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Australia Gains Dry Eye Disease Treatment with Novaliq's NovaTears.

M2 PHARMA-July 3, 2018-Australia Gains Dry Eye Disease Treatment with Novaliq's NovaTears


- Heidelberg, Germany-based ophthalmic pharmaceutical company Novaliq has made NovaTears, a novel topical treatment of dry eye disease (DED) and meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), available in Australia, the company said.

Eight months after launching in New Zealand, AFT Pharmaceuticals Ltd has achieved registration of NovaTears in Australia. AFT, a New Zealand-based pharmaceutical company is commercializing NovaTears across Australasia.

Clinically validated in four clinical trials, the water-free topical eye drop treatment NovaTears has been proven to be safe and efficacious for treating the signs and symptoms of DED and MGD.

A large number of objective disease parameters such as tear film breakup time, corneal and conjunctival fluorescein staining, the number of expressible meibomian glands, and meibum quality have been improved under NovaTears treatment.

The mission of Novaliq is to transform ocular therapeutics based on EyeSol, a water-free technology that enhances the topical bio-availability, stability, and safety of traditionally insoluble or unstable drugs.

Novaliq has developed a tiered portfolio of differentiated products addressing the needs of eye patients.

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Date:Jul 3, 2018
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