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Little Sunshine In. Carson, James Essay Jun 22, 2020 1706
A Historic Meeting In Australia. Jun 26, 2017 510
The Colour of Massacre. Leane, Jeanine Poem May 1, 2016 414
The paper and the nation: 50 years of the Australian. Kelly, Paul Essay Nov 1, 2015 3777
Wet their bones with sweat and blood, knit their bones with me: reflections on arts-based research into colonial Western Australian child murder (1829-1901). Gardiner, Amanda Report May 1, 2015 7091
The Anzac myth: history and collective public memory in Australia on the centenary of World War I. Kelly, Andrew Essay Mar 22, 2015 2172
You say you want a revolution. van der Merwe, Peter; Fulker, Tabatha Cover story Jan 1, 2014 2094
The Carlow connection: the contribution of Irish seminarians in 19th century Australia. Garaty, Janice Report Jan 1, 2014 5258
The Freycinet map of 1811: the first full map of Australia? Gerritsen, Rupert; Reynders, Peter Essay Feb 1, 2013 3131
Postscript: the significance of the fisher labor government, 1910-13. Markey, Raymond Essay May 1, 2012 6264
The low rumble of informal dissent: shipboard protests over health and safety in Australian waters, 1790-1900. Quinlan, Michael Essay May 1, 2012 14191
'Citizens who serve': the political rights of Victorian public servants, 1856-1916. Halse, Dustin Essay May 1, 2012 11495
'Conflicts of loyalty': the Australian Labor Party and Uranium Policy, 1976-82. Lavelle, Ashley Essay May 1, 2012 11183
Reinterpreting the second Fisher government. Hearn, Mark; Dyrenfurth, Nick Essay May 1, 2012 4012
'A political ... as well as a propagandist movement': cultural politics and the rise of Fisher Labor. Dyrenfurth, Nick Essay May 1, 2012 12178
'The benefits of industrial organisation'? The second fisher government and fin de siecle modernity in Australia. Hearn, Mark Essay May 1, 2012 7825
Andrew fisher and the era of liberal reform. Sawer, Marian Essay May 1, 2012 9271
Are we 'all socialists now'? New liberalism, state socialism and the Australian settlement. Tregenza, Ian Essay May 1, 2012 6706
Putting the 'Australian Settlement' in perspective. Fenna, Alan Essay May 1, 2012 11801
Australian history: a long story. Flannery, Maura C. Feb 1, 2012 3863
Reading in colonial Australia: the 2011 John Alexander Ferguson memorial lecture. Webby, Elizabeth Lecture Dec 1, 2011 8000
Modernity's "New Women": visual culture and gender play in 1890s Australia. Tanner, Claire Essay Nov 1, 2011 11951
The Australian frontier in the museum. Nettelbeck, Amanda Essay Jun 22, 2011 7032
The mild aspects of colonialism in New Zealand and Australia. Paunescu, Andrei Report Jun 1, 2011 1766
Australian labour history: contexts, trends and influences. Bongiorno, Frank Essay May 1, 2011 10496
The 'knotted hands that set us high': labour history and the study of convict Australia. Roberts, David Andrew Essay May 1, 2011 10869
Labour and politics. Dyrenfurth, Nick Essay May 1, 2011 12452
Ecotopians in hardhats: the Australian green bans movement. Burgmann, Verity; Milner, Andrew Report Jan 1, 2011 6855
Loyal lieutenant or spy? Frank De Groot and the intelligence services. Moore, Andrew Report Dec 1, 2010 8133
Whiteness on the frontiers of empire: Hebridean Scots and Group Settlement in Western Australia 1923-1928. Forest, Timothy S. Jun 1, 2010 11884
The South Head peninsula of Sydney Harbour: boundaries in space and time. Derricourt, Robin Jun 1, 2010 8600
President's column. Balnave, Nikola Column May 1, 2010 1145
University of Sydney's new history archive. Brief article Nov 1, 2009 123
John Alexander Ferguson Memorial Lectures. Jack, Ian Nov 1, 2009 486
