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Cook, R. James; Ownley, Bonnie H.; Zhang, Hao; Vakoch, Dan "Crop Science"
Cook, R.L. "Contemporary Review"
Cook, R.W. "Anaesthesia and Intensive Care"
Cook, Rachel C.; Oyster, Jared; Mansfield, Kristin; Harris, Richard B. "Alces"
Cook, Rachel; Minnear, Julia; Porch, Anna; Harris, Emily; Barton, Katy "Environmental Education"
Cook, Ramsay "Literary Review of Canada"
Cook, Ramsay "English Studies in Canada"
Cook, Randall H. "Duke Journal of Comparative & International Law"
Cook, Rebecca "Conscience"
Cook, Rebecca J. "Conscience"
Cook, Rebecca J. "Reproductive Health Matters"
Cook, Rebecca J. "Readings on Induced Abortion, Volume 1: Politics and Policies"
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Cook, Rena "Theatre Journal"
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Cook, Rhonda "Attorneys for the Rights of the Child Newsletter"
Cook, Richard "Washington Monthly"
Cook, Richard "Mother Earth News"
Cook, Richard E. "Combat Edge"
Cook, Richard I. "Nursing Economics"
Cook, Richard I. "Human Factors"
Cook, Rita "Latino Leaders"
Cook, Rita "Celeb Staff Magazine"
Cook, Rita "Celeb Life Magazine"
Cook, Robert "Chief Executive (U.S.)"
Cook, Robert "Real Estate Weekly"
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Cook, Robert S., Jr. "Real Estate Weekly"
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Cook, Roberta L. "Choices: The Magazine of Food, Farm and Resource Issues (Online)"
Cook, Robin "Agri Marketing"
Cook, Robin "The Journal of Rehabilitation"
Cook, Robin "The Mirror (London, England)"
Cook, Robin "Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)"
Cook, Robin "Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)"
Cook, Robin "M2 Best Books"
Cook, Robin "The Futurist"
Cook, Roger "Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)"
Cook, Roger "Borderlands"
Cook, Roger A.; Driver, Richard P., Jr. "West Virginia Medical Journal"
Cook, Rosemary "Community Practitioner"
Cook, Roy T. "The Review of Metaphysics"
Cook, Roy; Shapiro, Stewart "The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science"
Cook, Royce "ERIC: Reports"
Cook, Rufus "College Literature"
Cook, Russell "Habitat Australia"
Cook, Russell J. "COACTIVITY: Philosophy, Communication"
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Cook, S.P.C.; Pasio, S.C. "South African Medical Journal"
Cook, Sally "Chronicles"
Cook, Sam "Peace and Freedom"
Cook, Sam "International Peace Update"
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Cook, Sarah; Macaulay, Steve "Training Journal"
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Cook, Sarah; Skinner, David; Hare, Kimberley "Training Journal"
Cook, Scott "Soft-Letter"
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Cook, Sharon "Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)"
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Cook, Sharon Anne "Phi Delta Kappan"
Cook, Sharon Anne "Canadian Journal of Education"
Cook, Shawn M.; Creger, David R.; Firebaugh, Hunter W.; Huang, Andrew "Engineer: The Professional Bulletin for Army Engineers"
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Cook, Source: Thomas "The Mirror (London, England)"
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Cook, Stephen P. "Sky & Telescope"
Cook, Steven "Ear, Nose and Throat Journal"
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Cook, Susan "The Racing Post (London, England)"
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Cook, Susan E. "Conradiana"
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Cook, Sylvia J. "Irish Literary Supplement"
COOK, SYLVIA J. "The Mississippi Quarterly"
Cook, Sylvia L. "Texas Business Review"
Cook, Tanner "Petersen's Bowhunting"
Cook, Teresa; Cook, Steve "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Cook, Terry "Literary Review of Canada"
