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Articles from Australian Journal of Soil Research (September 1, 2004)

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A two-stage decision support tool for restoring tidal flows to flood mitigation drains affected by acid sulfate soil: case study of Broughton Creek floodplain, New South Wales, Australia. Glamore, William; Indraratna, Buddhima 4186
Acid neutralising capacity of two different bauxite residues (red mud) and their potential applications for treating acid sulfate water and soils. Lin, Chuxia; Maddocks, Greg; Lin, Jing; Lancaster, Graham; Chu, Chengxing 6664
Acid sulfate soils in dredged materials from tidal Pocomoke Sound in Somerset County, MD, USA. Demas, S.Y.; Hall, A.M.; Fanning, D.S.; Rabenhorst, M.C.; Dzantor, E.K. 5805
Applying mixed manure and inorganic phosphorus fertiliser to improve rice yield on acid sulfate soil (Hydraquentic Sulfaquept). Ren, Do Thi Thanh; Tinh, Tran Kim; Minh, Nguyen Thi Ngoc; Linh, Tran Ba 4982
Chemical changes during oxidation of iron monosulfide-rich sediments. Smith, J. 5758
Decision trees for farm management on acid sulfate soils, Mekong Delta, Viet Nam. Tri, Le Quang; van Mensvoort, M.E.F. 6344
Development of acid sulfate soil in sub-aerially disposed dredge spoil at Fisherman Islands, Brisbane, Australia. Clark, M.W.; McConchie, D.M. 6290
Factors contributing to the acid sulfate soil scalding process in the coastal floodplains of New South Wales, Australia. Rosicky, Mark A.; Sullivan, Leigh A.; Slavich, Peter G.; Hughes, Mike 4359
Groundwater acidification caused by urban development in Perth, Western Australia: source, distribution, and implications for management. Appleyard, S.; Wong, S.; Willis-Jones, B.; Angeloni, J.; Watkins, R. 4983
Mechanisms of acid sulfate soil oxidation and leaching under sugarcane cropping. Kinsela, A.S.; Melville, M.D. 6956
Net N mineralisation in acid sulfate soils amended with different sources of organic matter, lime, and urea. Hoa, Nguyen My; Trang, Trinh Thi Thu; Tinh, Tran Kim 4857
Occurrence and abundance of monosulfidic black ooze in coastal acid sulfate soil landscapes. Bush, Richard T.; Fyfe, Diane; Sullivan, Leigh A. 3491
Occurrence of marcasite in an organic-rich Holocene estuarine mud. Bush, Richard T.; McGrath, Roger; Sullivan, Leigh A. 1979
Oxidation rate of pyrite in acid sulfate soils: in situ measurements and modelling. Cook, F.J.; Dobos, S.K.; Carlin, G.D.; Millar, G.E. 5687
Physiological and biochemical studies on aluminum tolerance in pineapple. Le Van, H.; Masuda, T. 6104
Preface: sustainable management of acid sulfate soil. 572
Quantification of current and future leaching of sulfur and metals from Boreal acid sulfate soils, western Finland. Osterholm, Peter; Astrom, Mats 3714
Redistribution of monosulfidic black oozes by floodwaters in a coastal acid sulfate soil floodplain. Bush, Richard T.; Sullivan, Leigh A.; Fyfe, Diane; Johnston, Scott 1926
Sample pre-treatment and the determination of some chemical properties of acid sulfate soil materials. Maher, Crystal A.; Sullivan, Leigh A.; Ward, Nicholas J. 2562
Soil pH, oxygen availability, and the rate of sulfide oxidation in acid sulfate soil materials: implications for environmental hazard assessment. Ward, Nicholas J.; Sullivan, Leigh A.; Bush, Richard T. 4557
Soil properties in and around acid sulfate soil scalds in the coastal floodplains of New South Wales, Australia. Rosicky, Mark A.; Sullivan, Leigh A.; Slavich, Peter G.; Hughes, Mike 5807
The acid flux dynamics of two artificial drains in acid sulfate soil backswamps on the Clarence River floodplain, Australia. Johnston, S.G.; Slavich, P.; Hirst, P. 8428
The response of partially oxidised acid sulfate soil materials to anoxia. Ward, Nicholas J.; Sullivan, Leigh A.; Bush, Richard T. 6973
Upland active acid sulfate soils from construction of new Stafford County, Virginia, USA, Airport. Fanning, D.S.; Coppock, Cary; Orndorff, Z.W.; Daniels, W.L.; Rabenhorst, M.C. 4908

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