Selling books at auction in 19th-century Australia: The 2009 Ferguson Memorial Lecture. Kirsop, Wallace Nov 1, 2009 7426
The ill-fated Escape Cliffs (Northern Territory) survey expedition 1864-661. James, Earl Jul 1, 2009 8626
Locating the new social history: transnational historiography and Australian local history. Waterhouse, Richard Essay Jun 1, 2009 7866
Stories and things: the role of the local historical society, Campbelltown, Camden and the Oaks. Willis, Ian Essay Jun 1, 2009 8182
Mirage of the Inland Sea: the Bradfield Scheme. Gillanders, Andrew Essay Jun 1, 2009 5767
Remaking the country: Australia's Rural reconstruction commission, 1943-46. Whitford, Troy; Boadle, Don Essay Jun 1, 2009 10338
Letters and diaries as useful tools in the construct of history: a case study of emigration from Frauenstein to Australia 1852-54. Reynolds, Kathrine Case study Jun 1, 2009 5673
An infant phenomenon in colonial Australia--the case of Anna Maria Quinn, 1854-1858. Anae, Nicole Mar 22, 2009 8652
Leary kin: Australian larrikins and the blackface minstrel dandy. Bellanta, Melissa Report Mar 22, 2009 7748
Digitising more National Library treasures. Rozmus, Barbara Feb 1, 2009 567
Preserving the traditions of a 'great race': youth and national character in Queensland, 1859-1918. Robinson, Shirleene; Wilson, Emily Dec 1, 2008 8722
Anatomy of an 'eviction riot' in Sydney during the Great Depression. Cottle, Drew; Keys, Angela Essay Dec 1, 2008 6627
Marked bodies: a corporeal history of colonial Australia. Haebich, Anna Report Oct 1, 2008 7600
Australia--a democracy or just another ballotocracy? Poprzeczny, Joseph Report Sep 22, 2008 11527
Dr H.V. Evatt--part II: the question of loyalty. Campbell, Andrew A. Report Sep 22, 2008 9647
2007 Foster prize winners. Brief article Jun 1, 2008 185
Heritage and the historian: presidential address to the society's Annual General Meeting, 29 April 2008. Jack, Ian Jun 1, 2008 2034
Shockwaves: a domestic servant's tale. Jones, Lainie Jun 1, 2008 2104
Australian Dictionary of Biography: Whitaker, Anne-Maree Brief article Jun 1, 2008 151
Encounters with strangers: meeting rituals down under. Newbury, Paul Jun 1, 2008 2125
The place of nature? Electoral politics and the Tasmanian Greens. Crowley, Kate Report Jun 1, 2008 5559
Sacrifice, grief and the sacred at the contemporary 'secular' pilgrimage to Gallipoli. Hannaford, John; Newton, Janice May 1, 2008 7809
Ethics, categories and identity: counting on quantification: ethnicity in Australian history. Young, Janette Report Mar 1, 2008 6290
Empowering Aboriginal communities. Spindler, Sid Report Feb 1, 2008 1862
Driving inequality: Frank Stilwell asks should we accept the prevailing political-economic arrangements that generate inequality. Stilwell, Frank Report Feb 1, 2008 2468
Commemorating the SIEV X: Julie Stephens on memory and memorial activism. Stephens, Julie Feb 1, 2008 2018
Regional politics in New South Wales. Hagan, Jim Brief article Nov 1, 2007 301
Electioneering in New England 1856-1889 (1). Bongiorno, Frank Report Nov 1, 2007 9199
The churches and sectarian politics in the Central West: from the 1860s to the 1970s. Tierney, Robert Essay Nov 1, 2007 8615
The Italian influence on political change in the Murrumbidgee NSW 1941-2007. Hagan, Jim; Turner, Ken Essay Nov 1, 2007 5139
The Democratic Labor Party: its vote, candidates and campaigns in the Riverina region 1957-1971. Whitford, Troy; Boadle, Don Essay Nov 1, 2007 7576
Sea-changers and shifting political loyalties in the Northern Rivers of NSW 1966-2007. Bowden, Bradley Nov 1, 2007 8053
Vast partings out in space. Walker, Brenda Excerpt Sep 22, 2007 3166
Overlapping identities in pre-WWII South Australia: lessons for 21st century Australia. Young, Janette; McIntyre, Janet; Drummond, Murray Sep 1, 2007 5565
