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Author guidelines for the CARING Newsletter.

The primary purpose of The CARING Newsletter is to publish articles that consider issues, trends, research, and technology related to nursing informatics.

Cover Letter

Please include a cover letter with the name, address, telephone numbers (home and work), and e-mail address of the author to whom all correspondence should be sent.

Peer Review

All submitted articles are reviewed by the Editors and then forwarded to newsletter team member(s) for blind review. Acceptance of articles is based on the reviews and is the decision of the Editors. All accepted articles may undergo editorial revision to conform to the standards of the newsletter and/or improve clarity.

Preparation of the Manuscript

Authors are required to submit articles electronically using Microsoft Office 97 or a text file. All articles should be formatted with margins of at least 1 inch, double-spacing throughout, including separate pages for title page, abstract, text, acknowledgments, references, tables, and legends for illustrations. Type the page numbers consecutively in the upper right hand corner of each page beginning with the title page. Articles should be emailed to the newsletter editor, or

Articles submitted for publication in the CARING newsletter should not be under consideration by others. Following review by the editor, authors will receive a notification of the article's status.

Organization of Articles

Articles should be written using the style of the APA Publication Manual, 5th edition. Information regarding APA style is available at,,, or

All articles should contain the following sections in the order listed:

1. Identification Page: The name, home address, phone number, position and title, institutional affiliation, work phone number, and e-mail address of each author and indicate to which author the proofs should be sent. Do not number this page.

2. Title Page: A brief, informative title of 10 words or less. Author(s) name(s) should not appear on this page. Begin page numbering here.

3. Text: Articles should be no longer than 6 typed pages. Papers should include a brief introduction to the issue or theme followed by the body of the paper. When possible, subheadings should be used to divide areas of the manuscript. The author's name should not appear anywhere within the text of the manuscript.

4. Acknowledgments: Contributions that need acknowledging but do not justify authorship may be acknowledged. Such persons must have given their permission to be named.

5. References: References should be listed at the end of the paper according to APA Publication Manual, 5th edition.

6. Tables, Figures, and Legends (if appropriate):

* Tables: Each table should be on a separate sheet. Tables should be numbered consecutively in the order of their first citation in the text and supply a brief title for each.

* Figures: Figures must be professionally drawn and photographed; freehand or typewritten is unacceptable. Titles and detailed explanations belong in the legends for illustrations and not on the illustrations themselves.

* Authors are required to submit artwork electronically using Tagged Image File Format (TIFF).

* Legends for illustrations or figures: Type legends double-spaced, starting on a separate page, with rabic numbers corresponding to the illustrations or figures.

7. Permissions: If the manuscript contains direct use of previously published material such as texts, photographs, and/or drawings, permission of the author and publisher of such works must be submitted with the manuscript.
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Title Annotation:Capital Area Roundtable on Informatics in Nursing
Publication:CARING Newsletter
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Date:Jun 22, 2004
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