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Authors claim that alcoholics can recover and drink responsibly.


Two former alcoholics have written a book in which they claim that alcoholics can correct their behaviour and drink responsibly again.

Married couple Lilian and Murdoch MacDonald state in their new book 'Phoenix in a Bottle' that alcoholism is a self-harming behaviour problem, rather than a disease or illness.

Their theories go against the teaching of Alcoholics Anonymous, and of many alcoholism treatment centres, but the couple feel that the traditional approaches to treating alcoholism are inadequate and outdated.

The MacDonalds believe that the causes of alcoholic behaviour often lie in problems experienced during childhood, which can be addressed, allowing the addict to drink normally again.

'Phoenix in a Bottle' is published by Melrose Books, and priced at GBP16.99.
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Date:May 31, 2005
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