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Australia : Quarter of nurses take home $100,000 after pay increases.

More than a quarter of all Queensland Health nurses now take home a pay-packet of more than $100,000 a year and they re worth every last penny of it , Health minister Lawrence Springborg says.

Media Note: Fast Facts are at the end of this media statement

Mr Springborg released new figures showing the number of nurses earning $100,000 or more had increased by 3,000 since the election, which showed the Queensland Government was delivering on its promise to revitalise frontline services.

The pay increases for nurses and midwives are part of the Newman Government s strong plan for frontline health workers, Mr Springborg said.

This has seen across the board pay increase for nurses and midwives of almost 10% since the change of government just over two years ago.

Latest figures show 9604 (27%) Queensland Health nurses and midwives take home over $100,000 a year, not including superannuation, out of a workforce of 35,538.

That s an increase of 3,200 since prior to the Newman Government s pay increases took effect.

Mr Springborg released the figures ahead of a nursing careers campaign later this year, which would promote the new pay scales as an added reason for young Queenslanders to consider a career in nursing and midwifery.

Our strong plan delivers more money for more nurses and that means more frontline healthcare and a brighter future for Queenslanders, he said.

No one will forget that when the LNP came to office our nurses along with our doctors and all other health workers couldn t even be guaranteed of getting their pay-packet thanks to Labor s billion dollar payroll debacle.

Two years ago there wasn t a single nurse anywhere in Australia that wanted to be treated and paid like Queensland Health s nurses were under Labor.

Today, health unions are demanding the private and non-government sector pay their nurses just like Queensland Health does under the Newman Government.

That is an amazing turn around and speaks volumes about how far we have come in improving taxpayer funded free public healthcare better in Queensland and how far we come in rewarding and valuing our frontline nurses and midwives.

We want to create the best free public health system in Australia and the results and improvements show that we are achieving that.

Fast facts:

As at 4th June 2014, 27% of nurses and midwives now take home a pay-packet of greater than $100,000 (9604 out of 35,538), not including superannuation;

This is an increase of 3,200 since 2010/11 prior to the new pay scales taking effect;

In 2010/11 just 18.8% took home a pay-packet of greater than $100,000 (6402 out of 34,040), not including superannuation.

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Date:Jun 16, 2014
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