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Augustinus-Lexicon. Vol. I. Fasc. 7/8. Edited by CORNELIUS MAYER. Columns 961-1294. Basel: Schwabe 1994. N.p.

FASCICLES 7 and 8 of volume I cover from civitas dei to conversio. Both the theme of the city of God throughout Augustine's oeuvre and the specific work de civitate dei receive extensive treatment. Confessiones and de consensu evangelistarum also fall within these fascicles. Feldmann's confessiones may profitably be read in conjunction with Mayer's confessio, confiteri and Madec's conversio. Madec's second, briefer article, commune, proprium, draws together threads of theology and spirituality in the way that seems instinctive to both Madec and Augustine. Watson addresses the intricacies of sense perception and knowledge. The article compelle intrare should be read in conjunction with coercitio, an examination of Augustine's persuasion (anything from exhortation to repression) of Jews, pagans, Manichaeans, and Donatists. Councils and conferences, particularly the Conference of Carthage, are here covered. Bonner's concupiscentia is clear and comprehensive, detailing biblical background and the particular significance of the term in the debate with Julian of Eclanum. The [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ] in its consubstantial form is elucidated by Stead. Those interested in clericalism, codices, and farming are not disappointed. Fascicles 7 and 8 maintain the precision of analysis and comprehensiveness of cross-referencing we now rejoice to expect from Augustinus-Lexicon.


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Author:Jackson A., M.G. St.
Publication:The Journal of Theological Studies
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Date:Apr 1, 1996
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