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Austerity, fringe benefits.


PTI government has promised austerity drive across the entire government infrastructure but there are some Government owned entities that are finding loopholes to allow them bypass the austerity drive against their fringe benefits.

For example some organizations claim they are independent entity and can do as they please but then they follow all Government directives on pensions with no independent thought. Pakistan Railways has raised annual pension by 10 million rupees over the past few years, by following government's pension notification, but it also allows children of retiring or dead employees to be hired on their father's seats. PR also provides housing and free tickets to its employees and their families. Ironically the entire pension amount of PR is paid from Federal Government's budget vis subsidy since last 10 years.

Similarly, WAPDA follows Federal Government pension policy but then allows 300 free units of electricity to its employees' families even after retirement or death. Pakistan Steel Mills has been getting more than Rs.500 million per quarter for salaries and pension payments since past 10 years from Federal government. They also provide free homes and servants to their employees. Therefore, I think the Government of PTI should set some ground rules for Government owned independent organizations and manage them under a watchdog organization.

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Publication:Pakistan Observer (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Date:Oct 23, 2018
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