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Audit finds irregularities of Rs.52.76m in Environment Dept.

PESHAWAR, July 17, 2010 (Balochistan Times): The Audit Report for financial year 2006-07 has pointed out irregularities to an amount of Rs 52.763 million in head of non-recovery, blockage of government revenue and unauthorized expenditure on purchase of cement and lime in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Department of Environment. The Audit Report prepared by the Auditor General of Pakistan on the Accounts of Government Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Audit Year 2006-07 was presented in the provincial legislature during last session of the house. The report has been referred to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the assembly. The meeting of the committee is in progress in Abbottabad with Speaker Kiramatullah Khan Chamkani in the chair. The Environment Department comprises of 58 formations including Protected Area Management Project Chitral, Integrated Natural Resource Management, Sarhad Province Conservation, Forestry Sector Project and Wildlife & Fisheries. The pin pointed unresolved issues are included non-recovery of Rs. 44.245 million, Rs. 7.399 million in blockage of government revenue and Rs. 1.119 million in unauthorized expenditure on purchase of cement and lime. The unresolved issues the report said provide a reasonable evidence to consider that the financial operation of the department was exposed to high risk situation. This likelihood of risk further increases due to the fact that the audit report is based on limited audit exercise. The report has suggested that by strengthening the internal controls, regular periodic meaningful administrative inspection through internal audit and reporting directly to the principal accounting officer, the department could take effective steps to prevent recurrence of such violations/irregularities. The amount of Rs. 52.763 million is included non-deposit of Rs. 20.389 million government revenue by the office of Divisional Forest Officer, Kohat during the year 2004-05. The matter was pointed out in October 2005. But, no progress was made despite directives of the Department Accounts Committee. Another case was of the non-recovery of dues to the tone of Rs.16.011 million from Forest Development Corporation in violation of rules. The matter was pointed out in April and May 2006, but no progress was made despite directives of the Departmental Accounts Committee. A loss of Rs. 7.399 million was inflicted on the provincial exchequer through blockage of the government revenue. During the year 2004-05, in office of the Divisional Forest Officer, Kalam at Madyan and Buner 8910 cft timber valuing Rs. 7.128 million and timber valuing Rs. 270,744 of different species in Kalam was confiscated from the forest offenders by the range officer in favour of government. The confiscated timber was required to be disposed of through open auction. No disposal of the timber resulted in blockage of the government revenue. Similarly, an amount of Rs. 6.150 million due in head of fine for illegal cutting of timber was not recovered. Though the matter was pointed out in March and May 2006 and FIR was also registered against the offender in case of Kohistan. The DAC directed the recovery of the amount and vigorous pursuing of the case, but no progress was made in the matter. Other cases were included non-recovery of government dues on illegal possession and hunting of birds Rs. 1.533 million and unauthorized expenditure on purchase of cement and lime Rs. 1.119 million and non-recovery of Rs. 162,000 in head of extension fee.

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:Jul 17, 2010
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