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Aunt was carried off by flock of angry owls; PSYCHO AUNT KILLED MY PARENTS AND UNCLE SPOILER ALERT!

EXCLUSIVE BY JULIE COOK A YOUNG orphan girl has spoken exclusively to the Sunday Mail today about the sudden disappearance of her aunt Alberta.

The aunt, who is said to have been so owl-obsessed that she once stole a Great Bavarian Owl egg, sat on it for weeks until it hatched and then named it Wagner after her favourite German composer, was last seen being carried off into the sky by what villagers described as 'very angry-looking birds.' 'I hate to say it, but it's a relief that she's gone,' Stella Saxby told the Mirror. 'Alberta was just awful to me...awful.' Stella Saxby tragically lost both parents in a car accident a year ago. Her aunt Alberta then took her in.

'Police, everyone, thought it was a tragic car crash,' Stella says, 'that Aunt Alberta was so kind for taking me on...' But detectives now know the truth.

'Alberta actually poisoned my parents.

All because she wanted to inherit Saxby Hall from my dad,' says Stella.

CHILD FIGHTS BACK After learning of such a hideous crime, most children would have given up. Not Stella Saxby.

Despite being held virtual prisoner in Saxby Hall by her mad aunt Alberta - who, despite being British, actually fought on the German side during WW1 because 'she liked the uniforms' - Stella vowed to get justice for her parents.

'But it was impossible,' Stella recalls.

'Alberta imprisoned me in a coal cellar and her mad owl Wagner kept stopping me escaping.' But salvation came in the strange form of a 'spirit.' 'I know it sounds bonkers,' Stella says, 'but one night in the coal cellar I saw the ghost of a young chimney sweep. He was called Soot.' Stella told Soot all about Aunt Alberta - the woman who was not only owl-obsessed but also tiddly-winkobsessed and used to hide her opponents' tiddly-winks in her knickers in order to win. Soot was horrified.

'No one would believe how awful Aunt Alberta was,' Stella says. 'Even her versions of fairytales were always horrible.

'For the story Rapunzel, in Alberta's tale the heroin would actually be completely bald and when the handsome prince tries to climb up the tower all he does is rip her wig clean off.

'For Sleeping Beauty, she never wakes up in Alberta's version but just blows off in her sleep. Alberta was mad.' Soot vowed to help Stella escape and tell police about her aunt's crime.

But every time they tried, the plans were foiled. Alberta's plan was to keep the girl imprisoned until she signed over the house she'd inherited to her.

Wagner the owl had been trained as Alberta's 'hench owl.' The bird would stop Stella escaping; on one occasion lifting the girl in the air with its claws.

'I thought I'd never get away,' Stella recalls. 'I'd have to listen to Alberta's mad ramblings about getting me to sign away Saxby Hall and turn it into an owl museum or 'Owleum.' Her museum would feature an owl cafe with food made purely from owl droppings, an owl-grooming salon and a shop selling a huge selection of records of owls twitwooing. Even the 'owl free room' would have an owl in it. She was barking.' Stella told the Mirror her only brush with her past normality was occasionally bumping into - quite literally - the family butler Gibbon.

'But he was potty too,' Stella says. 'He meant well but he was completely deaf and blind and would walk around with a silver tray thinking he was taking drinks to people but actually delivering plant pots instead - to an empty cupboard.' ESCAPE FROM EVIL When Soot and Stella tried desperately to escape, Alberta tried to crush Stella by toppling a giant 'snow owl' she'd made onto her.

'I thought I was a gonner,' Stella recalls. 'But then I saw the strangest thing - Wagner coming towards me - but this time, not to attack...' It turned out, the owl who'd been so devoted to Alberta had overheard her secret plans - plans to have him stuffed and become an exhibit in her owl museum. Stella says this was as much a shock to her as it was to Wagner, especially as Alberta Stella says: 'When Wagner heard he too was to be bumped off, something in him snapped.' The great bird changed allegiance and saved Stella's life by swooping her away. 'He then called on all his owl mates from the woods to help,' she says.

Birds carried Alberta up into the air. She was last seen being carried off over the trees surrounding Saxby Hall.

FAMILY REUNION With her aunt gone, Stella then made an incredible revelation.

'I was talking to Soot and realised he was actually the ghost of my Uncle Herbert - Alberta's brother. She'd bumped him off too years earlier by lighting a fire under him when he'd been up the chimney.' Stella, now more an orphan than ever, was not to be crushed, though.

She made a decision that would not only make use of her great family home, but help other children.

'I decided to turn Saxby Hall into an orphanage,' she says.

Now Stella and her friends enjoy the beautiful surroundings in peace. Gibbon the butler helps out - although he often gives children a plant on a tray rather than their dinner. Wagner the owl helps too - offering entertaining rides on his back.

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ORPHAN: Stella Saxby

WAGNER: Intrepid owl who saved Stella
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