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Author agrees to MP's invite after book brands town 'crap'.

Byline: Ben Eccleston NEWS REPORTER

THE AUTHOR of a book which named Nuneaton among the top ten worst towns in the country is willing to pay a visit to north Warwickshire.

The creators of Crap Towns Returns, which logged Nuneaton as the eighth worst place in the UK, have been challenged to come and find out what the town has to offer in person, by Nuneaton MP Marcus Jones.

And now Sam Jordison, who put the book together from interviews with members of the public, as well as taking in house prices, crime statistics and transport, along with co-author Dan Kieran, is ready to rise to the challenge.

Mr Jones reacted passionately to the slur after Nuneaton was named in the top ten along with neighbouring Coventry and the likes of Bradford, Chipping Norton and London, which came top of the pile.

He said: "I would like to know how they are qualified to make the judgment that they come to because there is no evidence to suggest that they are qualified.

"Their assessment of the town is made up of cheap, ill-founded comments quite possibly made up by someone who has never visited Nuneaton.

"I challenge the Crap Towns editors to meet me for a tour of the town. Their article takes no account of the vibrant local economy and employers such as Unipart, Rolls Royce, Triton Showers, Dairy Crest, Holland and Barrett, the excellent small and medium-sized businesses and the relative success of Nuneaton Town or Nuneaton RFC.

"Not to mention the hundreds of community groups and our tremendous community spirit.

"Of course, we are not complacent and we know there are always ways in which we can improve our town, but we should be the judges of how that happens, not some faceless website with no idea about what Nuneaton is all about."

The message has been well and truly heard with Sam Jordison, co-author of Crap Towns Returns, replying: "I am more than happy to rise to the challenge and come to Nuneaton.

"The book isn't my opinion - it is of those who contact me - but as the author I have to stand by my editorial. I am the figurehead of Crap Towns and if I visit and the book is proved wrong, then that's bad for me but good for Nuneaton.

"The book is not the most scientific experiment but that does not detract from what people are saying to us. These are the opinions of people who live in towns such as Nuneaton and they feel strongly about it.

"They are not simply dismissing the town as they feel affectionately about it and want it to be better.

"It is a book that people read for fun but I also hope it can start this sort of conversation. People with these views can make their points and hopefully they will be heard and then maybe progress can be made."


COME AND JOIN US: MP Marcus Jones at Nuneaton's Trent Valley station and (inset) author Sam Jordison. Below, Nuneaton town centre
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Publication:Coventry Evening Telegraph (England)
Date:Oct 17, 2013
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