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Audio visual computer training course.

International Computing Techniques Consists of 20 pre-recorded lessons on cassette tapes used in conjunction with an illustrated work book.

7 mins INTRO brief history, data, data processing, program, programmer, computer operator. 25 mins LESSON 1 central processor, cores, bits, bytes, storing data, check bit, parity, words, addresses, flow charts, program area, data area, op codes, op code chart, three address system, machine coding. 18 mins LESSON 2 fixed word length, variable word length, two address system, registers, the Accumulator. 12 mins LESSON 3 punch cards, card readers, keypunch (cardpunch), on-line, off-line, reading brushes, reading lights. 16 mins LESSON 4 read card area, branching, conditional branching, unconditional branching. 12 mins LESSON 5 printers, input, output, printwheels, print area type bars. to mins LESSON 6 wire matrix printers, chain printer, drum printer. 22 mins LESSON 7 review on-line, off-line, printing ... continuous forms control tape, start, halt, end of file codes, on-line card punch. 17 mins LESSON 8 punch paper tape, off-line paper tape punch, paper tape recorders, keys, on-line ppt reader, ppt punch. 18 mins LESSON 9 review, control console, option switches, flags, indicator lights, decimal coding, binary coding, BCD, octal. 18 mins LESSON 10 REVIEW and TEST. 24 mins LESSON 18 mag tape, mag tape recorder, tape drive unit, mag tape in area, blocks of records, card to mag tape, converter, data converter, systems analyst, sorting detail records, updating master file, card sorter. 8 mins LESSON 12 collating, collator, verifier, ticket converter, review. 18 mins LESSON 13 loading a program, program cards, writing a program, test runs, debugging, program tape, hardware concept. 22 mins LESSON 14 software, assemblers, source decks, object decks, review, macro instructions, compilers, Cobol, Fortran, review. 14 mins LESSON 15 sequential order, file tables, random order, direct access, mag cards, mag card unit, drum storage unit, disks, disk drive, fixed arm disks, fixed arm disk drive; review. 17 mins LESSON 16 data retrieval, remote terminals, time sharing, real time, entry/video display unit, graphic/video display unit. 12 mins LESSON 17 review, optical font, optical reader, page reader, MICR, MICR reader, hand-writing optical reader, audio response units, review, analog-digital, analog converter. 26 mins LESSON 18 buffers, multiprogramming, multiprocessing, channels. 24 mins LESSON 19 review, microfilm, scientific users, business users, applications programming, systems programming, monitors, queue, operating system, direct addressing, generators. 20 mins LESSON 20 REVIEW and TEST.

Editors note: This is quite a good course with interaction maintained by a careful blending of questions requiring either a yes or no type of answer. The American voice is not too brash and may inspire romantic ladies to greater concentration.

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Title Annotation:DATA FAIR NOTES
Publication:Software World
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Date:Sep 1, 2009
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