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Australia : Mayors from around Australia come together to encourage infrastructure investment.

Several mayors from around the country have joined forces to highlight the importance of infrastructure investment in Australia.

Mayors from every capital city, known collectively as the Council of Capital City Lord Mayors (CCLM), issued a statement this morning (July 10) arguing that investment in infrastructure is good for the economy and the overall wellbeing of the nation.

"Australia's economic competitiveness is tied to the strength of our cities, which in turn is tied to the quality of our infrastructure," lord mayor of Brisbane Graham Quirk asserted.

This statement coincides with the release of a new research report commissioned by the CCLM and conducted by the Ellen Consulting Group, titled 'Nation Building Projects for Australia's Capital Cities: Securing our cities' future'.

"Today's research confirms that money invested in urban infrastructure is money well spent," lord mayor Quirk said of the report.

Brisbane's mayor goes on to draw on the financial evidence that shows what kind of return investment in infrastructure can provide.

"The research shows that collectively, once operational, the projects identified by lord mayors are estimated to deliver an annualised and ongoing $1.81 billion boost to our cities Gross Regional Product," Mr Quirk explained.

"For each and every year that these projects operate, our economy would be better off by $1.81 billion. After 20 years, the operation of these projects would have boosted our economy by as much as $25.2 billion, more than outweighing the $5.44 billion collective upfront cost of construction."

There's no denying that investment in infrastructure will also open up more construction jobs for the many workers in the industry, helping to boost employment. In addition, making infrastructure for the future an investment priority now also gives the nation a chance to plan ahead for the sustainable development of our cities.

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Date:Jul 11, 2013
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