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August Mack Environmental, Inc.

Since its founding in 1988, August Mack Environmental, Inc. has upheld a strong philosophy of superior client service and technical ability. Originating in Indianapolis, Indiana, the firm provided environmental consulting and engineering services to foundries throughout the state. Five years later, August Mack maintains relationships with foundry clients throughout the Midwestern U.S., with additional offices in Columbus, Ohio, and Chicago, Illinois. The firm attributes this growth to developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with clients.

August Mack provides quality, responsive services to foundries regarding investigation, air emissions, hazardous and nonhazardous waste, industrial hygiene and on and off-site remediation technologies. In addition, the firm has extensive experience in the design and permitting of air, wastewater and hazardous waste pollution control systems. August Mack has developed a treatment system that can be used in the foundry to render TCLP characteristic hazardous waste, nonhazardous. This system has been designed to treat heavy metal-contaminated baghouse dusts, wet scrubber sludges and spent foundry sands in an efficient, economical manner without requiring hazardous waste treatment permitting. For all projects, August Mack provides the options and alternatives for addressing environmental concerns, encouraging the client's participation in the solution that best serves his needs.

August Mack has assembled one of the Midwest's most technically diversified staffs. We employ certified geologists, scientists, industrial hygienists and engineers, all with extensive regulatory knowledge and foundry process expertise. This unique combination of technical staff and understanding of industrial processes allows us to assemble the project team best suited to create efficient, cost-effective solutions to a variety of environmental concerns facing the foundry industry today.

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8007 Castleton Rd. Indianapolis, Indiana 46250 317/579-7400; 800/837-6363 Fax: 317/579-7410

Geoffrey A. Glanders, President Bryan K. Petriko, P.E., Vice President
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Publication:Modern Casting
Date:May 1, 1993
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