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Augustinus-Lexicon, vol. 1, Fasc. 5/6.

From bellum to civitas Dei fascicles 5.6 of volume 1 maintain the tradition of excellence we now expect of Augustinus-Lexikon. Both the broad range of topics covered and the attention to detail are maintained.

Madec's Christus, by far the most extensive article, is an invaluable distillation of theological analysis and near-exhaustive bibliography. The trusty Testard leads us through Augustine's use and development of Cicero. The editor explores the intricacies of the relationship between caro and spiritus. The sure hand of Lepelley guides us through the activities of the circumcellions and the modern interpretations, together with the understanding of civis and civitas within which Augustine worked. Lancel's Carthago is an invaluable short study. Augustine's monographs within this alphabetical range are succinctly treated. No longer need the reader of Augustine fail to identify the appropriate Boniface, Caecilian, or Caelestius.

Admirable clarity and cross-referencing are maintained throughout. We await the next installment eagerly.

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Author:Jackson, M.G. St. A.
Publication:The Journal of Theological Studies
Article Type:Book Review
Date:Apr 1, 1994
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