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August imports to U.S. drop off 7.5%.

August imports to U.S. drop off 7.5%

The import category dipped during the month of August, falling over seven percent during that period. Over the first eight months of 1990, however, the news wasn't quite so bad, as imports to the United States were down only 2.7 percent when compared to the corresponding period in 1989.

Overall numbers for 1990 stand at 185 million gallons, a drop-off of nearly five million gallons compared to 1989 shipments.

Canada's shipments in August were down 10.7 percent to 6.26 million gallons. For year-to-date shipments, Canada fell more than three million gallons, 6.9 percent, compared to the corresponding 1989 figures.

The Netherlands, too, saw a drop in shipments to America, reporting a 10.6-percent dip to 7.9 million gallons. However, for the first eight months, the country is down 1.8 percent from 1989.

Australia is one of the few major beer exporting nations to continue at a brisk pace in 1990. The island-country dropped off 5.5 percent during the month when compared to August 1989; nonetheless, it beats 1989's numbers for the year-to-date, notching a 31.9-percent increase over the first eight months of the year.
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Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 12, 1990
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