Cook, Thomas "Twentieth Century Literature"
Cook, Thomas (American college teacher) "Atlanta Review"
Cook, Thomas A. "Supply Chain Management Review"
Cook, Thomas E. "Real Estate Weekly"
Cook, Thomas J.; Grove, Hugh D.; Coburn, Steve "Journal of Managerial Issues"
Cook, Tim "Literary Review of Canada"
Cook, Tim "Urban History Review"
Cook, Tim "Claims"
Cook, Tim "Professional Engineering Magazine"
Cook, Tim "Canada's History"
Cook, Timothy E. "PS: Political Science & Politics"
Cook, Timothy E. "American Political Science Review"
Cook, Timothy J. "ERIC: Reports"
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Cook, Timothy J.; Hudson, William J. "Catholic Education"
Cook, Timothy J.; Hudson, William J. "ERIC: Reports"
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Cook, Tony "Journal of the British Astronomical Association"
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Cook, Travis "The Review of Metaphysics"
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Cook, Tura Campanella "Peace and Freedom"
Cook, Tura Campanella; Griffith, Susan C. "Peace and Freedom"
Cook, Tura Campanella; Pavis, Theta "Peace and Freedom"
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Cook, Virginia "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Cook, W. Bruce "Journal of Higher Education"
Cook, W. Chadwick "Trial"
Cook, W.L. "Arkansas Business"
Cook, Wade D.; Imanirad, Raha "Journal of CENTRUM Cathedra"
Cook, Walton "Kabul Press (Kabul, Afghanistan)"
Cook, Wayne; Cook, Jerri "Countryside & Small Stock Journal"
Cook, Wendy "Military Police"
Cook, Weston F. Jr. "Middle East Policy"
Cook, William "Apollo"
Cook, William A. "Forum on Public Policy: A Journal of the Oxford Round Table"
Cook, William A. "Journal of Advertising Research"
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Cook, William A.; Talluri, Vijay S. "Journal of Advertising Research"
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Cook, William J. "Sky & Telescope"
Cook, William J. "SkyWatch"
Cook, William J.; Bosse, Michael J. "Electronic Journal of Mathematics and Technology"
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Cook, Won Kim; Hofstetter, C. Richard; Kang, Michelle; Hovell, Melbourne F.; Irvin, Veronica "Contemporary Drug Problems"
COOK, Words: CAROLINE COOK Pictures: JAMES A "The Mirror (London, England)"
Cook, Zena "Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance"
Cook-Anderson, Gretchen "Diversity Employers"
Cook-Cottone, Catherine "Childhood Education"
Cook-Cottone, Catherine "Reading Improvement"
Cook-Cottone, Catherine P. "Journal of College Counseling"
Cook-Cottone, Catherine; Phelps, LeAdelle "Journal of College Counseling"
Cook-Deegan, Robert "Issues in Science and Technology"
Cook-Deegan, Robert Mullan "Issues in Science and Technology"
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Cook-Dormoh, J. Samuel "The Black Collegian"
Cook-Gailloud, Kristin "Nineteenth-Century French Studies"
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Cook-Lynn, Elizabeth "The American Indian Quarterly"
Cook-Martin, David "Refuge"
Cook-Masaud, Carema; Wiggins, Marsha I. "Counseling and Values"
Cook-Richardson, Sharma; Desai, Rasesh "Case Reports in Orthopedics"
Cook-Sather, Alison "Academic Exchange Quarterly"
Cook-Sather, Alison; Curl, Heather "Teacher Education Quarterly"
Cook-Sather, Alison; Kenealy, Anne; Rippel, Maurice; Beyer, Julia "International Journal of Multicultural Education"
Cook-Sather, Alison; Mawr, Bryn "Research & Practice in Assessment"
Cook-Sather, Alison; Youens, Bernadette "Journal of Teacher Education"
Cooke, Aaron "American Economist"
Cooke, Andrea "School Librarian"
