Studies"
Davies, Michael "Professional Engineering Magazine"
Davies, Michael C. "Joint Force Quarterly"
Davies, Michael C. "Parameters"
Davies, Mike "Synthesis/Regeneration"
Davies, Mike "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Davies, Mike "USA Today (Magazine)"
Davies, Mike "The Birmingham Post (England)"
DAvies, Mike; Bacon, Peter "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Davies, Miranda "Adoption & Fostering"
Davies, Murray "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Murray "The People (London, England)"
Davies, Murray; Earls, John "The People (London, England)"
Davies, Murrey "The People (London, England)"
Davies, Nancy J. "Modern Casting"
Davies, Neal "Finishing"
Davies, Neil M.; Windmeijer, Frank; Martin, Richard M.; Abdollahi, Mohammad R.; Smith, George Davey; "Clinical Chemistry"
Davies, Nic "Geographical"
Davies, Nick "Psycho-analytic Psychotherapy in South Africa"
Davies, Nicola "Medical Laboratory Observer"
Davies, Noel Anthony "The Ecumenical Review"
Davies, Norman "History Today"
Davies, O.A.; Ugwumba, O.A. "Journal of Marine Biology"
Davies, Oscar "Jewish Bible Quarterly"
Davies, Owen "Journal of Social History"
Davies, Owen "History Today"
Davies, Owen "The Modern Language Review"
Davies, Owen "Professional Engineering Magazine"
Davies, P.R. "The Journal of Theological Studies"
Davies, Pam "Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)"
Davies, Pam "British Journal of Criminology"
Davies, Pat Cameron "Optometry Today"
Davies, Paul "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Paul "Sky & Telescope"
Davies, Paul "The Modern Language Review"
Davies, Paul Sheldon "Mind"
Davies, Peter "ERIC: Reports"
Davies, Peter Ho "Northwest Review"
Davies, Peter Ho "Harper's Magazine"
Davies, Peter N. "Business History Review"
Davies, Peter R.; Alexander, Bruce H.; Bender, Jeffrey B.; Deen, John; Dewey, Catherine E.; Funk, Ju "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Davies, Peter R.; Wagstrom, Elizabeth A.; Bender, Jeffrey B. "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Davies, Peter Thornton/Paul "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Peter; Adnett, Nick "ERIC: Reports"
Davies, Peter; Owen, Jane "ERIC: Reports"
Davies, Phil "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Phil "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Philie R. "Shofar"
Davies, Philip "Contemporary Review"
Davies, Philip "National Institute Economic Review"
Davies, Philip John "Contemporary Review"
Davies, Philip John "History Today"
Davies, Philip John; Ozolins, Andrejs Valdis "Contemporary Review"
Davies, Philip R. "The Journal of the American Oriental Society"
Davies, Philip R. "The Journal of Theological Studies"
Davies, Philip R. "Shofar"
Davies, Piers "Atlanta Review"
Davies, Pippa "Teacher Librarian"
Davies, Professor Sir Graeme "Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)"
Davies, R. E. "International Bulletin of Missionary Research"
Davies, R.M.; Davies, O.A. "Journal of Combustion"
Davies, R.W. "Comparative Economic Studies"
Davies, R.W. "Kritika"
Davies, Rachael; Collier, Christine; Raymond, Michael; Heaton, Jeremy; Clark, Albert "Clinical Chemistry"
Davies, Renaud J. "TESL Canada Journal"
Davies, Rhian "The Modern Language Review"
Davies, Rhian Sian; Smith, Christian; Edwards, Gwenllian; Butler, Rachel; Parry, Diane; Lester, Jaso "Lung Cancer International"
Davies, Rhondda "New Zealand College of Midwives Journal"
Davies, Richard "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Davies, Richard "The Review of Metaphysics"
Davies, Richard "English Studies in Canada"
Davies, Richard "Contract Pharma"
Davies, Richard "Journal of European Studies"
Davies, Richard O. "Journal of Social History"
Davies, Richard W. "Arkansas Business"
Davies, Rob "International Trade Forum"
Davies, Robert M.; Sorenson, Jim "Public Roads"
Davies, Robertson "The Wilson Quarterly"
Davies, Robin "Nutraceutical Business & Technology"
