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August imports down.

Although malt beverage imports into the United States were down 7.7 percent to 22.7 million gallons in August, year-to-date shipments remained in the black with a 3.8-percent increase over the period a year earlier.

Beer shipments from the Netherlands were off slightly in August to 6.5 million gallons from 6.6 million a year ago. Through the first eight months of 1992, Dutch imports into the U.S. increased 3.3 percent to 50.1 million gallons.

To our north, Canada realized a 22.4-percent drop in August malt beverage exports to the U.S., although year-to-date shipments were up 1.6 percent to 46.5 million gallons from 1991's 45.7 million.

Mexican beer producers continued to be successful in the States, notching a 6.5-percent rise to 5.5 million gallons in August when compared to the corresponding period in 1991. For the year, Mexico saw a 14.2-percent increase to 34 million gallons.

German beer shipments to the U.S. were down 3 percent during August, dropping to 2.5 million gallons from 2.6 million a year ago. All told, Germany saw a slight increase through the first eight months of the year to 18.2 million gallons.

Japanese beer trade in the U.S. remained robust during August, as the island-country shipped 533,007 gallons in the period--an 11.8-percent increase over 1991's 476,716 gallons. Through the first two-thirds of the year, Japanese shipments to the U.S. were up 10.3 percent to 3.6 million gallons to last year's 3.2 million.
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Title Annotation:brewing industry
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Nov 2, 1992
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