Cooke, Angela "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Cooke, Angela; Buchanan, Caroline "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Cooke, Anna-Nicole C. "North Carolina Banking Institute"
Cooke, Anne "Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society"
Cooke, Anne Z. "Investigate HERS"
Cooke, Anne Z.; Haggerty, Steve "Investigate HERS"
Cooke, Anthony Carlton "African American Review"
Cooke, Bernard "National Catholic Reporter"
Cooke, Bill "Free Inquiry"
Cooke, Brett "Style"
Cooke, Brett "World and I"
Cooke, Brett "Tolstoy Studies Journal"
Cooke, Brett; Machann, Clinton "Style"
Cooke, Brian "National Underwriter Life & Health"
Cooke, Bronwyn "E"
Cooke, Carolyn "The Nation"
Cooke, Catherine "The Architectural Review"
Cooke, Catherine "Chain Drug Review"
Cooke, Catherine E.; Xing, Shan; Lee, Helen Y.; Belletti, Daniel A. "Journal of Family Practice"
Cooke, Chris "Communication World"
Cooke, Christina "Prairie Schooner"
Cooke, Colleen A. "Annual in Therapeutic Recreation"
Cooke, Cynthia W. "The Nation"
Cooke, David "African Affairs"
Cooke, Diana "Arkansas Business"
Cooke, Diana A.; Gavin, William T. "Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis Review"
COOKE, DOC "The Public Manager"
COOKE, DON "Arena Magazine"
Cooke, Emily K. "North Carolina Banking Institute"
Cooke, Emily K.; Broome, Lissa L. "North Carolina Banking Institute"
Cooke, Fadzilah Majid "SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia"
Cooke, Fadzilah Majid "Journal of Southeast Asian Studies"
Cooke, Fadzilah Majid; Guntarik, Olivia; Montesano, Michael "SOJOURN: Journal of Social Issues in Southeast Asia"
Cooke, Fadzilah Majid; Johari, Sofia "Journal of Southeast Asian Studies"
Cooke, Fred "Arctic"
Cooke, Georga; Doust, Jenny; Sanders, Sharon "Journal of Family Practice"
Cooke, Gordon; Zeytinoglu, Isik; Agarwal, Naresh; Rose, Joseph "International Journal of Employment Studies"
Cooke, Graeme "Renewal"
Cooke, Graeme "Soundings"
Cooke, Graham S.; Beaton, R. Kate; Lessells, Richard J.; John, Laurence; Ashworth, Simon; Kon, Onn M "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Cooke, Howard; Appel-Meulenbroek, Rianne; Arentze, Theo "International Journal of Strategic Property Management"
Cooke, Ian M. "The Biological Bulletin"
Cooke, Jacob E. "Business History Review"
Cooke, James "Strategic Finance"
Cooke, James "Modern Materials Handling"
Cooke, James "Logistics Management (Highlands Ranch, Co.)"
Cooke, James A. "Logistics Management (Highlands Ranch, Co.)"
Cooke, James Aaron "Modern Materials Handling"
Cooke, James Aaron "Logistics Management (Highlands Ranch, Co.)"
Cooke, James Aaron; Bradley, Peter; Gooley, Toby B. "Logistics Management (Highlands Ranch, Co.)"
Cooke, James F. "Modern Casting"
Cooke, James J. "The Historian"
Cooke, James; Gooley, Toby "Logistics Management (Highlands Ranch, Co.)"
Cooke, Jennifer "New Formations"
Cooke, Jennifer "Anarchist Studies"
Cooke, Jessica "Notes and Queries"
Cooke, Jessica "The Review of English Studies"
Cooke, Jim "ERIC: Reports"
Cooke, Jo "The Racing Post (London, England)"
Cooke, Jo "International Journal of Health Policy and Management"
Cooke, Jo; Langley, Joe; Wolstenholme, Dan; Hampshaw, Susan "International Journal of Health Policy and Management"
Cooke, Jodi Daniel "Florida Bar Journal"
Cooke, John "Art and Christianity"
Cooke, John "Approach"
Cooke, John "World Literature Today"
Cooke, John "The Mineralogical Record"
Cooke, Julia "Business Mexico"
Cooke, Julia "Surface"
Cooke, Kathy J. "Honors in Practice"
Cooke, Kevin; Lehrer, Dan "The Nation"
Cooke, Kim "Plant & Works Engineering"
Cooke, Kirstie "The Dissector: Journal of the Perioperative Nurses College of the New Zealand Nurses Organisation"
Cooke, Laura "Mother Earth News"
Cooke, Lawrence H. "Albany Law Review"
Cooke, Lez "Critical Studies in Television"
Cooke, Linda "Agricultural Research"
Cooke, Linda; Adams, Sean "Agricultural Research"
