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Austria's Niemetz pastry specialist master at making fresh cream cakes.

Austria's Niemetz Pastry Specialist Master at Making Fresh Cream Cakes

Quick Frozen Foods International recently had the opportunity to go through the Niemetz Patisseries Ges.m.b.H. factory in Henndorf, Austria. Built in May of 1985 specifically for freezing high quality pastries, it now runs at full capacity with two shifts, producing some two million cakes a year. Expansion is comtemplated when feasible.

The frozen division is an extension of the old established fresh pastry business of the Niemetz family, which has been producing pastries since 1895 and is headquartered in Vienna. Walter Niemetz Jr., son of the present owner, is general manager. He has been instrumental in building the frozen side of the business, and has started a worldwide export arm.

Werner G. Hohl, managing director of the factory, escorted two representatives of QFFI through the plant. The knowledgeable and enthusiastic manager pointed out that the operation receives fresh cream every day at 5 AM, followed by delivery of fruit before the morning shift begins. He commented: "The cakes we make stand out because of our emphasis on fresh, natural ingredients, their pre-cut convenience and diversity. The products combine Viennese flair and tradition with convenience demanded by today's discriminating consumers."

Short Defrosting Time

Niemetz pastries can be eaten directly from the freezer due to their high cream and low water content. Sponges are all made at the plant and no ready-made ingredients are used. The main products include a Bavarian torte with blueberry mousse, which is composed of a layer of light sponge filled with a real fruit mousse and topped with a fruit glaze. A lemon torte called Zitrone is offered, along with still another popular torte called Maracuya (a lemon cake also with a sponge base). A range of more than a dozen different cakes rounds out the line.

Highly Automated

The plant is almost entirely mechanized with mixers. Direct inline production goes from the cake formulation into Frigoscandia freezers and then followed by fast packaging. The dessert range is available in 530g and 700g sizes in the following flavors: passion fruit, lemon, chocolate, strawberry, raspberry, hazelnut and Black Forest. All products are pre-sliced into eight pieces. Single-serve portions are available in chocolate, raspberry and coffee-liquor.

Hohl said that 90% of production is being exported mainly to the UK (British Airways), France, Belgium, Holland, the USA, Canada, Japan and Yugoslavia. Yearly turn-over is at the rate of AS 45 million, and the plant has about 30 employees. A scientific testing laboratory in the factory carefully oversees quality of all Niemetz products.

Looking for Distributors

The managing director is interested in obtaining distributors in Germany, Spain and Saudi Arabia, as well as some other countries. While at present sales in Austria are low, they may be increased since the first frozen food distribution warehouse has been set up with 300 pallets of cold storage capability for delivery to domestic retailers. The facility, doing business under the name of Daily Food, is situated in Linz.

Hohl was asked how current dieting fads are affecting business. He responded: "Once the high quality of our cakes is tasted, only a small amount is necessary to satisfy a person who is dieting. Thus sales continue to be good."
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Title Annotation:Niemetz Patisseries Ges.m.b.H.
Publication:Quick Frozen Foods International
Date:Oct 1, 1991
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