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Audio production and postproduction. (CD-ROM included).


Audio production and postproduction. (CD-ROM included)

Woodhall, Woody.

Jones & Bartlett


315 pages




Woodhall, a sound designer and mixer, introduces audio production and postproduction, emphasizing the importance of recording properly on set and the postproduction process as a creative collaboration. He guides sound technicians, filmmakers, and producers through recording tools and methods, editing, concepts of sound wave propagation, the electronics and design of recorded sound, acoustics, voice-over recording, dialogue replacement, the Foley process, the music score, outputting sound and backing up, and mixing, filters, and effects. The CD contains additional resources, including examples of different microphone positions, various microphone polar positions, reverberant rooms, hard effects, ambiences, and room tones, and additional utility files, a 20db tone, and a three beep ADR cue track.

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Date:Dec 1, 2010
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