Cooke, Linda; Kostant, Devora Aksler "Agricultural Research"
Cooke, Lynne "Artforum International"
Cooke, Marcia G. "St. Thomas Law Review"
Cooke, Maria; Longley, Glenn; Gibson, Randy "Southwestern Naturalist"
Cooke, Marie "Australian Journal of Social Issues"
Cooke, Marie; Watson, Bernadette; Blacklock, Edward; Mansah, Martha; Howard, Matylda; Johnston, Amy; "Australian Journal of Advanced Nursing"
Cooke, Marina "The Dental Assistant"
Cooke, Martha "Alaska Business Monthly"
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Cooke, Martin "Plant & Works Engineering"
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Cooke, Martin; Gazso, Amber "Canadian Journal of Sociology"
Cooke, Mervyn "Notes"
Cooke, Mervyn "Music & Letters"
Cooke, Michael "Sunday Mirror (London, England)"
Cooke, Michael "ERIC: Reports"
Cooke, Michael A. "The Mississippi Quarterly"
Cooke, Michelle Beaulieu; Canny, Priscilla F.; Oliveira, Peg "ERIC: Reports"
Cooke, Miriam "Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy"
Cooke, Miriam "World Literature Today"
Cooke, Moira "Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)"
Cooke, Molly "Moment"
Cooke, Murray "Canadian Public Administration"
Cooke, Murray "Labour/Le Travail"
Cooke, Murray "Canadian Dimension"
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Cooke, Nola "Journal of Southeast Asian Studies"
COOKE, NYM "Notes"
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Cooke, Peter "Early Music"
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Cooke, Rachel L. "Corrections Today"
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Cooke, Rick "Medical Laboratory Observer"
Cooke, Roger "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
Cooke, Roger "Sarmatian Review"
Cooke, Ronald; Purviance, John "Microwave Journal"
Cooke, Ruth "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
Cooke, Saarah Snell "Credit Union Times"
Cooke, Sam; Smith, Ian; Turl, Emma; Arnold, Emma; Msetfi, Rachel M. "Community Practitioner"
Cooke, Sandra "Journal of Character Education"
Cooke, Sarah "Credit Union Times"
Cooke, Sarah "Voice of Youth Advocates"
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Cooke, Scott "The British Journal of Aesthetics"
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Cooke, Shanny; Cooke, Richard "African Fisherman"
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Cooke, Steve "Environmental Values"
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Cookie, M.L.; Nel, E.D.; Cotton, M.F. "South African Journal of Child Health"
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Cookish, Mike "Communications News"
Cookman, Claude "ERIC: Reports"
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Cooks, Christina "Financial Executive"
Cooks, Leda; Isgro, Kirsten "Frontiers: A Journal of Women's Studies"
Cooks, Leda; Scharrer, Erica "Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning"
Cooks, Leda; Scharrer, Erica; Paredes, Mari Castaneda "Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning"
Cooks, Susan C. "The Women's Review of Books"
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Cooksey, Thomas L. "Papers on Language & Literature"
Cooksey, Thomas L. "Notes and Queries"
Cooksey, Yan Zhang; Cole, Bryan R. "ERIC: Reports"
Cookson, Catharine "Journal of Church and State"
Cookson, Chris; Delattre, Allen J. "Supply Chain Management Review"
Cookson, Diana "Kai Tiaki: Nursing New Zealand"
Cookson, Gillian "History Today"
Cookson, Hazel M. "British Journal of Criminology"
Cookson, Ian "Financial Executive"
Cookson, John "History Today"
Cookson, John; Cylke, Frank Kurt; Dixon, Judith; Kormann, Wells B.; Moodie, Michael M.; Redmond, Lin "ERIC: Reports"
Cookson, L.J. "Forest Products Journal"
Cookson, L.J.; Creffield, J.W.; McCarthy, K.J.; Scown, D.K. "Forest Products Journal"