Davies, Roger "The International Economy"
Davies, Roger "Journal of Commercial Biotechnology"
Davies, Ron "The Birmingham Post (England)"
Davies, Ronald E. "International Bulletin of Missionary Research"
Davies, Ross E. "The Wilson Quarterly"
Davies, Ross E. "The Baseball Research Journal"
Davies, Roxanne; du Randt, Rosa; Venter, Danie; Stretch, Richard "South African Journal of Sports Medicine"
Davies, Roy "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, S.E.H. "Ergonomics SA"
Davies, S.J.; Gibling, M.R.; Rygel, M.C.; Calder, J.H.; Skilliter, D.M. "Atlantic Geology"
Davies, Sally Walker "Diverse Issues in Higher Education"
Davies, Sandra J. "Security Management"
Davies, Sarah "School Librarian"
Davies, Sarah "The Historian"
Davies, Says Jonathan "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Scott "ERIC: Reports"
Davies, Scott "Canadian Journal of Sociology"
Davies, Scott; Aurini, Janice "Phi Delta Kappan"
Davies, Scott; Aurini, Janice; Milne, Emily; Jean-Pierre, Johanne "Canadian Journal of Sociology"
Davies, Scott; Hammack, Floyd M. "Journal of Higher Education"
Davies, Scott; Maldonado, Vicky; Zarifa, David "Canadian Review of Sociology"
Davies, Scott; Quirke, Linda "Catholic Education"
Davies, Sharon L. "Law and Contemporary Problems"
Davies, Sharon L. "Michigan Law Review"
Davies, Sharyn Graham "Journal of Southeast Asian Studies"
Davies, Sharyn Graham "Journal of the Humanities and Social Sciences of Southeast Asia and Oceania"
Davies, Shayne "Canadian Parliamentary Review"
Davies, Sheila Boniface "Africa"
Davies, Sheryl; Romano, Patrick S.; Schmidt, Eric M.; Schultz, Ellen; Geppert, Jeffrey J.; McDonald, "Health Services Research"
Davies, Sheryl; Saynina, Olga; Schultz, Ellen; McDonald, Kathryn M.; Baker, Laurence C. "Health Services Research"
Davies, Sheryl; Schultz, Ellen; Raven, Maria; Wang, Nancy Ewen; Stocks, Carol L.; Delgado, Mucio Kit "Health Services Research"
Davies, Shirley "Contemporary Readings in Law and Social Justice"
Davies, Shirley; Kovacova, Maria; Valaskova, Katarina "Geopolitics, History, and International Relations"
Davies, Simon "Financial Management (UK)"
Davies, Simon "The Modern Language Review"
Davies, Sonia "Atlanta Review"
Davies, Stece "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Davies, Stefan "The Modern Language Review"
Davies, Steffan "The Modern Language Review"
Davies, Stephen "Reason Magazine"
Davies, Stephen "History Today"
Davies, Stephen "The British Journal of Aesthetics"
DAVIES, STEPHEN "The Philosophical Review"
Davies, Stephen; Mariuzzo, Franco; Ormosi, Peter L. "Economic Inquiry"
Davies, Stephen; Price, Catherine Waddams; Wilson, Chris M. "The Energy Journal"
Davies, Stev "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Davies, Steve "Renewal"
Davies, Steve "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Davies, Steve; Worwood, Mark "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Davies, Store Trawlers Erica; Graafland, Amber "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Stuart "Geographical"
Davies, Stuart James "Ecology"
Davies, Sue; Feeney, Helen "Community Practitioner"
Davies, Susan E. "Journal of Ecumenical Studies"
Davies, Susanne "Labour History - A Journal of Labour and Social History"
Davies, Terry "Ceramics Art & Perception"
Davies, Thomas "PN - Paraplegia News"
Davies, Thomas (Scottish actor and bookseller); Beasley, Kim "PN - Paraplegia News"
Davies, Thomas (Welsh travel writer) "The Mirror (London, England)"
Davies, Thomas (Welsh travel writer) "PN - Paraplegia News"
Davies, Thomas D. "PN - Paraplegia News"
Davies, Thomas D. Jr. "PN - Paraplegia News"
Davies, Thomas D. Jr.; Lopez, Carol Peredo "PN - Paraplegia News"
Davies, Thomas D., Jr. "PN - Paraplegia News"
Davies, Thomas D., Jr.; Beasley, Kim A. "PN - Paraplegia News"
Davies, Thomas D., Jr.; Lopez, Carol Peredo "PN - Paraplegia News"
Davies, Thomas D.; Lopez, Carol Peredo "PN - Paraplegia News"
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