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Aura Introduces the AuraGen-WSB, a Power Solution for Small Wind Turbines Combining Wind-Solar and Batteries.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. -- Aura Systems, Inc. (OTCBB:AUSI) announced today the introduction of the AuraGen-WSB. The new system combines the AuraGen-ICS with a computer controlled power management system that provides for uninterrupted power generation from a combination of small vertical wind turbines, solar panels and battery systems.

The system architecture is designed to allow for the combining of multi sources of power into a power buss from which the user draws power totally transparent of the power generation source. Multi sources of power such as wind, solar and batteries can be combined to supply the need of the user up to the rated power of the system. During low demand periods the batteries are recharged using wind or solar or a combination of both.

Dr. Arthur Schwartz, Aura's CTO, said, "The power management system allows the user to handle peak loads during periods when wind or solar energy or the combination of the two is not available in sufficient amounts, by combining their energy with batteries. As soon as the load demand drops, the batteries are recharged by the energy supplied by the alternative sources. In addition the power management system allows the user to prioritize his load needs and the system will also automatically shed or add loads as a function of the priority table chosen by the user. The power supplied to the user is available in either 110 VAC or 240VAC at 60 Hz. The system through software can be changed to also provide 240VAC at 50 Hz as used in a widely in the international community."

Mr. Gagerman, Aura's CEO, said, "The AuraGen-WSB solution is based on the ideas used in our military power management solution. The availability of this new approach will provide a paradigm shift in the use alternative energy solutions for individual sites and users. "

Mr. Marvin Winkler, WePower's CEO, said, "We are very excited about this novel solution for small wind turbines. The combinations of wind, solar and batteries provides the means for the user to get access to alternative energy sources from small packages that typically would not supply enough power by themselves. Also the ability to combine power from multisource in combinations or by themselves can be used to ensure uninterrupted availability of power and extra power during high demand periods with power sharing capabilities."

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Date:May 20, 2009
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