Cookson, Laurie J. "Forest Products Journal"
Cookson, Matt "New Hampshire Business Review"
Cookson, Peter W., Jr. "The Wilson Quarterly"
Cookson, Sandra "World Literature Today"
Cookson, Sandra P. "World Literature Today"
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Cookson, W.R.; Marschner, P.; Clark, I.M.; Milton, N.; Smirk, M.N.; Murphy, D.V.; Osman, M.; Stockda "Australian Journal of Soil Research"
Cookson, William "New Criterion"
Cool, Erin E.; Hanson, Kristin N.; Powell, Marie L. "The Tax Adviser"
Cool, Joe "Mech"
Cool, Julie; Hernandez, Roger E. "Forest Products Journal"
Cool, Leland "Thrasher"
Cool, Nate; Strimel, Greg J.; Croly, Michael; Grubbs, Michael E. "Technology and Engineering Teacher"
Coolahan, Marie-Louise "Irish Literary Supplement"
Coolahan, Marie-Louise "Parergon"
cooleen Nolan "The Mirror (London, England)"
Coolen, P.; Best, S.; Lima, A.; Sabel, J.; Paulozzi, L. "Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report"
Cooler, Robert "Petersen's Bowhunting"
Cooley Nichols, Sandra M.; Bicard, Sara C.; Bicard, David F.; Casey, Laura Baylot "Phi Delta Kappan"
Cooley, Aaron "Journal of Thought"
COOLEY, ALISON "Greece & Rome"
Cooley, Asya "Journal of Health and Human Services Administration"
Cooley, Bess "Prairie Schooner"
Cooley, Bill "The Presbyterian Outlook"
Cooley, Brian "Buildings"
Cooley, Cathy A. "Monthly Labor Review"
Cooley, Christopher R.; Dolinger, Amy; Tucker, Paul "Journal of the Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Science"
Cooley, Christopher R.; Floyd, Aaron O.; Groce, Chad E. "Journal of the Colorado-Wyoming Academy of Science"
Cooley, Crisman "Walt Whitman Quarterly Review"
Cooley, Daniel "Baptist History and Heritage"
Cooley, Dean; Pedersen, Scott "Journal of Environmental and Public Health"
Cooley, Dorothy; Clarke, Heather; Graupe, Shel; Landry-Cuerrier, Manuelle; Lantz, Trevor; Milligan, "Alces"
Cooley, Edwin M. "Modern Casting"
Cooley, Eileen L. "North American Journal of Psychology"
Cooley, Eileen L.; Garcia, Amber L.; Hughes, Jennifer L. "North American Journal of Psychology"
Cooley, Eileen L.; Van Buren, Amy; Cole, Steven P. "Journal of College Counseling"
Cooley, Elizabeth; Yovanoff, Paul "Exceptional Children"
Cooley, Ethel "Techniques"
Cooley, Harold P. "Life Insurance Selling"
Cooley, Jacob; Felts, Bruce; Barker, Eric L.; Henry, L. Keith "Proceedings of the North Dakota Academy of Science"
Cooley, Jasin "Strategic Studies Quarterly"
Cooley, Jason "American Diplomacy"
Cooley, Jeffrey L. "The Journal of the American Oriental Society"
Cooley, Jerry "Baseball Digest"
COOLEY, JOHN "The FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin"
Cooley, John K. "African Business"
Cooley, Karen M. "Journal of Accountancy"
Cooley, Karen M.; Ham, Darlene Pul "The CPA Journal"
Cooley, Karen M.; Pulliam, Darlene "Journal of Accountancy"
Cooley, Karen M.; Pulliam, Darlene A. "The CPA Journal"
Cooley, Kaycee "The Pulse"
Cooley, Larry; Howard, Julie "African Business"
Cooley, Laurel; Baker, Bernadette; Trigueros, Maria "ERIC: Reports"
Cooley, Lisa; Gauer, Mary "Buildings"
Cooley, Louise; Spelman, Denis; Thursky, Karin; Slavin, Monica "Emerging Infectious Diseases"
Cooley, Margaret M. "New York State Conservationist"
Cooley, Mark "Coach and Athletic Director"
Cooley, Morgan E.; Petren, Raymond E. "Adoption & Fostering"
Cooley, Nicole "The American Poetry Review"
Cooley, Nicole "The Review of Contemporary Fiction"
Cooley, Nicole "Christianity and Literature"
Cooley, Nicole "The Nation"
COOLEY, NICOLE "Southwest Review"
Cooley, Peter "New Orleans Review"
Cooley, Peter "Christianity and Literature"
Cooley, Peter "The Nation"
Cooley, Peter "Prairie Schooner"
Cooley, Peter "Southwest Review"
Cooley, Ronald W. "Canadian Journal of History"
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