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Since the international conference in Dublin, the Austrian National Branch has gained two members, the Burgenlandisches Landesmuseum (Eisenstadt) and the Don-Juan-Archiv (Vienna), now totalling 24 institutional and one personal memberships. As the result of the elections held at IAML Austria's general assembly on 23 May the acting board and auditors have been reappointed for another term of three years: Thomas Aigner (chairperson), Sabine Reiter (vice chairperson), Stefan Engl (secretary), Thomas Leibnitz (treasurer), Arno Tertschnig (1st auditor), and Walburga Litschauer (2nd auditor).

The two regular working meetings in Autumn 2011 and Spring 2012 focused on the preparation for the international conference in Vienna 2013. For the same purpose, an organising committee also has been formed. Headed by Stefan Engl, it started work in October 2011 and has met seven times until now. The Austrian National Branch is looking forward to hosting next year's conference and warmly welcomes all delegates!

Thomas Aigner

President . IAML (Austria)
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Author:Aigner, Thomas
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Date:Oct 1, 2012
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