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Australian Author (April 2006).

In April, Australian Author welcomed new editor Angelo Loukakis, celebrating Australia's writers reporting in some of the world's most volatile climates. The magazine pays a special tribute to the life and work of Donald Horne. Peter Manning, Frank Moorhouse and others share their experiences working with the legendary author and teacher. Horne is described as the 'champion of a culture for the greater number and not for the few'.

David Day discusses the moral hazards facing writers critical of Australia's foreign policy in the Middle East: 'Where are the writers and where are the books that might provide alternative foreign policy directions as our troops get sucked into far-off civil wars?' In 'Publish and Be Damned', Michael Sexton delivers an analysis of the alarming reality of libel litigation facing writers every time they attempt to publish.

Compiled by Alex Kirkham.
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Title Annotation:Angelo Loukakis
Author:Kirkham, Alex
Publication:Arena Magazine
Article Type:Brief article
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Date:Jun 1, 2006
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