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SO THERE'S THIS LITTLE LAST-OF-the-NorCal-surf-towns called Santa Cruz which finds itself severed from the daily grind by Mountains to the North and East and our beloved Pacific to the West and South (however that works). And not unlike an Amazonian sinkhole, small areas like SC cut off from the rest of the world--with all the inbreeding and whatnot--produce beautiful and original species never before seen or heard. Musical generations of cross-pollination and indigenous rock have brought forth a new lovechild...Meet the Audiocrush!

What events led to the groups' forming?

Joe: Rich and I wanted to play music again. I was playing guitar so that we'd have songs to try people out with, but I didn't want to play guitar, I just wanted to sing. I met Jen at Sessions. She's a clothing designer there--she played guitar and we liked the same kind of music, Rich and I tried her out and it didn't go very well....

Jen: I hated them. I thought they were clicks.

Joe: Rich and I didn't know what sound we were looking for, but after a few other people, we agreed that we had the most fun playing with Jen. We found Troy in an alley puking.

Jen: With a handlebar mustache! And fat!

Rich: He's not fat anymore.

Jen: He's actually good looking and single.

Is there a principal songwriter?

Jen: Mainly Joe and me, but it's not just us.

Joe: We bring in the skeleton and then everybody adds to it.

OK, talk about your first release.

Joe: So You Call These Flowers. I decided to start a record label (Lorelei records) and I thought it would be a good idea to have that be its first release. Tiny came up with the title and it kind of made sense for me; we all probably like different aspects of it. I thought it was cool because some of our songs are kind of pretty but then a lot of it is heavy.

Jen: It doesn't have anything really to do with flowers or with us being pansies.

How have you been received over-all by different crowds, when you guys are different from all the other bands on the bill? Has it been pretty positive?

Rich: Half the crowd walks away going "I didn't really expect that and didn't really like it," and the other half is stoked to hear something different. It's real mixed.

You've already developed a pretty unique sound. Are you guys influenced to any degree by other bands or artists?

Joe: I have a broad spectrum of tastes--from metal, classic rock, punk to reggae and classical.

Troy: Life in general influences us, rather than trying to pinpoint a band. We're four of the moodiest people on earth. That's why Audiocrush is really moody music. Angry verses, happy choruses and sad breakdowns...

Explain the name Audiocrush.

Jen: We have a crush on music.

Have you all played in bands previously?

Joe: I was in Fury 66 and Rich did a stint in Good Riddance. He also put time in Fury 66.

How was it transitioning from a crazy guy running around with a mic on stage to actually having to sing somewhat in key and play guitar at the same time?

Joe: It came naturally I miss the freedom of being a front man--going into the audience--but playing guitar and singing is awesome.

How has your experience in these previous bands helped you in this one?

Joe: It's just given me some experience in how to do and not to do things--to not take myself and not take the band so seriously and to remember that I'm playing to have fun and play some shows and write songs with some cool people. I got kind of caught up before.

Rich: I've finally, after all these years, matured and realized how important music is to me--finally figured out that I need music in my life and I can't let anything else in my life take the place of music. With this band and my maturity I've found a home in music.

Does Audiocrush have a conscience?

Joe: What's that supposed to mean?

What about the kids?

Joe: What about the kids? It's cool for music to have a message to try and change something, but for me music is an escape. I don't listen to music to get info to go rally against something. I would rather have something that helps me not think about the bullshit. There's plenty of other time to think about reality.

Audiocrush is: Rich, drums; Joe, git/voice; Jen, git/voice; Troy, bass. Their collection of super smash hits So You Call These Flowers is available at
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