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Articles from Australian Journal of Soil Research (November 1, 2001)

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A review of the effects of wastewater sodium on soil physical properties and their implications for irrigation systems. Halliwell, David J.; Barlow, Kirsten M.; Nash, David M. Statistical Data Included 4677
Comparing simple methods for measuring phosphate sorption by soils. Allen, D.G.; Barrow, N.J.; Bolland, M.D.A. Statistical Data Included 3363
Effects of gypsum and stubble retention on the chemical and physical properties of a sodic grey Vertosol in western Victoria. Valzano, F.P.; Greene, R.S.B.; Murphy, B.W.; Rengasamy, P.; Jarwal, S.D. Statistical Data Included 5956
Field and laboratory calibration and test of TDR and capacitance techniques for indirect measurement of soil water content. Lane, P.N.J.; Mackenzie, D.H. 6507
Field prediction of sodicity in dryland agriculture in Central Queensland, Australia. Irvine, S.A.; Reid, D.J. Statistical Data Included 2718
Hydrology of swelling soils: a review. (Corrigendum). Smiles, D. E. Correction Notice 210
Immobilisation and mineralisation of carbon and nitrogen from dairy farm effluent during laboratory soil incubations. Barkle, G.F.; Stenger, R.; Sparling, G.P.; Painter, D.J. Statistical Data Included 5091
Leaching of bacterial indicators of faecal contamination through four New Zealand soils. Aislabie, J.; Smith, J.J.; Fraser, R.; McLeod, M. Statistical Data Included 4967
Management of salinity and sodicity in a land FILTER system, for treating saline wastewater on a saline-sodic soil. Jayawardane, N.S.; Biswas, T.K.; Blackwell, J.; Cook, F.J. Statistical Data Included 5141
Measuring transient solute transport through the vadoze zone using time domain reflectometry. Vogeler, I.; Green, A.; Nadler, A.; Duwig, C. Statistical Data Included 4066
Preface: sodicity issues in agricultural industries--current research and future directions. Surapaneni, Aravind 601
Prewetting rate and sodicity effects on the hydraulic conductivity of soils. Shainberg, I.; Levy, G.J.; Goldstein, D.; Mamedov, A.I.; Letey, J. Statistical Data Included 6049
Resolution of the [sup.15]N balance enigma? Clough, T.J.; Sherlock, R.R.; Cameron, K.C.; Stevens, R.J.; Laughlin, R.J.; Muller, C. Statistical Data Included 7929
Sodic soil reclamation: Modelling and field study. Suarez, Donald L. Statistical Data Included 9502
Sodicity, conventional drainage and bio-drainage in Israel. Gafni, Avi; Zohar, Yechiel Statistical Data Included 3820
Soil responses to sodicity and salinity: challenges and opportunities. Oster, J.D.; Shainberg, I. Statistical Data Included 3067
Studies of soil water drawdowns by single radish roots at decreasing soil water content using computer-assisted tomography. Hamza, M.A.; Anderson, S.H.; Aylmore, L.A.G. Statistical Data Included 4642
The Australian soil texture boomerang: a comparison of the Australian and USDA/FAO soil particle-size classification systems. Minasny, Budiman; McBratney, Alex. B. Statistical Data Included 3188
The burrowing characteristics of three common earthworm species. Francis, G.S.; Tabley, F.J.; Butler, R.C.; Fraser, P.M. Statistical Data Included 5681
The long-term effects of lime (CaC[O.sub.3]), gypsum (CaS[O.sub.4].2[H.sub.2]O), and tillage on the physical and chemical properties of a sodic red-brown earth. Valzano, F.P.; Murphy, B.W.; Greene, R.S.B. Statistical Data Included 12908
The significance of the threshold and turbidity concentrations in relation to sodicity and microstructure. Quirk, J.P. Statistical Data Included 16905
Wetting rate, sodicity, and soil texture effects on infiltration rate and runoff. Mamedov, A.I.; Levy, G.J.; Shainberg, I.; Letey, J. Statistical Data Included 5260

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