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Week of August 1, 2011: High-capacity semiauto pistols are more popular than eve', and Springfield Armory has set the bar high with its new XDm 3.8 pistol that holds 19 in the magazine and one in the chamber. SIG maintains its strong presence in the semi-auto category with its P210, and you'll want to pay close attention to Stag's neat and new AR Handguard for even more versatility. Richard Nance takes you to the classroom with his "Shotgun 101" segment, we take a closer look at John Browning's popular Hi-Power pistol design, and there's a lot of clanging as lead hits steel when our boys conduct a 100-yard steel target shoot-out.




The      We look at Ruger's Jeff Cooper-inspired Scout rifle. Ruger has
week of  updated the platform with features that would have pleased Jeff
August   to no end--and Jeff wasn't easy to please! We also get to
8        handle Browning's original 1911 prototype, which gave us all
         goosebumps. Finally, we wrap up things with a "speed shoot" out
         to 400 yards.

The      We discover why SIG's P290 embodies some of the must-have
week of  features handgunners are looking for in a semiauto. We check
August   out new Truglo optics as well as Federal's exciting Prairie
15       Storm shotshells. Then the GSA team looks at two of Browning's
         most significant shotgun and rifle designs. We wind up things
         with a full-auto shoot-off.

The      Richard Venola and Patrick Sweeney give you a detailed report
week of  on Ruger's Mini-Thirty. Then we check out a very nice 1911,
August   Springfield Armory's ultra-accurate and reasonably priced Range
22       Officer. Richard Nance looks at the issue of personal defense
         behind the wheel, and the boys work out with a vintage

The      We have a smorgasbord of new guns, ammo and optics in this
week of  week's show. Based on what we've seen so far, the industry is
August   in the best of health. Then we cover the vital subject of
29       handgun retention. Finally, we look at Browning designs that
         became Remington classics. Specifically, one of our favorites,
         the Model 8 autoloading rifle.
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