The origins of the radical intelligentsia in the 'Sixties. Bendle, Mervyn F. Jun 22, 2007 5409
"Dirty domestics and worse cooks": Aboriginal women's agency and domestic frontiers, southern Australia, 1800-1850. Russell, Lynette Jan 1, 2007 12035
Domestic disclosures: letters and the representation of cross-cultural relations in early colonial New South Wales. Bremer, Anette Jan 1, 2007 8415
A childish view of history. Yule, Valerie Oct 1, 2006 767
Truth and fiction: the bequest of David Scott Mitchell: the 2005 John Alexander Ferguson Memorial Lecture. Ellis, Elizabeth Jun 1, 2006 7938
Ringbarkers (1) and market gardeners: a comparison of the rural Chinese of New South Wales and California. McGowan, Barry Jan 1, 2006 12869
Conflict and conspiracy: public and personal memory in Australian film. Rayner, Jonathan Dec 22, 2005 6517
(Not) by design: Utopian moments in the creation of Canberra. Rigby, Kate Report Sep 22, 2005 8949
The Utopian imagination of Aboriginalism. Jorgensen, Darren Report Sep 22, 2005 5021
Absent homosexuality: the mediated discourses of masculinity on the design and construction of the Sydney Opera House. Young, Greg Essay Jun 1, 2005 8395
'Watched over by the indefatigable Moravian missionaries': colonialism and photography at Ebenezer and Ramahyuck. Lydon, Jane Mar 22, 2005 8466
'People undergoing great change': John Hunter Kerr's photographs of Indigenous people at Fernyhurst, Victoria, 1850s. Willis, Elizabeth Mar 22, 2005 6818
Mrs Paterson's keepsakes: the provenance of some significant colonial documents and paintings. Whitaker, Anne-Maree Dec 1, 2004 6662
From the presidential desk. Jack, Ian Dec 1, 2004 1269
Keeping history: 2004 RAHS local history conference. Metzke, Mari Dec 1, 2004 732
Dandaloo. Dec 1, 2004 1799
Rewriting Australia: the way we talk about fears and hopes. Beilharz, Peter Dec 1, 2004 6462
The action at Brakpan. Chamberlain, Max Sep 1, 2004 3417
'In and about the colony': early tourist guides of Victoria. Aitken, Michael Mar 22, 2004 3284
A City child lost in the Bush. Torney, Kim Mar 22, 2004 3034
Australians in the first battle of El Alamein July 1942. Tibbitts, Craig Mar 1, 2004 8401
The British Garrison in Australia 1788-1841 military supervision of convict work gangs--Part V. Sargent, Clem Mar 1, 2004 2930
Treachery: the Communist Party and the Labor Party. Colebatch, Hal Jan 1, 2004 6663
Vision and pragmatism in the educational and suffrage work of 'two advanced Englishwomen' in New South Wales. Whitehead, Kay; Trethewey, Lynne Dec 1, 2003 7600
The texture of agency: an example of culture-contact in central Australia. Paterson, Alistair Jul 1, 2003 9848
On the track of Watkin Tench. Crittenden, Victor Jul 1, 2003 6811
Mission 101--the Operational Centres: the hidden Australian involvement in Ethiopia--WW2 and the formation of the Special Operations Executive, "SOE". Blackburn, Geoff Jun 1, 2003 5074
Operation 'Potshot'--Exmouth Gulf 1942-44. Smith, Alan H Jun 1, 2003 5842
The British garrison in Australia 1788-1841: military supervision of convict work gangs. Part 2: the great roads. Sargent, Clem Jun 1, 2003 1602
Newcastle rallies to the flag, February 1902: Arthur Hill Griffith and opposition to the Boer War. Graham, Morris Biography Jun 1, 2003 8415
Beyond the limits of location: human environmental disturbance prior to official European contact in early colonial Australia. Gale, S.J.; Haworth, R.J. Oct 1, 2002 10310
Legends of the rise and of the fall: toward a poetics of histories of the Australian Women's Movement. Henderson, Margaret Mar 22, 2002 9168

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