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Augmentation/ Modernisation of Naval Dockyards and NSRYs of Indian Navy.

Tenders are invited for Augmentation/ Modernisation of Naval Dockyards and NSRYs of Indian Navy (a)

Mobile Crane - 75Ton (b)Mobile Crane - 40Ton (c)

Mobile DG - 1000KW (d) Mobile DG - 500KW (e)

Battery Operated Trolleys - 5T (f) Diesel Operated Fork Lift -10T (g) Battery Operated Fork Lift - 5T (h)

Mobile LP Air Comp ? 7 Bar (j) Mobile HP Air Comp ? 400 Bar (k) Mobile Rectifier - Variable output (l)

Mobile Static Frequency Convertor - Variable output (m)

Rotary Frequency Convertor at - 1250 KVA, 60 Hz (n)

Mobile Transformers - 100KVA, 110V, 50Hz (p)

Mobile Substation - 4440/6600V, 50 Hz (q) Mobile Load Bank ? 1000KW (r) Mobile Load Bank ? 3000KW (s)

Heavy Duty Road Sweeper cum Washer (t) Truck Mounted Road Sweeping Machine (u) Truck Mounted Aerial Ladder Platform (Fire Fighting Vehicle) (v) Scissor Lift (w)

Tractor 75 HP (x) Fuel Bowser 15 Ton (y) Docking Aid System (z) Mobile Lighting Trolley (aa) Floating Crane (10 Tons)

Last date for submission: 24-January-2015Up To : 5:00 PM

Opening date: 24-January-2015At :5:00 PM

Tender documents : T25155942.html , G25155942.html

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jan 27, 2015
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