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AudioX 2000 -- The Cakewalk-Initiated Open Standard Gains Momentum.

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AudioX Software Developer's Kit Now Available from Cakewalk;

Digital Audio Labs, Sonorus, Yamaha Demonstrate AudioX Drivers

at Winter NAMM 2000

One year after professional audio manufacturers agreed on the AudioX open-standard specification for Windows, the industry is moving forward with new AudioX-compatible audio hardware and software products for NAMM 2000. The growing list of AudioX-compatible hardware and software products now includes the Yamaha DSP Factory, the new Digital Audio Labs TDIF 2496 Pro, the Sonorus STUDI/O(TM), as well as Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 multitrack software. Support from Digital Audio Labs and Sonorus rapidly follow Cakewalk's recently released AudioX Software Developer's Kit (SDK).

&uot;Today's audio hardware has sophisticated capabilities that go beyond basic audio I/O--but today's driver standards haven't kept up. AudioX fills that void,&uot; said Greg Hendershott, founder and CEO, Cakewalk. &uot;Using AudioX, audio hardware vendors can provide a driver that exposes advanced capabilities to software applications in a standardized way. As a result, new hardware products get rapid application support. Obviously this benefits both the hardware manufacturers and the application providers like Cakewalk. More importantly, it benefits our mutual customers-- by letting them unleash the full power of their investment.&uot;

AudioX Background

Last year, Cakewalk worked with other vendors to develop and refine AudioX. This effort bore fruit at Fall AES '99 with the first AudioX-enabled application, Cakewalk Pro Audio 9, as well as the first AudioX driver, for the Yamaha DSP Factory. Most recently, Cakewalk released the official AudioX Software Developer's Kit (SDK).

&uot;Hard on the heels of the AudioX SDK, we are excited to see the participation of companies like Digital Audio Labs and Sonorus. This is great momentum and we are proud of the way the industry is pulling together to benefit our customers in the year 2000 and beyond,&uot; added Hendershott.

Digital Audio Labs TDIF 2496 Pro

With 16 channels of 24bit/96kHz and DTRS sync support, the new TDIF 2496 Pro from Digital Audio Labs delivers unparalleled integration and flexibility to the broadcast and recording industry at an affordable price. Compatible with any devices offering the Tascam TDIF interface, the TDIF 2496 Pro can stream 16 channels of high-resolution audio through a dual TDIF connector. The TDIF 2496 Pro supports the latest 24/96 capable software, including Cakewalk Pro Audio, and is fully AudioX-compatible.

&uot;AudioX continues to prove itself as a powerful, open standard for Windows audio hardware and software products,&uot; commented Ted Klein, president, Digital Audio Labs. &uot;With AudioX, we're able to leverage capabilities of our new TDIF 24 Pro hardware through AudioX-compatible software like Pro Audio 9. AudioX will allow Windows users to control the sophisticated hardware capabilities of the TDIF 24 Pro that are currently not accessible through any other Windows driver specifications.&uot;

The Digital Audio Labs TDIF 2496 Pro is expected to ship at the end of first quarter, 2000.

Sonorus STUDI/O

Sonorus will also be demonstrating AudioX support at NAMM 2000. Their new AudioX STUDI/O driver will allow the user to control STUDI/O's mixer and wordclock settings from within the Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 environment. This will enable the user to automate and save all STUDI/O settings within their Pro Audio 9 project, making it simple to recall any settings at a later time.

&uot;AudioX provides the missing link in today's driver models, giving users control of the advanced features available on STUDI/O from within the applications they're already using,&uot; stated Sonorus Co-Founder and President, Mark Clayton. &uot;And being an open, cross-platform standard will assure its widespread acceptance.&uot;

All STUDI/O owners may download a free driver upgrade that includes AudioX support later this month.

The AudioX SDK

Hardware and software developers interested in supporting the AudioX open standard can download the free AudioX SDK at

About Sonorus

Based in New York, Sonorus, Inc. was created in 1996 on the principle of designing digital audio products to interface the computer with existing recording equipment. This principle has led to the quest for simple, elegant solutions for the situations that recording engineers encounter within the digital audio workstation environment. Since the release of its first product, STUDI/O, Sonorus has gained the respect of industry colleagues and quickly emerged as a leading competitor in the fast-growing field of digital audio. Subsequent products will continue the tradition that has already been established: designing high-quality, low-cost digital audio products

About Digital Audio Labs

Digital Audio Labs, Inc. headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, was founded in 1988 to design and market innovative technologies and products for a variety of markets. Today the company offers a range of hardware-based products for the PC that is aimed at the OEM, video-post production, television-radio broadcast and pro-audio markets.

About Cakewalk

Founded in 1987 and based in Cambridge, Mass., Cakewalk(R) is an international, industry-leading provider of software for music and sound creation. The company's award-winning products are used worldwide by more than 750,000 professional and home users, for applications including audio CD production, film/TV soundtracks, live stage sound, computer games, multimedia applications, and Internet delivery.

Cakewalk is a registered trademark, and WavePipe, Cakewalk Home Studio, Cakewalk Professional, Cakewalk Pro Audio, Cakewalk Pro Suite, Cakewalk Metro, Cakewalk Metro SE, Cakewalk Audio FX, Cakewalk Overture, Cakewalk Guitar Studio, Cakewalk Guitar Tracks, Cakewalk ScoreWriter, Cakewalk MIDI Music Pack and the Cakewalk logo are trademarks of Twelve Tone Systems, Inc. GigaSampler and NemeSys are trademarks of NemeSys Music Technology. Other products and companies mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
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Date:Feb 3, 2000
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