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Articles from Australian Journal of Herbal Medicine (March 1, 2017)

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11bHSD1--the cortisol enzyme ruining your weight loss efforts. Jones, Carrie Report 356
A fresh look at phytotherapy for cardiovascular disease. Bone, Kerry Report 338
A proposal for an academic philosophy culture. Flatt, Jeff Report 299
A review of dietary supplements for IBD. Report 587
Adulteration of tea tree oil in Australia and overseas. Wohlmuth, Hans; Dowell, Ashley; Russell, Michael Report 375
Aiding recovery in ice addiction short and long term treatment goals via naturopathic interventions. Chick, Sally Report 335
AJHM based CPE Questionnaire. 691
An evidence-based guide for the development of a traditional liquid reishi extract. Harper, Kristie; Stefanovski, George Report 242
An Integrative holistic approach to cancer. Webster, Jennifer Report 398
An overview of the use of natural compounds to reduce drug resistance in conventional cancer therapy: the role of polysaccharide krestin (PSK). Boyle, Manuela Report 514
Bacopa monnieri and cognitive function in students. Report 540
Beyond the prostate: Recent insights into the causes and treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms in men. Robson, Daniel Report 266
Breathe well: the fascinating science behind how breathing well can improve health, and how dysfunctional breathing may contribute to disease. Beim, Mim Report 372
Broadening our appreciation of medicinal plants: storytelling in a time of science. Evans, Sue; Avila, Cathy Report 404
Calming the chaos--skills in the assessment and management of the acutely suicidal patient for complementary medicine practitioners. Glastonbury, Stuart 337
Can herbs and phytonutrients play a credible role in the prevention of cancer? Bone, Kerry 312
Cardiometabolic disease and herbal medicine: new insights into an old foe. McEwen, Bradley 333
Cardiovascular complexity--the intricate case of Miss T. Breakspear, Ian 347
Children's use of complementary medicine in Australia: a pilot study to determine parental attitudes and health seeking behaviour. Frawley, Jane Report 374
Clinical application of Ginkgo, Ginger and Ginseng (the '3 Gs'), as adjunctives to drug treatments for chronic health conditions. Rasmussen, Phil Report 365
Coffee consumption and risk of NAFLD. Report 453
Collaboration in oncology: how the medical fraternity and complementary medicine can best work together the benefit of the patient. Schloss, Janet; Colosimo, Maree; Young, Leonie Report 620
Curcumin and curcumin/saffron combination in major depression. Report 571
Dietary interventions for persistent fatigue in breast cancer survivors. Report 686
DNA barcoding in the authentication of herbal materials and products--a valid and useful approach? Wohlmuth, Hans; Leach, David; McGrath, Ken; Mouatt, Peter; Bone, Kerry; De Voss, James Report 408
Does herbal medicine assist breastfeeding mothers with an insufficient milk supply? Bowman, Diana Report 427
Dosing with fresh herb tinctures for acute and chronic conditions. Bates, Linda Report 372
Down syndrome: Naturopathic support in a research vacuum. Robson, Belinda Report 322
Editorial: the 10th International Conference On Herbal Medicine. Frawley, Jane Editorial 464
Embedding critical thinking skills into complementary medicine curriculum: development of a framework to support critical inquiry in complementary medicine education programs. Bugarcic, Andrea; Steel, A.; Rangitakatu, M. Brief article 253
Evidence based clinical practice for naturopaths and herbalists. Arentz, Susan Report 225
Finding the balance in tradition and science: the perspectives of students, educators and professional leaders in naturopathy. Steel, Amie Report 349
From molecules to health outcomes--ever wondered how to critically analyse molecular biology, cell biology and clinical trial scientific papers? Bugarcic, Andrea Brief article 236
Green-lipped mussel extract in children with clinical and subclinical symptoms of ADHD. Report 545
Group exercise visits in chronic moderate depression. Report 484
Hepatitis C, the new antivirals and potential herbal adjuvants. Bridgman, Karen Report 411
Hyperforin after ischemic stroke--a mice model. Report 481
Increasing necessity for complementary and alternative medicine practitioner awareness and understanding of practical clinical management of rapidly emerging inflammatory gastrointestinal disease eosinophilic oesophagitis. Hannan, Nicole Disease/Disorder overview 334
Investigating the pharmacological connection between methylene tetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR) enzyme deficiency and use of complementary medicine supplements such as activated B vitamins. Schloss, Janet; Baden, Daniel; Agrawal, Nitish Report 594
Is individualised herbal medicine practice effective for relieving anxiety and/or depression? A systematic review and naturalistic observation study. Casteleijn, David Report 441
