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Aussie Scientists Develop 'World's Most Accurate Thermometer' to Measure Temperatures in Less Than a Second.

Australian scientists from University of Adelaide have developed a sensitive thermometer that can measure a person's temperature three times more accurately than the best thermometers available in the market.

Andre Luiten, lead researcher and physics professor, said they have created the world's most accurate thermometer that can measure temperature with a precision of 30 billionth of a degree.

"We believe this is the best measurement ever made of temperature - at room temperature," Luiten said. He added it is also possible to make more sensitive measurements of temperature in cryogenic environments (at very low temperatures) near absolute zero.

Physicists noted their invention enabled them to measure temperature differences to 30 billionths of a degree in a second. "To emphasize how precise this is, when we examine the temperature of an object we find that it is always fluctuating. We all knew that if you looked closely enough you find that all the atoms in any material are always jiggling about, but we actually see this unceasing fluctuation with our thermometer, showing that the microscopic world is always in motion."

The thermometer works in two different colored lights to be able to produce accurate measurements. A highly polished crystalline disk is present in its body that employs both red and green lights and the temperature of the crystal affects the movement of the two lights.

The detailed report on the thermometer is published in the journal Physical Review Letters. The newly discovered thermometer is still being tested.
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Publication:International Business Times - US ed.
Date:Jun 4, 2014
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