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Aussie Muslims Feel Entrapped By Police Counter-Terrorism Manoeuvres During Sydney Siege.

Some Muslims have accused a prominent community member in western Sydney, Rebecca Kay, of being an informant for the NSW Police Counter-Terrorism unit. They felt that Kay was helping the authorities in what they believed was an entrapment when police sought for Kay's help in asking for an Islamic State flag to be handed over during the Sydney siege.

Kay called as many as 50 Muslims after receiving a call from the NSW police saying that Man Haron Monis was asking for an Islamic State flag to be mounted in Lindt Cafe during the hostage taking crisis on Dec 15. Police said Monis was willing to exchange the flag for a hostage. The police have called Kay in about three or four times in an hour. Their instruction was for Kay to take the flag to Bankstown police station and from there will be taken to the city.

However, with the sense of urgency that Kay was calling people in the community, they started to doubt that an entrapment is happening. Muslims were very suspicious that Kay was helping the police to infiltrate the community. When no one was willing to give them a flag, Kay was told that the police sourced their own flag -- something that the police could have done at the very start.

The suspicions grew stronger when NSW Police rummaged the house of one of the young men that Kay called to ask for an Islamic State flag on Dec 16. This particular man had considered giving his flag to Kay but hesitated at the last minute, sensing an entrapment. And so when police searched his home, he believed that Kay did try to set him up. On Dec 17, Kay learnt that the Australian Federal Police had searched the homes of two other young Muslims she called to ask for a flag.

"Obviously, they were listening to all our phone calls," Kay told ( Fairfax Media .

The police could have printed one flag out through laser printer and delivered it at Lindt within 30 minutes, Attorney Zali Burrows said. Burrows is representing the people who considered helping the police but decided not to.

Kay said that the flag in question is a flag that Muslims should have because it shows the prophet's seal. But sadly, the ISIS had misappropriated it. "It's not our fault that these barbarians have taken it as their flag," Kay said.

Kay said the Muslim community is willing to jump as high as the police want them to in order to help them. However, with the way the police are "stalking" the community "with confidence," the Muslims are now terrified and ostracised. She said that the community are now becoming paranoid and is isolating themselves from interactions.

"This is the kind of norm they've created here, where no one trusts anyone anymore," Kay said.


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Date:Jan 12, 2015
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