Is it PCOS or are your adrenal glands overreacting? Jones, Carrie Clinical report 384
Long-term chamomile treatment for generalised anxiety disorder. Report 548
Making sense of integrative health care. Leach, Matthew Report 345
Military intelligence and the naturopathic consultation ... not too dissimilar. Mclintock, Andy 321
Mistletoe extract and lectin reduce melanoma growth through promotion of apoptosis and phagocytosis. Ara, Bilquis; Ghidlyal, Prof Reena; Simson, Luby; Leneweit, Gero; Heyder, Christoph 276
Modifying the microbiota in metabolic disease: an under-utilised clinical approach. Hawrelak, Jason 315
Mould sensitivities and mycotoxins--how to diagnose, accurately test and successfully treat using herbal medicine. Eastham-Hillier, Amina Report 331
Natural exportin-1 (XPO1) inhibitors as antiviral agents against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Mathew, Cynthia; Ghidlyal, Reena; Bugarcic, Andrea Report 322
Omega-3 with citalopram in postmenopausal depression. Report 521
Patient-centred care, empathy and empowerment in complementary medicine clinical practice: a cross-sectional pilot study. Foley, Hope; Steel, Amie Report 330
Phytochemical investigations of jiaogulan (Gynostemma pentaphyllum), a traditional Asian medicinal plant with anti-obesity activity. Wohlmuth, Hans; Leach, David; Ahmed, Iftekhar; De Voss, James; Bone, Kerry Report 395
Plants and the microbiome. Mills, Simon Brief article 277
Point of care screening and the role of complementary practitioners in the detection of modifiable risk factors for chronic diseases. Moore, Keonie Report 354
Postgraduate research education in CM and the need for extensive and well-rounded education and training to influence contemporary health research. Diezel, Helene; Steel, Amie Report 367
Proposed update of clinical guidelines for naturopaths and herbalists working within the integrative care of people living with HIV. Wrightson, Trent 385
Pyrrolizidine alkaloids in herbal medicines--re-emergence of an old threat? Wohlmuth, Hans; Leach, David; Bone, Kerry Report 378
Saffron in the treatment of mild-to-moderate depression and anxiety. Report 519
Short-term chamomile treatment for generalised anxiety disorder. Report 569
Social media use and anxiety in young adults. Report 402
Strengthening clinical reasoning. Flatt, Jeff Report 323
Systematic literature review on medicinal cannabis for cancer. Brown, Danielle; Schloss, Janet; Steel, Arnie Report 344
The Business of Healing. Campbell, Gabriella Book review 594
The effects of environmental hazards on cardiovascular disease: clinical implications. Vilcins, Dwan Brief article 252
The importance of professional collaboration for naturopaths, herbalists and general medical doctors. Eastham-Hillier, Amina Report 304
The naturopathic management of type 2 diabetes: a case report. Watts, Sandy Case study 332
The necessity of including comprehensive psychotherapy within naturopathy and herbal degrees. Karzon, Randa Report 285
The Practitioner Research and Collaboration Initiative (PRACI): initial findings and future directions. Steel, Amie; Schloss, Janet; Leach, Matthew; Wardle, Jon 479
The right to health, naturopathy and Western herbal medicine in international human rights law. Doolan, Angela 407
The role of complementary therapists in breast cancer: an integrative adjunctive care model. Moore, Keonie; Francis, Eve; Carlin, Shannon Report 558
The role of herbal immunomodulators in chronic infections. Grant, Julianne Report 324
The traditional naturopathic treatments utilised for the management of endometriosis and associated symptoms. Reid, Rebecca Report 335
Thriving after cancer: how to support a patient with or after cancer. Schloss, Janet Report 399
Tradition and science: are they mutually exclusive and the way forward now. Diezel, Helene; Steel, Dr Amie; Leach, Matthew; Evans, Sue; Karzon, Randa; Reid, Rebecca Report 705
Treating through the mother--prescription considerations for young infants. Whitten, Dawn Report 343
Turmeric and the role of inflammation in managing depression: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. Katsaras, Laurence; Steele, Kari; Lopresti, Adrian Report 322
Understanding how complementary and alternative medicine practitioners relate to and interpret evidence in clinical practice. Sutherland, Joshua; Leach, Matthew; Steel, Amie Report 396
Unsoothable infants and GORD--an unhelpful diagnosis. Whitten, Dawn 357
Using psychometric assessment tools in the clinical management of mental health. Glastonbury, Stuart; McIntyre, Erica Report 448
Vitamin D--the sunshine vitamin: implications and use in chronic disease. Walton, Rebecca 331
Why are mental health disorders higher in the vegetarian/vegan (veg*n) population? Borg, Candace Report 372
Withania extract in patients with OCD. Report 531

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